Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 5/14/13

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 5/14/13


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Nick asks if Will and Sonny are serious. They say he looks guilty. Will tells him to just deny it if he didn't do it. He asks Nick if he attacked Rafe.

Hope explains to another officer that Rafe had the FBI Jacket to take to EJ for his stepson. The officer suggests it could be their first clue.

Sami questions why Stefano would have Rafe attacked. Kate reveals that it's because he found out they were lovers which looks to surprise Stefano. Sami is shocked and asks if it's a joke. Kate looks at Stefano and realizes that he didn't know.

Cameron tries using the defibrillator on Rafe as Gabi cries watching through the window with Maxine. Cameron continues trying but says they are losing him. Gabi runs into the room and cries next to Rafe as Maxine tries to hold her back.

Abigail enters the coffeehouse and sees a long line. Chad tries to begin taking orders. Abigail joins Chad, who explains that Sonny is off so he has to work alone. Abigail decides she will help and puts on an apron.

Nick questions Will and Sonny baiting him. They continue to question Nick about him missing when Rafe was found. Nick says he didn't do anything and they can't prove anything. Will says he will have to if he's a suspect. They decide he's lying and they need to go tell Hope but Nick stops them.

Kate declares she's going to the hospital but Sami says she has questions. Sami asks what the hell is going on as she questions her affair. EJ tries to calm Sami down. Sami declares it can't be true. Sami shouts that Rafe is not that desperate and she can't believe anyone being stupid enough to get into bed with Kate. Kate reminds Sami that EJ and Stefano both did in the past.

Maxine gets Gabi out of the room and tries to calm her down.

EJ finishes a call to the hospital and says there's no news yet. Kate tries to leave but Sami demands an explanation. Kate tells her that they ended it and it never meant anything but she cares about how he is so she's going to the hospital. Kate then exits. Sami turns to Stefano and says she's only going to ask once and she'll know if he's lying. Sami asks EJ if he had something to do with Rafe being hurt. Stefano walks out of the room. Sami turns to EJ, who says Stefano had nothing to do with it. Sami asks how he can be so sure.

Hope talks to the officer about why Rafe would've been in the alley. Hope uses her flashlight and finds a footprint.

EJ tells Sami that he was watching Stefano when Kate revealed her affair and he saw that Stefano was caught off guard. EJ says Kate went pale when she realized she was wrong. Sami wonders who did attack Rafe then and why. EJ gets a call from his hospital contact. EJ decides they better get to the hospital so he and Sami exit.

Nick hands Will a parking receipt to show where he was when Rafe was beaten up. Nick says he was on the other side of town. Will and Sonny call it convenient. Nick questions them not believing him. Sonny says one thing doesn't add up still since he left the coffeehouse looking for Rafe. Will adds that he was on his way to the Pub so they ask what he was doing on the other side of town.

The doctors continue working on Rafe.

Maxine encourages Gabi about being there for Rafe but still taking care of herself. Kate arrives and encourages Gabi to listen to Maxine. Kate asks what she can do. Gabi cries that Rafe's heart stopped beating as Kate hugs her.

Nick thinks back to being on the phone with Vargas and saying he had to take his money to a contact. Nick takes his parking receipt back and says he already answered their question which is all he owed them. Nick says they can go ahead and tell Hope because they have nothing. Nick then exits the waiting room. Will suggests he may be telling the truth. Sonny wonders if he's not. Will says his alibi is solid but not the way he's acting which could be about something else.

Outside the room, Nick checks his phone and walks on.

Kate assures Gabi that Rafe will be okay and he will be with Gabi when her baby is born. Kate talks about Rafe buying dresses for the baby and tries to stop her crying. Nick joins them and hugs Gabi, asking if there's any word. EJ and Sami arrive. Will and Sonny come back from the waiting room. Kayla and Cameron come out and reveal that Rafe is stable and they got him back but he's still unconscious.

Chad and Abigail try to satisfy the customers but Abigail accidentally gets tea when the order was coffee. They joke together and Chad calls her smoking hot as he continues working.

Kayla explains to Gabi that there is brain swelling. Nick takes Gabi to go get some water. Kayla steps aside with Cameron. Sami wonders who would do this to Rafe as EJ hugs her. Kate turns and looks back at EJ.

Nick takes Gabi into the waiting room and says hopefully they can relax a little bit since they got through the worst. Gabi worries if it's not over. Nick tells her that Rafe survived cardiac arrest. Gabi wonders why this happened and who would do this to Rafe. Nick tells her that it could've been a random mugging and they will just have to wait until he wakes up. Nick says there's no reason to assume that someone targeted him.

Sami tells EJ that she doesn't understand how this could happen. EJ asks if she thinks it would help to see Rafe. Will suggests Kate go see Rafe. EJ asks Kayla if Sami could go in and see him since it may help. Kayla agrees and tells her to make it brief. Kate watches on as Sami heads into Rafe's room. Sami touches Rafe's arm while EJ watches through the window.

Cameron calls in a rush on the results. Will and Sonny ask if he can tell them anything about Rafe's injuries and how they happened. Cameron says from what they can tell, he had no chance to defend themselves and isn't sure how long he was conscious. Cameron says whoever did it was trying to kill Rafe.

