Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 6/13/13

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 6/13/13


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Roman, Hope, and EJ enter the waiting room. Sami asks Roman about Bernardi. His wife gets up and asks Sami about knowing her husband. She asks Roman for news. Roman asks to speak more privately but she doesn't want to leave her son. She asks Roman to tell her. Roman tells her she's so very sorry as she breaks down crying. EJ holds Sami as she watches on horrified.

Abigail goes to Daniel's and asks about Parker. Daniel says he's fine and asks how she is. Abigail says she's still so sorry. Daniel tells her that she doesn't need to apologize as what almost happened to Parker wasn't her fault.

JJ goes into the living room where Jennifer is seated. Jennifer mentions being worried. JJ repeats being sorry about what happened with Parker. Jennifer says it's not that. JJ asks what he's done now.

Sonny explains to Will that Bob and Nancy across the hall moved out so he told the landlord that they wanted to rent the place and he could put down the deposit. Will says it's a two bedroom. Sonny says it's bigger than their place and suggests Gabi and the baby move in with them. Sonny says Gabi can't move in with Kate and Will can raise his daughter. Gabi comes in. Will mentions hearing what Sami did and asks about Rafe. Will hopes the guy that Sami shot makes it or else Sami could face murder charges. Gabi reveals she just went passed the nurses station and overheard that the guy died.

Marlena goes to the hospital and asks Kate about Will. Kate tells her that Sonny is in with him. Marlena mentions picking up an outfit for Arianna. Kate then informs Marlena that Sami has shot a man.

Bernardi's wife cries and then asks Sami how she knew her husband.

Abigail tells Daniel that it was her fault as she said she would watch Parker and shouldn't have left him. Daniel points out that she didn't leave him alone. Abigail insists that JJ feels terrible.

Jennifer tells JJ that she has a question and needs an honest answer. She brings up Daniel's car being vandalized twice in the last two days and she can't believe she's asking, but she asks JJ if he's the one who trashed Daniel's car.

EJ tells Bernardi's wife that they are sorry for her loss. Hope offers to take her somewhere quiet to talk but she refuses. She cries about having to explain to her son what happened and she has no idea. She talks about Bernardi not even being on duty tonight. Hope says it's an ongoing investigation. Sami says she's so sorry. She asks Sami why and how she knew him. Bernardi's son wakes up. EJ tries to get Sami out of the room but Bernardi's wife says no one leaves until she knows what really happened to her husband.

Abigail tells Daniel that she's not trying to make excuses but talks about JJ not having Jack and being home.

JJ can't believe Jennifer is asking him this. Jennifer tells him that Maggie saw him in the hospital parking garage. JJ doesn't know why Maggie made a big deal out of it since he didn't do anything. JJ questions her talking to Daniel about it and thinks Daniel is trying to turn her against him.

Will worries about Sami. Gabi insists that the police know she was saving Rafe and doesn't think she will be charged with murder. Gabi talks about needing to find the knife and adds that she can't believe Sami did that for Rafe. Gabi sits with Will and talks about how he needs to focus on getting better and she doesn't want to be a burden on him. Will assures her that she will never be a burden.

Kate tells Marlena that Roman is questioning Sami. Marlena rushes off to be with her.

Bernardi's son Timmy asks what's going on. Maxine comes in and takes him out of the room to get yogurt. Hope tells Bernardi's wife that they will answer her questions but wants to go somewhere else. She asks where Bernardi was shot. Hope says it was in the hospital. Roman adds that they don't know why. She asks who shot her husband so Sami stands up and admits it was her.

Abigail talks to Daniel about the loss of Jack being hard on them all. Abigail says she was a brat too when Daniel and Jennifer first got together because she missed Jack and the family they used to have. Abigail says JJ didn't have as much time with Jack before they lost him. Daniel says he understands and apologizes for putting her in a tough position. Abigail thinks everything will be fine after a little bit of time. Daniel thanks her for coming. Abigail hugs him goodbye and then exits.

