Days of Our Lives Update Monday 6/3/13

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 6/3/13


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Brady wakes up on the couch to find Kristen sitting at his side. Brady questions what she's doing there and asks what she didn't understand about them being done. Brady tells her to get out.

Sami and EJ talk on the phone. Sami talks about not talking to Brady and knowing he probably doesn't want to hear from her. EJ tells Sami she was right and Sami agrees to stay away from Kristen. Sami talks about the upcoming product launch at work. Sami agrees to meet EJ later at the hospital to see Will. They say they love each other and hang up as Hope joins Sami in Hope's office. EJ says to himself that all will be revealed.

Cameron goes to the coffeehouse and talks to Chad. Cameron tells Chad that he will be asking Abigail out tomorrow. Chad tells him to go for it as Cameron then exits and runs into Abigail. Cameron tells her that they were just talking about her. Kate runs into Chad in the coffeehouse and thanks Chad for filling in for Sonny so he could spend time with Will. Chad talks about stopping by soon and mentions that he still can't believe all that happened and that Will and Rafe could've died.

Rafe remains in a coma in the hospital as Stefano stands in the room watching over him.

Sami thanks Hope for all she did in helping Will. Hope talks about Will doing better. Sami brings up wanting Kristen arrested. Hope says she's doing her best to make the charges stick. Sami mentions Kristen being a DiMera. Hope points out that Sami is marrying a DiMera and she can't talk about an ongoing case. Sami talks about the wedding almost happening.

Kristen tries talking to Brady but he doesn't want to hear it. Kristen talks about how they were supposed to be exchanging their wedding vows. Kristen tells Brady that she loves him and always will and wants nothing else than to be his wife. Kristen tells Brady that it's not too late and asks him to marry her. Brady mocks her losing her mind. Kristen talks about how sorry she is. Brady thinks she's only sorry that she got found out. Kristen apologizes for using him. Brady asks her about trying to hurt John and Marlena. Kristen says the only thing more powerful than hate is love.

Abigail talks to Cameron about wanting to see a movie but tells him that she has plans tomorrow night. Cameron suggests the next night he's off then. Abigail asks about Will. Cameron tells her that he's feeling better. Abigail calls it unbelievable that they could've lost him forever. Cameron asks if she's talking about Will or Jack.

Stefano thinks back to watching Kate cry at Rafe's bedside.

EJ meets with Justin outside of the town square. Justin asks if he has something new for him. EJ hoped Justin had something for him after what happened to Kristen.

Sami complains to Hope about how Jensen got loose and how it was allowed to happen. Sami wants the problems fixed so it doesn't happen again as Hope looks at a picture of Ciara on her desk.

Abigail admits to Cameron that she misses her dad more than she already did. Cameron talks about her being able to grieve with JJ. Abigail talks about JJ telling her a story and sounding just like Jack. Abigail talks about Jack never seeing JJ grow up. Cameron says he's sorry and then gets paged back to the hospital. Cameron tells her that he's there if she wants to talk. Abigail appreciates it. Cameron kisses her on the cheek and walks away.

Chad talks to Kate about Rafe being in a coma. Kate tells him that they have to wait until the brain swelling subsides. Chad hopes he makes it as he's a good guy and comments that Gabi will need her brother. Kate comments on Chad having a heart when it comes to Gabi. Chad admits he feels terrible about ruining the wedding. Kate is glad the truth came out and says Arianna needed both of her parents and Will is going to be a great dad. Kate exits as Abigail enters. Abigail tells Chad that Cameron just told her that they were talking about her. Abigail questions why Chad didn't tell Cameron about their amusement park plans tomorrow.

Hope promises Sami that it will never happen again. Sami argues that she can't know that but Hope reveals to her that she screwed up and it was her fault. Hope explains that the letter was delivered and it was her responsibility to follow up but she didn't so it's her fault. Sami questions why Hope didn't do her job and says she deserves an answer. Sami questions Hope protecting someone.

Stefano stands over Rafe and looks at the machine he's hooked up to.

