Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 6/12/13

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 6/12/13


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Kristen walks past the Pub. Marlena follows her. Kristen says she has nothing to say to her but Marlena says she has a lot to say to her about the future. Marlena tells her to get out of Salem sooner than later and don't come back.

John says what Brady said to Kristen had to hurt but he hopes he knows it was the right thing. Brady asks who it was right for, himself or John.

Sonny sits with Will at the hospital and talks about cops being outside.

Kate talks to Kayla at the hospital. An officer asks Kayla about Bernardi. Kate is surprised to learn that Sami shot a cop.

Sami argues with Hope and Abe that Bernardi had a knife. Sami insists that he was there to kill Rafe and she did what she had to do. Sami questions if she's being accused of shooting an innocent man. EJ says the knife had to have slipped away. Abe asks Sami how she was sure Bernardi was there to kill Rafe. EJ says his client won't answer any questions. Hope says Sami isn't being charged. Abe says they are lucky Hope got the case as the police won't be happy about one of their own being shot. EJ suggests they go check the room again. Sami shouts that she did the right thing by saving Rafe's life. Hope and Abe exit. Sami shuts the door and tells EJ that Bernardi was on Stefano's payroll so Stefano had put a hit out on Rafe.

Marlena tells Kristen that there's nothing left for her except trouble with the law. Marlena says Hope and Roman will bring up a case against her for hiring the muggers and Brady wants nothing to do with her. Kristen accuses her of being afraid that something will happen between she and John.

John tells Brady that everything he does is for him. Brady brings up John and Kristen both sending him a text message to come to Kristen's hotel room so he'd catch them. John says the ends they had in mind were different. John says Kristen wanted to use him to hurt Brady while John wanted him to see who Kristen really is. Brady questions John. John says he used it to make Brady see. Brady says everyone was right and he's man enough to admit he was wrong about Kristen. Brady wants John to swear to him that there isn't a part of him that still wants Kristen. John doesn't respond which Brady says is his answer. Brady talks about how it was Kristen who stopped things between she and John. John says all that matters is that Brady sees her for who she is. Brady questions what John has been doing. They continue to argue as Brady accuses him of not wanting anyone else to have Kristen. Brady says John is just like Kristen in using love to get what they want. Brady tells John to go be with Kristen because they deserve each other as he walks off.

Marlena tells Kristen to go for it if she wants John. Kristen asks if she's given up on him. Marlena calls it none of her business. Kristen says she told John that she was done with him as he wasn't worth it and Marlena must've realized it too. Kristen finds it funny that they no longer want John after fighting over him. Marlena doesn't find it funny as she thinks Kristen got hurt the most. Marlena says she, John, and Brady will rebuild their lives but Kristen has lost her chance for love forever.

Will asks Sonny about cops being there. Sonny isn't sure why they are there. They wonder what's going on with Nick and Gabi. They talk about Arianna Grace. Will wonders how Gabi could have her perfect life now. Sonny says Gabi knows what Nick was keeping from her now. Will wonders about the breakup and how it will affect Gabi.

Maxine talks to Kate about Gabi going home and Rafe having a long road of rehab. Kate says she'll make sure that Gabi and the baby get everything they need.

A cop arrives at the hospital with a woman and her son. The woman approaches Kayla and reveals she is Bernardi's wife. She asks if he's going to make it. Kayla encourages her that the doctors are doing all they can. She takes a seat to wait.

EJ tells Sami that they do not know that Stefano ordered Bernardi to kill Rafe. Sami doesn't think it's a coincidence. EJ says they have better things to do than jump to conclusions. Sami says there is no other conclusion unless EJ doesn't believe her. EJ says he believes her but doesn't know why Sami was in there in the first place. Sami says she went to check on Rafe. EJ wants to know why. Sami says if she wasn' there, Rafe would be dead and asks if that's what EJ wishes.

Abe and Hope go to search Rafe's room and Hope says Sami could end up in a lot of trouble.

Kate goes to Will's room and says they obviously haven't heard. Kate informs Will and Sonny that there's been a shooting. Kate explains that someone got into Rafe's room and was shot by Sami.

Sami yells that she saved Rafe's life and EJ is jealous. EJ questions Sami having to use a gun. Sami insists she saw the knife. EJ wonders where it is. Sami says anything could have happened to it. EJ warns her of how she will be charged and he doesn't want her to spend the rest of her life in prison. EJ tells her to think before she acts. EJ asks what she thinks is going to happen when she lies about knowing Bernardi if he tells them. Sami says if he did that then he'd admit he was stealing Will's evidence and that he was Stefano's mole. EJ then says he might. Sami questions why he would do that. EJ says he's trying to get her to take it seriously. Sami says she is and was doing what she had to do to save Rafe's life which she doesn't see as a crime.

The cop goes to make a call as Bernard's wife asks a nurse if her son can lay down. The nurse directs them to the waiting room.

EJ says they better pray the knife is found. Sami says she will be in the clear when they do. EJ says he will do what he can to make that happen. Sami points out that cops are everywhere so one could be covering for Bernardi. EJ tells Sami to stay there and stay out of it. Sami grabs his hand and assures him that the man she loves is him. EJ then exits the room.

