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Days of Our Lives Update Friday 5/31/13

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Maggie goes to the hospital and brings Jennifer her bridesmaid dress. Maggie tells her that she and Victor are still planning on going to the wedding even though they think it's a bad idea. Daniel interrupts them and informs them that the wedding is off.

Victor goes to the Pub and sees John. He mentions hearing the wedding is off and congratulates John, assuming his plan worked. John doesn't respond so Victor asks if he got what he wanted.

Marlena goes to the rectory and informs Eric that the wedding is off and Brady and Kristen are finished.

Brady tells Nicole that he can't believe she spent the night out on the bench with him instead of sleeping. Nicole thinks it's no big deal. Brady is not sure where his home is since being with Kristen was all a big lie.

EJ talks on the phone to Sami at the coffeehouse about getting through the wedding. EJ hangs up as he sees Chad and greets him. Chad asks if he's heard from Kristen. EJ assumes she's preparing for the wedding. Chad informs EJ that he overheard two cops outside say they brought Kristen into the police station.

Hope interrogates Kristen in her office about the photo of her and Sy. Kristen refuses to talk without an attorney. Stefano arrives and declares the interrogation is over and Kristen is coming home with him unless Hope plans to arrest her.

John tells Victor that things didn't go as planned and he thinks back to arguing with Kristen in her hotel room. John tells Victor that Kristen seemed to be a step ahead of him until she wasn't. Victor asks what that means. John says it's over and Brady's not marrying her but it didn't have anything to do with what he did.

Marlena explains to Eric that Brady wouldn't listen to anyone until he saw the picture of Kristen paying off his attacker and then it was obvious that he had been used. Marlena mentions Brady not returning her calls. Eric is glad that he learned the truth and suggests maybe their family can finally begin to heal. Eric says Marlena is responsible for exposing Kristen's lies and asks if she thinks John will forgive her and be grateful to her.

Hope says she is not filing charges against Kristen so she's free to go for now but she will find Sy. Kristen exits. Stefano stops and tells Hope that Sy is a red herring. Stefano calls the accusations ridiculous and a waste of time. Hope notes that Brady would strongly disagree.

Nicole tells Brady he can't stay in the park and needs to sleep. Brady doesn't want sleep as he says he has lost everything.

Daniel and Jennifer try to call Kristen and Brady but they get voicemail. Jennifer wonders what could've happened and says it's crazy. Maggie goes to see Will. Jennifer decides she is going to go home and get things done. Daniel says he will be checking on Rafe and Will. Daniel suggests going to lunch later. Jennifer mentions being sorry that someone slashed his tires and wonders who could've done that as she exits.

JJ and friend hang out at the Horton house. His friend jokes about slashing tires and then asks what they are doing today. JJ suggests just hanging out and smoking. His friend talks about buying and selling drugs.

Stefano talks to Kristen at home and asks about the photo. Kristen explains that Marlena got a hold of it. Kristen says she realized she was deeply in love with Brady after she couldn't go through with seducing John. Kristen couldn't stand the thought of losing Brady but lost him anyways. EJ and Chad enter as EJ asks what's going on.

Brady tells Nicole that he knows she's trying to help but he wants to know why he keeps making the same mistake of falling for lying women. Nicole tells Brady that he's too trusting and sees the good in everyone. Nicole calls Brady kind and generous. Brady says he really loved Kristen but calls her the worst possible choice. Brady wonders how he could've been so wrong.

Maggie returns to Daniel and says Will was sleeping. Daniel mentions Jennifer going home and he asks how JJ was like growing up. Maggie praises how JJ was and asks if they are getting along.

JJ tells his friend that he has to go because his mom is home and she's not supposed to be. JJ sneaks him out before Jennifer enters. JJ thought she would be at the wedding but Jennifer tells him that plans changed. Jennifer asks what he's been up to today. JJ claims he slept in and had some breakfast. JJ then adds he's been thinking a lot about how bad he feels about what he's done.

