Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 6/5/13

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 6/5/13


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Stefano meets with his cop contact Bernard and tells him about Rafe and the plan to bring him out of the coma tomorrow. He asks Stefano if he wants him to prevent that. Stefano says no. He asks what he wants him to do. Stefano tells him he wants him to cut it off.

Adrienne goes to Jennifer's and greets her. Jennifer asks about Will. Adrienne says he's much better and asks about JJ being back. Adrienne says she wants to see him and asks if Jennifer is glad he's back. Jennifer says she is but isn't sure JJ is glad he's back and isn't sure what to do about it.

JJ tells Daniel to just say what he's accusing him of but Abigail arrives to babysit. She then asks if she's interrupting when she sees JJ.

Will asks Gabi if she's not in love with Nick anymore. Gabi questions loving someone without knowing who they really are. Nick then arrives and apologizes for interrupting. Gabi tells him it's okay as she was wondering where he was. Nick asks about the baby. Gabi says she's undergoing routine tests. Nick tells Will he looks better. Will says he feels better. Nick tells Will that he saved his life and he won't forget it. Will is glad he could. Gabi asks Nick if he has time to talk now so they go to exit but Maxine arrives, telling Gabi that she isn't going anywhere until she and Will sign the birth certificate.

Kate tells Sami that Rafe described Sami as underwhelming. Sami responds that what she and Rafe had is more than Kate's had in her entire life. Kate asks Sami if she's still in love with Rafe as EJ listens in.

Bernard questions Stefano wanting him to cut Rafe off. Stefano tells him that it must be done tonight.

Adrienne asks Jennifer about it being hard for JJ being back without Jack. Jennifer thinks that's part of it but explains that he got kicked out of school. Jennifer is not sure what to do as there are some things that make her think he is still in trouble. Jennifer says she wants to believe JJ but doesn't know if she can.

JJ tells Abigail that he just came to give Daniel the money for the mp3 player and train. Daniel thanks him and JJ then exits. Abigail asks Daniel what that was about because it felt very tense. Parker then calls from his room for Daniel so he goes to check on him.

Maxine leaves the birth certificate with Gabi and Will as she goes to check on a patient. Will reads that it says Arianna Grace Horton. Nick agrees that it's her name as he wants to do what's right. Nick says he know he basically screwed everyone's lives up and he doesn't want to do that anymore. Nick adds that he thinks Will and Gabi will be good parents.

Sami tells Kate that she's not in love with Rafe as she's with EJ. Kate questions Sami being in love with EJ. Sami insists that she is. Sami assures her that she and Rafe are over. Kate doesn't think Sami can accept that. Sami argues that she doesn't want to be with Rafe. Kate thinks Sami wants to be with every man she's been with especially ones she can't have. They continue arguing as Kate says poor EJ is the one stuck with her now. Kate says Rafe recognized Sami's sick games and is done with her for good as he's moved on with her. Kate then storms out. EJ enters the room behind Sami.

JJ meets with Rory in the town square. JJ complains about family drama and Jennifer making him pay Daniel back. They talk about not having enough to smoke but JJ says he has an idea.

Daniel leaves all the emergency numbers with Abigail for Parker. Abigail encourages him to have some fun. Daniel tells Parker he will miss him.

Adrienne sits with Jennifer and talks about JJ being a teenager. Jennifer talks about how JJ misses Jack.

Sonny and Chad talk at the coffeehouse. Sonny tells Chad that he would've done the same thing they all did when it came to saving Nick. Chad calls Nick a bigot and a jerk. Sonny tells him that Nick might not be so bad and starts to leave for the hospital but Chad stops him to show him a video on his phone. A girl asks Sonny for an order as Chad loads up the video, calling it vintage psycho Sami.

EJ asks Sami if she's alright as she seems rattled. Sami complains about Kate. EJ says Rafe will keep Kate busy when he's back. Sami tells him that they broke up but EJ talks about how Kate has been glued to Rafe's side. EJ asks if Sami doesn't think Kate wants Rafe back.

