Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 5/16/13

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 5/16/13


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Kristen tells Brady that she's a DiMera and won't turn her back on her family so if he can't handle it then maybe they should just call the whole thing off.

Jennifer and Daniel kiss as JJ re-enters the house again. JJ comes in and comments on Daniel being there a lot.

Lucas and Sami are told by a nurse that Rafe is still critical. Sami hugs Lucas and says she can't lose him.

Someone is shown reading the newspaper with the headline about Rafe reading "Salem Cop Clings to Life"

Hope works in her office until Kate comes in and asks about Rafe. Hope tells her that he's still the same. Kate asks if they are any closer to finding who did it. Hope says no but she's going to get him. Hope wants to go over Kate's statement again. Kate says she'll do whatever she can to help but already told everything she knows. Hope says everything except the fact that she and Rafe were sleeping together.

Marlena questions if John wants a divorce. John thinks a clean break is best. Marlena brings up surviving everything Stefano did after they just got back together. John says things change. Marlena says the only thing that's changed is Kristen.

Brady tells Kristen that she can't mean it and says they are a day away from getting married and can't throw it away after one stupid fight. Brady says it doesn't make sense but Kristen says it makes all the sense in the world.

John tells Marlena that Kristen coming back was the start but they made choices that hurt them both and he wants it all to end. John tells Marlena that she deserves better. Marlena talks about John trying to push her away. Marlena says she never thought she'd say this but John disgusts her. Marlena says she fell in love with a man of action but now he does nothing. Marlena says she can't even look at him and then walks away.

Kristen tells Brady that they got swept up in their feelings and didn't pay enough attention to the reality. Brady insists they are in the love. Kristen talks about the reasons they shouldn't get married. Brady questions her solution to one fight being to end everything. Kristen tells Brady that he's too good and marrying her will hurt him. Brady questions her knowing he'd get hurt. Kristen thinks back to sharing her plan with Stefano. Brady questions Kristen throwing away their future together. Brady insists that Kristen is different from the DiMeras. Kristen shouts that she's giving him an out and begs him to take it. Brady doesn't want an out, he just wants her. Brady talks about Kristen going years without her family and now she's taking their side over his. Brady apologizes for rushing to judgment about EJ and Stefano. Kristen tells him he never does anything wrong. Brady wants to go somewhere and be alone but the doorbell rings. Brady goes to answer it. Kristen repeats that he's just too good. Maggie arrives with a wedding gift. Kristen decides to go take care of the flowers that she destroyed. Maggie asks Brady what's going on. Brady calls it a case of cold feet. Maggie asks if there's a problem with Kristen. Brady responds that Kristen is not the problem, John is.

John follows Marlena to outside the town square. John tells her that she's right that they owe it to each other to talk about this.

Jennifer tells JJ that Daniel and Parker are always welcome. JJ comments on Parker taking over his room. Daniel offers to take things out but JJ says it's fine and he didn't want to interrupt as they seemed intense. Jennifer explains that Daniel was just telling her about his friend in the hospital. JJ says he's sorry to hear. JJ tells Jennifer that he finished the paperwork for summer school and then heads upstairs. Jennifer then tells Daniel that she needs to revise saying everything was fine.

Sami talks to Lucas about the kids loving Rafe so much. Sami says she loves him too even if they can't get along. Sami informs Lucas that Kate is the one that found Rafe and that Kate accused Stefano of doing it. Lucas doesn't know about the relationship and asks what's going on. Sami can't believe she has to tell Lucas as she informs him that Kate was sleeping with Rafe.

Kate tells Hope that sleeping with Rafe was not relevant. Hope questions that. Kate says she was trying to protect his reputation. Hope mocks Kate always thinking of others. Hope tells Kate that DiMeras have a very brutal way of dealing with romantic rivals. Kate assures her that Stefano didn't know until she told him.

Lucas comments on Kate humiliating herself and he doesn't want to talk about it. Lucas switches the topic to Sami and suggests EJ as the one who did it. Sami argues against it. Lucas brings up the DiMeras history. Sami explains how EJ was supposed to meet Rafe to get the FBI jacket. Lucas thinks that means EJ knew exactly where Rafe would be. Lucas says Sami is in denial and can't admit that EJ put Rafe in the hospital. Gabi arrives and asks if he really thinks EJ did it.

Marlena tells John that he can't pretend it's not killing him too. John doesn't want to hurt her and says he can't go on like this. Marlena blames herself for letting Kristen in and not trusting them enough. Marlena says it was easier to blame Kristen then to face what she had done but now she understands why John can't forgive her. John apologizes. Kristen then approaches. Marlena comments that she thought it couldn't get any worse.

Jennifer tells Daniel he doesn't need any more bad news but Daniel insists so Jennifer tells him about JJ getting kicked out of school. Jennifer talks about not wanting to violate his privacy. Daniel understands. Jennifer gives Daniel a CD for Parker. They talk about Daniel's mp3 player from Melanie and sharing it with Parker. JJ listens in from behind the wall and shakes his head. Daniel kisses her as JJ watches.

Hope questions Kate telling Stefano. Kate says she told him after the attack as he didn't know. Hope thinks Stefano would act surprised. Kate tells her that she can ask Sami and EJ. Hope mentions that she will definitely have questions for them.

