Days of Our Lives Update Monday 6/17/13

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 6/17/13


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Brady and Nicole continue kissing onto the couch until they hear a noise and wonder what it was.

Kristen answers the door at the DiMera Mansion as a man arrives with a small box similar to the one Stefano had his knife delivered in, saying Stefano called him. She says she's been expecting him and he may be her last hope. She asks if that's it. He tells her that good things come in small packages but bad things do too.

Marlena goes to the hospital and greets Jennifer. They talk about Sami's arrest and hoping it gets settled quickly. Jennifer doesn't think Marlena sounds like it's possible.

Adrienne goes to see Sonny in Will's room at the hospital. He tells her that Will is getting tests done. Sonny then informs her of his big news that Gabi & the baby are moving in with them. Adrienne thinks it's a bad idea.

EJ meets with Justin at the town square and tells him that Sami needs a good lawyer. Justin asks if she really shot a cop and if it's as bad as it sounds. EJ says it's worse.

Sami remains in her jail cell and thinks back to shooting Bernardi until she is grabbed from through the cell bars by someone with a black glove and passes out.

Abigail walks through the town square and stops as she sees EJ and Justin together. EJ explains to Justin that Sami was trying to save Rafe but no one can find the weapon. EJ suggests different possibilities. Justin wonders if there was a weapon. EJ assures that there was. Justin says he will need to get the case thrown out. EJ says he needs him. Justin says he will think about it and let him know by the end of the day then walks away.

The man asks Kristen if she's sure since she hesitated. She calls it a big step and says there's no going back. She says she can't have what she wants so it's about what she needs.

Brady and Nicole talk about no one being there as they are alone in the mansion and they go back to kissing.

Will assures Adrienne that this is what he and Will want and it's a win-win for everyone since Will can raise his baby and Gabi needed a place to go. Sonny says he gets along with both of them. Adrienne worries about plans for Sonny's life and getting sucked into someone else's life. She tells him that now is the time to walk away and just end it with Will.

Abigail goes to the coffeehouse and greets Chad. She tells him that she understands if he needs to cancel their plans to the amusement park. He wonders why he'd do that. She realizes he hasn't heard the news.

Marlena calls Sami's situation difficult. Jennifer understands. Marlena says she's going to see Will and then schedule some patients. Jennifer tells her to take care of herself. Marlena says she'll be alright and the only fire to put out right now is Brady. Marlena says Brady finally came to his senses then apologizes after remembering Jennifer is friends with Kristen. Jennifer mentions hearing the wedding was off for now. Marlena assures her that it's off forever. Jennifer says she's called Kristen but she hasn't responded. Marlena says it's better that way and tells Jennifer to take care of herself as she walks away.

The man shows Kristen what's inside the small box. He notes there two and that they work together. He assures her that they are untraceable and will never be traced back to her. He tells her that the formula is delicate and exact so she should be careful. The doorbell rings so he hides while she goes to answer and it's Jennifer. They hug as Jennifer comes in. Jennifer apologizes for being a horrible friend. Kristen blames herself for not calling back. Jennifer says this has been horrible since she was so excited about the wedding. Kristen says she's rallying. Jennifer asks her about Brady.

Brady and Nicole make love in the bedroom.

Abigail informs Chad of Sami's arrest. She couldn't believe he didn't hear. Chad says he was tuned out this morning and didn't have any messages from EJ. Chad decides he probably should stick around then. Abigail understands and mentions going to see Will.

Sonny tells Adrienne that he loves Will and wonders why he would walk away. Adrienne worries about his life. Sonny says Will is his life. Sonny thought she supported them. Adrienne blames Sami and says Will almost got him shot. Sonny doesn't blame him. Adrienne says Sami drags everyone down with her and now that includes him. Sonny says Will saved Nick's life. Adrienne questions if he wants to get dragged into Sami's drama. Sonny says Will is not his mother but Adrienne says Will is just as bad as Sami as Marlena walks to the door.

EJ talks to Abe at the police station about finding the weapon. A guard brings Sami in. EJ asks what happened and if she needs a doctor. The guard says he just found her in her cell and uncuffs her. Sami hugs EJ and tells him that someone tried to kill her.

EJ and Nicole lay in bed together laughing together after having sex. They joke about what they've been up to in their lives. Nicole then asks him what just happened and what they've done.

Kristen asks Jennifer if she doesn't know what happened from Marlena's version. Jennifer says no and wants to hear the truth. Kristen says she doesn't get to have a man like Brady or that life. Kristen says she's not built for it and that's the one truth. Jennifer doesn't believe it and says she deserves happiness as much as anyone. Kristen says she won't be a wife and mother. Jennifer wants to know what happened to the wedding. Kristen tells her that Marlena made sure she would never have that life and assumes she's gloating about it now. Jennifer says Marlena seemed so consumed with Sami's shooting. Kristen calls it a tragedy that will get resolved and then Marlena will be back to trashing her. Jennifer doesn't think Marlena will be vindictive like that but Kristen argues that she will.

Marlena enters the room with Sonny and Adrienne. Sonny tells her that Will is still taking tests but he'll be taking him home when he's done. Marlena mentions needing Will's card so Sonny goes to take it to him. Marlena questions Adrienne where she gets off attacking her family.

Sonny walks through the hospital lobby and runs into Abigail. Abigail mentions Will probably being freaked about Sami. Sonny says Sami will need a lawyer. Abigail says she has the best lawyer as Justin arrives. Sonny asks him about it but Justin says he's not Sami's lawyer. Abigail mentions seeing him with EJ. Justin says he was asked to do it. Sonny tells him that it's Will's mom so he has to do it.