Eric asks Marlena if she doesn't think she and John can work things out. Marlena thinks back to Kristen telling her that John was in bed with her. Marlena tells Eric that she's most worried about Brady and hopes Kristen is in jail. Hope arrives and informs them that Kristen is unfortunately a free woman and not in jail yet.

Kristen asks Stefano for a moment alone with EJ and Chad so Stefano exits. EJ asks what's going on. Kristen explains that she was at the police station all night being interrogated about paying off the man who attacked Brady. Kristen calls it a misunderstanding. Chad asks about it. Kristen assures that she won't go to jail. EJ asks about Brady. Kristen says he didn't take it very well. Chad brings up the wedding being in a couple of hours but Kristen reveals that he called it off.

Victor sits with John and asks what happened to finally make Brady see the light. John thinks all that matters is that Brady is no longer with Kristen. Victor asks why he isn't happy about it. John thinks back to Brady questioning what he did. John says he has a few things to explain to Brady and asks if he's seen him. Victor hasn't but assumes he's with Nicole since she sent the text. Victor isn't happy about that but calls Nicole the lesser of two evils. John hopes he's still with her as he needs to talk to him.

Nicole gets a call from John but Brady tells her not to answer so she doesn't. Nicole suggests he should talk to Marlena and John. Brady doesn't want a therapy session from Marlena and doesn't want to see John. Brady tells Nicole that he appreciates her staying with him but needs some space and wants to be alone. Nicole encourages him that he will get through it. Nicole tells him that he won't get through it alone as he needs people who love him to help him.

Daniel tells Maggie that Jennifer thinks JJ is still having a hard time with Jack's death. Maggie thinks Jennifer can help him through it. Daniel agrees that they need each other and he wants to be there for both of them.

JJ tells Jennifer that he needs to be honest with her. JJ says he finally understands that he screwed up by getting kicked out of school. JJ says he hates that he let her down and worried her. Jennifer says he's been through a lot lately. JJ tells her that he's going to turn it all around and he will ace summer school then pay back Daniel for the broken mp3 player and train set. Jennifer tells him that she's proud of him. Jennifer tells him that she understands because she wasn't a perfect teenager. JJ adds that he's going to start looking for a job. Jennifer thinks it might be a lot to handle with summer school. JJ suggests he could work at night. Jennifer appreciates that he wants to be responsible but adds that it's important to have fun too. Jennifer then writes him a check to cover his school expenses. JJ calls it incredible and says she doesn't know how much it means to him.

Hope tells Marlena that if they can find Sy then maybe they can cut a deal to implicate Kristen. Hope says she will keep them posted and exits. Eric tells Marlena that what's important is that Brady is no longer with Kristen. Marlena just hopes Brady is okay. Nicole arrives and says Brady's not exactly okay but is in good hands.

Maggie goes home and talks to Victor about the wedding being off. Brady enters and tells them that Kristen wasn't who he thought and never loved him. Maggie hugs him and says she's sorry. Brady tells Victor to go ahead and say he told him so. Victor instead just hugs Brady.

EJ asks Chad for a moment alone with Kristen so Chad exits. EJ asks Kristen about Brady. Kristen talks about falling in love with him and being capable of real feelings. EJ says that was never part of her plan as she was just seducing him to damage John and Marlena. Kristen says she lost sight of her original intentions and things changed. EJ says at least she's not in jail. Kristen says he's always looking at the bright side. EJ tells her that there always is a bright side. EJ encourages her to be strong and come back from this. EJ tells her to let him know if there's anything he can do to help him move on. Kristen then questions who said she was moving on.

JJ tells Jennifer that he doesn't think the check is enough for his books and to pay Daniel back. JJ says it's a lot but he doesn't feel right accepting it. Jennifer suggests a part time job could be good and mentions the coffeehouse. JJ brings up Jack saying hard work builds character and talks about missing his lectures. JJ suggests that's what kept him in line all those years as he counted on him more than he knew. Jennifer says they should focus on school instead of a job as she believes Jack would want him to focus on studying. Jennifer then writes him another check for a fresh start. JJ calls it perfect and tells her she's the best as he hugs her.

