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Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 5/28/13

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Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

John and Kristen kiss into bed.

Eric sleeps in bed and then wakes up.

Sami remains at Will's bedside. Caroline arrives. Sami tells her that Will is going to wake up tomorrow and be fine. Caroline asks about Sami. Sami tries to be strong but breaks down crying as Caroline hugs her.

Gabi is asleep in her hospital bed as Nick quietly enters the room. Nick thinks back to telling Gabi that he wanted them to be a family and raise the baby together.

Johnny shows Marlena the photo of Kristen paying off Sy. Marlena remembers running into Sy.

Brady tells Nicole that he's good and starting tomorrow he will get everything he ever wanted. Brady's phone goes off nearby with the text message from Kristen. Brady notes Nicole's look and questions how she feels about he and Kristen. Brady asks if she's going to tell him that Kristen's not right for him too. Nicole says she doesn't truly know Kristen and then asks if Brady does.

John and Kristen continue kissing. John stops and Kristen asks him what.

Johnny asks Marlena if she's mad that he took Ciara's picture. Marlena says she's not and asks Johnny about it being in his backpack. Marlena thinks back to talking to Hope about the mugging. Marlena realizes that Kristen set up the mugging. She looks at the photo and wonders if it's really him or if Kristen just set it up to make her look bad. Marlena then says it might not be and it's what she needs to prove to Brady who Kristen really is.

Brady tells Nicole that he knows who Kristen is. Nicole brings up Madison. Brady calls it completely different and says he doesn't care what anyone thinks. Brady says Kristen saved him from rock bottom after he never thought he'd get his life back. Brady says they fell in love and Kristen has had his best interests from day one.

Kristen asks John if something is wrong as she turns away. John then reaches behind and sends his own text to Brady to meet him in Kristen's hotel room. John tells Kristen that this is right and kisses her. John tells her that he wants her so much. Kristen says finally, as they continue kissing.

Adrienne joins Sonny at the hospital and hugs him asking if he's okay. Sonny tells her about how Will's going to be fine. Sonny tells her that he was worried he was going to lose him. Adrienne hugs him and assures that he will be fine.

Sami and Caroline talk about Will saving someone's life and always being that way. Caroline mentions him saving Gabi as Sami tells her that he also saved Nick.

Nick sits at Gabi's bedside. The nurse enters with Arianna Grace and asks Nick about holding his daughter. She hands her over to Nick. Nick holds Arianna while looking back at Gabi.

Marlena talks to Johnny about the picture belonging to Ciara. She asks if Ciara ever showed it to Hope. Johnny mentions that she was hiding it from everybody. Marlena decides to call Hope but she doesn't answer. Marlena leaves a message to call her as it's really important. Marlena says she has the evidence in her hands but can't do a thing with it. Marlena asks Johnny when Caroline is coming back but he doesn't know. Eric enters the Pub and Marlena rushes it up to him, glad to see him.

Nicole and Brady sit together as Nicole explains that she doesn't really know Kristen but does know Brady is happy so she's happy for him. Nicole decides she's going back to work but Brady stops her and points out that she never answered his question about Eric. Nicole says she did answer him that there are none of those feelings he suggested. Nicole assures him that she and Eric are in the past and done. Brady wishes he could believe her but says there's a really good reason that he can't. Nicole then asks what Kristen told him


John and Kristen continue kissing. They stop and Kristen thinks back to Brady proposing to her. Kristen then gets out of bed and goes to the door.

Brady questions what Kristen has to do with Nicole and Eric. Nicole thinks back to Kristen accusing her of having feelings for Eric. Nicole thinks Kristen is feeding Brady lies about her and Eric but Brady says Kristen never said a word about them. Brady talks about how Nicole just went off when he commented on Eric. Nicole says that's just how she reacts about her friends and starts to leave but Brady stops her, not wanting to end things on a sour note. Nicole apologizes and tells him that's great if Brady and Kristen make each other happy. Nicole says next time she sees him, he'll be married. They joke about always being friends. Nicole hugs Brady and makes him promise to stay happy. Nicole then walks away.

Eric tells Marlena that he can't believe Brady is marrying Kristen tomorrow and brings up all she's done to Marlena and John. Marlena tells Eric that she has to go and asks Eric to watch Johnny until Caroline or Kayla get back. Marlena tells Eric that she thinks things will be alright with Brady as she rushes out of the Pub.

Sonny explains to Adrienne what happened with Hope shooting Jensen. Adrienne tells him it's over so he doesn't have to talk about it anymore. She then asks Sonny about being a hero and delivering the baby. Sonny recalls panicking and getting the baby to cry. They talk about it being a miracle but Sonny jokes about never wanting to do it again. Sonny tells her that Will is the real hero for showing guts and saving Nick. Sonny wants to be the first person Will sees when he wakes up. They then head to Will's room to see him.

Sami tells Caroline about Eric coming by to bless Will. Caroline tells Will that God is with him and nothing can stand against him. Sonny and Adrienne enter. Sonny offers to come back together but Caroline tells him it's okay as she was just leaving. Caroline hugs Sonny and Adrienne as she tells them to take care. Sami hugs Sonny and then walks Caroline out. Sonny and Adrienne stand at Will's side as she comments on him being peaceful. Sonny calls it amazing after what he went through because of Nick.

Nick remains holding Arianna at Gabi's bedside.

Marlena walks through the town square leaving another message for Hope to call her as it's important. Marlena then spots Brady and tells him that they need to talk.

