Days of Our Lives Update Friday 6/14/13

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 6/14/13


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Daniel prepares to leave home as the babysitter arrives. She shows Daniel the newspaper of Sami's arrest.

Jennifer is questioned by reporters at the hospital about Sami's arrest. Jennifer explains that the shooter was Sami and the victim was Joseph Bernardi. Anne sends another man to go pester Jennifer about trying to cover up for Sami.

JJ returns home with Rory, talking about selling their stash. Abigail comes down the stairs and asks who Rory is and why JJ isn't in school.

John sits in the town square with the news paper on Sami's arrest. John gets up and runs into Roman. John asks if Sami is okay. Roman says she's in jail so far from okay. John asks if there's anything he can do. Roman tells him to stay away from Marlena.

Marlena talks to Eric at the rectory about Sami. Eric encourages her that everything will be okay when they find the weapon and Sami will make it through. Eric says he will cancel his trip to be with them every step of the way.

Nicole goes to the Kiriakis Mansion. Brady answers the door while reading the paper about Sami's arrest. Brady shows it to Nicole. Nicole says Sami has done it again.

Stefano enters the living room with a luggage suitcase at the DiMera Mansion where Kristen is. Kristen asks if he's heard about Sami and then says of course he has because sometimes when there's a problem, murder is the only solution.

Roman tells John that Marlena has enough on her plate and doesn't need to deal with his problems. Roman suggests John disappear. John says Marlena will need his help. Roman points out that she hasn't turned to him. Roman tells John to take care of his family while he takes care of his own. John says Marlena is his family but Roman says not anymore.

Marlena continues to worry. Eric says things will work out and he's not leaving her or Sami.

Kristen talks to Stefano about having trouble sleeping and dreaming about weddings. Kristen says EJ's wedding will be off too if the charges against Sami stick. Stefano says she can't joke her way out of bad things. Kristen says she's fine so Stefano asks what her plans are.

The reporter continues to interrogate Jennifer about Lucas's relationship with Sami and accusing Jennifer of covering up for her family. Jennifer goes over to Anne and asks if she has anything to say. She sarcastically wishes her good luck as Jennifer walks away. Anne tells the man to continue making Jennifer look like she doesn't belong at her job.

JJ tells Abigail that they got home early and introduces Rory to Abigail. Rory says it would've been cool to meet her. Abigail doesn't believe teachers would send them home early. JJ asks if she's calling him a liar.

Kristen tells Stefano to let her count the ways that she's moving on. Kristen wants to hear about Stefano and asks about his luggage suitcase. She assumes he heard about Stefano and wants to be anywhere but here. Stefano doesn't respond. Kristen asks if he made the phone call she asked him to make. Stefano asks if she really wants him here. Kristen repeats that she wants.

Marlena assures Eric that she won't fall apart. She says it's not about her but about Sami. Marlena says Sami needs her so she will be there for her. Eric offers to call her patients to cancel appointments. Marlena admits that she's terrified for Sami and it feels so familiar. Marlena says what's new to her is having Eric to listen, comfort, and take the lead. Marlena calls him indispensable. Eric hugs her.

Nicole asks about Sami shooting a cop as the article doesn't have a lot of information. She wonders what the reason was. Brady says this is really bad and he's got to go talk to her at the jail. Brady goes to get his wallet. Nicole says to herself that Eric must be a wreck and exits.

Anne talks on the phone about Jennifer being in hot water and that she deserves what she gets as Daniel arrives behind her.

The reporters continue to hound Jennifer in her office about covering up for Sami. Jennifer asks if they're questioning her personal integrity as Daniel listens in.

JJ questions Abigail not believing him. Abigail mocks him not thinking anyone believes his lies. JJ says she's embarrassing him in front of his friend. Rory tries to agree with Abigail. JJ tells him to stop being a jerk. Abigail says they should both be in school. JJ tells her that she can call the school and ask then she'll owe them an apology. Abigail agrees to stay out of it and warns them about being stupid and ruining their future. JJ says she's making him feel worse about everything. Abigail tells him to just hang around all day as Cameron arrives. JJ says they're going to get supplies for classes so he and Rory leave. Rory says that was crazy. JJ gets mad about Rory rambling like he just smoked ten joints. Rory says they would've been so screwed if she called the school so it was nice of her not to. JJ points out that she called them losers. JJ accuses him of having the hots for Abigail. Rory admits she's really good looking. JJ tells him to focus. JJ says the money they got today wasn't enough so they need a big score. Rory suggests ripping off Daniel.

Cameron sits with Abigail inside. Cameron says JJ and Rory seem to have her frazzled. Abigail says it's just family stuff. Abigail hopes he's still okay about her going to the amusement park with Chad. Cameron says he is and just wanted to get out of the hospital with everything that's going on. Abigail asks what's going on.

Anne and Daniel watch as Jennifer fights back against the reporters. The reporter that Anne sent is questioned by the others about who he works for and he says he's freelance. Jennifer gives them the quotes on the story she has so they leave. Daniel enters the room and shuts the door. Daniel talks about her taking charge. Daniel mentions being blindsided seeing the newspaper article. Jennifer questions if she was supposed to tell him and goes back to work. Daniel suggests she go home to work.

Stefano tells Kristen that he did call him and he said he'd be there soon. Kristen says she knows what she's doing. Kristen tells Stefano to have a nice trip to wherever he's going. Kristen assures that she'll be fine as Stefano exits. Kristen says after that phone call, she'll be better than fine, she'll be perfect.