Nicole explains that she stayed up in the park all night with Brady and she dropped him off at Victor's. Marlena wants to go see him but Nicole tells her that Brady said he didn't want to see her or John. Marlena agrees to honor that for now and thanks Nicole for taking him to Victor. Marlena exits. Eric appreciates Nicole being there for Brady. Nicole says Brady would do the same for her. Nicole says it will be a tough time for Brady but she will make sure he's okay.

EJ asks Kristen about moving on from Brady or revenge from John. Chad returns to the room. Kristen decides she's going to take a shower and asks EJ to keep Sami out of her face. Chad tells her that they will help her through this. EJ assures that she has their love and support as Kristen exits the room.

Brady apologizes for putting Victor and Maggie through this. Maggie says they are here for him with whatever he needs. Brady thinks he needs to be responsible and go to a meeting. Maggie offers to go with him but Brady wants to deal with it alone. Brady says he has one more favor as he doesn't know where else to go. Victor tells Brady that this is home and he can stay as long as he likes. Brady thanks him. Brady goes to leave but stops and tells them not to contact John because he can't see him right now and doesn't think he ever wants to see him.

JJ rushes up to his friend in the park and shows him the cash he just got from Jennifer's checks. JJ says they can start their own business. His friend says they can buy all the weed they want as Daniel jogs by and greets JJ.

Hope sits with Ciara in the Pub. Ciara tells her that she tried to tell her about the photo but she never listened to her. Hope tells her no more secrets. Ciara brings up the letter she hid and wants to be better. Hope tells her to tell her anything she needs to because she's on her side. Ciara wants the photo back to show to Brady and Kristen but Hope tells her that they saw it. Ciara asks if they liked it. Hope hugs Ciara and says she loves her.

Maggie and Victor go to get Brady after preparing his room but find he has fallen asleep on the couch. Victor wants to strangle Kristen for what she did to Brady. Maggie normally wouldn't like him to talk like that but adds that she'd like to slap Kristen around herself. Maggie covers Brady with a blanket and suggests giving him privacy. Maggie suggests going to the hospital to visit Will and the baby so they exit.

John runs into Marlena at the town square and asks if she's seen Brady. Marlena says she saw Nicole who was with him last night and she said Brady is doing ok given the circumstances but that he made it clear he did not want to talk to them. Marlena tells John that she has decided that she does not want to know what happened between he and Kristen last night.

Jennifer calls Kristen and leaves a message saying she's there if she needs to talk since she was there for her so much. Jennifer tells her to call any time.

Daniel tells JJ it's good to see him and asks how it's going. JJ says he's okay and was just going to school with his friend. Daniel says he was just in the middle of a run. JJ comments on his car being in the shop. Daniel turns and says he was picking it up now as good as new. Daniel goes on as JJ and his friend laugh and JJ says not for long.

Nicole tells Eric that she will be there for Brady as much as he needs so she might not be at the rectory very much. Eric asks if she's only doing this to help Brady. Nicole tells her to forget their conversation about her feelings and says she's only taking time off to help Brady as he comes first. Eric says he's okay with it as Nicole exits.

Marlena starts to walk away but John stops her and asks for the opportunity to explain. Marlena says all this time she had been fighting so hard for them. Marlena says goodbye and walks away.

EJ talks on the phone to Sami and says he only knows the wedding is off and will call when he knows anything else. EJ hangs up as Chad jokes that at least he can't be blamed for ruining this wedding. EJ suggests they should get rid of all wedding things. Chad feels bad for Kristen. EJ mentions having a funny feeling that she will bounce back.

Brady wakes up on the couch to find Kristen sitting at his side.

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