Sami tells EJ that she was smothered and doesn't know who did it. Abe suggests taking pictures of any marks. EJ disagrees as Sami assures that she's not making it up. Abe wants to find out who did it. EJ argues against Sami going back to her cell and asks for privacy. Abe tells him that there will be a guard outside as he exits. Sami worries about getting out and asks about a lawyer. EJ says he's looking at possibilities and promises to get her the best lawyer. Sami wishes she could tell that Bernardi was working for Stefano. EJ reminds her that Stefano still has the evidence against Will. EJ wants to focus on getting her better. Sami says she can't go back to her cell or she might not make it out alive. EJ hugs her and says she'd be dead if they wanted her to be. Sami questions that being comforting. EJ encourages her as Abe comes in and tells them that the security cameras did not catch it. EJ wants it documented as the first concrete evidence that she was attacked. Abe says he's just a consultant. EJ encourages Sami. He kisses her and says he loves her then exits. Sami tells Abe that he has to understand her situation. Sami argues that it was someone on the inside trying to kill her. Abe points out a flaw in her theory.

Adrienne tells Marlena that she was looking out for her son. Marlena says she was trashing her family. Adrienne brings up Will and Sami and shootings as well as Marlena's mess with John and Kristen. Marlena says it has nothing to do with Sonny and Will. Adrienne says Sonny is lucky to have Will and that Will is the best thing to happen to him.

EJ meets with a lawyer in the town square. He suggests EJ use a family lawyer because no one else will touch the case as he walks away. Chad approaches and says he just heard what happened. Chad asks EJ why he didn't call since he would've been there. EJ says that wouldn't have solved anything.

Nicole asks Brady if this is okay. Brady says it's not okay but it's amazing, mind-blowing, and great. Nicole calls it complicated. Nicole assures Brady that it's not a rebound for her. Brady says it's not for him either and kisses her.

Jennifer thinks Kristen needs to stop obsessing about Marlena. Kristen claims this is the first she's talked about it at all. Jennifer feels rotten then. Kristen talks about wanting to handle things on her own. Jennifer thought she would be upset and crying rather than angry. Kristen says she was and she's not okay but she will be.

Adrienne questions Marlena thinking Sonny is lucky. Adrienne informs her that Sonny has rented a bigger apartment so Gabi could move in with the baby. She says Will is on the gravy train. Marlena argues that Will can pay his way and Sonny will raise a baby with the man he loves. Adrienne says they are way too young for it. Marlena says that's where they are. Adrienne says that's where Will is but not Sonny. Marlena questions Adrienne wanting Sonny to abandon Will. Adrienne compares Will's relationship skills to Sami and Marlena and worries about Sonny getting his heart broken as she then storms out.

Kristen gives Jennifer her necklace back that she was going to wear in the wedding. Jennifer assures her that she will still have her new beginning. Kristen argues that it's impossible. Jennifer says they can make a whole list of the wonderful things possible for her. Kristen calls her a wonderful friend and hugs her. Jennifer encourages her that she will find the right way to move forward and she exits.

Brady tells Nicole that he's not messing with her. Nicole says she's not either. Nicole calls him an amazing friend. Brady says nothing changes that. Brady holds her as Nicole asks if there's no regrets. Brady says there's one.

Sonny tells Justin that he has to take Sami's case. Justin says it's not that simple. Abigail apologizes if he spoke out of turn. She asks Sonny to tell Will that she came by as she exits. Sonny asks Justin why he's hesitating. Justin talks about family. Sonny says Sami is innocent and asks him to please help her. Adrienne interrupts and says no way Justin is taking Sami's case.

EJ apologizes to Chad and hugs him. Chad wants to know what he can do to help. EJ says he needs a lawyer and not many people want to support a cop killer. Chad says she also saved a cop. EJ wishes she would've stayed away so this mess wouldn't have happened. Chad says Rafe would be dead right now if she wasn't there. EJ says he has to make a call. Chad asks why EJ doesn't do it since he's a good lawyer. EJ says he's too close and has the wrong last name.

Adrienne and Sonny argue about Sami's case with Justin. Sonny says Sami is innocent but no one wants to cut her a break because of the DiMera name. Sonny says they need someone they can trust. Sonny adds that he and Will are sticking by Sami no matter what Adrienne says. Sonny asks Justin to please help her.

Sami talks with Abe about people thinking she killed a cop in cold blood. Abe says the weapon has been missing from the very beginning before anyone knew that Bernardi was the victim. Abe thinks the officers on the scene would've tried to prove Sami was telling the truth. Sami wonders why someone would set her up.

Nicole says they were doing so well. Brady says they are doing well. They joke together. Nicole asks what his one regret is. Brady says they did this all grown up and responsibly and remained friends but he regrets that it's over. Nicole asks who says. Brady says nobody and they go back to kissing.

Kristen's contact returns and asks if she's ready to proceed.

Justin pulls out his phone and calls EJ. Justin tells him to tell Sami that she has a lawyer. EJ says he can't thank him enough. Justin hangs up and Sonny hugs him as Adrienne shakes her head and exits the room.

Abe tells Sami that the real question is why Bernardi would try to kill Rafe. Sami encourages him to look into Bernardi because there has to be something there. Marlena enters and asks how Sami is and asks about the investigation. Abe says Sami wants him to look into the victim. Sami argues that he's crooked and swears that he tried to kill Rafe so there has to be something there. Abe encourages Sami not to try and build her case on that.

Abigail returns to the coffeehouse and talks with Chad. Chad says EJ is trying to find a lawyer for Sami. Abigail mentions not seeing Will but she can't believe Sami would kill this cop. Chad notes that he tried to kill Rafe. Abigail says Bernardi was a decorated cop and shows Chad an article on the shooting. Chad recognizes Bernardi and watches the video on his phone of Sami struggling with Bernardi over the evidence for Stefano.

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