Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 6/19/13

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 6/19/13


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Will lays in his hospital bed looking at the newspaper article on Sami's shooting. Sonny enters. Will asks why he didn't tell him that Sami was in jail. Sonny tells him that he couldn't have done anything and EJ will take care of it especially since Justin will be working her case.

Justin and Adrienne argue at home about Justin defending Sami. Adrienne wants to focus on getting Sonny away from Will.

Will asks Sonny what's holding up his release. Sonny says they are getting things in order. Sonny starts to show Will a video of he and Arianna on his phone but he comes across the video of Sami struggling with Bernardi that Chad had sent him before.

EJ assures Chad and Abigail that they should not tell anyone about the video. Abigail thinks the truth needs to be out for Bernardi's family.

Eric visits Sami at her cell. Sami worries about her kids. Eric tells her that they are being taken care of. Eric says he's going to the capitol for a quick trip but offers to stay if she needs. Sami insists that she's fine but Eric asks if something happened. Sami tells him that she remembered something.

Kristen looks at Eric's photo in the newspaper and says destroying him completely is the only way to make Marlena suffer enough.

Cameron puts things away at the hospital as JJ arrives, saying he came to see him. JJ eyes the prescriptions that Cameron is putting away.

EJ tells Abigail that Bernardi's wife knows what happened. Abigail points out that the video happened too. EJ says Sami had no idea who she was shooting when she shot him. They wonder where the knife is. EJ says somebody is trying to set Sami up. EJ tells Abigail that she doesn't fully understand what was happening in the video. EJ calls it just an argument not a serious fight. EJ questions what Abigail's theory is. EJ asks if they know how important it is. Chad says he does. Abigail doesn't want to make trouble for Sami. EJ tells her not to because she wouldn't be helping anyone. Abigail agrees not to say anything then says she has to go as she's late so she walks away. EJ yells at Chad about this being far too important and orders Chad to take care of Abigail.

Sonny watches the video of Sami as Will asks to see. Sonny says he can't find the video so he'll go get Arianna. Will thanks him for getting Justin to represent Sami. Sonny is glad he could help and says he'll be back soon as he exits. Sonny then calls Chad and tells him to meet him at his place right now as it's urgent.

Sami tells Eric about knowing Bernardi had a razor and talks about wanting to find it. Eric suggests it sounds like Sami is changing her story. Sami asks if he thinks she's lying. Eric says no but he thinks a jury may think so.

Kristen calls out to Harold to bring her car around. Kristen says to herself that she needs to go see a priest because tonight's the night for Father Eric.

JJ tells Cameron that he heard him and Abigail talking about Chad. JJ suggests Chad is moving in on Abigail. JJ talks about their history and says Chad is bad news for her. JJ tells Cameron that he has his back on this. Cameron thanks him as JJ continues looking at the prescriptions. JJ thinks back to telling Rory that he knew how to get all the money they need. JJ starts coughing and asks for water so Cameron gets him some.

JJ thought Adrienne was okay with Sonny and Will. She says she tried to be but starting having doubts again that she kept to herself. She says it started when Will almost got Sonny killed with his baby drama. Justin argues that it wasn't Will's fault. Adrienne thinks this is only one time and she finds the relationship dangerous. Justin tells her that Sonny is a grown man making his own choices that can't be protected. Justin tells her to take a step back because she can't dictate things. Justin then exits.

Sonny brings Arianna to Will. Sonny tells him that he's going to check in at the coffeehouse and exits.

Sami mocks Eric's confidence in her. Eric says he knows she protected Rafe but thinks it'd be better not to be in front of a jury. Eric brings up Sami swearing under oath about Lucas and Will in the past. Sami argues that she's not perfect like him. Eric then asks Sami why she didn't scream for help when she saw Bernardi over Will and why it was her first instinct to shoot.

