Days of Our Lives Update Friday 5/17/13

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 5/17/13


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Ciara is in the town square with her backpack. She pulls out the envelope with the picture of Kristen with Sy inside. Nicole approaches and asks what she has.

Brady finds Marlena outside the Pub and asks her what's wrong. Marlena asks why and if he can fix it by making the last three months disappear. Brady says he's sorry but Marlena says she doesn't care and doesn't care to discuss it with him. Marlena starts to walk away but Eric arrives and notices she's been crying so he hugs her.

John tells Kristen that there's trouble in her paradise too. Kristen accuses him of spying on them. John comments on her flowers and asks about her wedding. Kristen mocks him for spying on his son. John asks if she just dumped Brady or if she's still going to marry him tomorrow.

Nick walks to the alley looking around. Vargas arrives and startles him. Vargas asks what he has for him. Nick gives him a bag and Vargas looks inside.

Hope finishes a call and tells Gabi that Rafe is still stable. Hope asks Gabi more about EJ's call. She explains that he had been checking his phone constantly and then he said "Is it done? Good." Gabi thinks that means EJ had Rafe beaten since he was meeting with Rafe then. Sami argues that it doesn't mean EJ did it. Hope surprises them by agreeing with Sami since whoever did this was trying to kill Rafe and not just hurt him.

EJ asks a nurse at the hospital about Rafe's condition but she says she can only tell family. EJ reminds her of the help his family has given the hospital and convinces her. She tells him that there has been no change and goes to check a patient. EJ looks around the hospital as the man who had arrived with flowers turns the corner and they exchange looks.

Ciara tells Nicole that what she has is private and puts it away. Caroline then joins Ciara with Johnny and Nicole greets her.

John talks about making Kristen uncomfortable. She tells him to go away. John says he would but they both know it's not what she really wants.

Sami talks to Gabi about all the business calls EJ takes in a day. Gabi brings up how much EJ hates Rafe and that he's tried to kill him before. Sami says everything is different now. Gabi points out that not long ago Sami and Rafe were together and happy then all of a sudden she's with EJ. Gabi says that Rafe tries to protect her and then Nicole and EJ attacks him. Gabi brings up what EJ has done to her family and reminds her that Rafe put his life on the line to save Sami and Sydney. Gabi questions if the DiMera money and power is more important to her than Sami's life and she asks if that's why she wants EJ to get away with murder.

The man at the hospital walks away and EJ follows after him.

Sonny and Will talk at the coffeehouse about Nick's alibi. They say it checks out and it looks like he couldn't have beaten Rafe. Will asks if Sonny thinks Nick is capable of this violence. Sonny brings up Nick's past with Melanie and prison. Sonny says they don't know what Nick would do.

Nick tells Vargas the money's all there. Vargas is impressed and offers him some for commission. Vargas tells him to buy something for his baby. Nick starts to leave and says they are done but Vargas stops him. Vargas says it was just a few days work for him while he kept him alive. Vargas says it was a good start but they aren't close to finished as Vargas walks away.

Johnny plays with Ciara as Caroline and Nicole sit together. Caroline talks about babysitting the kids. She asks Nicole about Rafe. Nicole talks about seeing him but knowing he couldn't know she was there. Caroline talks about violence in the world. Nicole talks about Eric giving the sacrament for the sick to Rafe. Nicole says Eric is so good and helps so many people. She adds that she doesn't know what she would've done if he wasn't at the hospital with her and she's glad he's back.

Eric, Marlena, and Brady talk in the Pub. Eric thought things had gotten better with Marlena and John. Marlena calls it the toughest time of their lives but says she isn't giving up. Marlena says the strangest part of the conflict is that it's centered around somebody so trivial. Eric offers to take Marlena home but she wants to see Caroline and ask about Rafe. Brady does too as he hasn't been to the hospital. Marlena remarks that Brady has been too busy making the biggest mistake of his life.

Kristen talks to John about burning their bridge. She asks John what he thinks she wants and she'll tell him if he's right.

Sonny reminds Will that Nick is a computer genius so he could make up a parking receipt. Sonny talks about how Nick looks guilty.

Nick goes to the hospital and asks a nurse for Gabi but she hasn't seen her. The nurse goes to look. Nick checks his phone until EJ approaches and greets him.