Justin talks to EJ about being a kid when he lost his father and reminds EJ that Stefano is still his father. EJ asks if he's saying he will have regrets. Justin talks about trying to walk away from his family once. EJ says Stefano turned his back on him because he thought they didn't share the same DNA. Justin points out Kristen being adopted. EJ says that makes it worse. Justin asks him about expecting more from Stefano. EJ says he will do a much better job with his kids and already has. EJ admits he turned his back on Sydney when he thought she wasn't his but he did not deny her because real love is unconditional. Justin is unsure about Stefano and real love being in the same sentence. EJ comments on Justin being proud of Sonny for being a hero. EJ says that's what a father should be every day.

Kristen tells Brady that he was supposed to be a means to an end but then she fell hard for him. Brady mocks her and asks her about not realizing she loved him until her plan blew up. Kristen says she had feelings for him right away but just kept fighting it. Kristen says Brady saved and rescued her from being dead inside. Kristen says all she thought about was revenge on John and Marlena but now all she thinks about is Brady. Kristen tells Brady that he showed her how to love. Brady doesn't believe her and says she showed him how to be deluded but he's not as stupid as she thinks. Brady says he only hears lies from her and doesn't want any more. Kristen questions why she's still there then. Kristen thinks Brady does want to hear it because he feels the same way. Brady tells her that he will get over her and it won't be as hard as she thinks. Kristen argues that he doesn't have to and doesn't want to. Kristen quotes the bible to him about love. Brady calls her unbelievable. Kristen insists that she loves him and will prove it to him.

Chad tells Abigail that he was working and forgot about the amusement park opening. Chad tells her to go out with Cameron if she wants. Abigail asks if he wants to go with someone else. Chad says he doesn't unless she wants him to. Abigail assures him that she will go with him. Chad hopes Cameron wasn't upset but then realizes that she didn't tell him.

Hope tells Sami again that it's all her fault. Sami questions Hope keeping information about a murderer getting free to herself. Sami blames Jensen for Rafe and Will ending up in the hospital. Hope tells her that Rafe was an innocent victim. Hope explains that the prison letter was misplaced in her office. Sami says she's seen her jewelry drawer and it's all organized. Sami says if Hope isn't going to tell her the truth then she will go ask Roman. Hope stops Sami from leaving and asks her not to go anywhere. Hope agrees to tell Sami what happened and informs her that it was Ciara. Hope explains that nobody knew about Jensen's release because Ciara hid the letter.

EJ tells Justin that he will be rewarded. EJ mentions the blockbuster product he is bringing to the market. Justin sees he's confident and hopes he's prepared for the fight of his life. Justin reminds him that Stefano will always defend what he feels is rightfully his to the death. Justin then walks away.

Stefano touches Rafe's machines until his contact enters and informs him that she just arrived, asking what he wants him to do.

Kate comes out of the elevator at the hospital and asks Cameron where the guard watching over Rafe is.

Inside Rafe's room, his machines have been shut off.

Abigail admits to Chad that she didn't tell Cameron. Chad questions her keeping secrets and asks if she thought Cameron might be jealous. Abigail says there'd be nothing to be jealous of as Cameron knows they are just friends. Abigail then says she has to go and will see him tomorrow as she quickly exits.

Cameron explains to Kate that the police took the guard away since Jensen is dead. Cameron asks if Kate is worried about something. Kate asks if she can see Rafe. Cameron agrees, adding he was just going in to check on him, himself. Cameron enters the room with Kate and realizes that a wire was pulled loose and the volume lowered so no one would hear the alarm. Kate wonders who would do that as Cameron calls it a stupid move. Stefano opens the side door to listen in. Kate asks about Rafe's condition. Cameron says he's doing a lot better and looks to be out of danger.

Sami asks Hope how Ciara got the prison envelope. Hope explains what happened and how Ciara hid it from her so they could go to the zoo. Hope talks about how they haven't had much time together with Bo gone and her working. Hope says Ciara understands what she did was wrong but she wouldn't have if she knew the consequences. Sami then questions Hope leaving Ciara alone in her office. Hope then explains that she left Ciara in her office with Sami but when she got back Sami wasn't there. Sami then remembers and says Hope is telling her that it's her fault what happened to Rafe and Will.