Sami sits at Rafe's bed side. She tells Rafe that she cares about him. She says everyone does and he'll hate this when he wakes up. Sami calls Rafe a terrible patient and says she and Gabi are really worried. Sami tells Rafe that he did so much for her and her kids, mentioning that Johnny thinks he's a hero. EJ continue watching through the window. Sami just wants Rafe better and says they are all waiting for him to get better. Sami wipes tears and exits the room. EJ hugs her as they walk away from the room. Hope returns to the hospital and looks at EJ hugging Sami.

Chad thanks Abigail for the save. Abigail says they did good. Chad says he was ready to walk out. Chad wants Abigail to take half of the pay but she refuses. Chad thanks her. Abigail says it was fun but mentions JJ wanting his latte. Chad asks about JJ being home and school being out. Abigail tells Chad that JJ has discovered trouble. They talk about trouble and Chad mentions Sami. Abigail gets a call from Cameron.

Will and Sonny join Kate in the waiting room. Kate reveals that everyone knows about her and Rafe now because she thought Stefano ordered the beating but she was wrong. Kate says she saw the shock on Stefano's face and it was obvious he heard for the first time. Kate says Stefano, Sami, and EJ all know now but she only has herself to blame.

Stefano paces in the living room of the mansion with a drink in hand. Stefano gets angry and throws his glass against the wall.

Sami asks Hope if they know how this happened or if there's any evidence. Hope mentions finding the FBI jacket and adds that Rafe was on his way to give the jacket to EJ when he was attacked. Sami asks EJ if that's true.

Cameron thanks Abigail for understanding as he's in the middle of emergency and can't make their date. Abigail says they will reschedule. She says it worked out anyways as she's helping Chad at the coffeehouse. Cameron says they will talk tomorrow and he will make it up to her. She hangs up and returns to Chad. She jokes about Chad starting trouble for her and Cameron. Chad responds that it's too late for that and then asks if it is.

EJ explains that he was supposed to meet Rafe at the Pub to get the jacket. EJ tells Sami that he didn't tell her because he didn't want to get Johnny's hopes up until he had it. Sami can't believe Hope is talking to EJ like a suspect. Hope says he is one.

Nick tells Gabi that he'll be there for her and everything will be okay. Nick gets a call so Gabi walks on back towards Rafe's room. Nick checks his phone and sees his stocks going up. Nick thinks back to his conversation with Vargas about tripling his money. Nick then walks on.

Will offers to get Kate some coffee but she says she's alright and suggests Will and Sonny go and she'll call if anything happens. Kate says she wants to stay to be close to Rafe. Will insists that Rafe will make it. Kate says he has to.

Cameron joins Kayla in Rafe's room. Kayla says there's no change while Cameron gives her the lab report.

Sami argues that EJ is not a suspect. Kayla and Cameron come out of the room. Gabi rushes up and asks what it is. Kayla informs Gabi that they need her permission. Gabi doesn't understand and asks what it's for. Cameron explains that they need to stop the brain swelling. Kayla reveals that they need to put Rafe in a medically induced coma to do that.

Abigail talks to Chad about getting closer with Cameron after the rescue at the strip club. Abigail says it washed away their problems and they picked up where they left off. Abigail asks what Chad's thinking but he says nothing. Chad then says it's not his business but asks about them. Abigail tells him that Cameron is being really cool about her being a virgin. Chad says that's not what he was wondering. Chad says he keeps thinking about when they kissed on New Year's Eve. Chad says he could've had a shot with her but he was a jackass at Gabi's wedding. Chad says he ruined a chance for something great with her. Chad asks if it's too late and if he stands a chance. Abigail tells him to finish working and says goodnight as she then exits. Chad points out that she did not say no.

Will and Sonny walk through the town square together. Will notes that it was really hard to see Rafe like that and talks about Sami's reaction. They talk about Rafe being a great guy. Will says Rafe has to be the same when he comes out of this.

Nick asks about the medically induced coma. Kayla explains how they do it and what happens to slow down the brain swelling. Gabi worries that it's dangerous. Kayla says they will monitor him closely but there are risks. Sami asks if it's the only option. Kayla says they believe it is the best option and talk about doing it with Bo before. Kayla says they can't do it without Gabi's permission. Gabi worries about having to make this decision but then quickly says they have her permission. Kayla calls it the right choice as she and Cameron return to Rafe's room to prepare the injection.

Will apologizes to Sonny for making his life so complicated. Sonny calls it unfair because when his life was simple, he wasn't in love and happy. Will says it didn't have to be him as Sonny could have any guy he wants. Will talks about his baggage and becoming a father. Sonny says what happened to Rafe wasn't his fault. Will says it could be indirectly if it was Nick. Sonny reminds Will about Nick's alibi. Sonny won't let Will blame himself. Sonny tells Will that he will always have him as they walk off together.

Nick holds Gabi as Kate waits outside of Rafe's room. EJ and Sami sit together. Hope makes a phone call.

Cameron, Kayla, and another doctor watch over Rafe.

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