Sami continues to argue against EJ being Rafe's attacker. Gabi then blames herself because Rafe was near the alley after she asked him to bring her muffins. Sami tells her that she can't blame herself. Hope mentions that they didn't find any muffins at the scene. Sami questions the look on Gabi's face and asks what's wrong. Gabi says it's nothing and what's wrong is that the DiMeras had Rafe beaten up and no one is going to do anything about it. Gabi exits. Sami tells Hope that EJ swore he didn't do it. Hope brings up EJ's history of lies.

Marlena thinks there is something seriously wrong with Brady's situation. Brady blames John. Marlena thinks John is doing it out of love for him. Brady responds that he thinks John is jealous of what he and Kristen have. Marlena laughs at the idea. Brady questions John loving him and says love is patient and kind not envious, angry, or resentful. Brady suggests Marlena give up on John just like he has. Marlena decides she has to go and exits the Pub. Eric questions Brady kicking her when she's down. Brady says he was just telling the truth and is tired of the Kristen bashing. Eric tells Brady that he's full of it and should stop judging John when the same things could be said of him. Eric tells Brady that he thinks he's an idiot.

Caroline talks to Nicole about Sami idolizing Eric when they were younger and she's not surprised Sami fell for Rafe since she thinks Rafe and Eric are similar. They talk about them being great guys. Caroline jokes about thinking Sami is an idiot. Caroline tells Nicole that she's lucky to be just friends with Eric since that's much less complicated. Nearby, Johnny tells Ciara that he showed her his secret so he wants to know what's in her envelope.

Kristen says Brady loves her. John says they are talking about her and what she wants. Before she can answer, two kids run by playing with a ball. Kristen thinks back to losing her child as John gives the kids their ball back and they run off. Kristen grabs a folded piece of paper from her purse. John asks Kristen if she's alright. She says she's great. Kristen says there was hope for them long ago but it's dead and never coming back. Kristen says she did what she had to do and is now moving on. John doesn't believe she has moved on. John touches her arm and says Brady doesn't have to know. Kristen drops the paper behind her.

Hope tells Sami that Gabi is upset but it doesn't mean she's not right. Sami doesn't want to keep doing this. Hope questions believing EJ. Hope thinks Sami would buy EJ being innocent no matter what. Hope says she has to go get Ciara and keep her safe. Hope asks Sami if she's keeping her children safe as she exits the office. Sami repeats to herself that it wasn't and couldn't have been EJ.

Nick asks EJ what he's doing there. EJ says he just came from a board meeting as his family built most of the hospital. Nick says his family made it great. EJ comments that Nick looks better than when he threw him out of Sami's office. EJ says he only cares that Nick is looking after Gabi because she's carrying Will's baby. Nick reminds him of his arrangement with Will and says that matter is settled. Gabi then arrives at the hospital.

Sonny and Will talk about talking to either Hope or Gabi. Sonny decides he will go with Will to talk to Gabi.

Brady tells Eric that he didn't mean to hurt Marlena. Brady says he doesn't want to lose people he loves because of Kristen but he doesn't feel like he's pushing anyone away but that they are pulling away. Brady asks Eric to still come to the wedding to show the family that it's no big deal. Eric responds that he can't do that to Marlena. Eric apologizes and exits the Pub as Nicole arrives. Nicole joins Brady and asks what that was all about. Brady tells her she doesn't want to know and calls it a bad day. Nicole jokes about finding comfort in alcohol. Nicole insists that she wants to know but Brady doesn't want to talk. Nicole decides she will talk then. Nicole surprises him with a wedding gift. She asks if he's nervous about tomorrow and says he shouldn't be since it's not a big wedding. Nicole apologizes. Brady tells her not to be sorry as it's fine if John and Marlena don't want to see him get married so he doesn't care. She asks if Eric is coming. Brady decides he has to go and then exits the Pub. Nicole takes that as a no and notes that Brady left his gift. Nicole declares maybe she can get him something better.

Ciara tells Johnny that he can't see what's in the envelope because it's not for boys. Johnny tries to take it from her and they pull on it until Caroline interrupts. Ciara blames Johnny for trying to steal her stuff as she puts the envelope away.

Kristen slaps John and tells him that she's going to marry Brady tomorrow and nothing is going to stop her. Kristen then walks away leaving behind the dropped piece of paper. She says to herself that it was well played.