Jennifer tells JJ that Daniel isn't trying to turn her against him but just figure out what happened. JJ tells her he didn't do it. Jennifer wants to believe him but brings up the mp3 player and Parker's train getting destroyed and then JJ not giving Daniel the money she gave. JJ asks what it has to do with Daniel's car. Jennifer calls it a pattern that Daniel's things keep getting destroyed and it looks like someone has a grudge. Jennifer asks JJ if he dislikes Daniel. JJ says Daniel dislikes him and is getting Jennifer on his side. JJ shouts that Jack never doubted him. Jennifer just wants an answer. JJ says he gave her one so he wants one too as he asks if she believes him or not.

Will tells Gabi that Kate told him she's moving out of the Kiriakis Mansion. Gabi says she was just there because of Nick and says she isn't sure where she's going but will figure it out. Will brings up he and Sonny taking care of Arianna too and they want her to have everything she needs. Sonny asks Gabi if she and Arianna would like to move in with them.

Bernardi's wife questions Sami shooting her husband. She talks about how they bonded but she killed him. Sami says she didn't know and apologizes. She cries that Sami took away the greatest man she'll ever love and wants to know why. Roman and Hope hold her back. She yells that there shouldn't be no investigation as Sami admitted it. Sami tells her that if she didn't do it then Bernardi would've killed Rafe. She then slaps Sami and yells at her to shut up. She calls Sami a lying bitch as Roman and Hope hold her back. Sami tries to explain that he had a knife. She talks about Rafe and Bernardi being friends. Bernardi's wife is escorted out as she calls Sami a cop killer that will pay. Sami cries to EJ and Roman. Roman says they are still looking for the knife and if it's there they will find it. Roman tells Sami that he believes her and will call her if they find anything. Marlena arrives and hugs Sami as Roman exits. Sami can't believe this is happening. EJ tells Sami that she did the right thing by protecting Rafe and he's sure they'll find the evidence and it will be okay. EJ kisses Sami and then exits to give her time alone with Marlena. Sami cries as Marlena hugs her and says it will be okay.

Gabi tells Sonny that he's been amazing about the baby but she couldn't ask him to live with his boyfriend's ex and a screaming newborn. Will reveals it was Sonny's idea. Sonny explains how Will wants to be a great dad. Sonny knows Gabi loves her baby and wants her to have a good life. Sonny says the future is all that matters. The nurse brings Arianna in and hands her to Sonny. Will asks Gabi if she wants to move in with them.

EJ walks through the hospital and gets a call asking if he found them. EJ instructs to find them and have them call. EJ then calls Justin and says they may have to move up their plan a bit because Stefano seems preoccupied at the moment, making it a good moment to strike. EJ sees Kate and hangs up to approach her. Kate asks if Sami has been dragged out in handcuffs. EJ insists that Sami is telling the truth. Kate doesn't doubt it but says they both know Stefano is behind it and ordered the hit on Rafe. Kate declares that she will make sure Stefano pays.

JJ and his friend Rory talk at home about going out. JJ says he's in trouble after what happened to Parker and can't believe Jennifer is accusing him of destroying Daniel's car. Rory points out that he did. JJ says no one saw them so nothing happened. JJ thinks Jennifer wants to believe him. JJ talks about not getting more money from Jennifer for weed. Abigail comes home so Rory exits out the back. JJ goes and sits down as Abigail enters. Abigail informs him that she went to Daniel's to apologize for what happened to Parker. JJ questions if the first apologies weren't good enough and says Daniel won't apologize for grabbing him as he never makes mistakes.

Jennifer goes to Daniel's and says she didn't want to leave things the way they were. Jennifer tells him she's so sorry about what happened. Jennifer says they love Parker and JJ does too as he wants to apologize. Jennifer adds that she talked to him about the car. Daniel doesn't believe that JJ didn't do it.

Sami talks to Marlena about how she still can't believe Bernardi did it and she just pulled the trigger on instinct. Marlena says she was just protecting someone she cared about and saved his life. Sami talks about EJ's support. Marlena asks what she was doing in Rafe's room. Sami says she just wanted to check on him and explains how she went to get him a cool wash cloth. Sami thinks back to seeing Bernardi about to stab Rafe and shooting him. Marlena questions what she was doing with a gun. Sami says it was for protection after Will was just shot and Rafe was attacked. Sami worries about if they don't find the knife. Marlena asks where it could be. Sami doesn't know but suggests Bernardi could've been on someone's payroll that got rid of the evidence and if that happens then she will end up on death row. Marlena says they won't let that happen and assures her that Roman is on her side. Sami worries about the evidence. Marlena brings up EJ being a lawyer that will protect her.

