Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 5/15/13

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 5/15/13


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Kristen enters the living room of the DiMera Mansion and looks around at flowers setup. Brady walks in behind her and says he can't do this. He can't wait another day, he wants to get married now.

Marlena and John meet in the town square. Marlena says it's good she ran into him but she's not going to argue. Marlena says she spent a long time last night thinking and she declares she has given up. Marlena says she is done. John asks what she's done with. Marlena responds that she's done with him.

Kristen asks if Brady's kidding since they have a schedule. She reminds him of their wedding guests. Brady jokes about having just eight guests. Kristen wants to do it the right way. Brady talks about spending their lives together. Brady says she always has everything planned out. She kisses him and hugs him.

JJ plays video games at home until Abigail interrupts. Abigail complains about JJ only playing video games since coming home. JJ says he's only been home for two days. JJ mentions his room getting turned over to Parker. Abigail points out that he didn't tell them he was coming home as she leaves the room and he resumes his game. Jennifer then enters and stops his game, saying she needs his undivided attention. JJ thought she was at work but Jennifer reveals she was at Salem High getting registration for summer school for him to make up the semester he lost. JJ asks if something is wrong. Jennifer tells him that he's so busted.

Nicole is in the rectory talking about feeling guilty. Eric runs in and rushes her out of the room.

Daniel checks on Rafe at the hospital and says it's a good sign that his vitals are holding. Daniel tells Rafe to hang in there and they'll get him back. Daniel exits the room. EJ asks how he is. Daniel says Rafe's alive and comments on that disappointing EJ. EJ says Daniel's acting like he had something to do with it. Daniel then asks him if he did.

Marlena tells John that her last few weeks have been hell. Marlena says she's tried apologizing over and over, she's tried to find common ground or make sense of things but she feels that he only wants to punish her. Marlena says that's not who he is so she wondered if it's his way of telling her what he wants. Marlena tells John to look her in the eye and tell her what he wants. She adds that if it turns out that he wants a divorce then even that would be easier.

Brady kisses Kristen. She says no one has ever loved her like he does. Brady asks why she looks sad. Brady's phone rings but he wants to know what's on her mind. Kristen insists so Brady answers a call from work and asks them to say that again.

EJ questions Daniel thinking he had something to do with Rafe. Daniel mentions Hope naming him as a suspect. EJ says any time something bad happens a Brady blames a DiMera. Daniel talks about the history between EJ and Rafe as long as EJ and himself with Nicole. EJ questions why he'd wait and have someone attack Rafe. Daniel thinks it's possible. EJ says he must be wondering who's next if he thinks that. Daniel says the threat is not working. Daniel tells EJ that Rafe is in a medically induced coma so he won't be able to give anything and no one can go in his room. Daniel suggests EJ go ask someone else if he wants to know something. EJ asks about Gabi. Daniel says he sent her home to rest. EJ asks if he's wasting his time. Daniel says he could care less how he spends his time.

JJ doesn't know what Jennifer is mad about. She informs him that she got a call about his situation. Abigail walks by. Jennifer questions JJ if he really thought he'd get away with this. JJ argues that it's not what it sounds like. Jennifer says it sounds like he lied to her and his roommate wasn't dealing pot but JJ was.

Daniel leaves a message for Kate from the hospital. Nicole and Eric arrive saying they just heard about Rafe. Nicole asks if she can see him but Daniel informs her that he wouldn't know she's there. They look into the window. Nicole wonders why someone would do that to him. Eric mentions Gabi calling for a priest. Daniel doesn't know what to say but notes that Rafe was badly beaten and they are waiting for the brain swelling to go down. Daniel adds that Rafe is strong and healthy and it's a good sign that he survived the night. Eric enters the room to perform a sacrament. Daniel asks if Nicole needs to sit. Nicole says she's okay. Nicole then asks Daniel if EJ did it because of her.

Brady hangs up his call and informs Kristen that Rafe is in the hospital. Brady brings up Rafe's enemies and notes EJ and Stefano are his two worst enemies. Kristen asks if he's saying they are responsible for what happened. EJ enters the room and suggests he should answer that one.

Abigail comes in and questions JJ dealing pot. Jennifer says she needs to speak to him alone so Abigail exits. JJ blames his roommate being rich for him getting blamed. Jennifer questions him being completely innocent. She reminds him that the school was zero tolerance and he could've gone to prison. Jennifer asks what is going on with him and how he could do this. She says he's not the son she raised. JJ asks how can he be the same when the son she raised had a father.

Daniel tells Nicole that EJ was sniffing around earlier but says he didn't do it. Daniel notes that Hope isn't buying it. Nicole asks if it was because of her. Daniel says they don't know that. Nicole hopes Rafe can tell them when he wakes up. Daniel doesn't think Rafe will remember the attack. Daniel talks about not being on the case when Rafe was first brought in. They talk about their friend fighting for his life. Nicole says Rafe was there when he needed her so she wants to go see him to be there for him. Daniel agrees to let her in when Eric comes out. Eric exits the room so Nicole heads inside.

John starts to speak but stops. Marlena asks what it is. Marlena gets a text message from Sami about Rafe. Marlena rushes off and John follows.

Brady asks EJ if he or Stefano ordered the hit on Rafe. EJ says no matter what he says, it won't make a difference to him. Brady agrees, saying EJ would lie anyways. Brady says Sami might buy the new EJ but he doesn't. EJ insists that he and Stefano had nothing to do with it. Brady exits. Kristen then asks EJ if he did it.

