Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 6/11/13

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 6/11/13


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Kristen tells Nicole to stay away from Brady. Nicole tells her that she shredded him now she can leave him be. Kristen shoves Nicole down.

Brady goes to the rectory and tells Eric that he owes him an apology.

John tells Marlena that whatever his reasons were for what he tried to make happen with Kristen, he asks himself if he would ever dream of something so dark and outrageous if not for feelings that should've died long ago. Marlena asks if they didn't. John admits they haven't. Marlena then slaps John. John says he deserves that and Marlena agrees, calling him a bastard that destroyed everything for having feelings for Kristen.

Kate visits Gabi in the hospital and says she looks down. Gabi says she's overwhelmed about Rafe and getting home tomorrow. Kate comments that it looks like she's finally going to get her happy ending.

Stefano stands alone in the dark at home thinking about instructing Bernardi to cut Rafe off.

EJ goes to the hospital looking for Sami and asks Maxine if she is with Will or Arianna. Maxine says the last time she saw her and then looks to Rafe's room.

Bernardi approaches Rafe with the knife and prepares to stab him. Sami looks through her bag in the nearby room for aspirin and she happens to pull out her gun and then hears a noise. Bernardi goes to stab Rafe but Sami shoots him from behind and he collapses. Kate hears it and Gabi worries about Arianna as they hurry out. Maxine, EJ, and Kayla rush into Rafe's room. Kayla instructs Sami to put the gun down as EJ asks what she's done.

Brady talks to Eric about losing his temper. Eric jokes with him about not calling himself stupid. They talk about being brothers and they hug.

Nicole and Kristen shove each other and start to argue. A woman intervenes and asks Nicole if she's okay and if she should call the cops but Nicole says she can handle this so the woman leaves. Kristen tells Nicole that was her opportunity. Nicole says it's time they get something straight.

Abe goes to the coffeehouse and visits Hope about the case. Hope feels she messed up. Abe reminds her that Will and Nick are okay because of her and Rafe will be out of his coma soon. Hope gets a call from the hospital and then exits with Abe.

Kate and Gabi go to Rafe's room but Kayla orders them out. EJ gets Kate, Gabi, and Sami out as Maxine calls in the gunshot. EJ sits Sami down and orders her to give him the gun.

Eric tells Brady he will accept his apology on the condition that he forgives himself. Brady says he just ripped his family apart and talks about how bad he was to Marlena in choosing Kristen over her. Brady says he wasn't thinking and was stupid. Eric thinks Brady is still grieving and suggests blaming Kristen. Brady says Eric's being a good guy but he really screwed up. Eric asks him if John is the problem.

Marlena tells John that she made a lot of mistakes when Kristen came back to town but she was proven right that Kristen was out to destroy them. Marlena talks about John reassuring her about his feelings of hate for Kristen. Marlena calls it a lie. Marlena says this is the truth now and John was lying to her before. Marlena talks about feeling empty inside when John forgave Kristen after trying to kill her. Marlena blames herself for it all for not telling John about Kristen sleeping with Brady. Marlena says maybe she didn't trust him but in hindsight, she thinks not trusting him made excellent sense.

Kristen doesn't want to listen to Nicole. Nicole talks about their histories and having so much in common. Nicole talks about Brady and EJ believing Kristen had changed. Kristen calls her a hypocrite. Nicole says Brady has always been by her side because she's always been honest with him. Nicole says Brady hates deception. Kristen accuses her of using Brady to suppress her feelings for Eric. Kristen threatens to tell the world. Nicole tells her to go ahead because no one will believe her. Nicole accuses Kristen of being insanely jealous over seeing her with Brady. Nicole tells her to get used to it because she's not going anywhere.

EJ tries taking the gun from Sami as she panics, saying Bernardi was going to kill Rafe so she had to shoot him. EJ takes the gun and hands it to the paramedics as they arrive. EJ shouts for some medical attention for Sami. Bernardi is stretchered out of Rafe's room. EJ tries to get Sami to breathe. Kate tells EJ that they know exactly who is responsible for this but EJ claims they don't know anything. EJ walks Sami away as they are instructed not to leave the hospital. Kate joins Gabi at Rafe's bedside as Gabi wonders who would try to kill Rafe.