Marlena tells Kristen that there's nothing left for her. Kristen says it didn't have to be this way as Marlena could've had John and she had Brady but Marlena ruined everything. Marlena responds that she has no regrets. Kristen tells her not to be sure as she's not done yet. Marlena says Salem will always remind Kristen of everything she lost. Marlena tells her to do everyone a favor and disappear again for a decade or two. Marlena then walks off. Kristen throws her purse in frustration as John walks around the corner and stops when he sees her. John asks if she's had a bad day. John says she ruined four lives including her own. John talks about all she's done. Kristen talks about Marlena getting over it. John tells her that Brady hates her now so it was worth it. Kristen questions if it was worth losing Marlena. John says he had to be willing to lose everything to keep her away from Brady because she's only happy when she's hurting people.

Brady opens the door at the Kiriakis Mansion to see Marlena. Brady doesn't want to talk. Marlena just wants to ask if he's okay.

Will asks if Sami's going to be okay. Kate says all she knows is that the police are questioning her. Sonny asks why Sami had a gun. Kate admits she had given it to her and if she hadn't then Rafe might've been killed. Will and Sonny ask about the guy. Kate reveals it was a police detective.

EJ joins Abe and Hope in Rafe's room. Abe says they went over the room and found nothing. EJ argues that there has to be a knife. Hope asks where it is. EJ asks if they searched the vent so they decide to do that. Hope has them put on gloves as she looks in the vent. Hope says she sees something in there.

Bernardi's wife and son enter the waiting room where Sami is. Sami starts to talk about having a son the same age. Sami gets her some coffee and asks if she's okay. She responds that she really doesn't know.

Hope tries to reach into the vent. Roman enters and tells Abe that he got a call that Rafe is okay and Bernardi looks to be pulling through. Roman questions what EJ is doing there. EJ says he's helping as Roman talks about Bernardi being a decorated cop and friend of Rafe. EJ talks about what happened and says he got it from Sami. Roman asks about Sami being a witness. Abe reveals to him that Sami shot him as Hope is sure she sees something in the vent.

Kate talks to Will about the shooting. Will wants to go see Gabi and talk about it but Kate convinces him to wait. Kate mentions Gabi going home tomorrow and asks Will what he thinks about Gabi and Arianna moving in with her.

Brady tells Marlena that she never gave up on trying to get him to see the truth so he owes her an apology. Marlena says she will be alright since she knows that Brady will be fine. Brady hopes so and doesn't know how to feel. Marlena suggests getting some rest. She asks if he's spoken to John. Brady says he has and doesn't expect things to be okay for a long time if ever between them. Marlena completely understands. Marlena then exits.

Kristen tells John that she's in pain too. John asks if it's because she didn't succeed in totally destroying Brady. Kristen says she was stupid to be obsessed with John and not seeing what she had with Brady. Kristen says she's the one who stopped things in the hotel room and she doesn't care about John anymore. Kristen says she has no idea what will happen in her life but promises it won't include John. John asks what she's going to do now. Kristen tells him she won't ever think of him as the man who broke her heart so he doesn't have any power over her anymore. Kristen tells him that she's free as she walks away.

Kate asks Will what he thinks of her taking Gabi home tomorrow. Will asks to speak to Sonny about it privately so Kate exits. Will asks Sonny if he can believe this. Sonny says he can't and wonders what Sami will do if she has to go through Kate to see the baby. Will says Kate's right that they need a place to go. Sonny asks if he wants to hear his idea.

Hope can't reach what she sees in the vent. EJ offers to try. EJ pulls in and finds a nail file. Abe mocks it being the weapon. EJ argues with them. Roman says that he is running the investigation. Hope points out that there is another vent. Roman asks if Sami is still there. Hope says she was just going to see her. Roman wants to question her as the shooter. Abe says to let him know if he's needed as he exits. Roman then asks what happened and not to leave anything out.

Bernardi's wife asks Sami who she seems worried about. Sami talks about Will and becoming a grandma. Sami hugs her when she starts to cry.

Hope finishes telling Roman everything. Roman questions Sami walking around with a loaded gun and he wants to go question her.

Sami asks her about who she's worried about. She says it's her husband and her son's father who was a good man. Sami asks her to tell her about him.

Brady sits alone at home and looks at a photo on his phone of he and Kristen then deletes it.

Kristen sits alone at the DiMera Mansion and places her ring on the table. She picks up her phone and deletes John's number. She then starts to delete Marlena's number but stops and says she's not quite done with her yet.

Sonny tells Will that he had a feeling that Nick and Gabi wouldn't go back how they used to be so he kind of did something. Sonny explains that Bob and Nancy across the hall moved out so he told the landlord that they wanted to rent the place and he could put down the deposit. Will says it's a two bedroom. Sonny says it's bigger than their place and suggests Gabi and the baby move in with them.

Roman and Hope ask Kayla about Bernardi. Kayla reveals the surgery went well but they ended up losing him. Roman can't believe it and says they have to let his wife know. Kayla instructs them to the cop who knows where she is. The cop directs them to the waiting room. EJ notes that is where Sami is.

Bernardi's wife talks to Sami about her husband being great with their son. Sami talks about her kids having great dads as well. Roman, Hope, and EJ enter the room. Sami asks Roman about Bernardi. His wife gets up and asks Sami about knowing her husband. She asks Roman for news. Roman asks to speak more privately but she doesn't want to leave her son. She asks Roman to tell her. Roman tells her he's so very sorry as she breaks down crying. EJ holds Sami as she watches on horrified.

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