Bernard again questions Stefano wanting to cut it off. Stefano says Rafe will be taken out of the coma tomorrow so it has to be tonight. Stefano asks if he has a problem. Bernard talks about working with Rafe and seeing him with Stefano's grandkids. Stefano says this is unfortunate as he thought he could depend on him. Bernard assures him that he can as he's just trying to get his head around it. Stefano raises the knife and Bernard asks if he wants him to use that.

Daniel goes to Jennifer's and greets her with kisses. Jennifer asks if JJ came by to see him. Daniel says he did and he appreciates the effort but he's happy to have time alone with Jennifer. Jennifer says she first needs to get something off of her chest that involves he and JJ.

JJ returns to Daniel's where Abigail is babysitting. She asks why he's back as Daniel is already gone. JJ tells her that he needs a favor.

Nick sits with Gabi and the hospital lobby. He asks her about her thinking and what she wanted to tell him about what she wants to do now.

Maxine leaves Arianna Grace with Will. Will promises things will get better and then says to himself that would be his first lie to her. Will then says he can't promise that but they will do all they can to not screw up and love her. Will promises to love and protect Arianna like his parents did.

Sami tells EJ that Kate probably does want Rafe back but he should run the other way. Sami invites EJ to come meet Arianna. EJ says he has a quick message to respond to. Sami says she'll meet him in Will's room as she exits. EJ sits down and thinks back to hearing Sami tell Kate that what she and Rafe have is more than what Kate will have with anyone ever.

Stefano tells Bernard to make a clean cut that can never ever be traced. Stefano says it must be done tonight and he will wait for his call. Bernard accepts the knife and walks away.

Jennifer tells Daniel that it's hard for her to say but she can't stay with him tonight and probably can't for awhile since JJ really needs her to be his mom and she needs to be there for him until he gets comfortable with the idea of them. Daniel is okay and knew something like this could happen. Jennifer kisses him. Jennifer insists that this will be good as JJ will settle in. Daniel thinks it's a great idea. Jennifer questions why he said it like that and asks if everything is okay between he and JJ.

Abigail asks JJ why he's there. JJ says he needs twenty bucks to see a movie since Jennifer made him pay back Daniel. Abigail asks what's going on between them.

Gabi tells Nick that she still doesn't have any ideas as she's trying to understand why Nick did what he did to Sonny and Will. Nick admits it was wrong. Gabi says so was what happened to him not that it's an excuse. She just wishes Nick would have told her something. Nick says he couldn't as it was too ugly. Gabi questions how Nick could say he loved her and then use her. Nick says he didn't want to take advantage as he thought he was helping her. Gabi can't believe she didn't see. Nick says he couldn't even see it himself. Gabi talks about needing to protect herself and her daughter.

EJ joins Sami in Will's room. Sami introduces EJ to Arianna and hands her to him. EJ says she's beautiful and tells Will well done. Sami goes to take the birth certificate to Maxine. Will jokes about Sami messing with birth certificates before as she exits. EJ asks Will if he's enthralled or terrified. Will says he's both at once. EJ talks about how he survived to see this. Will brings up Rafe surviving too and how it's great that they are waking him up tomorrow.

Sami brings the birth certificate to Maxine and talks about keeping it safe. Bernard enters and goes around the corner as he recognizes Sami from when she followed him.

Kate goes to the coffeehouse. Chad thought she was hanging out with Will and the baby. Kate says she was until Sami showed up. Kate makes her order and then turns around to see Stefano is seated at a table.

Daniel tells Jennifer that he and JJ don't know each other well yet. Jennifer asks if that's all. Daniel says it is and wants to go as they booked them a place near the pier. Daniel realizes he forgot his wallet so Jennifer says they can stop at his place on the way as they exit.

JJ questions Abigail if Daniel said anything. Abigail says they could just feel the tension. JJ says he's trying to be cool with Daniel as it's just not what he expected to come back to. Abigail insists that JJ will like Daniel. JJ asks for the twenty dollars. Abigail agrees if JJ watches Parker while she goes to use the computer. JJ agrees as Abigail exits the room. JJ then steps over Parker and begins listening to his mp3 player. Parker starts running around the room as JJ's back is turned. Parker throws his paper airplane on top of a dresser and can't get it. Parker calls out "plane" to JJ but he is still listening to the mp3 player so Parker drags a chair over to the dresser.

