Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 5/21/13

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 5/21/13


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Will continues trying to cut the tie on Nick. Jensen returns so Will hides. Jensen notices Gabi is gone and demands to know where she went. Jensen says he's not happy and he knows what happens when he gets unhappy. Jensen says Nick will save himself a lot of pain by telling him where she is.

Sonny and Gabi continue going through the woods. Gabi worries about Will and Nick not being behind them. Sonny starts to go back to look for them but Gabi announces the baby is coming now!

Daniel plays with Parker at the Kiriakis Mansion. Abigail enters and says she came to return a mixer to Maggie. Daniel mentions Maggie watching Parker tonight while he's at the hospital. Abigail mentions watching Parker next when Daniel attends Brady and Kristen's wedding. Abigail talks about how JJ was when he was little. Daniel asks to talk to her about something. He asks if she thinks JJ is happy to be home.

Jennifer comes home and finds JJ in the living room. She asks about his run. He says it was fine. Jennifer comments on how nice it was of Daniel to lend him his mp3 player. Jennifer offers to return it to him. JJ thinks back to telling Daniel it broke and then tells Jennifer that he already returned it.

Justin runs into Kate outside the Pub. He mentions hearing about Rafe. Kate says she was just with him at the hospital and he's the same. Kate talks about finding Rafe but they have no suspects which means a member of the DiMera family will get off free.

Sami says they have the rest of their lives but think it's a good idea to work towards absolute trust. Sami thinks EJ should start by telling her who he was talking to on the phone. EJ doesn't want to argue but Sami wants the truth.

Jensen tells Nick it won't make any difference because he's not going anywhere and neither is Gabi. Jensen demands to know where Gabi is. Nick says this is between them and tells him to leave Gabi out of it. Jensen assumes they had help to get Gabi out. Nick says he told them to take off. Jensen tells Nick that Gabi won't get anywhere fast and Nick isn't going anywhere.

Sonny freaks out over Gabi having the baby. Gabi announces her water broke and she's having the baby.

Vargas tells Hope that he doesn't know how he can help. Hope asks if Jensen knows anyone else and wants to know why he'd beat up Rafe. Vargas says he told her everything he knows. Hope blames herself.

Sonny freaks out over the baby. Gabi admits she's been having mini contractions all day. Gabi worries about Nick and Will but Sonny says they have to go so they hurry on.

Jensen tells Nick not to worry as they have a couple of hours until the next ferry comes so he has plenty of time to take care of him. Jensen tells Nick that anyone who has anything to do with him is a part of this now like Rafe getting beat up because he thought he was Nick. Jensen says after this, he has to make sure Rafe doesn't come out of his coma. Nick asks why he keeps hurting people when he's out of prison and could start new. Jensen says he will after he finishes getting rid of the trash from his old life. Will remains hidden in the back as Jensen stands over Nick.

Daniel tells Abigail that he just wants to understand the situation. Abigail says she hated boarding school but JJ loved it. She mentions it being the first time JJ's been home since Jack died. Abigail talks about her and Jennifer going through it together while JJ wasn't there for so it must be shocking to him that Jack is really gone. Daniel understands it's tough but says JJ is lucky to have Abigail and Jennifer.

Jennifer asks JJ if he talked to Daniel at all. JJ says he didn't because he seemed busy and he doesn't think Daniel is too happy with him since the mp3 player broke. Jennifer wonders if she can get it repaired. Jennifer gets a text so JJ decides to leave but Jennifer says he has to tell her where he's going.

Justin asks Kate if she really thinks Stefano attacked Rafe. Kate thinks it was EJ because of Sami and she calls Rafe being the obstacle in their relationship. Justin finds it hard to believe since Rafe is a cop. Kate points out that EJ is the only criminal Rafe never put behind bars so she thinks he's trying to make sure it never happens.