Stefano conducts along with classical music playing at the mansion.

Eric asks Brady about what happened with he and John but Brady doesn't want to talk about it. Brady says he only came to make sure they are alright so Eric accepts that. Brady tells Eric that he's glad he's his brother as he exits.

Kristen questions Nicole going after Brady. Nicole says it just upsets Kristen and she and Brady are just friends and always will be. Nicole says sometimes they've been friends with benefits. Nicole teases her. Kristen calls her sick. Nicole says she knows Kristen hates hearing what she lost. Nicole tells her that Brady hates her and is never going back to her. Nicole adds that she's available but even if not, Brady will never ever go back to Kristen. Kristen slaps her. Nicole then slaps her and they begin to fight.

John apologizes for hurting Marlena and says he was only thinking of Brady. John says he had to try to get him to see Kristen for who she really was. Marlena thinks it went too far and he must've known he had some feelings for her. John says he doesn't know and he hates it. Marlena says she's sorry too and thinks she's more sorry than John is. Marlena says she was sick with grief and guilt for hurting John but now it turns out that he's just like Kristen. Marlena then says John is worse than Kristen. Marlena says after everything, she never thought they would come to this but they have and she's done. Marlena then storms off.

Gabi thought the nightmare was over when Jensen died and questions who would try to kill Rafe. Gabi asks Kate but she claims not to know. A paramedic suggest they wait outside but Gabi refuses to leave Rafe so he tells them not to touch anything until the police get there. Gabi wonders what might've happened if Sami wasn't checking on Rafe. Gabi asks why Sami even had a gun. Kate reveals she gave it to her. Gabi asks why but Hope and Abe arrive asking what happened. Gabi says someone tried to kill Rafe and Kate adds that Sami shot him.

EJ sits Sami in the waiting room and asks her what happened but Sami says she doesn't know. EJ tells her that she's going to have to give a statement. Sami says he was going to kill Rafe and she had to do something to protect Rafe.

Eric talks on the phone about the school's future being at stake. Eric vows to resolve this and not give up as he hangs up the phone and exits.

Nicole pulls a chunk of Kristen's hair out. Kristen grabs her until the woman from before and Brady arrive to break it up.

Gabi and Kate explain to Hope what happened. Gabi says Sami saved Rafe's life. Abe adds that they are in the waiting room while the victim is in surgery. Hope instructs her team to search the room and look for what weapon the victim had. Kate and Gabi talk about possibilities. Gabi says she can't leave Rafe as Hope talks about Rafe. Hope says they can stay if they don' touch anything. Hope steps out with Abe. Abe thinks it seems straightforward but Hope says nothing is with Sami.

EJ questions Sami what happened. Sami says she went to check on Rafe. EJ asks why. Sami asks if he'd be happier if she didn't. Hope and Abe then arrive to question.

Stefano gets a call and asks if they have a souvenir for him. Stefano then surprisingly asks what and screams no.

EJ tells Hope not to think of blaming the DiMeras for this. Hope thinks that's what Sami is implying. EJ shouts that Sami is the victim and is in shock. EJ says Sami protected Rafe while the police didn't. EJ wants to take Sami home but Hope stops them. Abe goes to talk to Kayla. Hope asks Sami what happened. EJ says she won't say anything without her attorney. Hope points out that he can represent her. Sami wants to tell what happened as she didn't do anything wrong.

Abe catches up with Kayla. Kayla says the surgery will be touch and go on Bernardi. Kayla hands over an envelope, saying it's what she took off the victim.