EJ walks through the town square and runs into Kristen. Kristen thanks him for handling everything after the wedding didn't happen. Kristen calls him a good guy and hugs him. EJ wonders why he gets the sense that she's saying goodbye.

Another doctor comes in and asks Cameron about his report on patients. Cameron tells him he'll get it soon. Abigail enters to talk to Cameron then asks JJ what he's doing there. JJ says he was just saying hi. Abigail doesn't want to interrupt so she exits and Cameron rushes after her. JJ then steals the medication and stuffs it in his backpack and exits as the other doctor returns.

Adrienne visits Will and Arianna. She says she wanted to talk to him.

Chad meets Sonny at his place. Sonny shows him the video and reminds Chad that he sent it to him. Sonny says he didn't show anyone but asks if he knows what it could do for Sami's case. Chad says it could put Sami away for life.

Sami tells Eric that she just had the gun in hand and thought screaming may have made him act faster. Sami adds that she wasn't thinking. Eric says it's probably true and tells her not to second guess herself. Sami thinks he's second guessing her. Eric says he's just trying to understand. Sami tells him that he doesn't have to and he has to go the capitol about the school. Eric doesn't want her to think about that and just stay out of trouble. Sami suggests she'll be out by the time he gets back. Eric asks if she told the police everything and didn't hold anything back. Sami thinks back to fighting Bernardi over the evidence for Stefano. Sami then tells Eric that she did tell the police everything as Eric then exits.

Kristen questions EJ thinking she's leaving. EJ apologizes and thanks her for her kind words. Kristen asks what's happening with Sami since she can tell something's changed. EJ says there's just a distraction. Kristen offers to help but EJ says everything is under control. EJ asks if she has heard from Stefano. Kristen claims she hasn't and adds that Stefano won't be found until he wants to be. EJ comments on him getting old. Kristen talks about Stefano never getting caught or leaving behind evidence. EJ asks what she's trying to tell him. Kristen wishes him luck. EJ continues to ask. Kristen hopes sometime soon they will both have something fabulous to celebrate and then they say goodbye.

Will asks Adrienne what's up. She asks how it feels to hold his child. Will says he just wants everything to be okay for her forever. Adrienne says protecting her will be his responsibility which is how she feels towards her kids. Adrienne says she knows Will loves Sonny and that's why she's begging him to do the right thing and break up with him.

Chad and Sonny talk about the video of Sami and Bernardi. Sonny thinks Justin needs to know about it but Chad wants it to leave it up to EJ. They discuss whether anyone else saw it. They wonder why Sami was going after Bernardi like that. Chad states that he doesn't think Sami would shoot a guy in cold blood. Sonny says he doesn't either so Chad tells him he can help him with something.

Cameron catches up with Abigail at the hospital. She talks about liking things nice and neat and not grey. JJ walks up and asks how Abigail is. She says she just needed a friend. JJ tells her to call him later and hugs her as he then leaves. Cameron asks Abigail what's grey. She says she promised a friend that she would keep a secret but doesn't know if it's the right thing to do. Abigail says she has a knot in her stomach now. Cameron says it's her gut telling her it's a bad idea. Abigail says she knew it. Cameron asks her what's going on but her phone rings. Abigail says it's not a big deal and says she has to go. Abigail thanks him for his advice and then exits.

Justin meets with Sami at the station. Sami thanks him for taking her case. Justin says he hasn't gone over everything but he thinks they have a case. Sami tells Justin about thinking Bernardi had a razor and not a knife so it could've been misplaced. Justin calls it an interesting choice of weapon and more personal than a gun or knife. He asks if she has a theory on it. Sami comments on changing her story not looking good which Justin agrees with.

JJ meets with Rory at home and pours out his backpack of medication samples. Rory checks the names of the meds and finds the first ones are just laxatives and for sinus infections. JJ complains about the risk he took and says one of them must be worth it.

Eric checks in at the hotel for a room where he won't be disturbed.