EJ tells Sami that he's tired of defending himself. Sami believes him but still wants to know who he was talking to on the phone. Sami says that will make him look guilty. EJ doesn't care and refuses to tell her. Sami questions what this all means and why she's wearing the ring.

Sonny brings Gabi to a shed to have the baby. Sonny tries to calm her down and lays her down on the floor. Gabi complains as Sonny tries to encourage her to breathe. Gabi cries out wondering where Nick is.

Nick tells Jensen that he has him and he's the one he hates. Jensen looks out the door and comments on Gabi being out there all alone and scared. Jensen brings up Nick not telling Gabi anything about them like how he took care of him and reminds him how close they were. Nick yells at him to shut up.

JJ tells Jennifer that he just wants to take a walk. Jennifer argues that he just went running. JJ asks if she thinks he's going to smoke some weed. JJ assures her that he didn't smoke anything during school. Jennifer brings up him getting expelled. He tells her that he signed up for summer school like she wanted. Jennifer gets a call but tells JJ not to leave before they get to talk.

EJ tells Sami that he gave her the ring because he loves her and wants to marry her and would do anything for her. Sami wants him to be honest. EJ says he's not being dishonest, he's just choosing not to tell her something she doesn't need to know. EJ tells her that she wouldn't be satisfied and would just want to keep knowing more. Sami reminds him that she's going to be his wife and he should want to tell her things. EJ apologizes and says he can't but he will. EJ says he would never do anything to hurt or disappoint her and they kiss.

Vargas tells Hope not to blame herself and says someone should have notified her about Jensen. Hope suggests she should've been a better mother. Hope says several lives are at risk now unless Vargas figures out a way to help.

Sonny and Gabi talk about Jensen. Sonny encourages her that Nick and Will can outsmart Jensen and find them. Gabi tells him that he doesn't have to act like he doesn't hate her because she would hate herself too.

Nick tells Jensen to shut up and just kill him if he wants. Jensen blames him for his three months of solitary. Jensen says he couldn't figure out why Nick turned on him. Nick claims not to have understood how things worked. Jensen says he told him how they worked the very first day he saw him and told him what they could do for each other. Jensen said Nick did it and put up a good fight but after beating him a few times, Nick fell right into line. Nick talks about wanting to beat his brains in every time. Will grabs a tool from a shelf nearby.

Jennifer tells JJ that she loves him and wants him to talk to her. Abigail then comes in with Daniel. Jennifer is glad he's there as she had something to tell him. She tells him that they are going to get the mp3 player fixed. JJ tells her it's ruined and got smashed. He claims it was an accident. Jennifer tells Daniel that they will buy him a new one then and JJ will earn money to do it. Daniel tells him he doesn't have to do that. JJ thanks him but adds that there's something else. JJ then reveals that Parker's train set is toast.

Sami goes to the coffeehouse and runs into Kate. Sami says she's looking for Will. Kate reveals that Will is supposed to meet her there. Sami asks where he is. Kate doesn't know as she got his voicemail. Sami notes not getting to talk to Will since Rafe's attack. Kate blames EJ for it.

EJ meets with Justin outside of the town square. EJ tells him that they have a bit of a situation and tells him about Hope and Sami knowing about their phone call but not that it was with him. EJ explains that they think he ordered Rafe's attack because of the call. Justin then asks if he did.

Hope tells Vargas to tell her what he remembers about Jensen. Vargas recalls Jensen saying he liked working on the docks and mentions an island with a warehouse. Hope realizes it's Smith Island. She thanks him and rushes out.

Sonny continues trying to prepare Gabi. Gabi cries about hating what she did to Melanie. Sonny says people go crazy sometimes. Gabi cries about losing everything. Gabi worries about Nick and Will as she starts to begin pushing for the baby.

Jensen tells Nick it won't make a difference as it's time to put him out of his misery and he can take care of Gabi on his way back. Nick cries as Jensen aims the gun at him. Jensen talks about shooting Gabi and the baby too. Will comes out from behind and hits Jensen with a tool, knocking the gun out of his hand.

