Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 5/23/13

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 5/23/13


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Sonny sits at Will's bedside and tells him that Daniel said he will be okay and then informs him that he's a dad as Arianna Grace was born today. Sonny says she looks just like him. Sami and Lucas watch as Sami smiles. Sonny encourages Will to wake up.

Daniel tells Jennifer and Abigail at home that Will is going to be okay. Jennifer hugs Daniel and thanks him, wondering what they would do without him as JJ watches.

Hope joins Marlena at the Pub having just told Caroline about Will and the baby. Hope agreed to take Caroline to see him tomorrow as she shouldn't see him like this. Hope talks about none of this should've happened. She asks if John knows. Marlena says she left a message but isn't surprised since John wants a divorce.

John goes to the hospital. He finds EJ and asks about Will. EJ tells John that Will is fine and out of surgery. John asks what happened tonight. EJ is surprised he hadn't talked to Marlena. EJ suggests they go for a walk and he will fill him in as he also wants to talk to him about Kristen.

Brady and Kristen talk at home. Kristen understands if he wants to postpone the wedding but Brady doesn't. Brady says this time tomorrow he will be the happiest guy in the world. Brady kisses and hugs her as Stefano then walks in.

EJ fills John in outside the town square on Will saving Nick and Gabi giving birth to Arianna Grace. EJ tells him that the baby is perfect. EJ then asks why he hasn't spoke to Marlena about it. EJ adds that it's very obvious he's still in love with her.

Hope asks Marlena about John wanting a divorce. Marlena explains that she didn't want to live like this and tried to force his hand but he made it clear that there's no where to go with their marriage. Hope encourages her. Marlena says John never gave up but now he just thinks there is no way to go forward.

Brady takes Kristen's things to her car. Stefano calls Brady bad luck to weddings and says he'll find out tomorrow. Stefano asks if she's still going through with her plan. Kristen wonders how she could have ever fallen for someone as stupid as John. She says she's been pulling his strings while he thinks he's been pulling hers. Kristen declares that John will get what he deserves. Stefano asks about Brady but Brady returns to the room and Kristen exits with him.

Abigail asks if Will is going to be up for visitors soon. Daniel encourages her. JJ thanks Daniel for everything. Jennifer says Daniel must be exhausted and understands if he needs to go. Daniel assures her that he's fine so they exit together. JJ comments to Abigail asking who's taking care of Parker and remarks about his priorities. Abigail asks if JJ is grateful that Daniel saved Will's life. JJ says he is so Abigail asks what his problem is.

Sonny recalls to Will the day they met and watching him struggle with who he was. Sonny says he knew that he loved him. Sami and Lucas remain watching. Sonny talks about being there for Will. Sonny says the best day of his life was when Will told him he loved him. Sonny says their best days are ahead of them. Sonny cries that he loves him so much. Sami finally steps forward. Sonny says he didn't know they were there. Sami hugs him and assures him that Will loves him.

John tells EJ that it's over between he and Marlena. EJ will never believe it but John calls it a fact. EJ brings up Kristen. EJ says tomorrow John's ex-girlfriend becomes his daughter in law. EJ says he always puts Kristen first and wants John to do the same for Brady. EJ tells John that he has no choice but to accept the relationship for what it is. EJ then walks away. John declares that what it is, is over.

Brady walks Kristen out of the mansion and hugs her. Brady says he will miss her tonight and asks if she's sure. Kristen thinks it's for the best. She comments on Brady looking happy and kisses him. Kristen calls him the best thing to ever happen to her. They say they love each other and kiss again as they say goodnight. Brady shuts the door. Kristen says goodbye as she walks away.

Sami thanks Sonny for everything he's done. Lucas says they don't know what would have happened if he wasn't there. Sonny says he didn't do much but Sami insists that he did. Sonny decides to go check on Arianna and exits as Lucas thanks him. Lucas sits at Will's bedside. Lucas talks to Will about being a real hero today. Lucas tells Will that he's a better man than he'll ever be and he couldn't be more proud of him.

