Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 5/22/13

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 5/22/13


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Gabi gives birth to Arianna Grace but doesn't hear any crying and begins to worry. Sonny looks back at her as Gabi worries about why she doesn't hear anything.

Nick cries that Jensen is not even human and preys on innocent people. Nick says Jensen humiliated him in prison. Nick cries that Will was innocent. Jensen says if Nick won't shut up then he'll have to shut him up. Nick says he can kill him but one day he'll have to pay for all the horrible things he's done. Hope then bursts in and fires her gun.

Sami tells Kate that she knows how she operates. Sami believes Rafe dumped her and Kate decided to get revenge. Kate doesn't want to listen to her but Sami continues accusing her. Kate then slaps Sami and calls her a rotten bitch. Kate says Sami has no idea what Rafe means to her. Sami then realizes Kate loves him. Kate says she broke it off. Sami says Kate broke it off because she realized she was falling in love with him.

EJ hands Justin three envelopes which he calls the last three nails in Stefano's coffin. Justin looks at them and realizes EJ really wants to leave Stefano with absolutely nothing. EJ says that's the plan.

Gabi freaks out about the baby not crying as Sonny doesn't know what to do.

Hope's shot killed Jensen. Nick yells that Will was shot and asks if he's dead. Hope checks on Will and calls in for paramedics. Hope and Nick try to wake Will up. Will's eyes open as Hope tries to get him to stay with her.

Sonny works on baby Arianna and she begins crying. Sonny hands her to Gabi. Gabi cries that she's perfect and thanks Sonny.

Hope tries to keep Will conscious as Nick encourages that he will be okay. Two cops arrive and they untie Nick. Nick tells Will that he will be okay. Will is able to ask where Sonny and Gabi are. Nick explains that they got out while Will tried to help him. The officers go to find them. Hope tries to get Will to hang on.

Gabi wonders why Will and Nick haven't caught up to them yet. Sonny insists that they must have gotten away. Gabi worries that if they got hurt. Sonny assures her that they are fine. Sonny encourages her to stay calm. The cops call out to identify themselves that they are out of danger.

Hope and Nick stay with Will as paramedics arrive. Hope tell them that Jensen is dead. The medics check on Will and note that he's fading and they will have to bring him to the OR immediately as they don't have time to try and stabilize him. Hope tells Nick that he will have to help her out. Nick says Will saved his life.

Justin notes that EJ gave him three of the most respected names on Wallstreet and they signed over their proxies to EJ. Justin talks about them always voting with Stefano's interest. EJ talks about the leverage. EJ declares they will be putting Stefano out to pasture.

Sami follows Kate out of the coffeehouse continuing to accuse her of falling in love with Rafe. Kate brings up Sami throwing Rafe's love away to jump in bed with EJ. Sami calls it complicated. Kate calls her an opportunistic bitch. Sami says she will apologize to Rafe when he wakes up but she will never apologize to Kate.

Maxine and Daniel talk at the hospital. Maxine notes that Eric is in with Rafe. Maxine gets a call and says she'll get Daniel on it. She tells Daniel they are bringing in a gunshot victim.

Will is stretchered out as Jensen's body has been covered. Hope gets Nick and they exit the shed.

Sonny covers Gabi to keep her warm and tells her they are sending a medical helicopter to get them back to Salem. Gabi asks about Will and Nick. Sonny says the investigation is under way and they are out of danger. Gabi asks about not hearing a helicopter.

Lucas exits the Pub and runs into Marlena. Marlena mentions meeting with Sami. Lucas talks about Sami's engagement to EJ. Lucas thinks Sami is traumatized by becoming a grandmother so she's flying off the rails more than usual. Marlena disagrees but Lucas wonders why else she would be marrying a DiMera. Marlena says she tries to support all of Sami's decisions but this one defies analysis. Marlena says they love her and want her happy and agree it's better than Sami being unhappy. Lucas says he'll see her around and to tell Sami he says hi. Marlena agrees to as Lucas walks away.