EJ tells Kate that she's deluded if she expects justice and informs her that Bernardi is dead. Kate asks EJ how it feels to know his future wife was willing to kill for another man.

Abigail says she just went to Daniel to tell him what a good guy JJ is. JJ apologizes and says he feels like everyone is down on him but maybe he deserves it. Abigail says he doesn't deserve it and she knows how sorry he is. JJ says he will tell Daniel himself tomorrow. Abigail warns him that she doesn't know how he will take it. JJ then asks her what Daniel said to her about his stupid ass car.

Daniel tells Jennifer that he's just being honest. She asks why he doesn't believe JJ when they don't have proof. Daniel questions the coincidence with the mp3 player and train set being destroyed. Jennifer says she knows her son. Daniel and Jennifer argue about whether or not JJ is guilty. Jennifer questions why Daniel didn't tell her he suspected JJ. Daniel shouts that it's because he loves her.

EJ tells Kate to go away. Kate wonders where Sami would be if Rafe hadn't dropped her. EJ says she'd be exactly where she is. Kate tells him to keep telling himself that as she walks away.

Bernardi's wife Marge wonders how she will tell Timmy. She tells Hope about how Bernardi always spoke highly of her and says Sami won't get away with killing her husband. Hope promises justice will be served and tells her not to hesitate to call any time. Hope thanks Maxine for taking care of Timmy. Maxine mentions Timmy saying he wants to grow up to be a police officer like his dad. Roman returns to Hope and tells her that forensics went over the entire hospital and there's no knife. Hope tells him she's sorry. Roman says he is too.

Kate enters Will's room and brings them coffee from Marlena. Will asks if there's any news. Kate says there isn't yet. Kate informs them that she ordered a crib and everything Gabi will need to move in with her. Will then asks Gabi. Gabi thanks Kate for her offer as Will reveals that Gabi is going to move in with them.

Daniel tells Jennifer that she didn't want to hurt her or throw around accusations. Daniel adds that he trusted her to handle thing with JJ. Jennifer questions if he's saying she's a lousy parent that doesn't know her kid.

Abigail says she heard Daniel's car was trashed and she asks if Daniel thinks JJ did it. JJ calls it crazy. Abigail asks what is the matter with him.

EJ, Sami, and Marlena join Hope and Roman. Hope announces that forensics searched the entire hospital and Roman adds that no knife was found. Sami worries about someone taking it. Roman assures her that it wasn't there. Sami cries that he's her dad and said he believed her. Sami insists that the knife is there. Hope says they can't wait any longer and informs Sami that she is under arrest for the murder of Joseph Bernardi.

Abigail says she's not saying JJ did or didn't do it but Daniel and Jennifer are going to be watching everything he does from now on so he should do the right thing. Abigail says goodnight and exits. JJ says to himself that he's definitely doing the right thing and just needs to be more careful about it.

Daniel tells Jennifer that he thinks she's a great parent. Jennifer insists that JJ wouldn't do something like that to his car. Daniel hopes she's right. Jennifer says she knows she's right and then exits.

Gabi tells Will and Sonny that she hopes she didn't hurt Kate's feelings. Will assures her that Kate will be better from a distance. Gabi and Will talk about how many people love Arianna. Sonny adds that they will all take good care of her. Gabi thanks them and says now she feels like everything will be okay. Will agrees. Sonny says it may be a little out of the ordinary but definitely okay.

Kate returns to the lobby and sees Sami being arrested. EJ adds that Sami won't be answering questions and asks if they really have to do this. Roman says they have no choice and tells Sami that he's sorry. Roman handcuffs Sami as she cries that she can't believe this is happening again. Marlena says they won't let this happen again. Hope and Roman escort Sami away in handcuffs as EJ, Marlena, and Kate watch.

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