Kristen tells Brady that she tried to set him free and all of her plans wouldn't have amounted to anything. Kristen talks about not wanting to hurt him. Kristen says in the end, his happiness meant more to her than her revenge. Brady mocks her idea of love. Brady says he should've taken the chance to run. Kristen points out that he didn't. Brady thinks she was fine breaking his heart. Kristen says she left behind all her hatred and bitterness with John. Kristen argues that she wouldn't be here if she didn't love him. Kristen talks about Brady standing up to everyone and now believing they are right. Brady yells at her to get out. Kristen pulls out the adoption form and reminds him about a child being out there that could be theirs. Kristen calls it the most amazing gift anyone ever gave her and says it was supposed to be their future. Kristen asks if he can give up on a child the way he is giving up on their love. Kristen says she loves Brady and knows he loves her too. Kristen asks if they can have a future. Kristen tells him that he doesn't have to answer as their love has always gone beyond words. Kristen talks about no one ever making her feel what he did. Kristen says when they made love it was pure and honest. Kristen touches him and says she feels his heart pounding. Kristen asks if he wants her as much as she wants him.

EJ goes to the coffeehouse and talks to Chad. EJ notes a big grin on Chad's face. Chad admits he's going on a date with Abigail tomorrow. EJ asks about Cameron. Chad says it depends on the day. EJ mentions wanting to stay but having to go meet Sami at the hospital. Chad pulls out his phone to show EJ something quickly but EJ gets a call and exits to answer.

Hope tells Sami that it's not her fault. Sami questions the cop leaving the letter with a kid. Hope compares it to Vargas getting out of prison and now working at the church. Hope mentions Vargas being the one who sent her to Smith Island. Hope credits that for Will still being alive. Sami says she'll have to find a way to thank Vargas. Hope takes full responsibility for what happened and offers to face all the consequences with Roman. Sami cries that she wishes none of this happened and wishes she didn't leave Ciara alone in there. Hope says they fight so hard to teach their kids right and protect them. Hope talks about blaming Chelsea, Bo, and Billie when they lost Zack but mostly blamed herself. Sami asks why. Hope says it's their job to protect their children and keep them safe. Hope calls Ciara their miracle second chance but says she's let her down so much by making so many mistakes. Sami promises she has her beat there. Hope says she can't apologize for keeping Ciara out of this as she hasn't told anyone. Sami promises to never tell anyone. Hope thanks her and they hug. Sami says mothers have to stick together as they wipe tears. Sami tells her that she's going to visit Will and they hug goodbye as Sami then exits. Hope picks up the photo of Ciara and hugs it.

Kate asks Cameron if Rafe could be out of the coma soon. Cameron hopes he will be tomorrow. Kate is excited and thanks him. Stefano continues listening in. Cameron tells Kate that Rafe is a fighter and has a long recovery ahead of him but they hope he'll make a full recovery. Cameron tells Kate to stay as long as she wants as he exits. Kate turns to Rafe and says tomorrow thank God as Stefano shuts the door.

Hope calls Bo and leaves a message, saying she and Ciara miss him and really need to hear from him. Hope tells him to hurry up and get home.

Abigail goes to the Pub and sees Cameron. Abigail says she needed to tell him that the reason she couldn't go out with him is because she already had plans with Chad.

Stefano sits at home. His contact enters and brings him what he requested. Stefano snaps his cigar in frustration then opens the small box he was handed where inside is a knife.

Kate sits at Rafe's bedside and tells him about Arianna Grace being born. Kate says she's going to tell Will the good news about him. Kate tells Rafe to hang in there and then gets a call. Kate asks if they are sure and then questions who possibly could have.

EJ and Sami go to the hospital. Sami jokes about EJ becoming a step-grandfather after they are married. They kiss until Kate comes out of Rafe's room and stops them. Kate says she knows what they did and they are not going to get away with it.

Kristen gets close to Brady but he pulls away. Brady says she would lose their child as fast as she's losing him. Brady tells Kristen that she doesn't deserve to be a mother. Brady doesn't want a future with her or a kid with her. Brady tells her to get out and rushes her out the door. Kristen bangs on the door, saying she's not going anywhere. Kristen calls out that she loves him.

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