The babysitter brings Ciara to Hope at the Pub. She tells Hope that Ciara was great until mentioning piano practice. The sitter exits. Hope asks for Johnny, saying she needs to talk to him. Hope says maybe later but now they need to go talk. Hope apologizes to Marlena. Marlena understands and thanks her for all she did today. Hope takes Ciara out of the Pub. Johnny joins Marlena. He tells her he was making cookies with Caroline. He asks why Marlena is alone. Marlena tells him that he just missed Hope and Ciara. Johnny says good because he didn't want to talk to Ciara. Marlena wonders why.

Brady returns to the living room and tells Stefano that he wanted to talk to him about what happens after tomorrow. Brady wants to find a place of their own after the honeymoon. Stefano asks why it should bother him. Brady knows he likes his family to be under his roof. Stefano says Kristen's happiness is the most important thing to her so if this is something that she wants then let it be.

Kristen prepares a message to send to Brady telling him to come to her hotel room as soon as he gets it. Kristen then pulls out her wedding dress and lays it out on the bed. She imagines marrying Brady and having a kid. Kristen tells herself to stay strong as it will all be over tonight.

John remains outside the town square and has the paper Kristen had dropped with her hotel information. John makes call to find out if she's checked in yet. John hangs up and declares this will all be over tonight.

JJ tells Abigail that he's really glad Will is okay but Daniel was just doing his job. Abigail asks what his point is. JJ says Abigail and Jennifer act like Daniel is the second coming. Abigail asks why he acts like he's the enemy. JJ brings up Daniel ruining Lucas's marriage and abandoning his own kid. Abigail doesn't get where this is coming from. JJ declares that Daniel thinks he's better than the rest of them. Abigail doesn't think that's what he was going to say. JJ brings up Daniel having a date off with Jack. JJ states that Daniel may think he won but he will never be better than Jack.

Sami sits with Will and tells him that Arianna is definitely his daughter. Sami and Lucas joke about Arianna following in Will's footsteps and not theirs. Sami says they've been examples of what not to do. Sami talks about letting Will down. Lucas encourages him to do the opposite of what they do. Sami adds that they are so happy for him and his relationship with Sonny. Sami mentions Sonny being the first face Arianna saw and now she just needs to see Will's.

Johnny tells Marlena that he and Ciara were kind of fighting earlier. Before he can go into detail, EJ arrives and joins Johnny. Johnny runs to the back to get the cookies he made. Marlena brings up Johnny not knowing about Will and Rafe. EJ says they decided to wait until tomorrow as they are hoping for improvement in Rafe's condition. EJ mentions Allie and Sydney both staying with friends tonight. Marlena goes ahead and volunteers to take Johnny. EJ mentions the wedding but Kristen doesn't want to talk about it and says all that matters to her is Will being alright.

Daniel goes to the DiMera Mansion and tells Brady that Will is going to be okay. Brady feels weird about feeling happy. Daniel declares that they need to go celebrate Brady's last night of freedom and refuses to take no for an answer.

Kristen sits on the bed with her wedding dress until there's a knock at the door and Jennifer arrives with a box of pizza and a bottle of wine. Kristen is surprised. Jennifer asks who she thought it would be. Kristen claims no one. Jennifer talks about knowing she didn't want to go out tonight and says if Billie was there then it would be perfect. Jennifer then asks Kristen if she already had plans.

Sami and Lucas rejoin Sonny. Sonny says Arianna is doing great. Sonny decides to go back and sit with Will for a little longer. Lucas asks Sami where EJ went. Sami says he wanted to give them time as a family. They talk about Will being okay. Lucas says he will be a terrific dad to a terrific kid. They toast to being grandparents.

Sonny sits at Will's bedside and holds his hand as he tells him that he loves him more and more every day and they will have an amazing life together.

Hope sits with Ciara at the coffeehouse. Hope tells her how much she loves her and that Bo does too. Hope adds that she knows Ciara wishes Bo was there and that she didn't have to work so much. Ciara explains that she thought they would never go to the zoo together if Hope saw the letter since she works so much. Hope understands and tells her she's right. Ciara says she's not the only one who does bad things as Johnny does too. Ciara informs Hope that Johnny took something from her. Hope asks what he took but Ciara says it doesn't matter. Hope agrees and says it's not about Johnny. Ciara says she understands.

