Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 6/4/13

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 6/4/13


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Daniel and Jennifer talk at the hospital about Kristen and Brady's wedding being off. Anne approaches and tells them that something bad has happened to Daniel's car.

JJ and his friend talk at home about destroying Daniel's car. There's a knock at the door as JJ insists that no one saw them. JJ answers the door to see Maggie who greets him with a hug and comments on him not coming to see her. Maggie informs JJ that she kept calling him at the hospital parking garage but he didn't seem to see her.

Gabi visits Will in his hospital room. Gabi tells him it was way overdue for her to come say thank you.

Cameron questions Abigail going out with Chad. Abigail insists that it's not a date and tries to explain that she doesn't want to make him jealous. She promises there's nothing to be jealous of. Cameron questions it not being a date but keeping it from him. Cameron says he's not jealous but confused.

Stefano sits at home and looks at the knife that was delivered to him as he thinks back to spying on Kate with Rafe.

Kate, Sami, and EJ go into the hospital waiting room. Kate accuses them of stealing from her. Sami asks what they would want to steal. Kate tells her that playing dumb will get her nowhere. Kate accuses Sami of stealing her formula. Sami mocks her. Kate explains that she's talking about Mad World's anti-aging formula. EJ points out that they are both in the cosmetic business. Kate accuses them of stealing her product and says she will make sure they don't get away with it. Kate then exits. EJ comments on her being mad. Sami tells him that Kate left so he can stop lying.

Chad enters the living room of the Mansion and greets Stefano so he hides the knife.

Sami tells EJ that he did what Kate said and she loves it. Sami kisses him and asks how he pulled it off. EJ says they didn't steal from Kate. Sami realizes it was on one of Nick's flashdrives that they stole. EJ talks about making differences between the products and says theirs will be on the shelves weeks ahead of hers. Sami kisses him.

Stefano gets up and greets Chad. Chad says he knows he's never there but wanted to check on Kristen. Stefano tells him that she will be fine. Chad asks what's in the box on his desk.

Abigail doesn't want Cameron to be confused as she just didn't think it was a big deal. Abigail explains that the VIP tickets to the amusement park were hard to pass up but she made it clear to Chad twice that it's not a date. Cameron questions telling him twice. Abigail says it was just a while ago. Cameron talks about how Chad told him to just go for it when it came to asking her out. Abigail explains that Chad wanted her to be free to say yes to Cameron. Cameron points out that she didn't say yes to him and stuck to her plans with Chad.

Gabi talks to Will about almost losing he and Rafe. Will jokes about not getting rid of him that easy. They tell each other they are best friends. Will brings up Nick bringing Arianna to see him and says she's so beautiful. Gabi comments that Arianna is sleeping now. Will asks about Nick. Gabi doesn't know where he is.

Maggie asks JJ why he was at the hospital. JJ claims he was looking into volunteering. Maggie notices JJ's friend so he introduces her to his friend Rory. Rory tells JJ to keep him posted on the volunteer work as he exits. Maggie asks JJ about summer school. He says he just wants to make sure he doesn't fall behind. JJ tells her she looks great and asks about married life. Maggie says life with Victor is never boring. JJ comments that he didn't see her and Victor getting married coming but adds there's a lot he didn't see coming. Maggie tells him that she's sorry about Jack. JJ thanks her but says he wasn't talking about that. JJ brings up Maggie having a new family with Daniel and Parker. Maggie calls them a gift. JJ comments on Daniel being in Jennifer's family. Maggie notes that JJ is referring to Daniel as Dr. Jonas. She asks him if they are hitting it off.