Nick asks Gabi where she was. Gabi asks about Rafe. Nick says he's the same. EJ tells Gabi to give him a call if she needs anything as he then walks away. Gabi questions why Nick was talking to EJ. Nick says EJ was just there and asks where Gabi was. Gabi reveals she was talking to Hope because she wanted to tell her something. Nick asks what she wanted to tell her. Gabi brings up nobody finding a bakery bag of muffins at the scene and Rafe was bringing them to her which were the same kind that Nick brought her. Nick asks if Rafe didn't make it to the bakery. Gabi mentions that Rafe had also told her he had something important to talk to her about that was about Nick. She asks if he knows what it is. Nick thinks back and then claims he has no idea. Nick asks if she thinks he had something to do with Rafe. Sonny and Will arrive and greet Gabi to ask about Rafe. Nick says he's the same and takes Gabi out to talk alone. The man with the flowers remains nearby and then stuffs the flowers in the trash before walking away.

Nicole joins Eric in the rectory. She mentions talking to Caroline. Nicole talks about everything Eric has done for her and she wants to return the favor. She asks if he's going to Kristen and Brady's wedding. Eric thinks back to arguing with Kristen about Marlena. Eric tells Nicole that he's not going.

John remains outside of the town square and says that went well. John starts to walk on but notices the folded paper Kristen dropped. John picks it up and reads that it's Kristen's confirmation for a room at the Salem Inn.

Hope picks up Ciara. Johnny says goodbye and then smiles.

Brady returns home to the DiMera Mansion. Kristen greets him with kisses and talks about wanting to marry him and being certain that tomorrow will be the happiest day of her life.

John looks at Kristen's hotel confirmation and wonders if it was an accident or if she dropped it for him on purpose. John decides it doesn't matter as either way he has what he needs.

Kristen asks Brady what's wrong. Brady mentions seeing John and thinks he was following him. Kristen admits she saw him too but claims she just ignored him. Kristen asks if John upset him again. Brady says it wasn't him but he found Marlena crying so John must have upset her. Brady says Marlena was a mess and she rarely is. Brady notes that Marlena refuses to give up on John. Kristen suggests maybe after their wedding, they'll fall back in love. John asks if that's what she wants. Kristen says she can be generous as she's about to get everything she ever wanted and kisses him.

Will tells Sonny that Nick and Gabi were a little off. They wonder what it was about and decide they should find out if they haven't gone far.

Nick and Gabi walk through the town square. Nick questions him attacking Rafe and stealing the muffins. Nick calls it just a coincidence as he passed by the bakery. Gabi says Rafe would only be going through that alley is if he came from the bakery. The man from the hospital approaches and says he recognized Nick, saying it's been awhile.

Sami sits in the coffeehouse thinking back to what Hope said and then thinks back to the history between EJ and Rafe. EJ then arrives at the coffeehouse and greets Sami with a kiss. EJ asks what's wrong. Sami wants him to be straight with her and asks him if he had something to do with what happened to Rafe.

Gabi recognizes the man from the Pub. He says he was there once but it's nice to be noticed. Nick says they have to go but he stops them and asks what the hurry is. He teases raising a gun as he tells Nick they have a lot of catching up to do and suggests they go somewhere more private. Gabi wonders what's going on. Nick refers to the man as Jensen. Nick tells her that they need to talk so he will catch up with her later. Jensen tells Nick that they don't have any secrets so they should let Gabi join them as he's sure she would love to hear everything he has to say.

Hope takes Ciara to her office. She complains about hating it there. Hope tells her it will only be a little while. Hope gets a call about Rafe's case. She says they have a few suspects and is told about a prisoner. She says she never received any paperwork on that. Ciara looks at an envelope in her bag.

Johnny sits in the Pub as he had switched Ciara's envelopes and he now has the picture of Kristen and Sy. Caroline and Marlena talk nearby.

Nicole asks Eric if he's sure about not going to the wedding since Brady is family and he'll only have Victor and Maggie. Eric tells her that Brady will be fine as he has Kristen.

Brady finishes a call saying he'll be there soon. He tells Kristen that he has to go but promises not to be long. Brady tells her not to change her mind while he's gone. They kiss and Brady then exits. Kristen says to herself that she won't change her mind because if she did then John and Marlena might end up back together and they can't have that.

John declares that after tonight, Brady and Kristen will be finished forever.

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