Jennifer asks JJ what happened to Parker's train set. JJ claims he turned it on to see how it worked but he forgot it was on and the motors must have burned out. Jennifer questions him. Jennifer tells him to get a job to buy a new train set and an mp3 player. JJ tells Daniel that he's sorry. Daniel tells him not to worry about it and he'll buy a new one. Abigail suggests she and JJ go take a walk so he agrees and they exit together.

EJ asks Justin if he's seriously asking him if he was behind Rafe's attack. Justin brings up his track record. EJ assures him that he had nothing to do with it. EJ adds that he doesn't think Stefano did either. Justin wonders who it was then. EJ assumes it could be an ex con looking for payback. Justin talks about EJ needing to say it was him on the phone to clear himself but EJ says no one can know about their association and no one will stop him from taking Stefano down.

Hope arrives on Smith Island in the woods with two cops and they began to search for Jensen.

Sonny and Gabi prepare for the baby. Sonny tries to encourage her about Arianna being born as Gabi begins to push.

Will punches Jensen repeatedly. Jensen grabs him and they struggle. Will grabs him from behind as Nick tries to reach the gun. Jensen fights back with punches. Will takes him down to the ground and then they both grab the gun. They struggle over the gun until it goes off as Nick screams for Will.

JJ and Abigail walk through the town square as Abigail comments on him breaking an mp3 player and destroying a train set in one day. He tells her to back off. Abigail wants JJ to give Daniel a chance as he's a cool guy. JJ complains about Daniel being in the picture before Jack even died. JJ blames Jennifer being with Daniel for not knowing when Jack was held captive. JJ admits he misses Jack. Abigail says she does too every day and she hugs him.

Sami tells Kate that EJ had nothing to do with what happened to Rafe. Sami questions Kate just happening to leave the Pub in time to rescue Rafe. Sami doesn't believe that Kate broke up with Rafe and insists that Rafe dumped Kate. Kate questions Sami if she thinks she hired someone to attack Rafe. Kate calls her insane.

Hope searches the woods with her gun and flashlight until she hears Gabi's screams and runs in that direction.

Gabi pushes for the baby and tells Sonny to look. Sonny can see the top of the baby's head.

Will collapses to the ground after being shot. Nick screams that Jensen killed him. Jensen says he got in the way as Nick calls out to Will who remains unconscious.

Jennifer talks about JJ getting expelled and not knowing what to believe. Jennifer blames herself for not bringing JJ home sooner. She assures him that the boy who broke Daniel's things is not the real JJ. She insists Daniel will see the man he really is and they will hit it off as she hugs Daniel.

Abigail talks to JJ about Jack dying trying to help her and she blamed herself for a long time. JJ talks about imagining Jack was on another adventure. Abigail is glad he's home and promises that it gets better. A guy walks by and JJ acknowledges him as someone he met while signing up for summer school. He tells Abigail that he has to go ask him about classes and goes to him. Abigail watches on looking concerned.

Justin asks EJ why Stefano is so interested if he didn't have Rafe attacked. EJ tells him not to worry and it could work out in their favor. EJ says that's not why he wanted to see him anyways. EJ hands Justin three envelopes which he calls the last three nails in Stefano's coffin.

Sami tells Kate that she knows how she operates. Sami believes Rafe dumped her and Kate decided to get revenge. Kate doesn't want to listen to her but Sami continues accusing her. Kate then slaps Sami.

Nick cries that Jensen is not even human and preys on innocent people. Nick says Jensen humiliated him in prison. Nick cries that Will was innocent. Jensen says if Nick won't shut up then he'll have to shut him up. Nick says he can kill him but one day he'll have to pay for all the horrible things he's done. Hope then bursts in and fires her gun.

Gabi gives birth to Arianna Grace but doesn't hear any crying and begins to worry. Sonny looks back at her as Gabi worries about why she doesn't hear anything.

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