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Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 5/30/13

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Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Nicole goes to the Rectory and thinks back to Johnny telling Eric that he should marry Nicole. Eric then enters.

Lucas joins Sami and Sonny in Will's hospital room as he's happy to see Arianna with Will.

Nick says he doesn't know how to say it as he's so ashamed. She asks what he's talking about. Nick tells her that it's way past time for her to know the truth about him. Gabi says she knows he's an amazing man with a good heart and they are going to have an amazing life together. Nick stops her and says she just thinks she knows him but he doesn't even know who he is.

John says Brady looks like hell and asks what happened. Brady asks John what he did tonight.

Kristen cries that it's not fair as she told the truth. Kristen looks over to see Marlena now standing next to her. Kristen calls her a bitch. Marlena responds that's what payback is.

Lucas tells Will that he heard the details of what happened and calls it incredible. Will says he just did what he had to do. Lucas thanks Sonny for bringing the baby to Will but Will informs him that Nick did it.

Nick tells Gabi that they have to do this now with no more hiding. Nick says he thought he could just lie forever and it would go away. Gabi thought they told everything to each other. Nick tells her that he lied about everything. Nick reveals to Gabi that he blackmailed Will to give up his rights to the baby. Gabi says he was trying to protect her from Sami. Nick then admits it had nothing to do with Sami and was because Will's gay.

John says he just wants to know if Brady's okay. Brady just wants to know what John did and asks if he went to Kristen's room and tried to seduce her.

Kristen questions Marlena coming back to gloat. Marlena says she only came back to see if Brady is okay. Kristen accuses Marlena of ruining Brady's life. Kristen blames Marlena for trying to get revenge on her over fifteen years. Kristen tells Marlena that she hates her more than ever and her only regret is not killing her when she had the chance.

Nick tells Gabi that the way he treated Will and Sonny was not because he's religious. Nick explains that in prison, things happened that changed him. Nick tells her that she needs to let him get through all of it. Nick says she has no idea what can happen on the inside. Nick talks about being a wreck and lost when he got out. Nick says he was faking everything to get through every hour as he just wanted to forget and wipe away everything that happened. Nick cries about meeting Gabi and she was so wonderful. Nick says he made a huge mistake as he held on to her for dear life and locked away what happened in prison, thinking he'd be okay and that she would save him. Nick thought if he had her then he wouldn't have to deal with all of his demons and then Will turned out to be the baby's father which brought out some of those demons. Gabi says Will and Sonny never did anything to hurt him. Nick says he treated them like dirt to justify all of his dirty secrets. Nick adds that he knows it doesn't make sense but he couldn't stop it from happening and then Will risked his life for him. Nick states that's when he realized he had to face what Jensen did to him in prison and all of the lies. Nick apologizes to Gabi.

Nicole asks how Johnny was after he left. Eric thinks back to Johnny telling him that Nicole likes him. Eric simply says he was interesting.

John tells Brady that he loves him more than anything in the world. Brady wants answers. Hope interrupts. John says they are in the middle of something but Hope says she has to ask Brady questions about Kristen and Sy.

Marlena says the real Kristen has emerged after putting on a show for the last six minutes. Marlena says she always knew the truth about her. Kristen suggests they talk because she doesn't think she knows everything. Marlena doesn't care what she says about anything or anyone. Kristen asks about John.

Nicole asks Eric what he means by Johnny was interesting. Eric asks her if she's comfortable working here and if she's at peace living there. Nicole asks if he's talking about Johnny's comment. Nicole says it'd be crazy to think she has feelings for him.

Sonny and Sami take Arianna back to the nursery. Will asks Lucas to stick around for a minute. Sami wants details on what Nick said to Sonny when he brought the baby in.

Gabi asks Nick if he's saying what they had wasn't real. Nick says when it all came flooding back, he spent every day pretending that he was someone else. Gabi questions if he ever really loved her. Nick responds that he thought he did and he wanted to but he was so confused and was lying so much to so many people that he couldn't know what he felt. Gabi breaks down crying. Nick says he wanted his fantasy to be real but prison was so twisted. Gabi recalls begging him to tell her what happened before they got married. Nick cries that he couldn't do it. Gabi says they got married and she just had a baby. Gabi asks what he's trying to tell her. Nick reveals to Gabi that Jensen raped him and that he beat him again and again. Nick declares that after that there was no him.

Hope sees Brady has the photo and says she will need it as evidence. Brady and Hope go over that it is Kristen paying off Sy who was one of the muggers. Brady says he got it from Marlena and that Kristen has seen it. Brady explains that Kristen lied just like she did when he identified the mugger. Hope asks Brady what he thinks now. Brady believes she hired the men to stage the attack so she could reel him in and use him.

Kristen tells Marlena that John told her about their upcoming divorce. Marlena says it's not her business and nothing is written in stone. Kristen asks if she thinks they will work things out. Marlena repeats that it's none of her business. Kristen informs Marlena that a couple of hours ago, John was in her hotel room in bed.

Sonny tells Sami that Nick showed Arianna to Will and said he was sorry about everything and that Will said he understood. Sami talks about Will being amazing. Sonny says that's who he is. Sami calls it weird to realize her child is better than she is. Sonny believes Sami would've done something and not let Nick die either. Sami is not sure and wants to know how Jensen got out of prison in the first place with what he did to them and Rafe and almost did to Gabi.