Sami encourages Gabi not to believe Lucas as he hates EJ and hugs her.

The person reading the newspaper about Rafe crumples it up and puts it in the trash can.

Brady talks to Maggie about how they've talked about adopting a child but she keeps thinking about the child she lost because of John. Maggie says she may still have things to work out. Brady says there's things that have to be worked out between he and John as he then walks out.

Marlena decides she will go as she's sure John has something to say to Kristen. Marlena walks away. Kristen asks John if there's trouble in paradise. John informs her that they are getting a divorce and he thinks they both know why. Kristen calls it irony that he's ending his marriage a day before she starts hers. Kristen tells John that she hopes he meets someone new and more stable as she walks on. Brady then approaches John and says he wants to talk.

JJ prepares to go running and asks Jennifer if she has an mp3 player that he can borrow. Daniel offers his. JJ declines but Daniel insists. JJ says it's very cool. Daniel tells him to just give it back to Jennifer when he's done.

Sami tells Lucas that she just got called to the station. Lucas suggests it's because she's EJ's girlfriend. Sami doesn't want Lucas putting ideas in Gabi's head as she needs to be calm. Lucas says they both know EJ put Rafe in there. Sami argues that it's not true. Lucas thinks she's protesting so much because she knows it's true.

Hope asks Kate about Rafe's cases. Kate says they didn't talk much. Hope jokes about that being surprising. Kate says Rafe was her friend and she cared about him so she wants some slack. Hope apologizes. Kate says Hope may have thought it was ridiculous and desperate but they were seeing each other through horrendous times in their lives. Kate tells Hope to just find who did it. Hope says she won't stop until she does. Kate wants five minutes alone with the person with a baseball bat. Kate exits as Hope says she would have to wait her turn. Hope sits back at her desk and says EJ and Stefano are obvious suspects. Hope wonders what it is they are not seeing as the urgent prison release notice envelope that Ciara hid remains behind her on the shelf.

John tells Brady that Kristen spoke to him and then left and he didn't follow. Brady tells John that he wants him to say anything for Kristen through him. Brady asks John if he's not done with Kristen. John says he is done with this conversation and walks away. Kristen returns with flowers to find Brady. She asks if he was talking to John. Brady says it could be passed off as talking. Brady says John doesn't matter, she matters and they do need to talk about tomorrow and make sure it's something they both want to do.

JJ says he'll swing by the hospital to give the mp3 player back. Jennifer tells him to be careful with it because it's important. JJ then exits. Daniel says he has to get going too. Jennifer thanks Daniel for reaching out to JJ. Daniel says JJ may have screwed up but maybe he just wanted to be home. Jennifer hopes he's right.

Kate finishes a call at the coffeehouse as Lucas enters. Kate realizes Sami wasted no time in telling him. Lucas questions her being with his ex wife's ex husband and calls it sick but tells her to go for it if she thinks it's a match made in heaven. Kate knows it's not easy having her as a mother. Kate says they ended it and now she's scared that what happened is somehow her fault. Lucas tells her that he doesn't think it's her fault but EJ's.

Sami joins Hope at her office and says it must be EJ's fault when something goes wrong. Hope asks where they were when the attack happened. Sami talks about being with Johnny and how much he loves Rafe. Hope talks about Sami trying to defend EJ but sounding less convinced.

Brady tells Kristen that he looked at her and didn't see a DiMera but his wife walking to him down the aisle. Brady tells Kristen that he wants her to take his name when they get married and become Kristen Black. Brady proposes again asking her to marry him and make him the happiest man on earth. Brady wants her to say yes. Kristen tells him that she needs to think as it's been a really weird day. Kristen says they will talk. Brady kisses her and says she can think all she wants but it won't change that they love each other. Brady walks away as Kristen says that's what screwed everything up.

Maggie goes to Jennifer's. Jennifer tells her how great Daniel was with JJ. Jennifer talks about Daniel understanding what JJ is going through and she thinks it would be great if they could get along.

Daniel works at the hospital. JJ enters the room and thanks him for the mp3 player but informs him that it broke.

The person who was reading the paper arrives at the hospital with flowers. Gabi is on the phone nearby and says she has something to do.

Kate and Lucas talk about the DiMeras and their revenge.

Sami and Hope continue arguing about EJ until Gabi arrives and says she remembered something.

JJ claims that he dropped the mp3 player and then a truck ran it over. Daniel tells him it's okay. JJ then exits.

Kate tells Lucas that she actually feels a little sorry for Sami. Lucas thinks there's no doubt EJ is behind Rafe's attack. Kate talks about how good EJ is at covering his tracks and then Sami would be living with the man who tried to kill the man she loves.

Gabi tells Hope that it was EJ who attacked Rafe and reveals she had overheard him on the phone at the Pub that day when he didn't know it and that he said "is it done, good" and smiled.

The man who arrived at the hospital with flowers looks towards Rafe's room.

Brady finds Marlena outside the Pub and asks her what's wrong.

Kristen sits down on the bench outside the town square. John returns and asks if it's true that she's not going to marry Brady.

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