Kate tells Sami that she doesn't want an apology but a promise that Sami and EJ will get married and leave Rafe alone. Sami calls her life a dream come true but says she'll always care about Rafe and want him to stay away from people like Kate. Sami then gets a call from Hope.

Justin asks EJ if he doesn't think Stefano will see this coming. EJ notes that Stefano is distracted so he will slip up. EJ then reveals to Justin that Kate was having an affair with Rafe. EJ adds that Stefano may have moved on but he didn't take kindly to Kate moving on. EJ then gets a call from Sami, who tells EJ that Will has been hurt and rushed to the hospital. Sami tells EJ that Will has been shot as Kate is on the phone nearby.

Will is brought into the hospital. Nick and Hope arrive. Maxine assures them that he'll be okay. Maxine reveals that Gabi is on her way in as she had the baby. Daniel takes Maxine to prepare Will for surgery.

Hope talks on the phone about waiting on Will's condition. Gabi is brought in with baby Arianna and Sonny. Maxine congratulates her and takes Arianna for a checkup. Gabi sees Nick and calls out to him. Nick runs up and hugs her. Gabi says it's incredible and Sonny delivered the baby. Nick is thankful that she's okay. Gabi asks where Will is. Sonny asks what happened. Hope reveals that Will is in surgery. Gabi notices blood on Will and Hope informs them that he's been shot. Gabi asks if he's okay. Hope says they have to wait and hear from Daniel as Sonny holds back tears. Maxine comes back and says they have to take Gabi to be checked on. Hope promises to tell her any updates on Will.

Daniel begins Will's surgery.

Gabi is wheeled into the exam room. She asks about the baby. Maxine says she's being checked out but will be brought to her. Gabi asks about Will being brought in and where he was shot. Maxine isn't sure and tells her that Daniel will take care of him. Maxine hugs her and says she will pray for him. Gabi says to pray for Sonny too.

Sami and Kate arrive at the hospital. Sami rushes to Sonny asking what happened. Sonny tells her about the surgery. Lucas joins them asking what happened. Sonny and Hope reveal that Will was shot by a man that was sick who is now dead and he was someone that knew Nick in prison. Sami goes after Nick and attacks him, screaming about him having Will set up to try and have him killed to keep him away from the baby. Sami questions what Nick did to Will. Nick blames himself as Sami screams about it being Nick's fault. EJ and Justin arrive. EJ asks what's going on. Sami screams about Nick hiring an ex con to take out Will. Hope explain that the man was trying to kill Nick but Will saved his life. Hope tells her that Sonny and Will came to help Nick and Gabi. Sami asks about Gabi. Hope explains that she's with Maxine after giving birth. Sami asks questions about the baby's birth.

The nurse tells Gabi that everything looks fine. Gabi says she's feeling okay and is very lucky. The nurse encourages Gabi that Will is in very good hands. Gabi asks about Rafe. She tells her that there's no change but she can get an update. Gabi thanks her and wants to see her baby to know she's alright.

Hope continues explaining that Nick knew the attacker from prison and he came after Nick. Hope says Rafe's attack was a mistake meant for Nick. Sami calls it a mistake that put Rafe in a coma and now Will is in surgery. EJ wonders how long it will be before they get news. Hope adds that Nick was tied up and Will refused to leave him even after Gabi got out. Hope says that's who Will is. Hope tells Justin about Sonny delivering Gabi's baby. Hope calls Sonny a hero. EJ suggests Sami go meet her granddaughter. Kate suggests they all go meet her together so her and Lucas follow.

Gabi holds baby Arianna and talks to her. Maxine comments on how beautiful she is. Gabi says it felt like a dream but it's real. Sami, Kate, and Lucas enter and join Gabi in looking at Arianna. Gabi tells them that she is fine. Lucas tells her she did a great job. Gabi credits Sonny for being there.