A paramedic ask Kate and Gabi to leave. Gabi doesn't want to but Kate convinces her to leave. Kate asks Maxine to keep an eye on Gabi for her since she's been through a lot. Maxine agrees to take her break and sit with Gabi. Gabi asks Kate where she's going. Kate says there's something she needs to take care of and she will talk to her later. Kate then heads for the elevator. Maxine takes Gabi in to see Arianna. Gabi is relieved that she's okay. Gabi talks about being so stressed out with everything and someone trying to kill Rafe. Maxine insists that Rafe will be okay with the Salem PD guarding him. Gabi blames herself for Rafe being in the hospital. Maxine assures her that none of it is her fault. Maxine instructs Gabi to get some rest. Arianna wakes up crying so Gabi holds her.

Sami explains to Hope that she went to check on Rafe and tell him about the baby. Sami says she touched Rafe's forehead and he felt warm so she went to the bathroom to get a cool cloth. Sami then mentions having a headache so she looked for aspirin in her bag and moved the gun in her bag until she heard the noise in Rafe's room. She explains that she saw the man holding what she thinks is a knife over Rafe. Sami says she didn't have time to do anything but shoot as she had to save Rafe.

The woman offers to call the cops but Brady says it's fine. Nicole says Kristen attacked her. Kristen wants to explain to Brady but Brady says he never wants to talk to her again. Eric arrives nearby and the woman tells Eric what happened. Kristen tries to explain but Brady goes over everything Kristen explained to him before with lies. John and Marlena arrive from opposite sides and watch nearby. Brady yells at Kristen for all of her lies. Brady says he's grown to hate her and he hates himself for falling for her crap. Kristen says she did fall in love with him. Brady hopes she did so it will be harder for her now that they are done. Kristen asks if he really means that they are over. Brady says he does. Kristen walks away. Brady turns and asks Nicole if she's okay. Nicole thinks she should be asking him that. Eric approaches and checks in too. Brady sees John nearby and says he has to go do something for Victor and he walks away. Eric tells Nicole that Brady is in full shutdown mode. They follow after Brady. Nicole hugs him and Eric tells him that it will get better. Brady says it always does. Nicole and Eric exit. Brady glares at John and walks the other way.

Gabi worries about Arianna hearing the gunshot. Maxine assures her that she's all calm and everything is right for her.

Hope asks Sami how she happened to have a gun. Sami explains that Kate gave it to her and she did what she had to do by registering it and loading it. Hope points out that she hasn't asked about the victim. EJ questions why she would. Hope says he's in surgery and they will be identifying him to find out why he was in the room. Abe comes in with the ID that was gotten from the victim. Abe reveals that the man was Joseph Bernardi, meaning Sami shot a police officer.

Kate enters the DiMera Mansion as Stefano knows it's her. Kate states that he knew she would come.

EJ thinks it's safe to assume Bernardi was a dirty cop but Hope says they can't assume. Abe says Bernardi was a decorated veteran. Hope asks Sami if she knew him. Sami thinks back to struggling with Bernardi over trying to get Stefano's evidence from him and then says she just probably saw him at the station. Hope mentions Bernardi being very close with Rafe. EJ gets upset and wants Sami to have proper representation. EJ declares that they are going home and tries to take Sami out but Abe gets a call and says they aren't going anywhere.

Nicole and Eric go to the rectory. Nicole wonders if she should call Brady. Eric doubts he would answer. Eric says he knows she offered to help with work but she could turn in. Nicole says she wouldn't be able to sleep as she's worried about Brady after being through so much. Eric asks Nicole how involved in Brady's life she is planning on getting. Nicole decides to go to sleep and exits without an answer.

John approaches Brady and says they have to talk. Brady is glad he hung around because he's more than ready for them to talk.

Kristen walks past the Pub. Marlena follows her. Kristen says she has nothing to say to her but Marlena says she has a lot to say to her and it won't wait.

Kate sits and tells Stefano that the next time she tries to kill Rafe, he should think long and hard about it. Kate says if for some crazy reason he decides to do it again then he should send his thugs for her as well. Kate promises to do anything and everything to make sure Stefano is a dead man that this time stays dead. Kate then storms out. Stefano takes a drink.

EJ calls it ridiculous and tries to get Sami out. Sami yells at Hope about Bernardi trying to kill Rafe and that being why she shot him. Abe reveals that forensics went over the room and there was no knife or any weapon at all found on Bernardi.

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