Days of Our Lives Update Monday 6/10/13

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 6/10/13


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Kristen calls Brady from the DiMera Mansion leaving a message asking if they can talk. Sami enters and calls her a lying bitch. Kristen wants her to get out. Sami mocks her and calls her trash. Kristen tries to leave but Sami says she's going to stay and take it.

Nicole wakes Brady up and says they are going to go out.

Daniel grabs JJ and threatens to tear him apart if he ever puts his son in danger again.

John goes to the rectory to see Eric. Eric asks if everything is okay. John asks if he's talked to Brady but he hasn't. John asks how Marlena is.

Bernardi stands over Rafe in his hospital room. He thinks back to Stefano instructing him to cut it off. Bernardi pulls out the knife and raises it. Bernardi goes towards Rafe but overhears Gabi coming so he hides around the corner. Gabi sits at Rafe's bedside and talks about Rafe coming out of the coma tomorrow. Gabi tells him about Arianna being anxious to meet him.

Brady questions why Nicole is doing this. Nicole says he's her friend and she won't walk away and watch him self destruct. Nicole says she won't take no for an answer and gets him up from the couch. Nicole tells Brady that she will be a distraction for him so he won't think about Kristen.

Kristen tells Sami that she finds her boring. Sami questions what she did to Brady. Sami says she knows it was evil and unforgivable. Sami suggests Kristen move out since she got what she came for by making people unhappy. Kristen tells her that she's not going anywhere. Kristen then says Sami is going to screw up with EJ and he'll throw her out again.

JJ claims not to understand. Daniel explains that Parker almost fell on his head and JJ was oblivious. JJ acts concerned for Parker. Daniel questions what is wrong with him as Jennifer comes in and tells Daniel to get his hands off her son as she asks what he's doing.

Gabi talks to Rafe about signing the birth certificate and naming the baby Arianna Grace Horton. Gabi promises to tell him all about it tomorrow. Gabi then exits the room. Bernardi comes out from around the corner and goes back towards Rafe but hears Gabi talking to Maxine outside the room. Maxine mentions going to check Rafe's vitals and suggests Gabi spend time with her baby. Bernardi hides again as Maxine enters Rafe's room. Bernardi then sneaks out of the room.

Kristen calls Sami a slut and goes over her relationship history. Kristen mocks Sami being a grandma and compares her to Marlena. Sami warns her not to talk about Marlena. Sami calls Marlena a good, forgiving woman. Kristen mocks her. Sami tells Kristen that Brady will never forgive her. Sami says Brady will make Kristen a part of the past and will move on to find a better woman and forget all about her. Kristen screams like hell as Sami exits.

Nicole wants Brady to lighten up and go to the town square to forget their problems. Brady says he knows his problems and then tells Nicole that her problem is Eric.

Eric tells John to ask Marlena how she is but John calls it not so easy and still complicated. John then agrees he should talk to Marlena himself and exits.

Jennifer gets in between Daniel and JJ asking what's going on. Abigail comes back in and says it's her fault for asking JJ to watch Parker. Daniel explains that JJ was listening to music while Parker was climbing on a stool. Daniel warns JJ to stay away from Parker as he doesn't want him anywhere near him.

Sami goes to the hospital and tells Gabi that she just came to thank her and is touched that she used Grace as middle name and is grateful for Will being on the birth certificate. Sami asks about Nick. Gabi says he's fine with it which Sami is surprised by. Gabi brings up Rafe coming out of the coma tomorrow and she and the baby going home. Gabi mentions not really knowing where home is right now.

Nicole questions Brady. Brady brings up her feelings for Eric. Nicole calls them old feelings in the past. Brady apologizes. Nicole asks if it's so wrong for them to go out and help each other with their problems. Brady agrees it's probably a good idea and agrees to go.

John goes to the Pub and meets with Marlena, saying he got her text. Marlena wasn't sure that he would come. Marlena brings up not wanting to know what happened between he and Kristen but after thinking about it, she feels she needs to know and deserves to know all of the truth. John agrees to tell her everything.

