Days of Our Lives Update Monday 5/13/13

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 5/13/13


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Rafe walks around the corner of the alley and then gets knocked out from behind with a pipe.

Hope talks on the phone in her office. The urgent envelope that Ciara hid remains on the shelf.

Will and Sonny are in the coffeehouse as JJ enters. Will greets JJ with a hug and says it's good to see him. JJ asks if Will and Sonny are together. He mentions Abigail telling him that Will came out and asks if they are a couple. Will asks if JJ has a problem with it.

Abigail talks on the phone to Cameron about seeing each other tonight. Cameron hangs up from the hospital as Kayla and Maxine approach and says they need to talk to him.

Sami tells Stefano that she knows a little about chess and calls the king Stefano and wonders which piece she, EJ, Kristen, and Chad are. Sami then says what she really wants to know is which one is Will. Stefano asks if she has a problem. Sami questions him about getting the evidence. Stefano reveals he knows she tried to get the evidence before it got to him.

EJ continues talking to Kate about giving Sami a gun. EJ tells her that violence rarely solves anything. Kate laughs at that coming from EJ.

Gabi waits at the Pub and says it's weird because Rafe should've been there by now. She looks at her phone and wonders where Nick is.

Rafe lays on the ground as the person who hit him stands over him with the pipe.

Kate mocks a DiMera being against violence. EJ says he was being polite and brings up Stefano blackmailing Kate into marrying him before and now calls her bitter over the divorce. Kate says she couldn't care less about Stefano.

Sami explains to Stefano that she was worried for Will. Stefano says she asked him for a favor and granted it. Stefano says he should've done exactly what he did by keeping the evidence.

Rafe tries to recover on the ground so he gets kicked and hit more with the pipe.

JJ asks why he'd have a problem with them being together and thinks it's great. Will says he wishes everyone in the family felt the same and brings up Nick. JJ calls Nick a loser. Abigail approaches and asks what they are talking about.

Kayla informs Cameron that the doctors and nurses are happy with how he's grown. She talks about the year he's had with getting started and then losing Lexie. Cameron says she was the best. Maxine adds that Lexie would be proud of him. Kayla reveals that they all decided they want Cameron to be the new resident liaison. Cameron thanks them and says he'd be glad to as it's an honor. Maxine gets paged and exits. Cameron tells Kayla that it's really unexpected. They joke about Cameron's stripping as he assures her that he's done.

EJ asks if Kate wanted Sami to use the gun on Stefano. Kate says Sami may need it when she's declared on longer of use to the family. EJ questions the kids getting hurt. Kate says she trusts Sami when it comes to the kids. Gabi asks if they need anything. EJ gets a call and steps away. Gabi tells Kate that Rafe is on his way if she wants to see him. Kate says they will run into each other at times but she thinks she will get going. Kate then exits the Pub.

JJ tells Abigail that they were just catching up. Hope arrives and greets JJ with a hug as she talks about how long it's been. Hope orders coffee from Sonny and Will. Hope asks JJ to keep her company as she has a lot of questions. Hope and JJ then exit together. Will tells Sonny that he wonders if Nick stopped Rafe from telling Gabi what he knows. Sonny doubts it and says Nick's future will be looking bleak when Rafe does tell Gabi.

Rafe continues getting beat up in the alley and the dessert he was bringing Gabi is stolen.

Abe walks through the town square finishing a phone call. Kayla approaches and greets him. Abe tells her about hearing from Cameron about his news. She calls Cameron a gifted doctor. Abe mentions that Lexie would be proud. Kayla apologizes as she knows it's a rough time for him since it's been almost a year since he lost Lexie.

EJ asks Gabi if she's alright. She says she's just tired. EJ has her sit down and questions her working this late into pregnancy. EJ congratulates her on her pregnancy and says she and Will are going to make fantastic parents. Gabi mentions Nick too. EJ gets a call and asks if it's done. EJ says good and hangs up. EJ goes back to Gabi and says he has to get going. EJ tells Gabi that he was supposed to see Rafe and get the FBI Jacket for Johnny. Gabi says she will tell him that he stopped by and then wonders where Rafe is as EJ exits.

Kate turns the corner and finds Rafe unconscious in the alley. Kate frantically calls for an ambulance.

