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Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 5/29/13

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Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

John tries to convince hotel security that he has to go but they tell him it won't happen.

Marlena returns home to the DiMera Mansion. She's excited to see Brady and tell him how much she loves him.

Security tell John that he will leave when they say and will be calling to see if Kristen filed a complaint. John then tries to call Brady.

Brady's phone remains on the ground underneath the table at the town square where he forgot it.

Kristen enters the living room to find Marlena inside with Brady furiously looking at the photo of Kristen and Sy.

Sami and Adrienne visit Gabi. Gabi wakes up and asks about Rafe. Sami tells her that he's fine and stable. Adrienne says they will take her to see him when she's able. Sami and Adrienne go to look at Arianna but she's not there. Gabi begins to worry about where her baby is.

Will starts to wake up as Nick enters the room with Arianna. Nick then turns around.

Maxine enters Gabi's room as she is panicking over the baby being gone. Gabi wants the baby found now.

John argues with hotel security about needing to leave. Roman arrives and says he heard of a disturbance at Kristen DiMera's room.

Brady approaches Kristen and asks who she is.

Sami assures Gabi that Arianna Grace must be fine. Maxine thinks she must be getting tests and goes to check. Adrienne encourages Gabi that everything will be fine.

Will awakes fully and calls out to Nick.

Roman asks John what happened here. John thinks back to his argument with Kristen about their plans. Roman says it's not hard to figure out that John came to stop Kristen from marrying Brady and he asks how that worked out.

Brady shows Kristen the photo and says it's one of the men who attacked her. Brady says Kristen set him up and played him. Kristen accuses Marlena of doing this. Kristen says she loves Brady more than anything and Marlena had to create this lie and show it to him.

Maggie goes to the hospital and hugs Sonny, saying she's glad Will is going to be alright. Maggie says Gabi and Will have a lot to thank Sonny and Will for.

Adrienne tells Gabi that Will is going to be thrilled to see Arianna. Gabi asks if they saw Nick but they haven't seen him. Gabi tells them that Nick was there holding the baby.

Will and Nick flashback to Nick blackmailing Will. Nick approaches Will with Arianna Grace in his arms.

John tells Roman that he wasn't there to hurt Kristen. Hotel security get word that Kristen did not file a complaint. John admits they argued but says it didn't do any good.

Kristen accuses Marlena of photoshopping the picture. Marlena says she recognizes the man as Sy. She asks if Kristen had something to do with Sy disappearing. Kristen continues sticking to her story. Brady asks for a moment alone with Kristen. Marlena tells Brady that she's sorry it had to come out like this as she exits with Kristen yelling at her. Brady says Marlena didn't know who Sy was as she hadn't seen the mugshot. Kristen blames Hope. Brady yells at her to stop lying. Brady realizes Kristen paid Sy to fake mug her so that he would rescue her. Brady asks her if she's been playing him since day one. Brady wants to hear the truth from her. Kristen says she will tell him everything and that's why she came. Kristen says she loves him and that she had an epiphany about them tonight. Kristen tells him that they've been through so much and she knows now that she loves him. Brady asks her if she paid Sy to attack her to hurt him. Kristen asks why she would do that. Brady says it's because she was playing him to get close to him in order to hurt John and Marlena. Brady says he already knows it's true and just wants to hear it from her sick mouth. Brady demands she say yes or no as she starts to cry.

Maggie tells Sonny this is a real opportunity for he, Will, Nick, and Gabi to make it work. Maggie says everyone will have to start getting along somehow. Sonny says he thinks it could happen as he and Gabi are not the same but he isn't sure about Nick and Will.

Maxine returns to Gabi's room and says she paged the pediatrician so it won't be long. Sami exits the room as Adrienne assures Gabi that everything will be fine.

Sami follows Maxine, who tells her that the baby is not in the nursery or with the pediatrician. Sami then accuses Nick of taking her granddaughter.

Nick sits with Will and tells Arianna to say hello to her dad.

Marlena goes to Hope's office and tells her that she needs her help with Kristen.

John tries calling Brady again and leaves a message for him to call. John asks Roman if they are through. Roman goes over what he thinks happened between John and Kristen, and he adds that he knows John still has feelings for her.

Brady says this is the first time Kristen has been honest with him. Kristen brings up how tough Brady was on her when she first came to town. Kristen says they got to know each other and fell in love. Kristen admits she did some bad things in the beginning. Brady says Marlena was right about her from day one. Kristen says in the beginning it was wrong but their love made it right. Kristen says no one ever loved her like that before. Brady asks her about her epiphany and wants to know what exactly happened that changed everything.

Sonny goes to Will's room. Will thanks Nick. Nick tells Will that he's sorry for everything he's done. Will tells him it's okay. Nick hands Arianna to Will as Sonny joins them. Nick steps back to allow Will and Sonny time with the baby.

Sami finds Maggie at the hospital and asks if she's seen Nick. Maggie says she only saw Sonny and is glad to hear about Will. Sami accuses Nick of kidnapping her granddaughter. Maggie shouts that Nick wouldn't do that. Sami yells that Maggie has always been blind to Nick and brings up Melanie. Maxine comes over and rushes off with Sami.

John tells Roman that if what he thinks happened would've happened then he'd be thrilled and he accuses Roman of always wanting to make a play for Marlena.

Marlena shows Hope the mugshot of Sy. Marlena explains to Hope how she got the photo of Kristen and Sy from Johnny who took it from Ciara's backpack.