Will and EJ talk about Arianna being perfect. Will says it feels like everything in his life fell into place. Sami returns after delivering the birth certificate. EJ says he has to get back to work. Sami says she does too. EJ tells her she can stay but Sami wants to go help him. Sonny arrives. Sami says they can spend some time alone together now. Sami says goodbye to Will and then turns around to see EJ already left. Sami follows out after EJ while Sonny sits with Will. Sonny talks about Arianna looking at Will as her dad. Sonny says they are so lucky.

Nick tells Gabi that the hardest thing is that a big part of him still loves her. Nick wishes he had done this for the right reasons. Gabi asks if what happened to him in prison made him want to marry her because he was afraid he was gay. Nick tells her definitely not. Nick assures Gabi that he's not gay and Jensen wasn't either. Gabi understands it was about power and violence like he said. Gabi says when she and Arianna leave the hospital tomorrow, they can't come home with Nick. Nick tells her that he understands and says he's so sorry. Gabi tells him to stop saying that.

Kate cancels her order with Chad. Chad stops her and asks her to drop Stefano's order off at his table. Chad says they can't hate each other forever. Kate agrees to do it for family's sake. Kate brings Stefano his coffee. Stefano asks if she expects a tip. Kate says no and adds that she owes him an apology.

JJ continues listening to the mp3 player while Parker climbs onto the chair and tries to reach his plane. Daniel returns home and sees JJ inside. Daniel sees Parker climbing and rushes over to get him. Abigail runs back in. Daniel hands Parker to Abigail and tells her to take him so she leaves the room with him. Daniel then approaches JJ.

Nick apologizes to Gabi. Gabi says it doesn't change anything. Gabi brings up everyone she hurt with what she did to Melanie and she was sorry too. Gabi says all she knows is that she has a daughter now and needs to be smarter and a better role model. Nick tells her that she is all of those things and if he's made her feel like she isn't then that's the worst thing of all. Nick calls her an incredible person.

Sami and EJ stand at the elevator of the hospital. She notes that he seems quiet but he says he's fine as they enter the elevator. Bernard comes around the corner and looks towards Rafe's room.

Kate sits with Stefano and tells him that she should have never accused him of hurting Rafe even if he knew about them. She says it was a fling that meant nothing for either of them. Kate says Stefano has moved on with Cecily anyways. Stefano says he has and tells Kate to do the same. Kate says she gladly will and walks away. Stefano pulls out his phone and calls Bernard, who was approaching Rafe's room. Bernard stops and goes back around the corner to answer the call. Stefano asks if it's done. Bernard says he's about to take care of it right now. Stefano tells him that he's waiting as he hangs up.

Daniel grabs JJ and threatens to tear him apart if he ever puts his son in danger again.

Adrienne visits with Arianna in Will's room. Sonny tells her that she should see her with Will. Sonny mentions having a video on his phone and sends it to Adrienne's to watch later. Adrienne talks about how this won't be easy. Sonny says he loves Will and Arianna so it will be worth it.

Nick gives Gabi a credit card to get anything she and Arianna need as he does not want her to be distracted by money. Gabi doesn't want to take it but Nick insists. She thanks him as he hugs her. Nick exits as Gabi breaks down crying.

Sami follows EJ through the town square, saying he's obviously upset about something. EJ says it's nothing and brings up the campaign. Sami is excited to bury Kate. EJ asks her about hating Kate. Sami talks about Kate trying to kill her in the past. EJ thinks Sami has been hating Kate more than ever lately and asks why that is.

Chad tells Kate that maybe she and Stefano can hate each other forever. Kate calls it sweet to try and help but they are through and she's fine with it. Kate then exits as Stefano remains seated.

Bernard stands over Rafe in his hospital room and pulls out the knife.

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