Justin talks with Sonny as Nick remains seated nearby. Hope finishes a call and tells EJ that she was wrong this time for accusing him of Rafe's attack. EJ tells her not to worry and it's fine. EJ isn't surprised since every time something happens he and Stefano get the finger pointed at them. Hope calls that unfair. EJ says he's only thinking about Will and talks about Will's life being made a living hell the last few months by Nick. EJ hopes Will recovers and is able to spend some time with his daughter. Justin talks with Sonny and says Adrienne is on her way home. Sonny talks about leaving Will and he got shot. Justin tells him how he was there to deliver Gabi's baby. They call it hard to believe. Sonny talks about not knowing what to do and how the experience was. Sonny says he saw Will in the baby's face. Justin hugs Sonny and assures that he will be alright.

Daniel continues working on Will in surgery.

Gabi lets Sami hold baby Arianna. Sami calls her perfect and so loved as Kate and Lucas look on.

Sonny and Nick continue waiting for an update as Will remains in surgery.

Sonny goes into the waiting room with Justin. Sonny talks about tragedies that happen every day and then being a part of one. Justin encourages him that he won't lose Will. Sonny talks about living ordinary days and everything they share together. Justin knows it would be unbearable for him to lose Will and says Will would feel the same way which will give him the will to live and he will fight like hell to get back to him. Sonny thanks him as they exit the room.

Daniel finishes the surgery.

Vargas arrives at the hospital and asks Hope if it's true that Jensen is really dead. Hope says this would all be different if she got there a minute earlier. Vargas tells her it all worked out so she doesn't have to blame herself. Hope stops him. Vargas asks about Nick. Hope tells him to see for himself so Vargas approaches and sits with Nick. Vargas warns him that it doesn't change anything between them and he still has to keep his mouth shut. Vargas tells him to look at him when he talks to him. Maxine comes out and approaches Sonny.

Marlena joins Sami, Lucas, and Kate with Gabi. Daniel enters with a nurse and announces that Will is okay. Daniel says the surgery went well and he probably won't awake until tomorrow but they are expecting a full recovery. Sami wants to see him. Daniel takes Sami and Lucas to his office real quick. Gabi tells Arianna that her dad will be okay. Gabi then asks a nurse to help her find her husband.

Sonny is ecstatic about Will and wants to see him. Maxine starts to say only family but calls it a stupid rule and sends Sonny to Will's room. Maxine comments on if someone's going to report her to the board for it. EJ tells her that he will, to tell them to give her a raise. Nick calls it a hell of a break. Vargas tells Nick that Jensen is gone now and it's in the past. Vargas tells Nick that they will talk as Nick walks away and Vargas rejoins Hope. Hope talks about being relieved of the great news. Vargas notes that she still seems pretty sad. Hope sticks to blaming herself. Vargas tells her she did everything she could so she shouldn't beat herself up.

Sonny enters Will's room and sits at his bedside. Sonny holds his hand and tells him he's there.

Hope calls Roman to tell him Will is going to be fine and will make a full recovery. Justin leaves a message for Adrienne to call him, saying their son is a hero and it's all good. EJ finishes a call. Maxine tells EJ where to find Sami. EJ appreciates it but thinks it's best if he steps back to allow Sami to be with Will's father right now. Maxine calls it decent of him and walks away. Justin and EJ exchange looks. EJ then says to himself that decency is fleeting.

Marlena and Kate hold baby Arianna. They joke about being great grandmothers. Kate takes a picture of Arianna to send to Billie. Gabi smiles as she watches them. Marlena asks for a picture too. Kate jokes that she will end up sending it to everyone. The nurse returns and tells Gabi that she can't find Nick.

Nick walks out of the town square and holds back tears as he slouches down against the wall.

Marlena gives Arianna back to Gabi as she and Kate look on with smiles.

Sonny tells Will that he should've stayed with him. Sami and Lucas enter as Sonny says from now on they are together no matter what. Sonny kisses Will's hand as Sami holds back tears.

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