Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 6/18/13

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 6/18/13


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Daniel and Hope talk at the hospital. Daniel asks about Sami but Hope can't talk about the investigation. Hope asks what time they are bringing Rafe out of the coma. Daniel says there's a change of plans because that's not happening today.

EJ joins Sami, Marlena, and Abe in the police station waiting room and informs them that Justin is going to be Sami's lawyer. They talk about needing to find the knife.

Chad watches the video on his phone of Sami struggling with Bernardi over Stefano's evidence and recognizes Bernardi. Abigail recognizes him as the same man that Sami killed.

Brady and Nicole kiss in bed until Brady's phone rings with a call from Eric. Eric says he's been waiting outside ringing the doorbell for five minutes and wants to talk to him.

Kristen's contact returns and asks if she's ready to proceed. She says she is. He opens the box and inside are two vials which he calls the answer to her problems.

Hope asks Daniel what's wrong as she thought Rafe was recovering. Daniel says he is but the problem is what Rafe would wake up to. Daniel says he spoke to Gabi and she agreed not to put Rafe under so much stress.

An officer calls Abe out for an urgent call. EJ asks Sami about seeing a doctor. Sami says she canceled the doctor as she's fine. EJ tells Marlena about Sami being attacked in her cell. Roman comes in and tells Sami that she needs to give him a full report with every detail to file formal charges. Sami exits with Roman. EJ goes to leave to make a call but Marlena stops him and wants to know what he's going to do about this. Marlena says Sami is here because of one person, Stefano.

Brady asks Eric if it can wait but he says he wouldn't show up if it wasn't important. Nicole worries about making sure Eric doesn't know she's there. Brady and Nicole get up and get dressed as they talk about not telling Eric. Brady says he knows things are complicated between them so he doesn't want to make things more difficult. Nicole says she will go out the back way. Brady kisses her one more time and then hurries out. Nicole looks around for her purse. Brady goes down and greets Eric at the front door, saying he couldn't hear the doorbell from upstairs. Eric says it's okay and asks him what he was doing. Upstairs, Nicole continues searching for her purse where she needs her phone and keys. Nicole pleads for it to be out of sight and for Eric not to see her purse. Brady tells Eric that he was taking a nap since he couldn't sleep lately. Eric heads into the living room with Brady where Nicole's purse is on a chair. Eric asks Brady for a favor and talks about needing help with the school he's trying to help open. Nicole looks in to try and get Brady's attention to get her purse but Eric asks what distracted Brady.

Abigail asks Chad about the video. Chad explains that he was filming a friend and ended up taking this video after he saw Sami running through the town square. Abigail recalls Chad telling her about it and now she's killed the man.

Hope enters her office where Sami is telling Roman everything she remembers about being attacked in her cell. They ask Hope if there's anything new. Hope says they went over everywhere at the hospital. Sami insists she wouldn't shoot an unarmed man and was saving Rafe. Roman tells her not to worry as they won't give up. Sami says someone tried to kill her so she doesn't have time. Roman promises her that won't happen. Sami hugs him and cries that she just wants to go home to her kids.

Marlena tells EJ that Stefano knew about Kate's affair with Rafe so he's behind this due to his ego. EJ says they don't have evidence. Marlena thinks they both know what happened. Marlena brings up EJ being with Sami for two months and now she's in jail because she tried to stop Stefano from killing someone. Marlena says it always ends up the same with someone in her family getting used by someone in his. EJ says she's making judgment against him. EJ tells her that he loves Sami more than his life. Marlena tells him to make this go away. EJ promises he will and then exits the room.

Kristen asks the man how it works. He explains how the first vile works and the second one finishes the job. Kristen has him assure her that they work. Kristen calls it exactly the cure that she's looking for.

Chad sits with Abigail and says he's sure there's an explanation. Abigail thinks they have to take the video to the police. Chad argues that they can't as they don't know that it's evidence. Chad asks if she wants to make things worse for Sami. Abigail says she doesn't and suggests that someone else could have seen that too. Chad says he has to find EJ and Abigail promises not to say anything. Abigail tells him he can't sit on this.

Abe enters Hope's office. Roman tells Hope and Abe to continue asking everyone about the search for the knife. Abe stops him and reveals that Roman has been relieved of his duty as police commissioner as of now.

Eric tells Brady that he has a meeting with the school board and hates to leave with everything going on with Sami. Brady says he'll look out for Sami and encourages Eric. Eric encourages Brady about getting over Kristen in this rough time and he'll heal as Nicole tries to find a way to sneak in and get her purse.

Kristen offers the man an envelope of money as his payoff. He says he deals with people who are calm and controlled. Kristen says she's been very restrained since the men who broke her heart are still breathing and the house hasn't been burned down. She says they will feel the sting of vengeful and richly deserved justice. She gives him the envelope and says she'll be in touch as he exits. Kristen says Marlena should get ready for payback.

Chad tells Abigail that things moved fast and no one else was around when he recorded the video. Abigail says he can't be sure. Chad wants to find EJ. Abigail wonders about Sami killing Bernardi. Chad wants to see what EJ has to say. Abigail tells him that she's going with him so they exit together.

Kristen puts her vials in a drawer as EJ enters the DiMera Mansion looking for Stefano. Kristen reveals that he left town this morning and asks if it's about Sami. EJ says he knew he'd be looking for him. Kristen mentions Stefano having a clear motive. EJ says Stefano will pay for what he did. Kristen argues that they both know he won't. Kristen comments on Sami being a great shot with practice. She talks about how if this didn't happen then they'd be going to Rafe's funeral. EJ assures her that Rafe is not a threat to him, dead or alive. EJ says she was just checking on Rafe for the children. Kristen hopes her concern doesn't get her locked up for a long time.