Maxine comments on this being the second time that someone has gone after Daniel's car. Jennifer brings up the security cameras but Anne notes that they weren't working. Jennifer praises Daniel to Anne. Jennifer tells Anne to go do her job so Maxine walks Anne away. Daniel returns. Jennifer asks if he will be okay. Daniel calls it just a machine. Jennifer asks if he has any idea who would want to hurt him like this. Daniel says he doesn't but Jennifer claims she knows who did it. Daniel says they will get through it together. Jennifer believes that it was Anne since she knew the security cameras were off. Daniel seems unsure. Jennifer asks if he thinks it was someone else. Daniel calls it not her style and thinks back to Jennifer telling JJ about the tires being slashed. Daniel says he doesn't think they'll ever know who did it. Jennifer insists it was Anne and wants to nail her for it. Daniel suggests instead they just let it go and drop it. Jennifer agrees to do so. Daniel decides to go check on Will and Rafe. Jennifer decides she will wait there but Daniel suggests she go in case JJ needs her. Jennifer questions why he suddenly brought up JJ.

JJ tells Maggie that he is just getting to know Daniel. Maggie calls him a great guy. JJ points out that he's her son so she would say that. Maggie brings up Daniel almost leaving town. JJ asks if it would've been that bad since she would still have he, Jennifer, and Abigail which he calls her real family.

Abigail apologizes to Cameron. Cameron tells her it's no harm as they have plenty of other times to go out. Cameron kisses her on the cheek and exits to get back to the hospital.

Stefano claims to Chad that the box was just a wedding present for Kristen that he will have to take back. Chad tells him to tell Kristen that he came by to check on her. Chad calls it a bummer that Kristen won't be with Brady and says the same of Stefano not being with Kate. Chad comments on them being happy together. Stefano agrees to give Kristen his message. Chad states that it must be none of his business that Stefano seems a lot less happy than he used to be.

Will questions Gabi not knowing where Nick is and asks what's going on. Gabi tells him that she knows everything now from what happened to Nick and what he did to Will and Sonny. Will apologizes and points out that Nick did apologize. Will says what happened to Nick in prison will take a long time to heal. Gabi calls Will so forgiving and talks about Will trying to save Nick even after what he did because that's who he is. Gabi thinks she knows Will better than Nick. Gabi wonders where that leaves he and Nick. Kate enters and excitedly greets Will.

Stefano stands holding the knife and thinks back to spying on Kate with Rafe at the hospital.

Daniel tells Jennifer that he just saw JJ earlier in the park. Daniel notes that they just said hi and bye and didn't talk much. Jennifer thinks back to giving JJ the check. Jennifer decides she's going to head home and wait until Daniel's done. Daniel agrees to call her. Jennifer kisses him and exits.

Maggie sits with JJ and says he's been through a lot but he's back so they should all try and make it a fresh start. JJ reluctantly calls it a good idea as Maggie hugs him and he picks a piece of broken glass away.

Maxine brings Arianna to Will's room and hands her to Kate. Kate tells Will that she will give him time and hands Arianna to Gabi. Kate exits. Will comments on Arianna Grace as Chad enters the room, asking if they named her after Grace.

Cameron enters the hospital waiting room where Sami and EJ are. Sami asks him about Rafe. Cameron says they have good news and that they plan to have Rafe out of the coma tomorrow if all goes as planned.

Abigail joins JJ and Maggie at home and cleans up after JJ. Jennifer returns home as Maggie takes Abigail to the kitchen to get some tea. Jennifer greets JJ who starts to leave but she stops him. Jennifer says she just talked to Daniel and she asks why he didn't give Daniel the money to pay him back. JJ claims he had to buy stuff for school that cost more. Jennifer asks for receipts. JJ says he'll go get the receipts. Jennifer stops him and gives him cash, telling him to give it to Daniel and she doesn't want to hear that he didn't. JJ remarks that they wouldn't be having this conversation if she gave him enough in the first place.

Chad says he didn't know they named Arianna Grace. Will hopes it's okay. Chad says it is as he knows how much Will loved Grace. Chad says he'll come back but Will stops him and points out that he hadn't seen the baby yet. Chad comes in and notes that she's really pretty. Will asks if he wants to hold her. Chad doesn't know how but Gabi shows him and hands her to Chad. Chad talks about how Grace would've been growing up. Will and Chad joke about who Arianna's parents and grandparents are. Maxine comes in to take Arianna for her checkup. Chad tells Will that he'll work for Sonny so he can be with Will as much as possible. Chad tells Will that it's good to see him awake and tells him not to get shot and almost die again. Chad says goodbye and exits.

