Days of Our Lives Update Friday 5/24/13

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 5/24/13


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Kristen sits in her room with a glass of wine as there's a knock at the door. She answers the door to see John. Kristen asks what he's doing there. John tells her that she knows.

Nicole joins Eric in the rectory as he hangs up the phone frustrated. Nicole wants to know what happened but Eric calls it not a big deal. Nicole thinks she did something wrong then and wants to know what it is.

Marlena asks Johnny what he has. Johnny tells her that he did a bad thing by taking something that wasn't his. Marlena asks what he stole then. Johnny thinks back to the picture and says it's just something from Ciara. Marlena continues to ask what he took. Marlena asks him to show it to her.

Brady tells Daniel and Jennifer that he wants to see Kristen so he's going to surprise her. He thanks them and says he has to see his girl. Jennifer stops him and doesn't think it's a good idea but Brady insists and walks on.

John tells Kristen that she knows why he's there. Kristen starts to close the door on him but John stops it and says she doesn't want to do that.

JJ and his friend walk through the park and talk about getting high. They talk about plans for the night and JJ says there's got to be some fun in the town.

Jennifer and Daniel stop Brady and argue against going to see Kristen. Jennifer insists that she thinks Kristen wanted to be alone for a night. Brady assures them he wants to surprise her.

Kristen asks John how he thinks this goes. Kristen threatens to make one phone call and he'll be thrown out by security. John tells her to go ahead and make the call.

Eric tells Nicole that the call had nothing to do with her and he has no problem with her. Eric says this was minor and he should be thinking about Will and Rafe. Eric feels he shouldn't get mad at anything else.

Johnny asks Marlena for chocolate milk. Marlena insists that he needs to show her what he took and they will make it okay. Abe enters the pub and joins them. Abe asks how they are doing. Johnny says he's been better. Abe says he knows what he means and they send Johnny to go play his game. Abe sits with Marlena and assumes Johnny doesn't know about Will and asks about him. Marlena says Will be alright. Abe asks about her and mentions John coming to see him the other day. Marlena supposes that everyone knows. Abe asks if that's what's up with Johnny. Marlena says he was just about to show her something.

Daniel tells Brady that he should listen to Jennifer. Jennifer continues trying to convince Brady that Kristen needs room. Brady asks what she's not telling him as he thinks there's something going on.

Kristen tells John that this is so twisted as he enters the room. Kristen asks what they are doing. John claims they are making things right. Kristen says she's supposed to be getting married tomorrow. John says that's tomorrow while tonight it's just them and they can be honest. John tells her tonight is about what she wants. Kristen responds that she doesn't knows.

Eric talks to Nicole about how he loves being a priest but didn't realize it would be so political. Nicole encourages him that he's done a great job. Eric talks about having to get permits for the school and then getting turned down. Eric feels he will be an embarrassment to the bishop.

Jennifer tells Brady that she just thinks Kristen is a little overwhelmed. JJ and his friend walk nearby and see Jennifer from a distance. Jennifer talks to Brady about their night ending earlier than expected and she thinks Kristen wanted to rest. Brady wonders about second thoughts. Jennifer tells her that she just thinks Kristen can't wait until tomorrow. Jennifer encourages Brady. Brady says he just doesn't like to be apart from her. Daniel and Jennifer say they know the feeling. Jennifer tells Brady that he won't be apart from her after tomorrow. JJ watches from a distance.

Kristen wants John to go away. John asks if she thinks that will settle everything and doesn't think she sounds very convincing. Kristen tells him to get out. John questions her. Kristen talks about marrying the man of her dreams tomorrow to start her life with someone that actually loves her. Kristen asks if this doesn't bother John or make him feel guilt. Kristen says she's not like John and can't just feel nothing. John doesn't know what they are supposed to be feeling now. Kristen says he's here. John points out that she hasn't kicked him out. John pulls out her old necklace and says she was going to wear it for the right man. John puts the necklace on her and says he couldn't stop thinking about it. John calls it perfect and says in his mind she was wearing the pearl necklace and nothing else.

Nicole tells Eric that the bishop should see he's perfect for the job. Eric is embarrassed that he lets the little things get to him. Eric talks about the time and money going into this. Nicole tells him he's too good. Eric says he has faults. Nicole says they are lucky to have him as he's like the perfect priest and that won't change. Nicole then says she has errands to run and exits.

JJ continues watching. His friend wants to leave but JJ tells him to wait. Brady tells Daniel and Jennifer that he's going to take a walk so they can go. Jennifer decides she wants to go see Eric about a project. Daniel is going to go with her so they invite Brady but Brady points out that Eric won't be going to his wedding. Brady says tomorrow will still be great. Daniel and Jennifer say they will see him tomorrow. Brady mentions to Jennifer to tell JJ he said hi and they talk about it being great to have him back. Jennifer and Daniel say tomorrow will be great as Brady walks away. Daniel tells Jennifer it was nicely done and talks about wanting to kiss her. They walk on together and then stop to kiss. JJ sneaks around the corner watching them. Brady returns to the table they were sitting at.