Will tells Lucas that everything he said was spot on about seeing his daughter for the first time. Lucas tells Will that he's responsible. Will is going to do everything he can to give her the best life and not let anyone hurt her. Lucas says that's how he felt when Will was born.

Nick repeats to Gabi that Jensen raped him. Nick says he's never said it out loud before but that's what happened and it's real and that's what he has to deal with now. Nick tells Gabi how sorry he is that he used her. Gabi questions him thinking what they had was just a fantasy. Nick talks about trashing Will and Sonny and hating them because of what Jensen did to him. Nick adds that Jensen wasn't even gay and it's not about that in prison but about violence and power. Nick apologizes to Gabi and wishes she never met him. Sami and Sonny enter with Arianna. Sonny asks if it's a bad time as Gabi cries. Sami suggests they leave but Gabi wants to hold Arianna so Sonny hands her to Gabi. The nurse enters to get Gabi's signature on Arianna's birth certificate. Gabi shows it to Nick.

Nicole calls Eric a piece of work and reminds him that she's stood by him to try and be the best friend she could be while he's obsessing over what a child has said. Eric says he never but Nicole cuts him off and says he was thinking it and should get over himself.

Hope apologizes to Brady and asks for the photo. Brady hands it to her. Hope says they will talk as she exits. Brady turns back to John.

Marlena accuses Kristen of lying about John and says Brady found out the hard way. Kristen tells her to ask John if he wasn't on top of her and ready to go. Marlena's had enough. Kristen talks about John doing it to save Brady. They continue to argue until Kristen says they both know that she and John cause sparks to fly when they are in the same room.

Nicole argues with Eric and tells him that she wants an apology by tomorrow and then storms off.

Sami wants to see the birth certificate. Nick holds on to it and tells the nurse that the name of the father is wrong. Gabi agrees and says the name of the father should read Will Horton.

Lucas tells Will that everything will be perfect now and he will be a great father as Will falls asleep.

Marlena refuses to believe Kristen. Kristen tells her to ask John. Marlena accuses her of being out of control. Kristen throws her glass across the room. Kristen says she could've destroyed them all tonight if she just would've let John do what he came to do and Brady would have walked in. Kristen doesn't care what anyone says and insists that it wasn't a lie and she changed because of Brady's love. Kristen says no one ever loved her like Brady so she told John that she was leaving and chose Brady's love but then Marlena came with the photo and ruined all of their lives. Marlena mocks it as a heartbreaking story and says Kristen brought it on herself. Kristen yells at her to shut up and get out. Kristen tells her to remember that John was all over her and she can live with that for the rest of her life.

Brady tells John that he never answered his question. John says Brady knows the truth now and that's all that matters. Brady says he didn't get an answer which is an answer itself. Brady then walks away, telling John to get away from him.

Hope joins Marlena and Kristen in the DiMera Mansion. Marlena says Kristen has convinced herself that she's the victim. Hope mentions seeing Brady and he's about how one would expect. Hope assures Marlena that she did the right thing as Marlena then exits. Hope approaches Kristen but she says she can't deal with this right now. Hope says she has to talk about the photo.

The nurse takes the birth certificate to have it changed. Sami tells Gabi and Nick that they did the right thing and thanks them. Sami then exits the room. Sonny follows Sami out.

John walks through the town square and runs into Marlena. John tells Marlena that she did it, she nailed Kristen. Marlena responds that Kristen did it herself and she just showed Brady the picture. John tells her it's over and they won. John declares that Brady knows the truth so now they can just put things right.

Brady walks into the park until a man approaches and offers him drugs. Brady declines. The man tells him it's his loss and walks away. Brady sits down on a bench as Nicole walks by and asks what he's doing there. Nicole comments that he looks awful and asks what happened. Nicole wants Brady to tell her. Brady responds that it's over.

Sami sits with Lucas in the hospital and tells him what she told Sonny about realizing her kid is a better person than she is. Lucas responds that he's a better person than both of them put together and that's how they should want it.

Sonny sits at Will's bedside and says it's incredible as not too long ago everything seemed so dark with nothing to hold on to but now everything will work out and they are going to make it work together.

Gabi tells Nick that they have a lot to think about. Nick tells her to get some rest and then exits the room. Gabi cries and tells Arianna not to worry as she will always be there for her and she'll always be loved.

Eric goes to his room and prays for God to bless Nicole and for Brady.

Brady asks Nicole how he could've been so stupid as it was all just a joke. Nicole tells him that she's sorry and suggests they go somewhere like a bar or a diner to talk all night. Nicole tells Brady that he needs a friend right now and she could use one too. Nicole refuses to leave him alone tonight. Brady says he's fine but Nicole disagrees. Nicole tells him that she's sorry and hugs him.

Marlena asks John what he did tonight. John calls it complicated. Marlena says it always is. John isn't sure what she heard. Marlena doesn't want to think about him and Kristen tonight with what did or didn't happen. Marlena doesn't want to give it one more ounce of energy and then walks away.

Kristen doesn't think Hope will call Brady for her to tell him how much she loves him. Hope says she's there to take her to the station where she will probably be taken in for conspiracy to commit assault. Hope is sure it will stick because Brady will testify against her.

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