Days of Our Lives Update Monday 5/20/13

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 5/20/13


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Hope talks on the phone in her office about never receiving an envelope about a prisoner's release. Ciara watches on and looks at the envelope she hid on the shelf behind Hope.

Jensen tells Nick to let Gabi know who he is and that he gets what he wants. Nick asks him to let Gabi go but he tells Nick to shut up. Will and Sonny come around the corner and stop when they see them.

Stefano is informed that Kate just arrived at the hospital and he gets upset.

Kate enters the hospital asking Maxine if there's any change with Rafe but there isn't. She asks to see him but Maxine tells her it's not possible.

Sami sits in the coffeehouse EJ asks what's wrong. Sami wants him to be straight with her and asks him if he had something to do with what happened to Rafe. Sami reveals that she knows about EJ's phone call and explains what Gabi over heard. EJ says that the phone call is what happened. EJ comments on her being on edge. Sami questions if he thinks it's funny. EJ says he does not. Sami explains how she was defending him to Hope when Gabi arrived. Sami calls this evidence incredibly damning. EJ calls it nothing. Sami argues that Hope and Gabi both think he's guilty. EJ doesn't care what they think. Sami asks what about her and wants to know who he was on the phone with. EJ tells her to go to hell and exits. Sami follows after him.

Hope talks to a cop about delivering the envelope and how he should have delivered it to her as it was about the release of a murderer. He mentions telling Ciara about it. Ciara shouts that he's lying and didn't tell her anything.

Gabi points out that she's pregnant. Nick argues that she didn't do anything. Jensen says he doesn't want to hurt the baby and he demands their cell phones to avoid distractions. Nick hands over their phones as Jensen says he's taking them somewhere private. He walks them off. Will says it was weird and says they looked scared. Sonny wants to call 911 but Will decides they have to follow them to find out what's really going on.

Chad works at the coffeehouse as Abigail arrives. Chad thanks her for coming. Abigail asks if he needs her to help work. Chad says since she didn't take any tips last time so he bought her a motorcycle helmet. Abigail thanks him. Chad talks about wanting her to go riding with him again. Cameron enters and asks about the helmet.

Kate tries to convince Maxine let her see Rafe. Maxine says there's a technician in there now so she can't but she will let her know when she can. Maxine adds that Gabi made sure Kate was on the list so she will let her know as soon as she can see Rafe. Kate thanks Maxine and comments on them being a team for Rafe.

EJ returns home to the Mansion. Sami follows him in and screams about EJ walking away from her. Sami says she has every right to ask him that question and he can't shut her out. EJ shouts back that she's just accusing him of attempted murder.

Hope asks for a minute alone with Ciara and sends the cop to call Statesville to get any information about Jensen's prison release. She also wants the footprint checked out. Hope asks Ciara for the truth. Ciara shouts that she wanted to go to the zoo and Hope is always working while Bo is gone. Hope needs the letter so Ciara shows her where she hid it. Hope opens the envelope and gets the information on Jensen.

Jensen walks Nick and Gabi to a spot in the woods. Gabi pleads but he tells her to be quiet. Nick argues that he can let Gabi go. Nick mentions that she can't tell anyone with no phone. Jensen talks about Nick never writing or calling. Nick explains to Gabi that they were in the same cell block in Statesville. Jensen thinks Nick thought he was too good. Will and Sonny hide nearby and watch. Nick argues that Jensen doesn't understand. Jensen complains about solitary confinement. Jensen says he's been counting down to this day. He tells Nick that he's lucky they picked a good day to die as he pulls his gun out and aims it at them.

Cameron comments on motorcycle accidents. Chad remarks about emergency room stories and then gets called back to work. Cameron asks Abigail if she thinks Chad is funny. Abigail thinks Cameron is jealous.

Hope finishes a phone call. Ciara thought they were going to eat but Hope tells her what she did was wrong. Hope gets another call about the footprint matching the crime scene. Hope makes another call that she needs to see someone now.

Nick and Gabi hold each other as Jensen aims the gun at them. Sonny can't get a phone signal. Will wants to do that but Sonny stops him and says they need a plan. Jensen wants Gabi to stop crying. Nick begs him to let Gabi go. Jensen hits Nick and knocks him down then orders him up. Jensen walks them further so Will and Sonny follow.

Maxine allows Kate to go see Rafe now. Kate thanks her. Maxine talks about seeing what people are really like by being a nurse. Maxine talks about Rafe having a good soul. Kate says they don't come around very often and goes to see him.

Sami yells about EJ always hating Rafe and that he has people at his disposal and knew where he would be. Sami demands an answer. EJ pleads the fifth. Sami brings up their history. Sami wants to know who was on the phone but EJ refuses as he thought they were trusting each other. EJ tells Sami that he's not going to tell her who he was on the phone with or what they were talking about. EJ informs Sami that she's right that he hates Rafe and always will.

Stefano arrives at the hospital. His contact comes by and tells Stefano that it's done and he now has full access to Rafe.

Cameron tells Abigail that he knows they are not exclusive but he doesn't want to think of someone he cares about on the back of a motorcycle. Cameron gets a call from the hospital and steps out.

Hope meets with Vargas at the rectory, asking for his help. Hope brings up Rafe's attack and shows Vargas the mugshot of Jensen. Vargas recognizes him and says he's the worst he met in prison and wonders why they would let him out in the first place.

Jensen walks Nick and Gabi into a shed where he used to work. He orders Gabi to tie Nick up so she does. He checks to make sure it's tight. Nick pleads for him not to hurt Gabi when his problem is with him and not her. Jensen then takes Gabi and ties her up with him. Jensen talks about Nick always bringing a third person into things. Will and Sonny arrive outside and look through the window listening in. Jensen comments that Gabi and Rafe can both identify him now. Sonny and Will try to come up with a plan. Sonny decides he will try and get him out for a few minutes. Will looks through the window. Jensen promises to make it quick for Gabi and for Rafe.