Sami asks about Rafe coming out of the coma. Cameron doesn't want to go over the details. Sami points out that she's Rafe's friend. EJ decides to go make some calls and exits. Cameron tells Sami that he has to go back to work as well and he exits. Kate returns the room and mocks Sami for stealing. Sami says nothing can ruin her good mood because they are bringing Rafe out of the coma tomorrow. Sami suggests Kate make herself scarce because Rafe will contradict everything Kate's said about how close they were.

Stefano sits at home drinking and thinks back to spying on Kate in Rafe's room and hearing they were bringing Rafe out of the coma. Stefano makes a call and says to meet him at the usual place.

Chad walks through the hospital and runs into Cameron, who suggests they talk about the games he likes to play with Abigail and he. Chad says he's not playing games. Cameron tells him he's not anymore. Chad reminds Cameron that he had something great with Abigail long before Cameron came around and they took a break but were about to start something up again before the wedding. Cameron thinks Abigail got a real break that day.

Daniel plays with Parker at home until JJ arrives. JJ hands him the cash and says he's sorry for the stuff he broke. JJ goes to leave but Daniel stops him and thinks they should talk about them.

Abigail returns to the living room. Jennifer asks if she's okay since she didn't seem happy earlier. Abigail asks about JJ. Jennifer says he had an errand to run. Abigail decides she should get going since she's babysitting Parker. Jennifer notes that Daniel might be busy right now and asks her to help her pick out an outfit for the night.

Daniel tells JJ that he gets that he's in a strange situation and is having a tough time missing Jack making none of this easy. JJ asks if he means him seeing Jennifer. Daniel says he knows he's going through a difficult time but he's not trying to screw he or his family up. Daniel suggests they try to respect each other and get to know one another better and be friends or try. JJ says sure. Daniel goes and takes Parker to put him down for his nap. JJ remarks about Daniel and notices a tennis racket nearby so he picks it up.

Kate questions Sami. Sami thinks Rafe will set the record straight on their relationship. Sami calls it embarrassing that Kate has had these fantasies about Rafe. EJ returns to the door and listens in from outside as Kate accuses Sami of being jealous of she and Rafe.

Chad tells Cameron that he screwed up but owned up to it so Abigail doesn't hold it against him anymore. Cameron says Abigail is forgiving but that's different than interest. Chad says he didn't force her to go out with him tomorrow as she said yes.

Will tells Gabi that he's fine if she doesn't want to talk about Nick but he'll listen if she wants. Gabi doesn't know what to say about him as she's very confused. Will asks if she's saying she's not in love with Nick anymore. Gabi questions loving someone without knowing who they really are.

JJ asks Daniel if he minds if he borrows his tennis racket. Daniel takes it back and tells him that he does.

Maggie tells Jennifer that it was good seeing JJ again. Jennifer asks if she thinks he's changed. Maggie says he's just a teenager. Maggie then adds that she had to track him down because she couldn't get his attention in the hospital parking lot.

JJ promises he'll take good care of the tennis racket but Daniel says no. JJ asks if he doesn't trust him with it. Daniel asks if there's something he wants to tell him. JJ asks if there's something that he thinks he did.

Kate tells Sami that she's not surprised. Sami insists that she's not jealous and doesn't care. Kate thinks it's burning her up that someone else is capable of getting Rafe hot. EJ continues listening in. Kate tells Sami that Rafe described Sami as underwhelming. Sami responds that what she and Rafe had is more than Kate's had in her entire life.

Stefano meets with his cop contact Bernard and tells him about Rafe and the plan to bring him out of the coma tomorrow. He asks Stefano if he wants him to prevent that. Stefano says no. He asks what he wants him to do. Stefano tells him he wants him to cut it off.

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