Abigail finishes a call and says she can't believe Will is in the hospital and now Sami's in jail. Cameron apologizes as he thought she knew. Abigail figures Jennifer must be going nuts. Cameron starts to leave but Abigail stops him. Cameron asks about her hanging out with Chad. Abigail assumes Chad will cancel since EJ will be so involved with Sami's arrest. Cameron tells her that Chad has an agenda with her and won't give it up.

JJ tells Rory that they can't rip off Daniel since he's accused him about the car. JJ says he should do something about that and they walk off.

Daniel brings Jennifer to his place to work there in peace. Daniel sees a note from the babysitter that she took Parker to the park. Jennifer thanks Daniel and says it's very considerate of him. Daniel calls it his chance to prove that they can get through anything.

Roman goes to the Rectory. He and Marlena encourage Eric to make his trip for the school. Eric says he needs to be there for Sami but they insist. Nicole arrives asking what happened and if Sami really did what they're saying. Roman says he has to put fires out at the station so he exits. Marlena hugs Eric goodbye and exits with Roman. Nicole comments that Eric looks exhausted. He says he's fine. Nicole assumes he's been taking care of others since the moment he heard. Nicole suggests he start taking care of himself. Eric talks about seeing Sami locked up, scared and alone. Nicole hugs him.

Brady walks through the town square. John approaches and invites him to go see Sami with him. Brady says they wouldn't let him see her. John offers him a cup of coffee so they can hash things out. Brady tells him not to waste his time and storms off.

Kristen sits at home until the doorbell rings. She gets up saying he's finally here. Kristen answers the door to see Marlena. Marlena says she's there for the children.

Jennifer finishes her work. Daniel says she can use the computer in her room to send her documents. Jennifer gets up and they kiss. Jennifer thanks him and goes to his room. There's a knock at the door then and Daniel answers it to see JJ.

Kristen and Marlena argue about things. Marlena doesn't want to discuss Sami with her so Kristen says she would rather talk about John anyways.

Brady returns home and calls Roman, leaving a message that he couldn't get let in to see Sami so if he could call anyone to allow him he'd appreciate it since Sami needs her family. Brady hangs up and says she needs him but he's useless. Brady imagines Kristen appearing and telling him he can do anything.

Nicole tells Eric to start focusing on himself. Eric says this is bigger than anyone seems to realize and he has a ton of work to do. Nicole offers to help. Eric insists on canceling his trip but Nicole argues against it. Nicole says Sami's problems aren't worth screwing up everything he's worked for. Nicole shouts that it's Sami's mess so he should let her deal with it. Eric says he cares. Eric questions how she could be so cold hearted and insensitive. Eric adds that sometimes he doesn't even know who she is. Nicole then storms out.

Cameron suggests Abigail to take anything Chad says with a grain of salt. Abigail questions his secret agenda. Cameron tells her that it's pretty obvious. Abigail says Chad told her that he respects how she feels. Cameron didn't want to make her feel weird about it. Cameron says he isn't worried about Chad. Abigail says he's confident as Cameron kisses her.

JJ tells Daniel that he wanted to come by and apologize about what happened with Parker. JJ says he hasn't been around kids much and is really sorry. Jennifer steps in and listens. Daniel thanks him and says he believes him and appreciates the apology. JJ says goodbye and exits. Daniel tells Jennifer that he thinks JJ really meant what he said. Jennifer is so glad he saw it. Daniel says JJ doesn't have a problem with Parker. Jennifer asks if he thinks JJ still has a problem with him. Jennifer questions if he still thinks JJ trashed his car.

Marlena tells Kristen that she doesn't care about her relationship with John. Kristen says she walked away from John and no longer cares anymore. Marlena suggests she stop obsessing over Brady and fretting over her. Marlena says they had their war, she won and now they are done. Marlena exits. Kristen shuts the door and says they aren't done but just getting started and this time it's for keeps.

Nicole returns to Brady at the Kiriakis Mansion. She asks if he's okay. He says he's fine but it's been a lousy day. Nicole says hers too for different reasons. Nicole suggests they go somewhere. They joke about bowling again. Nicole suggests taking a walk. She says they have to do something to get his mind off everything pulling him down. Nicole wants to make it her job. They then end up kissing.

Cameron tells Abigail that he really doesn't want to leave but he has to get back to work. Abigail walks him out. Cameron tells her to be free later if Chad does cancel. JJ sneaks back in as they were about to kiss. Abigail thought he left. JJ says he forgot something and heads upstairs. Abigail and Cameron exit the house kissing. JJ comes back downstairs and calls Rory, saying to call him back because he knows how to get all the money they need.

Daniel tells Jennifer not to do this and he doesn't want to open up old wounds. Daniel says nothing could've changed since last night since they didn't talk. Jennifer gets upset about being in the same place they were. Jennifer grabs her things. Daniel tries to convince her to stay and talk but she exits.

John runs into Marlena outside the Pub. Marlena says she's in a hurry. John offers to help. She says she brought the children to be with Caroline since they don't need to know what's going on with Sami. John wants to help and says Sami is what's important. Marlena tells him to walk away if he wants to help as she then leaves.

Eric makes a call to Nicole and leaves a message saying they need to talk.

Nicole and Brady continue kissing. Brady stops and says it's probably not a good idea but then continues kissing her.

Kristen answers the door at the Mansion as a man arrives with a small box similar to the one Stefano had his knife delivered in, saying Stefano called him. She says she's been expecting him and he may be her last hope.

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