Kristen tells Jennifer that she didn't have any plans but chores but might as well have fun while she can. Jennifer offers to help. Kristen says she's helping just by being there as she can celebrate with her friend. Jennifer calls the dress beautiful and the necklace perfect. Jennifer says she has something new, borrowed, and blue but needs something old. Kristen says she's not superstitious. Jennifer tells her that this day has been a long time coming for her and she deserves to be as happy as anyone. Kristen says she can tell Brady's family that. Jennifer says it may not be the wedding they imagined but she and Daniel are proud to stand up for them and it will be perfect. Kristen then tells her to stop.

Sonny comes out and tells Sami and Lucas that Eric is there. Sami mentions asking Eric to perform a sacrament. Sami goes to join Eric in Will's room. Sonny says he's going to grab a bite and asks Lucas if he wants anything. Lucas says he has something to tell him before he goes.

Jennifer asks Kristen if she's having second thoughts. Kristen says she isn't but is worried about things going wrong. Kristen says they considered postponing until they heard Will was okay. Jennifer tells Kristen about JJ being home. Kristen asks if everything is okay. Jennifer says it's nothing she wants to talk about tonight.

Abigail tells JJ that the only reason Daniel has Jennifer is because Jack is gone. JJ thinks Jack sounded miserable every time they talked in their last few months. Abigail says to blame her and not Daniel since she had a tough time with how he left them. Abigail says she and Jennifer loved Jack and he would've seen if he had been there. JJ questions if she's blaming him. Abigail says it's no one's fault as they all loved and miss Jack. Abigail tells him that he can't keep torturing himself over it. She adds that it's not what Jack would want. JJ asks if he would want it to be this easy for everyone. Abigail says it hasn't been easy for anyone. JJ tells her to go hang out with her own doctor as he doesn't want to hold her back from moving on.

Kristen asks Jennifer if she's sure everything is okay with JJ. Jennifer says she's sure it will be. Kristen calls her a great mom. Kristen talks about how she can't have kids but Brady offered to adopt. Jennifer calls it great and says she's so happy for her. Kristen holds back tears. Jennifer asks what's wrong. Kristen says she's just a mess and decides maybe this wasn't a good idea. Jennifer apologizes but Kristen says it was such a sweet idea but she thinks she needs to be alone. Jennifer understands and tells her to call if she needs anything. Jennifer exits. Kristen sits back down and cries.

Daniel and Brady sit together at the town square after spending time at the batting cages. Brady recalls how he used to go with John. Brady then says if John can't be happy for them then he should leave them alone. Brady says he knows John believes in marriage so after tomorrow he will have to realize that he will never be able to split them up.

John saves a text message to send to Brady to meet him at Kristen's hotel room. John sits on the bench outside the town square and removes his wedding ring.

JJ's friend meets with him and says he has the stuff and is ready to have some fun as they walk off together.

Lucas sits with Sonny and tells him he wishes he could take back some stuff he said when he and Will first got together. Sonny calls it ancient history. Lucas says he knows Sonny's good for Will but after today, he realizes just how much he loves him. Sonny states that he loves Will like he's never loved anybody. Lucas says that's why there's no one he would rather see Will with than him.

Sami sits at Will's bedside and talks about him being a dad now. Sami says no matter what, he will always be her perfect baby boy. Sami kisses him and cries at his side.

EJ talks with Stefano at home. Stefano says he heard Will is going to be fine. EJ brings up the wedding actually happening and toasts to the event of the season.

Marlena finishes a call as Johnny was looking at the photo of Kristen and Sy that he stole. Johnny puts it away and Marlena asks what it was. Johnny tells her that he did a bad thing.

Brady and Daniel eat together at the town square as Jennifer joins them. Brady thought the girls would be talking for hours. Jennifer says Kristen wanted her beauty rest. Brady hates to think of her alone in the hotel and doesn't want to go back to the Mansion so he has time before midnight. Brady decides he just wants to see Kristen one last time before the wedding so he thinks he's going to go surprise her.

Kristen sits in her room with a glass of wine as there's a knock at the door. She answers the door to see John.

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