JJ apologizes to Jennifer. Jennifer asks if it's because of what he did or because he got caught. JJ admits he lied but says the school isn't telling the whole story either because they wouldn't let him explain and just wanted to make an example out of him. Jennifer questions selling an illegal substance to minors. JJ explains that he hooked people up with his roommate but never dealt anything himself. Jennifer says they could've avoided trouble if he just told her. JJ thinks she will still think he's a screwup. Jennifer argues that she never said that. JJ tells her that he's still the same but his whole world changed. Jennifer says they all miss Jack. JJ talks about Jack getting him. JJ says Jennifer and Abigail seem okay but it's not easy for him. Jennifer hugs him and says it's not easy for her either as she still misses Jack.

Nicole talks to Rafe about needing to be there for Gabi and his friends too. Nicole talks about Rafe being a guy that people turn to. Nicole says people like Rafe are supposed to be saving the world so he has to come back because they're not as good without him.

EJ tells Kristen that he didn't hurt Rafe and assumes Stefano didn't either. Kristen asks why Stefano would want to hurt Rafe. EJ realizes she doesn't know and informs her about Kate's affair with Rafe. Kristen calls it gross as EJ laughs about it. EJ explains Kate blurting it out but Stefano had just found out. Kristen says that clears Stefano but not EJ. EJ says he's very happy with Sami and if he did something to Rafe then it would stop that. Kristen asks about her happiness since Brady will accuse them. Brady returns to the room and says the hospital told him Rafe is critical and might not make it. Brady mentions calling Daniel and finding out that EJ is an official suspect. Brady states that whatever EJ told her was a lie.

John and Marlena go to the hospital. John goes to check with Daniel. Marlena speaks with Eric about Rafe's condition. Marlena talks about Sami. Eric explains how Sami and Gabi were there last night. Marlena asks if they know who did it. Eric says Rafe was found unconscious. Marlena decides she can't do anything for Rafe so she's going to find Sami instead. John returns and says Daniel was paged but Marlena cancels it and says she's going to find Sami. John decides he's going to the DiMera Mansion with her and they exit.

EJ exits the room while Brady continues to argue about EJ being involved in Rafe's attack. They argue until Brady brings up EJ having Anna kidnap Sydney. Kristen points out that Sami has forgiven him. Brady says he's having a hard time but is trying for her. Brady talks about EJ's smug look and complains about getting married in front of EJ and Stefano. Brady talks about living in the mansion and isn't sure he wants to if they adopt a child. Brady then storms out leaving Kristen frustrated.

Daniel goes to Jennifer's and talks about being on break. She asks how he is and about Rafe. Daniel says Rafe is in pretty bad shape. Daniel says it's his job and she doesn't need to worry about it. Jennifer knows Daniel and Rafe are close as Rafe helped him with Chloe. Daniel calls him a good friend. Jennifer wants to know what she can do. Daniel says he just came to see her and wanted to make sure everything's okay. Jennifer tells him that Abigail went out with JJ so things are quiet. Daniel asks what it is but she says nothing. Daniel persists asking what it is.

JJ and Abigail walk through the town square. He tells her that she doesn't have to hang out with him and she can go home and tell Jennifer that he signed up for summer school. Abigail continues to question JJ as she doesn't buy his story. He demands that she let it go because it's embarrassing for everyone to know he's a screw-up. Abigail gets a text from Gabi about Rafe. She asks JJ to get home himself. He jokes about crackhouses and insists he'll be fine. Abigail apologizes and says she has to go as she rushes off.

Nicole and Eric return to the rectory and talk about Rafe. Nicole thinks back to when she and Rafe were enemies. Eric encourages her and her changing. Eric insists she's not to blame. Nicole brings up EJ being a suspect. Nicole wonders if Rafe is lying there because he helped her. Eric continues to believe that she had nothing to do with it. Nicole can't believe she hadn't talked to Rafe in weeks because she's been thinking about other things. Nicole worries that Rafe could die thinking she didn't appreciate all he did for her. Eric assures her that Rafe knows but Nicole says it's not enough. Eric tries to comfort her but she pulls away so Eric asks what's wrong with her.

John follows Marlena to the outside of the Pub. Marlena says he doesn't have to come with her as Sami is her problem and not his anymore. John says what she said about Rafe resonated with him that he hadn't been fair to her. Marlena says they finally agree on something. John declares what's between them is going to end right now.

Kristen paces in the living room and wonders why this is happening now. She thinks back to Brady saying he didn't want their kid around EJ and Stefano and then thinks back to talking about her plan with Stefano. She hears the voices of Brady, Stefano, and herself in her head. Kristen grabs the flowers and rips them apart in frustration as Brady returns to the room.

Jennifer tells Daniel that nothing is wrong. Daniel reminds her that she can tell him anything in confidence. Jennifer then says she needs to tell him that there's nothing wrong with them and she's really happy about that. Jennifer kisses Daniel. JJ returns home. He walks by and sees them kissing.

Eric wants Nicole to tell her if she has a problem but she says she doesn't. Nicole says Eric can't stop her from feeling bad about Rafe. Nicole says that whoever did this to him is still out there and she worries that they could come back to finish the job.

EJ goes to the hospital to see Rafe but the guard tells him to forget it. EJ tries to say Rafe is a good friend of his but the guard stands put. EJ looks in the window. The nurse notices and closes the blinds so EJ walks away.

Marlena asks John what he's trying to say. John tells her that he doesn't have any right to keep her in limbo since he can't make any promises about the future so if she thinks a divorce is better then she should go ahead and file.

Brady asks what Kristen is doing. Kristen questions what they are doing. She says she's sorry about Rafe and hopes he makes it but maybe it's forcing them to look at things they've been ignoring. Brady says they will figure it out. Kristen argues against him hating her brother and father. Brady says it doesn't change how he feels about her. Kristen tells him that she's a DiMera and won't turn her back on her family so if he can't handle it then maybe they should just call the whole thing off.

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