John asks Kristen if she's alright. Kristen questions what's really going on here. John says they are just two people that want each other. Kristen asks John what he feels for her. John feels that they have both been waiting for this moment. Kristen wants to know what he feels for her. John gets out of bed and tells her that she knows. Kristen demands the truth and says she knows exactly how she feels about him, asking if he wants to hear it.

Eric talks with Johnny as Nicole enters the Pub. Johnny runs up to Nicole and brings her to their table.

Caroline and Sami walk through the hospital. Caroline stops and says she needs to talk to Sami as she needs to say something for the whole family. Caroline says she knows that she's not what she used to be and she can't babysit on her own anymore. Sami assures that they love her. Caroline says she is forgetful but is not fragile as she has plenty of fight left in her. Caroline doesn't want her family hiding the facts from her. Sami agrees that she should've told her about Will sooner. Caroline says she's still there and wants to be part of the solution and help until she can't. Sami cries that she understands and hugs her, thanking her. Sami tells her she needs her as Caroline says she's there.

Adrienne tells Sonny that she can't believe she ever thought Will was wrong for Sonny. Sonny talks about never doubting it. Adrienne talks about how everything can disappear in a second and how they should be grateful every day. Sonny adds that he will always be grateful that Will is in his life.

Brady starts to stop Marlena if it's about the wedding or Kristen. Marlena says she has something to show him and starts to pull out the photo but Brady shouts that he doesn't want to see anything.

Kristen accuses John of lying and being a manipulative, self serving son of a bitch who only cares for himself. John questions where this is coming from. Kristen talks about having to pretend he didn't exist for years until Stefano brought her back to Salem and all her feelings of hatred came back. Kristen says she could finally get her revenge on he and Marlena but she was wrong. Kristen says revenge isn't joy but it's hell. Kristen calls revenge sad and lonely and says there's never any hope. Kristen shouts that she's sick of it and done. Kristen declares it's over. Kristen removes her pearl necklace and tosses it to the ground.

Gabi wakes up and sees Nick holding Arianna. Gabi comments on her being beautiful and then falls back asleep.

Adrienne suggests to Sonny that they go get something to eat so they exit Will's room.

Nicole says she just came to get some coffee but tells Eric it's good to see him. Eric says it's good to see her too and he was just watching Johnny for Marlena. Johnny mentions that Marlena was really mad about Kristen.

Marlena tries to stop Brady but Brady says he had to choose between Marlena and John or Kristen and he chose Kristen. Brady says he's not going to listen to any more lies and is done with this. Marlena tries to convince him but Brady storms off.

John picks up the pearl necklace as Kristen talks about not wanting to get revenge anymore. Kristen tells John that she no longer cares about he and Marlena and she still hates him but it doesn't matter anymore as she has something so much better in Brady's love. John accuses her of tricking Brady into loving her. Kristen says they love each other but John says Kristen doesn't have a heart. Kristen argues that she does and it's full of love for Brady. Kristen asks if he's pissed because his plan went to hell. Kristen declares that she knows why he's there as she wanted to do the same thing that he wanted to do to her. John claims Kristen has lost him. Kristen says they both wanted Brady to walk in on them because John wanted the end of her and Brady while she wanted the end of John and Marlena. Kristen screams that she doesn't need that anymore because she's free, free to move on with Brady forever.

Brady enters the living room of the DiMera Mansion which is setup for the wedding. Brady smiles as he looks around the room.

Eric asks Johnny why Marlena was mad at Kristen. Johnny says she was mad at him too for stealing a picture from Ciara. Eric asks how that makes him feel. Johnny admits stealing is wrong. Nicole talks about doing wrong things sometimes and being forgiven. Eric tells Johnny that he forgives him. Johnny assures he won't do it again. Nicole encourages Johnny to listen to Eric. Johnny comments that Nicole is funny. Eric agrees and Johnny then suggests Eric should marry Nicole.

Sonny and Adrienne come out of Will's room. Sami asks if he's still asleep. Sonny says he is and they were just going to get something to eat. Sonny suggests Adrienne and Sami hang out as he walks away. They talk and Adrienne says she's so glad Will is going to be okay. Adrienne offers to get Justin involved if she needs any help. Adrienne then asks to see Arianna so Sami takes her to see her.

Kristen tells John that they are done here and she's going home to find her man. John stands in her way and says she isn't going anywhere and not going near his son. Kristen opens the door but John slams the door shut and says she won't ruin Brady's life. Hotel security arrive and Kristen tell them not to let John follow her as she rushes out of the room.

Marlena enters the DiMera Mansion and tells Brady that she just has to show her what she has and then she promises to leave.

Nicole decides to skip her coffee and she says goodbye then exits the Pub. Eric talks to Johnny about getting ready for bed. Johnny notes that Eric didn't say anything and says he knows Nicole likes Eric. Eric asks why he says that. Johnny tells him that Nicole looks at Eric the same way she looked at EJ when she liked him.

Sami and Adrienne visit Gabi. Gabi wakes up and asks about Rafe. Sami tells her that he's fine and stable. Adrienne says they will take her to see him when she's able. Sami and Adrienne go to look at Arianna but she's not there. Gabi begins to worry about where her baby is.

Will starts to wake up as Nick enters the room with Arianna. Will's vision is blurred and he falls back unconscious.

John tries to convince hotel security that he has to go but they tell him it won't happen.

Marlena returns home to the DiMera Mansion. She's excited to see Brady and tell him how much she loves him.

Security tell John that he will leave when they say and will be calling to see if Kristen filed a complaint. John then tries to call Brady.

Brady's phone remains on the ground underneath the table at the town square where he forgot it.

Kristen enters the living room to find Marlena inside with Brady furiously looking at the photo of Kristen and Sy.

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