Will questions Adrienne wanting him to break up with Sonny. Adrienne brings up the conversation with Justin that Will overheard. Adrienne says Will knew she was right which is why he broke up with him then but then got back together. Adrienne says it was exactly as she predicted since he lied to him and broke his heart. Will says they got past that. Adrienne brings up Will getting Sonny involved in the mess with Gabi and Nick and now Sami's arrest. Adrienne says his family is all about drama so eventually he's going to destroy Sonny.

Abigail joins Chad and Sonny at Sonny's. Chad says EJ had a point that Sami wouldn't shoot Bernardi in a hospital of all places. Abigail doesn't know how Sami thinks. Sonny questions things about it. Sonny says he wouldn't ask Abigail to keep quiet if he wasn't sure it was the right thing to do. He asks her to please let it go.

Sami asks Justin if it will be a problem that she said knife and then razor. Justin says the jury likes consistent stories. Sami asks if he believes her. Justin says he has no reason not to and then asks if there's anything she hasn't told the police as EJ enters.

Will tells Adrienne that he doesn't see how he's going to destroy Sonny. Will adds that he's doing everything to make him happy. Will says they are going to be together no matter what she thinks or how she feels. She tells him not to get upset. Will says she just came in and told him how horrible he is. Will says when he gets out, they're going to be happy together. Adrienne comments on Gabi moving in with the baby being another sacrifice Sonny has to make. Will wishes she could accept them but if she can't then she will be the one that takes a step back from Sonny's life. Adrienne says she's his mother. Will tells her that he's the one Sonny will spend the rest of his life with no matter what. Adrienne wishes he would end it because he will end up breaking Sonny's heart and that will be the last straw.

EJ apologizes for interrupting. Sami says she was just telling Justin that she wouldn't keep anything from the police and let them know everything they needed to. Justin says the jury always look for a motive and from what he read in her file, they aren't going to find one.

Abigail says she doesn't know what's going on or what's true or not but she knows there's a video of Sami in a fight with a man she ended up shooting but they think it's irrelevant. Abigail questions how. Chad brings up Nicole and Jennifer fighting a lot last year and when Nicole fell down the stairs, she accused Jennifer. Chad compares the situations. Sonny adds that Jennifer could've been sent to prison for something she didn't do. Chad asks if she wants to make that happen to Sami.

Kristen arrives at the hotel Eric is at and she's wearing a wig while faking an accent.

Eric checks in to his hotel room, puts his bags down and sits on the bed.

Kristen uses a fake name and says she needs room 201 as it's very important but the man at the desk tells her that's not possible.

JJ and Rory continue looking up the names of the medication they got. They check the last one and say they hit jackpot.

Adrienne says she knows Will is upset but asks him to think about it. She says he'll be doing a really good thing and saving a lot of people a lot of pain. Adrienne then calls Will as selfish and destructive as Sami. Adrienne exits. Will tells Arianna that Adrienne is wrong about him and has no idea what she's talking about.

Abigail gets that there's a risk but feels there's a risk either way to cover up evidence in a murder investigation. Chad says they have no reason to make it evidence and can just delete the videos. Sonny agrees. Abigail hesitates but agrees. Chad tells Abigail that they're in this together and he needs her to promise him. Abigail promises that she's with him. Chad and Sonny then delete the video.

Justin gets a notice that Sami will get heard on bail in an hour. Sami says she's ready. Justin says with any luck, EJ will be taking her home. Justin instructs her to stay quiet and not talk in court until he tells her too. Sami and Justin exit while EJ stays behind to make a call. EJ calls Chad and asks if he has everything under control. Chad says it's good and it's settled with Abigail. EJ tells him to delete the video and make sure it's gone. Chad says he's on it. EJ thanks him and hangs up. Chad says the important thing is that EJ knows all the videos are gone so it's over.

George at the desk explains to Kristen that she would be next door to a priest and he asked for quiet. She demands the room as Eric comes out and asks if he can help her.

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