Kate sits at Rafe's bedside and wonders how this could happen. Stefano looks in the doorway.

Sami calls EJ a smug son of a bitch who is fully capable of doing this to Rafe. Sami brings up what Johnny said about missing Rafe. EJ admits he overheard it but also heard him say that he's great too. Sami wasn't sure. EJ screams that he's Johnny's father and not Rafe. EJ tells Sami to shut up and says she's insane if she thought he'd revisit the last four years by attacking Rafe. EJ tells Sami that she can get on the trainwreck because he's done. Sami stops him and demands to know if he did it. EJ refuses to answer. EJ says if Sami doesn't believe him then she can take off her ring and get out of his house.

Chad talks with Abigail about Sonny not getting back. Abigail asks if he needs help working. Chad says he's good. Chad mentions Cameron having to leave. Chad is glad he didn't tell him about the tickets he got since he was negative about motorcycles. Chad reveals he got VIP passes for before opening day to an amusement park. Chad says Cameron probably hates roller coasters too. Chad says he was going to take his friend but he got a date with a girl so he bailed on him. Abigail notes that she loves roller coasters. Chad asks if she wants to go with him. Abigail says yes. Chad agrees to pick her up on his motorcycle. Abigail then questions if this is a setup.

Kate tells Rafe that so many people love him and would do anything to bring him back. Kate says the doctors have done all they can do. Stefano continues listening from the doorway. Kate encourages Rafe to fight his way back and come back to her. Kate tells Rafe that he turned her life around. Kate says Rafe was not only her perfect lover but he gave her back her soul and her conscience and she wishes she could do the same for him. Stefano is angered by listening. Kate tells Rafe that all she can do is sit there and hold her hand and she doesn't care who sees because she needs him happy.

Sami questions EJ kicking her out. EJ says he's giving her a choice and if she doesn't believe him then he's already lost her. Sami realizes he didn't do it and then screams about him letting her believe it. EJ picks her up and kisses her and says she wouldn't shut up. Sami shouts that she's had enough but EJ then kisses her again and carries her up the stairs.

Hope talks to Vargas about Jensen's release. She explains that his conviction was overturned after the evidence was seized. Vargas can't believe Rafe is still alive since Jensen usually finishes what he starts. Hope says she has an APB out on Jensen but the trail has gone cold. Vargas then suggests Hope talk to Nick.

Gabi asks Jensen what reason he would have to try and kill Rafe. Jensen declares it was all Nick's fault. Jensen reveals that he was at the Pub when Gabi was on the phone with Rafe to get the muffins and he thought it was Nick she was talking to so he went to the alley and it was dark. Jensen says by the time he realized it wasn't Nick, he already did damage and then he saw that Rafe looked at him. Jensen says the beating he gave was enough to kill Rafe but he will take care of it as soon as he's done here. Nick tells Gabi that he's sorry. Jensen says Nick is sorry for a lot of things. Jensen hears a sound outside and goes to check but no one is there. Jensen says someone is out there and he saw them running through the woods. Jensen puts gags over Nick and Gabi's mouths. Jensen says he's going to give a real nice welcome to the friend they brought with them. Jensen goes to search as Will then rushes into the shed and removes the gags from Nick and Gabi. Will says they have to hurry before Jensen returns to kill them all. Will begins untying them.

Abigail recalls saying something about the amusement park to Chad before. Abigail thinks it's a date. Chad says he wouldn't do that. Chad's co-worker Jackie offers to go with Chad but Abigail suddenly insists on going. Abigail apologizes to Chad for acting that way. Chad assures her that it's not a date. Abigail thanks him and exits.

Stefano continues listening in as Kate tells Rafe that he's too good of a man to leave her feeling guilty. Kate expects Rafe to come back soon. Kate kisses Rafe on the cheek.

EJ and Sami kiss into bed and begin to undress.

Vargas explains to Hope that Jensen targeted Nick immediately in Statesville. Vargas says Nick was smart and found some protection then talked to the right people to get revenge. Vargas says Jensen was doing life and no one expected him to get out. Vargas tells Hope that Jensen beat Nick up similar to what happened to Rafe.

Sonny returns to the shed and says he just sent Jensen on a chase and he's right behind him. They try to untie Gabi and Nick. Nick argues for them to just get Gabi and leave him. They get Gabi untied so Sonny takes Gabi out of the shed. Will tries to untie Nick but Nick tells Will that now is his chance. Nick tells Will to leave him to die and no one will ever know if he just goes.

EJ and Sami continue kissing in bed. Sami apologizes for letting Hope and Gabi upset her. EJ says they have a long history of lying to each other so it will take a while to build up trust. Sami says they have the rest of their lives but think it's a good idea to work towards absolute trust. Sami thinks EJ should start by telling her who he was talking to on the phone.

Sonny and Gabi travel through the woods and worry about Jensen being behind them.

Nick tells Will that Jensen will kill him and it's not his fight. Will says he pointed a gun at Gabi and his unborn child so it became his fight.

Hope can't get a hold of Nick and Gabi. She and Vargas worry that Jensen may have them. Hope wants Vargas to tell her anything that could help her find them before it's too late.

Will continues trying to cut the tie on Nick. Jensen returns so Will hides. Jensen notices Gabi is gone and demands to know where she went. Jensen says he's not happy and he knows what happens when he gets unhappy. Jensen says Nick will save himself a lot of pain by telling him where she is.

Sonny and Gabi continue going through the woods. Gabi worries about Will and Nick not being behind them. Sonny starts to go back to look for them but Gabi announces the baby is coming now!

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