Kristen goes to the rectory, asking Eric if he's talked to Brady. Kristen wants Eric to listen to her side but Eric doesn't want to be involved. Kristen questions his duty as a priest to hear her confession.

Jennifer asks JJ if he has something to say to Daniel. Parker calls for Daniel to help him so Daniel goes into the bedroom. Jennifer tells JJ that she doesn't get him. JJ says he didn't think the kid would do that. Jennifer tells him that he should know kids are unpredictable and you can't take their eyes off of them. JJ says next time he'll know. Jennifer tells him there won't be a next time and questions JJ always thinking of himself. Abigail blames herself for being in charge. Jennifer tells Abigail to take JJ home and they exit. Daniel comes back into the room. Jennifer asks if Parker is okay. Daniel says he's fine. Jennifer understands if he wants to stay and spend some time with him. Jennifer is glad Parker is okay but worries about Parker being upset that Daniel was upset. Daniel says Abigail was good with him so Parker is fine. Jennifer tells him she's going to go deal with JJ. Jennifer adds that she knows JJ so she knows it was a mistake and he wouldn't purposely put Parker in danger. Jennifer asks if he believes that.

Abigail questions JJ at home about knowing the hell Daniel has been through for Parker and then seeing him in danger. Abigail praises Daniel as a great father but JJ shouts back that he doesn't care and is sick of everyone going on about how perfect Daniel is. JJ tells her that he doesn't want to hear it anymore.

Nicole and Brady sit together at the town square joking about finishing a game of bowling.

John tells Marlena that he went to Kristen, intending to seduce her as he wanted Brady to find them together since it would be the only way Brady would see the truth but Kristen had the same idea. Marlena realizes it would've destroyed them forever. John says Brady just would've been collateral damage to her. Marlena questions him being willing to risk them. John says he was willing to do anything to get through to Brady. Marlena says they were his collateral damage. Marlena questions that being the plan all along. John asks why else he would push her away and adds that he has always loved her. Marlena says it's never simple when Kristen is involved.

Eric refuses to hear Kristen's confession. Eric adds that he's not the only priest and Father Matt is there at confession as they speak. Kristen doesn't want to give him a heart attack and wants to speak with Eric. Eric wouldn't know what to believe and thinks she would try to manipulate the situation. Kristen questions it being the path to God's forgiveness. Eric says he can't think she's sincere and suggests she pray or find another priest. Eric then opens the door for her to leave.

Gabi tells Sami about her and Nick breaking up as Nick coming clean with everything. Gabi explains that Nick said what he was doing was wrong on so many levels so they decided to take a break to figure things out. Sami says she's sorry and wants to help Gabi find somewhere to live. Gabi says she can't ask her for that as it's too much. Sami says Rafe will be back on his feet in no time but until then, she'll be happy to find her somewhere to stay.

Bernardi stands outside of Rafe's room and gets a call. He says there's been a slight delay but not to worry as it will happen tonight. He looks into Rafe's room where Maxine remains.

JJ tells Abigail that she didn't see how Daniel grabbed him. Abigail says he isn't grasping how scared Daniel was for Parker. JJ says Daniel had no right to go ballistic on him because he's not his father. JJ then storms off up the stairs.

Daniel doesn't think they need to talk any more about it as it's over and Parker is fine. Jennifer questions if he's not ready to forgive JJ even if he's sorry. Daniel says JJ is sorry but he's somewhere else. Jennifer asks what he means. Daniel says the things he's doing just aren't cool. Daniel doesn't think he's expressing himself well and doesn't want to hurt her. Daniel doesn't want to play games. Jennifer doesn't want to either and feels terrible about what happened. Jennifer insists JJ feels awful too. Daniel says JJ is giving them a rough time and he's angry and unhappy and acting out on that all because he's not his father. Daniel tells Jennifer that JJ trashed his mp3 player, Parker's train set, and probably his car. Jennifer questions that and insists JJ didn't do it to the car. Jennifer then asks if Daniel really thinks he did that to the car. Daniel says maybe he's wrong but asks her if she's so sure that she's right. Jennifer decides she's going to talk to JJ. Daniel thinks that's a good call. Daniel tries to stop her from leaving but Parker calls for him so he goes to the other room as Jennifer exits.

