Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 6/20/13

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 6/20/13


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

George at the desk explains to Kristen that she would be next door to a priest and he asked for quiet. She demands the room as Eric comes out and asks if he can help her.

Nick goes to the Pub and meets with Kate, asking what she wanted to see him about. Kate asks about the formula for his anti-aging cream. Nick says he thinks it will be huge. Kate says it's astonishing to her when someone so smart can be such an idiot.

Maggie talks to Daniel at his place about watching Parker. Maggie assumes Jennifer is upset that Daniel has to work and figures they had plans but Daniel informs her that they had no plans and aren't really talking right now.

JJ and Rory talk about stealing painkillers. They hear someone coming so Rory hides them in his backpack. Jennifer enters as JJ comments that she's back early. Jennifer says she's sorry to disappoint him and asks what she missed.

Nicole and Brady lay in bed together. Brady rolls over and wakes up from a nightmare imagining he was in bed with Kristen. Nicole then wakes up asking Brady if he's okay.

Kristen keeps her back turned as Eric says he didn't mean to startle her and asks for her name.

Maggie tells Daniel that he and Jennifer need to work through whatever it is. She asks if it has anything to do with JJ.

JJ tells Jennifer that they were just playing a video game and need to go the library to study. Jennifer stops them and asks Rory to wait outside while she speaks to JJ so he exits. She questions why JJ never introduced her to Rory. JJ claims that he thought she met him before. JJ says he's just someone he knows from school. Jennifer questions what's really going on and wants the truth as she feels he's keeping something from her. JJ admits that he is.

Brady tells Nicole that he just had a bad dream and apologizes for waking her. Nicole asks about the dream but Brady claims not to remember it. Nicole suggests ordering room service. She looks through the menu until Brady then suggests they leave Salem and go away together.

Eric tries to speak to Kristen and then asks if he knows her.

Nick questions how his formula could've been stolen when he had an entire team of safeguards. He asks who stole it. Kate informs him that it was Sami and EJ which means their direct competition have their formula now and are going to launch a line just like theirs before they do. Kate calls it a complete disaster. Nick doesn't know what to say. Kate says there's nothing to say. Kate gives Nick his two weeks severance and informs him that he's fired.

Daniel explains to Maggie what happened with JJ not watching Parker. Maggie questions not believing JJ was sincere in his apology. Daniel calls it complicated as he explains that he doesn't think JJ wants him in Jennifer's life while Jennifer is in denial about it. Daniel talks about all that's started happening to him once JJ came home. Maggie tells Daniel that he may be right about JJ and informs him that she saw JJ in the hospital parking lot on the day his car was damaged.

JJ tells Jennifer that he didn't want to upset her by telling her what he and Rory were talking about. He says it's about Abigail and how she was really freaked at the hospital but wouldn't tell him what it was about. Jennifer talks about not hearing back from Abigail. JJ suggests Cameron must have helped her with it. Jennifer appreciates his concern for his sister. JJ says they got to look out for each other and adds that they don't need anyone else.

Kristen sticks to her accent as Eric says her voice is familiar to him. She tells him to leave her alone and walks away. Eric explains at the desk that the phone in his room isn't working so he is taken to the back to use the phone as Kristen hides and watches.

Nicole asks Brady about wanting to go away with her. Brady explains that he meant a vacation without running into anyone. Brady adds that he wouldn't mind putting space between he and John. Nicole asks about Kristen. Brady says it has nothing to do with her. Brady tells her they can go wherever she wants and can leave in the morning. Nicole reminds him that Brady promised Eric that he would keep his eye on Sami. Brady says there's nothing he can do for her right now but he would fly right back if there was. Nicole admits she could use a vacation. Brady asks if she's worried about Eric not giving her the time off. She says he's out of town anyways. Brady asks if Eric will need her when he gets back. She says he's fine on his own.

Kristen returns to the front desk with a woman in charge now and she asks for the same room. She pays her extra to get the room and the woman agrees.

Nick argues that Kate can't fire her because he has a contract. Kate tells him that he was the only one with the formula and had a breach of contract. Nick says he needs the job to support Gabi and the baby. Kate says she will make sure they are fine and thinks they will be better off without him. Nick says she's just doing this because of what he did to Will and calls her a spiteful bitch. Kate warns him about messing with her family as she exits.

Maggie suggests it could've been a coincidence that JJ was in the hospital parking lot. Daniel says there's been a lot but Jennifer just defends him. Maggie tries to encourage him to understand that JJ is vulnerable after losing his father. Daniel says he feels for him but doesn't know how much longer he can look away. Maggie tells him that they will have to work it out sooner than later.

JJ tells Jennifer that he just meant family is important. JJ mentions going to apologize to Daniel again. Jennifer mentions that she was there and heard him. JJ asks if that means they aren't fighting anymore and things are okay. Jennifer says they are working on it. JJ mentions keeping Rory waiting and has to get to the library. JJ wonders how Abigail is doing. Jennifer mentions that she is going out too to check on someone she has needed to see.

Nicole tells Brady that this is strictly friends with benefits. They agree that it's best for both of them. Brady says they never know what will happen down the road. Brady kisses her. Nicole talks about the islands they can vacation on. Nicole mentions not having travel clothes or a suitcase so she will need to go shopping. Brady says they will get whatever they need. Nicole wants Brady to choose where they go and she wants there to be a beach. Nicole then gets out of bed.

Eric finishes his call and reminds George how he does not want to be disturbed. He promises Eric the most peaceful and quiet night of his life.