Kristen tells Brady that John came to her hotel room as he wanted to break them up like Marlena. Brady asks what John wanted. Kristen responds that he wanted her in bed. Brady is shocked. Kristen tries to talk about what John is capable of. Kristen explains how John came and said he never got over her. Brady wonders why John would do that if it's true. Kristen says John wanted to be in bed with her while Brady walked in. Kristen says she told him that she loved Brady and she chose him. Kristen says he's the most important thing to her and she doesn't need anything else.

Maxine brings Sami to Will's room. Sami thought Will was supposed to be asleep until tomorrow and joins his side. Will and Sami talk about how Arianna is beautiful. Nick quietly backs out of the room and exits. Maggie catches up to Nick and asks if everything is alright but he just walks away.

Gabi talks to Adrienne about her relationship with Sonny before but she doesn't think she would've made it if it wasn't for him. Gabi says Sonny was so smart and knowing what to do next. Gabi doesn't know how to thank him. Adrienne says Sonny is just glad everything went well. Adrienne adds that she's proud. Gabi comments on Sonny being the first person Arianna saw. Maxine comes in and informs them that Will is awake and spending time with Arianna.

Will talks about getting Gabi away from Jensen. Sami wants to just focus on the baby. Will mentions getting Gabi to the hospital. Sami realizes Sonny hadn't told him. Sonny didn't think it was a big deal but Sami insists and informs Will that Sonny delivered his baby.

Maggie follows Nick out of the town square and asks what's going on. Nick says Will saved his life. Maggie says she heard that he was very brave. Nick says after everything he did to Will, he almost got killed trying to save his life. Maggie says all she heard is that Jensen got out of prison and went looking for him. Nick says he doesn't know if he can hold on. Nick sits down and says everything was going so great as he got married and had a job. Maggie asks about Jensen. Nick says he had just pretended it didn't happen in order to survive. Nick says if it didn't happen then it didn't matter and he was sure he'd be okay after meeting Gabi but then they let Jensen out. Maggie asks Nick what happened in prison and what Jensen did to him. Nick breaks down crying and says over and over. Maggie hugs him and tells him that she's so sorry.

Hope says she's going to have to have a long talk with Ciara about keeping secrets. They talk about her not knowing it was important. Hope wants to focus on finding Sy or they won't have much of a case. Marlena brings up the shooting at the island and asks if Hope is okay. Hope says he was about to kill Nick so she had no choice. Hope insists that she's good and wants to bring in Sy.

Brady looks at the photo of Kristen and Sy and questions if she realized she loved him tonight. Kristen talks about John but Brady says it's not about him. Brady says if she realized she loved him tonight then that means she was playing him every day before now. Kristen says she thought that she was incapable of love. Kristen says she can love and she loves him. Kristen says she loved him for a long time but always fought it as she didn't want it to be true because she wanted revenge on John and Marlena and couldn't see what was in front of her. Kristen thinks she loved him from the first time he touched her. Kristen apologizes for taking so long to figure it out but she understands now how much she loves him and they could be together forever. Brady says she doesn't know how sick she sounds. Brady says she doesn't know what love is and he must not either because she fooled him until now. Brady tells her not anymore.

Maggie tells Nick that they can get him through this. Nick talks about being taken to the island and knowing they were going to die. Nick says the whole life that he was pretending was so great was all gone. Maggie asks if he's talked to Gabi about it. Nick brings up all the crap he pulled with Will and Sonny and trying to tell himself that it was for Gabi and the baby when it was lies. Nick says he was doing it because he became a sick freak filled with hate. Maggie tells Nick that this is what he has to talk to Gabi about. Maggie assures that he can get through it if Gabi's with him as she loves him but deserves the truth. Maggie encourages him to talk to Gabi.

Sonny explains to Will how he delivered the baby. Sonny says Gabi did all the work and he did next to nothing but Sami notes that Gabi says she couldn't have done it without him.

Adrienne tells Gabi to just think of her as a grandma in reserve to babysit. Maxine comes in and checks on Gabi. Adrienne exits as Gabi thanks her for everything. Maxine talks to Gabi about everyone loving Arianna. Nick returns to her room. Maxine tells Nick that it was nice of him to take Arianna to see Will but notes he should've let a nurse know. Nick apologizes as Maxine exits. Gabi agrees that taking Arianna to see Will was awesome. Gabi comments that Nick looks wiped out and suggests he go rest since there's nothing to worry about. Gabi says she, Will, and Arianna are all doing great and they can all look forward to the future. Nick tells her to stop.

Hope makes a call that she will be out of her office for a while. Hope asks Marlena about how she's coping and being proven right about Kristen. Marlena says she's fine and does feel nice to be vindicated but it comes with a price. Hope asks if she's going to talk to John.

Kristen begs Brady to stay. Brady shouts that he feels disgust for her. Kristen drops to her knees and hugs his leg, saying she won't let him go as she cries. Kristen swears she's being honest with him. Brady yells at her for playing him for six months and now realizing she loved him. Kristen cries about getting married and having a baby. Brady yells at her that their love is dead because she killed it and now they just have to bury it. Brady storms out leaving Kristen screaming no on the floor.

Will tells Arianna Grace how lucky she is to have Sonny looking out for her from day one. Will says he loves her and he loves Sonny. Sonny says he loves him too and kisses him. Adrienne joins Sami at the door as they watch with smiles.

Gabi tells Nick that he's scaring her. Nick sits with her and says he doesn't want to do that but there's something he has to tell her about. Nick says he doesn't know how to say it as he's so ashamed. She asks what he's talking about. Nick tells her that it's way past time for her to know the truth about him.

Brady walks out of the town square holding the crumpled up photo. John walks by and stops when he sees Brady. John approaches him.

Kristen cries that it's not fair as she told the truth. Kristen looks over to see Marlena now standing next to her

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