Roman and Sami argue as Abe explains it's a temporary change. Hope talks about how the press is all over the investigation. Sami apologizes. Roman hugs her and says it's not her fault as she did what she had to do. Roman says he'll still visit as Sami exits with Hope. Abe tells Roman that he's sorry. Roman says it's not his fault and then asks who the mayor is sending down to replace him. Abe reveals that it's him.

Nicole hides as Eric and Brady continue talking. Brady hugs him and apologizes for being an ass. Eric tells him to forget about it as he's back and suggests catching a Cubs game. Eric then turns to leave and notices the purse, asking Brady if it's Nicole's. Brady says she came earlier to check on him and left it there so Eric can return it to her. Eric asks what's wrong with him besides his life falling apart. The doorbell rings so Brady goes to answer and it's Nicole, asking about her purse. Nicole goes in and Eric hands her the purse. Eric adds that he's glad to get to talk to her before he left for the school meeting. Eric asks if she has time to talk about some things at the rectory so they exit together. Nicole stops and smiles back at Brady then follows Eric out. Brady sits back down on the couch and finds Nicole left her bracelet. Brady hides it when he hears someone coming and Daniel enters the Mansion. Daniel notes Brady is in a good mood and asks what finally put a smile on his face.

Roman apologizes to Abe and says if anyone is taking his job, he's glad it's him and he can keep them from railroading Sami. Roman says if they don't find the knife then Sami is in big trouble.

Sami and Hope return to Marlena. Marlena mentions EJ leaving to take care of something. Hope wants to go over the shooting one more time. Sami says it never changes. Hope talks about the facts changing. Sami tells her that she's not lying. Hope wants a clear picture and talks about Sami being unsure if it was a knife. Sami says it went by so fast and she's doing the best she can.

Kristen apologizes to EJ but says she's concerned about he and Sami. EJ assures her that she did a good thing by saving a man's life and he'll prove that. EJ thinks Kristen is trying not to gloat. Kristen admits that she's not unhappy that Marlena is suffering. EJ says Marlena lost her husband and her daughter is in jail. Kristen calls it a start. EJ wants her to leave Marlena and her family alone. EJ says Marlena and John are no longer together so she should forget about Marlena and leave it alone. EJ gets a message on his phone and says he has to go. Kristen agrees to tell Stefano if she hears from him that EJ is looking for him. EJ exits as Kristen remarks that Marlena's suffering is just beginning.

Chad and Abigail stand outside the town square waiting for EJ. Chad tells her she can go ahead and take off and he'll tell her what EJ says but Abigail says she's staying. Chad is fine with it and says maybe it's better if she stays. Chad adds that he trusts Abigail more than anyone he's ever known including his family.

Eric gives Nicole everything preparing for when he leaves at the rectory. Eric then apologizes to Nicole for everything he said about Sami. Nicole blames herself and says she should've known better than to tell him how she feels about Sami. Eric says he doesn't expect her to look after Sami while he's gone but asks her to check in with Brady. Eric adds that whatever she said to him seemed to have helped so he asks her to keep doing it.

Daniel tells Brady he wanted to check on him and asks about calling off the wedding. Brady assures him it was no mistake. Brady calls Kristen a user and a liar who will never hurt his family again.

Kristen sits at home as her phone rings with a message from Stefano asking her not to hurt Marlena physically in any way. Kristen laughs and calls it funny.

Marlena tries hypnotism with Sami, walking her through her steps before she fired the gun. Sami recalls getting a cold washed cloth because Rafe felt warm. She had a headache and looked for aspirin then pulled out the gun. Sami recalls hearing a noise and she saw Bernardi raising his arm over Rafe. Marlena wants to focus on what's in his hand. Sami declares that he didn't have a knife.

EJ meets with Chad outside the town square. Chad tells him that Abigail is apart of it and they can trust her. EJ brings up what's going on with Sami. Chad then shows EJ the video. Chad explains that he filmed it and only Abigail has seen it. Abigail asks EJ about being rude to Chad when he came to him first. Chad notes by EJ's reaction that he already knew Sami knew Bernardi. EJ says it was dark so Sami had no idea who she was shooting and was just saving Rafe. EJ said Sami and Bernardi had a small disagreement. Chad suggests the video shows Sami knew the guy and may have wanted him dead.

Roman enters the room as Marlena continues with Sami's treatment, she asks about what she sees in Bernardi's hand. Sami says Bernardi's hand is not empty. Marlena wants to know what she sees. Sami says it's metal and flashes in the light then realizes it's a razor.

EJ asks about the video having no volume. Chad says there's clearly yelling. EJ thanks them for bringing the video to him. EJ tells them to trust him and says the video cannot get out so he asks them to keep their mouths shut.

Kristen unlocks the drawer and pulls the vials out. Kristen says Stefano shouldn't worry as she won't hurt his precious Marlena at least not physically.

Daniel sits with Brady as Brady explains what all Kristen admitted but now claims she's in love with him. Daniel says it doesn't sound like Kristen is giving up on him. Brady says he made it very clear that it's over. Brady adds that he's come to realize he has no idea what goes on in Kristen's head.

Kristen sits looking at the vials. She says in the end, she couldn't destroy John's son but she has absolutely no qualms about Marlena's as she looks at a photo of Eric in the newspaper.

Eric packs his bag and tells Nicole to wish him luck. She assures him he'll be fine and everything will work out.

Kristen looks at the newspaper and taps Eric's photo with the vile.

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