Days of Our Lives Update Friday 6/21/13

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 6/21/13


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Nicole finds a folder of Eric's notes on his desk and worries that he must be freaking out for his meeting without his notes.

Kristen prepares to inject Eric with the vile. Kristen says his problem is that she couldn't use Brady to destroy John and Marlena so someone else had to take one for the team.

Brady paces at home and thinks back to Jennifer telling him that Kristen really loved him. He wonders if it's true and what she's going through now.

Jennifer leaves the Kiriakis Mansion as Maggie arrives with Parker. Parker runs up and hugs Jennifer as Maggie comments that it looks like he misses her as much as Daniel. Jennifer says she misses them too. Maggie suggests she do something about it.

JJ continues searching the doctor's room until Daniel enters and questions what he's doing. JJ says he's waiting for Cameron. Daniel questions him going through Cameron's desk and asks what's in his hand.

Sami and EJ talk at the DiMera Mansion and they kiss. Sami is happy that everything is under control. She goes upstairs to say goodbye to the kids. EJ then calls Sonny as he's arriving at the hospital. Sonny tells EJ that he's at the hospital as Will is getting out. EJ tells Sonny that he cannot tell anyone about the video of Sami and Bernardi especially Justin but Sonny says he's sorry as he can't make that deal.

Maxine talks with Will about going home at the same time as Gabi and Arianna and them moving in. Maxine says Arianna is one lucky girl.

Kristen removes her wig and prepares to inject Eric but her phone rings with a call from Brady. She answers, asking why he's calling. Brady asks where she is. Kristen thinks he must want to talk and asks if he still cares about her. Brady says he didn't want to call.

Nicole calls Eric and leaves a message to call her back as it's important. She looks at the folder and calls the number to the hotel. She asks to be connected to Eric's room but is informed that there's a problem with their phone system. Nicole says to get Eric the message as soon as possible.

Daniel tells JJ that he shouldn't be in there. JJ says he was told it's okay to wait for Cameron there. Daniel asks for what's in his hand. JJ reluctantly turns over a prescription pad. Daniel questions what he was planning to do with it.

EJ reminds Sonny that this is about Sami's well being. Sonny says he loves Will which is why he can't keep it to himself. EJ tells him to wait until after Sami is cleared. They talk about Sami not knowing about the video. Sonny tells him to handle it however he wants and he will too.

Kristen tells Brady not to hang up as they have so much to talk about. Brady calls it a mistake. Kristen says she still loves him. Brady tells her that she won't be hearing from him again. Kristen tries to stop him but he hangs up. Kristen calls back but he doesn't answer. Kristen repeats that Brady hates her as she slams her phone on the desk. Kristen says her dose must have put Eric out for half an hour. She tries to wake him up and then goes back to preparing the vile to inject him.

Nicole explains that she tried calling Eric but his phone is off so she needs the message delivered. He suggests faxing him and hangs up. Nicole then decides to fax the notes.

JJ tells Daniel that it's not what he thinks and none of his business. JJ says Daniel is not his father. Daniel tells him that taking a prescription pad is a serious thing. JJ claims he needed something to write on. Daniel shows him the paper pad to write on. A nurse comes in so JJ exits.

Jennifer tells Maggie that things have gotten complicated between she and Daniel. Maggie says they've gotten through things before. Jennifer calls it different. Maggie asks if it's because JJ is the problem instead of someone from Daniel's past. Jennifer says JJ is in a lot of pain right now. Maggie tells her that she'll be sorry if she allows JJ to pressure Daniel out.

Daniel follows JJ through the hospital and tells him not to walk away. Daniel wants the truth. JJ thinks Daniel has been waiting for a chance to nail him so he tells him to go for it.

Sami returns to EJ in the living room. She says she's going to the hospital but EJ stops her and says he needs to tell her something. EJ says he thinks it's best she hear it from him. EJ informs her that there is a video of her attacking Bernardi.