Marlena and John exit the Pub. Marlena tells John that she knows him so well and better than herself in some ways. Marlena says she was so anxious when this all began. Marlena says she knew John would never betray the love between them but she also knew that his heart and soul would never let him consider sleeping with another woman, especially Kristen unless there was some dark, deep place in him that he still cared for her that he had never gotten over.

The town square manager approaches Brady and Nicole and gives Brady his phone back that he left the other day. Brady is surprised and notes that he didn't even miss it. Brady checks his messages and sees the one from Kristen that asked him to come to her room. Brady says he should probably call back some people. Brady thanks Nicole for getting him out of the house and hugs her. Brady then walks away. Kristen comes up from behind and grabs Nicole, questioning what she's trying to do to her.

Sami goes into Rafe's room. Sami says she's so sorry and owes him a huge apology since she found out what happened is her fault. Sami says she will never be able to make it up to him. Sami says the important thing is that he's going to get better and meet his baby niece. Sami says she will help Gabi find a place for her and the baby to live. Sami says what's important is that Rafe will wake up tomorrow. Sami says she's so proud of him for fighting so hard as Maxine re-enters the room. Maxine sees Sami with Rafe so she backs out of the room. Sami says she doesn't know what she would've done if she lost him. Sami tells him the kids miss him so much and so many people love him.

Jennifer returns home as JJ comes back downstairs. Jennifer asks to speak to him alone so Abigail leaves. Jennifer questions how JJ could be so irresponsible. Jennifer asks what if Parker had fallen. JJ says he'd never want anything to happen to Daniel's kid and says he's so sorry. JJ tells Jennifer that he means that he's really sorry. Jennifer hopes that he is but says Daniel has his doubts and she can't blame him after everything that's happened before today. JJ asks what she means and what Daniel said about him.

Brady goes to Daniel's. Daniel asks how he's been. Brady apologizes for not getting back to him. Daniel says he's worried about him and Kristen and asks what happened. Brady says Kristen is not the woman he thought she was.

Nicole stands up and notes Kristen being testy. Kristen says it didn't take her long to go in for the kill. Nicole says she was just there for Brady while Kristen tried to go in for the kill by hiring the mugger. Nicole tells Kristen that Brady loathes and detests her and never wants to see her again. Kristen accuses her of going after Brady because Eric wouldn't put out.

John tells Marlena that he's sorry. Marlena points out that he hasn't denied it so she asks if what she said is true that he still has feelings for Kristen.

JJ asks Jennifer what Daniel said about him. Jennifer says they have plenty of time to talk about that but she wants to talk about the chance she took with Parker. JJ understands he's screwed up and wrecking things with them. JJ adds that she knows he would never want to hurt a little kid. Jennifer says she does know he wouldn't want to hurt him. JJ hugs her and says he's sorry for not paying attention. JJ says he loves her and Jennifer says she loves him too.

Brady sits with Daniel and says at least it's good he found out the truth about Kristen before he married her or adopted a kid with her. Daniel assures him that he and Jennifer are there for him. Brady says they'll talk later and he'll call if he's not busy. Daniel tells him it will be okay. Daniel says Brady is resilient. Brady thanks Daniel for calling and apologizes for not getting back to him. Daniel understands and tells him to take care and stay in touch as Brady exits.

Nicole calls Kristen disgusting. Kristen continues mocking her relationship with Eric. Kristen tells her to stay away from Brady. Nicole tells her that she shredded him now she can leave him be. Kristen shoves Nicole down.

John tells Marlena that whatever his reasons were for what he tried to make happen with Kristen, he asks himself if he would ever dream of something so dark and outrageous if not for feelings that should've died long ago. Marlena asks if they didn't. John admits they haven't. Marlena then slaps John.

Bernardi returns to Rafe's room and again pulls out the knife.

Gabi talks to Arianna Grace in their hospital room about meeting Rafe and how Rafe will always be there for them.

Bernardi approaches Rafe with the knife and prepares to stab him but a shot is fired. Bernardi collapses as Sami shot him in the back.

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