John and Kristen argue over the pearl necklace. Kristen talks about never wearing it before because it was saved for the wedding that never happened. John tells her that he's sorry and says he never should've abandoned her. Kristen asks if he thinks this will make it go away. John wants to start over and finish what they started. John says he knows it won't be easy but says nothing will get better until he picks her up off the floor. John asks if that's why she really came back to Salem and if it's what they both need. John thinks they both know what she needs and they get close.

JJ walks out of the town square with his friend. His friend says that wasn't fun and asks about Daniel. They comment on Daniel's sweet ride. JJ gets a text from Jennifer that she's going to the church and will be home after. His friend notes that he has awhile then and asks what he wants to do. JJ says he thinks he knows where to find some fun.

Nicole runs into Brady at the town square and they hug. She asks about Kristen. Brady says she's at a hotel. Nicole jokes with him about a bachelor party. Brady says he doesn't need a big blowout but offers to buy her a drink. Nicole thinks he has better things to do. Brady jokes that it could be the last time they hangout due to Nicole and Kristen not getting along. Nicole tells Brady that he doesn't drink. Brady offers to keep her company, saying that she looks like she needs it.

Daniel and Jennifer go to the rectory. Eric and Daniel thank each other for helping save Will. Daniel goes to check his messages. Jennifer sits with Eric as he wants to talk to her about the wedding. Eric mentions that he won't be there. Jennifer is sorry to hear that and wishes they could settle what's in the way before tomorrow. Jennifer assumes it's because of John and Marlena. Eric says it's no secret how Marlena feels.

Abe talks to Marlena about Theo since Lexie has passed. Marlena says he's done a fine job with him. Abe asks about Marlena. Marlena asks what John said. Abe says he didn't say much and hinted that things were rough between them. Marlena says that's one way to put it. Abe says this morning, John sent him a text that felt bizarre as he asked him to look out for Marlena and help her if he could. Abe says it was like John felt he wouldn't be there himself. Marlena tells Abe that John won't be around because they are getting divorced. Marlena says she tried to confront him to get him to work it out together but he wouldn't take a step forward. Marlena adds that John jumped at the chance to step back.

Room service enters Marlena's hotel room. He notes the wedding dress and says congratulations. John takes care of the bill as Kristen looks at her prepared text message to send to Brady, telling him to come to her hotel room as soon as possible. John gets room service out and puts the do not disturb sign on the door as Kristen holds her phone.

Daniel and Jennifer say their goodbyes to Eric. Jennifer mentions that she's sorry they won't see him at the wedding but understands it's complicated. They then exit.

JJ and his friend are excited in the park saying they just did something awesome.

Daniel returns to the rectory to use the phone, asking Eric for an emergency tow service.

Marlena tells Abe that she feels stupid that they let Kristen do this to them and get things this far and they weren't a strong enough team. Abe can't believe it's really the end. Abe talks about all that they have survived and says Kristen isn't bigger than that. Abe prays that Marlena finds a way to cast her out as he's betting on them. Marlena calls him a good friend. Marlena agrees to call him if she needs a shoulder. They hug and say goodbye as Abe then exits the pub. Johnny holds onto the picture he stole. Marlena asks him what he has. Johnny tells her that it's the thing he stole from Ciara. Marlena reminds him that it's wrong to steal and Ciara must be upset to be missing it. Johnny doesn't think it's Ciara's but thinks that it's Kristen's.

Brady brings Nicole her drink as they sit together at the town square. Brady has a water and they toast to his happiness. Brady wants Nicole to talk about what's bugging her. Nicole insists that she's fine and wants him to be happy. Brady says he has the rest of his life for that. Nicole asks about second thoughts with the controversy. Nicole brings up Eric not going to the wedding. Brady calls him hypocritical. Nicole argues and says Eric puts everyone else first. Brady says Eric chose sides and he's not supposed to. Nicole argues that Brady doesn't know what kind of a man Eric is and says he'll never meet a better man. She tells him not to talk about Eric like that.

Kristen says the room service stopped them from doing something really stupid. John asks if she's sure as he walks up and kisses her.

Daniel brings Jennifer home as they talk about needing to replace a tire and his property being vandalized. They go into the living room where JJ is playing a video game. Jennifer complains about the night and says someone slashed Daniel's tires. JJ remarks that someone must not like him and wonders who would do it as Jennifer assumes it was some stranger. Jennifer gets a call and exits. JJ tells Daniel he's sorry about the car.

Nicole decides she's going to go. Brady jumps up to stop her, dropping his phone in the process. Brady thinks Nicole has feelings for Eric that she shouldn't be having.

Eric lights a candle in the rectory and says he's sorry to Brady and he's not taking sides. Eric adds that one day he will understand and he's praying for Brady to find the happiness and peace he deserves.

Marlena asks why Johnny thinks what he took from Ciara belongs to Kristen. Johnny reveals it's a picture that she is in and he finally shows the photo of Kristen paying off Sy to Marlena.

John and Kristen continue kissing. Kristen sends the text to Brady behind John's back.

Brady continues asking Nicole about her feelings as his phone lies on the floor. Nicole says she and Eric are just friends. Brady tells her that he's just worried about her. Nicole tells him to worry about himself. Brady says his life is good and after tomorrow it will be better as he's getting everything he ever wanted. His phone lies on the floor with the text from Kristen sent.

John and Kristen kiss into bed.

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