Maxine tells Will that there are all kinds of ways to make a family and she thinks Arianna will have a good one. Maxine says it's almost time to go home and take Arianna to bring her back to Gabi. Sonny enters as Maxine exits. Sonny greets Will. Will asks what's wrong, saying h e knows something is.

Nicole calls back to the hotel and the woman at the desk Martha answers instead of George. Nicole wants her fax delivered. Martha says she got it but can't read it. Nicole asks her to deliver the fax but she says she got orders not to leave the desk unattended and not to disturb Eric. Nicole gets frustrated and hangs up then takes the notes and exits the rectory.

Maggie and Parker go into the living room where Parker is. She asks if Brady is alright. He says he's fine. She asks if something happened. Brady says he almost made a stupid mistake but he caught it in time and now he's good.

Kristen sits next to Eric and says life belongs to the living and he who lives must be prepared for changes as she injects him with the vile.

Daniel tells JJ that he's not trying to get him as he blew it off when he trashed his things and tried to get past almost letting Parker fall. Daniel says the only reason to take a prescription pad is to take or sell drugs. Daniel tells him that's criminal. JJ asks if he's going to tell Jennifer. Daniel says he will let him do that as Jennifer arrives at the hospital.

Sami worries about the video of she and Bernardi. EJ tells her that both copies of the video have been deleted. Sami worries about Sonny finding out. EJ says he won't tell Justin. Sami worries about people finding out and how Sonny knows she was lying about not knowing Bernardi. EJ assures her that Sonny won't tell Justin but he is going to tell Will. Sami declares that he's not going to tell Will as she rushes out of the mansion.

Sonny tells Will that nothing is wrong but Will continues thinking there is. Sonny says he's just bugged because he closed the coffee shop early to take Will home. Will thanks him and can't wait to get out. They joke together and then kiss.

Jennifer approaches Daniel and JJ and asks what's wrong. Daniel shows her the prescription pad and suggests JJ tell Jennifer why he had it. Daniel then goes to see his patients. Jennifer asks JJ what he was doing with Cameron's prescription pad.

Maggie asks Brady what happened tonight. Brady tells her about Jennifer believing Kristen really loved him. Maggie asks what he did. Brady admits he called Kristen. Maggie asks what he was thinking. Brady says he doesn't know and that's the problem as part of him wanted to believe the life they were going to have together could still happen. Maggie is afraid that it's not over between Brady and Kristen.

Nicole goes to the hotel and tells George that she needs to see Eric right now but he says over his dead body.

Eric wakes up in pain screaming for help as Kristen exits the room and Eric passes out again.

JJ claims he was just waiting to talk to Cameron about he and Abigail. Jennifer questions him not just having him paged. JJ tells Jennifer about the nurse Joanne that told him it was okay to wait for Cameron there. Jennifer thanks her. JJ says he waited awhile so he just picked up the first thing he saw to leave a note. Jennifer questions him not telling the difference between the prescription pad and regular paper.

Will tells Sonny he understands if he has second thoughts. Sonny says he wouldn't let Arianna be raised by anyone else and adds that he and Gabi work things out so he'll drop any other stuff. Will asks if he's sure since they won't have much alone time. Sonny says he is since it was his idea. Sami runs in and hugs Will.

JJ questions Jennifer believing Daniel and says he's not stupid enough to take the prescription pad.

George tells Nicole that Eric did not want to be disturbed. Nicole warns him that Eric will be upset if he doesn't get the notes. George questions that she could be a part of a set up. Nicole asks for Eric's room number but he says no way.

Maggie suggests Brady keep busy, take on a new project at work and see his friends. Brady mentions that Nicole has been great through this. Maggie begins to worry about him turning to Nicole. Brady says what's important is that he knows Kristen is a user and a liar. Brady declares that she can't get to him and won't hurt him or anyone he loves again.