Kristen sneaks into Eric's room and pulls out the vile. She says to herself that Eric will have to pay for Marlena's sins.

Nick remains in the Pub and opens his envelope of severance pay. He shakes his head and puts it back in. Nick then makes a call saying he needs to talk right away as he exits the Pub.

JJ and Rory sell painkillers to a guy and his girlfriend outside of the town square. Rory tells JJ that they need to get more pills as a couple of more sales like that will have them set for the summer.

Daniel sits in the town square reading a card he's written for Jennifer. Nicole approaches and comments on Jennifer being a lucky girl. Daniel notices her bags and asks if she's leaving town on her own. Nicole admits she's going out of town with Brady.

Jennifer goes to the Kiriakis Mansion to see Brady. She asks if he forgives her for not being a good friend and coming to see how he's doing. Brady hugs her and says she's here now. Jennifer apologizes and mentions talking to Hope about what happened with Kristen. Jennifer can't imagine how hurt he is. Brady calls himself an idiot for loving someone who lied about everything. Jennifer insists to him that not everything was a lie. Jennifer tells him that in the end, Kristen's feelings for him were true and very real.

Eric returns to his room and goes into the bathroom to take a shower. Kristen comes out from hiding behind the bedroom curtains with a tranquilizer gun in hand.

JJ calls Cameron and leaves a message to give him a call to make sure Abigail is okay. Rory asks what that had to do with anything. JJ jokes that the weed must be frying his brain. Rory realizes that going back to the hospital means getting closer to the drugs.

Maggie sits with Parker at the coffeehouse as Kate approaches. Maggie has Parker say hi. Maggie mentions seeing Arianna Grace earlier. She's relieved that Will is going to be alright. Kate talks about the plans for Will and Gabi to move in with Sonny. Maggie suggests maybe in time Nick and Gabi can work things out. Kate questions believing that. Maggie insists that they love each other. Kate thinks Maggie has to concede that Nick is a monster. Maggie refuses so Kate says she's in denial. Maggie calls him a decent young man. Kate then informs Maggie that she fired Nick and won't ever have to see him again as she exits.

Nick goes to the Rectory and finds Vargas. Vargas is surprised to see him. Nick says he no longer cares if anyone sees them together since he lost everything which means Vargas can't threaten him anymore. Vargas says he's sorry if he saw it as threats because he was just asking his pal to repay a debt. Nick says Vargas saved him in prison and he more than paid him back by tripling his money. Vargas says when he finishes Eric's outreach program then he will be able to walk out with a sizable amount of cash. Nick suggests they work together on a new venture.

Daniel questions Nicole going away with Brady like they're together. Nicole admits it and apologizes for telling him. Daniel says it's not really his business but admits he worries about her jumping into something too soon. Daniel adds that Brady is nowhere near over Kristen.

Brady questions Jennifer believing Kristen. Brady says it was all about revenge for her. Jennifer insists that things changed and Kristen changed when she fell in love with him. Brady tells her not to go there. Jennifer recalls walking in on them in their hotel room and after he left, Kristen told her she loved him and would never want to hurt him. Brady says it doesn't matter because she hurt him more than anyone ever has.

Eric comes out of the shower and looks out the window. Kristen hides in the closet with her tranquilizer gun and then shoots Eric in the neck causing him to collapse.

Vargas questions Nick being serious. Nick says he saw how he operated in prison at getting people to do what he wants. Nick thinks Vargas could get investors to believe in something and wanted to see if he's interested. Vargas says maybe. Nick tells him to think about it and he'll be in touch. Vargas stops him and asks if he tried to patch things up with Gabi. Nick asks why. Vargas says if he were Nick, he'd be doing everything possible to get her back.

JJ goes to the hospital and goes into the room he got the drugs from. He tells a nurse that he came to wait for Cameron and explains he's Abigail's brother and Jennifer's son. He invites her to wait with him but she has to go back to work and exits. JJ then begins searching the room.

Daniel and Nicole talk about Nicole and Brady helping each other move on. Nicole talks about getting over Daniel. Daniel tells her to take care of herself as he doesn't want to see her or Brady get hurt. Nicole assures him that they won't and that they'll send he and Jennifer a postcard. Nicole then walks away. Daniel looks back at the card he wrote for Jennifer.

Brady questions Jennifer thinking Kristen is not a sociopathic monster. Brady tells her that she's not going to get him to forgive Kristen. Jennifer says she knows Kristen broke his heart but adds that her heart is broken too. Jennifer recalls being with Kristen the night before the wedding and she could tell how much the adoption meant to her. Jennifer clarifies that she's not defending her or saying Brady should forgive her but she hopes that he can find a little comfort in knowing that what Kristen felt was real and not everything was a lie.

Kristen stands over Eric and rolls him over in bed.

Jennifer leaves the Kiriakis Mansion as Maggie arrives with Parker. Parker runs up and hugs Jennifer as Maggie comments that it looks like he misses her as much as Daniel.

JJ continues searching the doctor's room until Daniel enters and questions what he's doing.

Nicole prepares to leave at the Rectory. She says it will be good to leave and goes to leave a note for Eric but notices a folder left on his desk.

Kristen loads the viles as Eric is knocked out next to her.

Brady sits at home and thinks back to Kristen crying that she loved him. Brady wonders if Jennifer is right that Kristen did love him and it wasn't all about revenge.

Kristen prepares to inject Eric with the vile.

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