Eric wakes up wondering what happened. Kristen returns to the room and tells him not to worry as she will take good care of him. Eric says this is wrong but Kristen kisses him and tells him it's right. Eric says this can't happen as Kristen kisses him. Kristen says she wants him and needs him and he needs her too as she continues kissing him.

Nicole tries calling Eric but his phone is still off. She turns back and sees Martha is at the desk instead of George. Nicole wants to go to Eric's room and deliver what he needs. Nicole offers to pay her a $20. Martha informs her that the other woman gave her $100. Nicole continues asking for the room number.

Jennifer tells JJ that they will talk about this at home. She tells him no more accidents or mistakes because he's used them up. Jennifer says she will handle this because taking a prescription pad is a serious offense no matter why he did it. JJ apologizes and exits as Daniel returns and they exchange glances. Jennifer tells Daniel that she found out that Joanne told JJ it was okay to wait there. They agree that she shouldn't have. Jennifer adds that he shouldn't have taken the prescription pad and was just looking for a paper. Jennifer sticks to JJ's story of leaving a note for Cameron. She asks Daniel if he's going to report it.

EJ joins Sami in Will's room. Sami apologizes for barging in but says she hasn't seen him since the shooting. EJ asks to speak with Sonny outside but Sonny says he's not changing his mind. Will asks what they are talking about it. Sonny tells EJ to tell Will or he will.

Maggie tries to get Parker ready for bed. She asks Brady to keep an eye on Parker while she goes to get his blanket. Brady sits with Parker and thinks back to Kristen talking to him about their adoption plans. Maggie comes back and asks Brady if he wants to help put Parker to bed. Brady says he's sorry and rushes out of the room.

Eric tries pulling away but Kristen continues kissing him. Eric holds her off but Kristen removes his towel and they kiss onto the bed.

Will wants someone to say something. EJ explains that he found out today that Chad made a video with his mobile phone that he showed to Abigail and Sonny. Will asks about the video. EJ reveals it was a confrontation of Sami and Bernardi in the town square. Will asks what it was about. Sami says it doesn't matter. Will asks when it happened. Sonny notes the date on the video was May 7th. Will realizes that was when Nick was blackmailing him and she asked Stefano to get the evidence. Will asks if this is because of him and if Bernardi was the guy Stefano had get the evidence. Will says he's had enough and can't take it anymore.

Daniel tells Jennifer that he's trying to help and he's not required to report what he saw as it's not really his place but if it were his son, he would report it. Daniel thinks JJ needs to face the consequences of his actions. Jennifer doesn't think it's his call to make.

Nicole goes to Eric's room and hears kissing inside as Eric and Kristen continue kissing in bed. Nicole knocks on the door, startling Kristen.

Sami tries to explain to Will but Will declares that from now on, he's handling his own problems. EJ tries to interrupt but Will says he's had enough of him always covering for Sami. Will asks how Sami thought this was going to work out. Maxine enters and reveals that Will won't be able to go home as soon as they thought because Abe called and wants to see Will and Sonny. Will talks about keeping the truth. He says he should've confessed to shooting EJ when he did. Will refuses to let Sami go to prison for him and says he's had enough and will tell Abe everything that he wants to know.

Jennifer tells Daniel that she can't talk to him about JJ right now so Daniel walks off, accidentally dropping the card he wrote for her. Jennifer picks it up and reads it.

JJ returns home talking to Rory on the phone saying he's not listening to him anymore as Daniel could've called the cops on him. JJ then tells him that he just got a brilliant idea as to how they can make some cash and have some fun too.

Brady goes to the DiMera Mansion and asks Harold if Kristen is there. He informs him that she left with a suitcase. Brady then wonders where she is and what she's up to.

Nicole wonders about having the right room number. Kristen and Eric continue in bed. Kristen tries to get up when Nicole knocks. Nicole then pushes the door open and heads inside, looking shocked by what she sees.

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