Hope and JJ re-enter the coffeehouse. Hope wants to do a cookout with the whole family to celebrate JJ's homecoming. Hope gets a call from the station and steps away. JJ jokes with Sonny about Hope interrogating him. Sonny asks JJ about not being in school. JJ claims school lets out early in England. Hope tells everyone goodbye as she has to run and quickly exits. Will and Abigail note that being weird. JJ says he has to go also so Abigail decides to go with him and they exit. Will asks Sonny to go eat at the Pub so they can watch Rafe deal with Nick.

Kate stays with Rafe and tells him not to give up as the ambulance is on it's way. Kate cries that she doesn't know what she will do if anything happens to him.

Sami tells Stefano that she appreciates what he's done for Will and knows he cares about him which is why she was surprised he didn't just destroy the evidence. Sami thought family meant everything. Stefano brings up what happens when Sami marries a man. Sami calls it blackmail. Stefano tells her not to force him to use the power. Stefano puts a pawn chess piece in her hand and says that is her. Stefano exits the room as Sami says the hell it is.

Abe tells Kayla that next month will be a year but he and Theo are hanging in. Kayla hugs him and tells him he's a good dad and should take comfort in that.

Will and Sonny go to the Pub and Gabi asks about Rafe. Will says they haven't seen him since the afternoon. Gabi thinks it's weird since Rafe said he'd be there and she adds that Nick said he would be too. Nick enters the Pub. Gabi hugs him and says she was worried as he took so long. She asks why he's sweaty and if he jogged over there. Nick says he stopped to get her something and ran the rest of the way. Nick gives Gabi the muffins that were stolen from Rafe. Gabi calls it weird since she asked Rafe for them as Will and Sonny watch on.

Rafe is stretchered into the hospital. Kayla takes him into the emergency room after a paramedic tells her that Rafe stopped breathing on the way but they got him back for now. Kate watches as Rafe is taken into the room. Hope arrives at the hospital on the phone with Ciara, apologizing since she can't pick her up tonight after an officer was injured. Hope says she loves her and hangs up. Maxine calls Cameron in. Kate approaches Maxine and wants to know what's going on. Maxine says they are just trying to get him stabilized and goes into the room. Hope approaches Kate, as Kate reveals to her that the officer was Rafe.

Kayla and Maxine check on Rafe and survey the damage. They note a bruised rib and a punctured lung. They wonder who did this to him. Kayla wishes he would wake up and tell them but she doesn't think that's going to happen.

EJ returns home as Sami complains about Stefano. EJ can't believe she talked to Stefano about the evidence. Sami says it doesn't matter since Stefano made it clear that he's going to hold the evidence over her forever. EJ tells her that there is always a way and things will be fine. EJ says Nick won't be a problem for much longer.

Nick asks if something is going on. Will and Sonny say no as they just stopped to get a bite. Gabi gets a call from Hope, who says it's official business. Hope asks if someone's there with her. Gabi says Nick, Sonny, and Will are there. Gabi then asks if something happened to Rafe. Hope informs her that Rafe is in the hospital after being attacked in the alley. Hope asks Gabi to get there now so she agrees. Gabi tells them what happened and Nick rushes out to take her to the hospital while Will and Sonny follow.

Kate watches in the window of Rafe's room. She wonders why they can't tell them something. Hope asks Kate for a statement. Kate explains that she found Rafe in the alley and didn't see anything but Rafe on the ground so she called 911. Hope assures Kate that they will do everything possible to make sure Rafe pulls through. Kate worries whether it will be enough. Hope notes that Kate seems really shaken and suggests she go but Kate refuses to go home. Kayla comes out. Kate asks what's going on. Kayla says they got him stabilized but he's going to be in critical condition for awhile with internal bleeding. Kayla makes another call. Kate wants to see Rafe but Kayla says she can't yet and goes back inside. Hope suggests Kate sit down as there is nothing they can do but Kate says the hell there isn't and walks away. Gabi, Nick, Will, and Sonny arrive. Gabi cries as she asks Hope about it. Hope tells her to stay strong.

Abigail and JJ walk through the town square. Abigail mentions meeting Cameron on his break. Abigail then stops JJ and asks for the truth about him getting kicked out of school. JJ sticks to his story of his roommate but Abigail doesn't believei t and wants t o know what really happened.

Gabi blames herself for what happened to Rafe. Nick comforts her as Will tells her it wasn't her fault. Nick claims it could've been random. Sonny says Rafe must have been jumped from behind. Gabi wonders who would do something so terrible. Maxine calls Gabi into the room so she goes to join Rafe's side. Nick says he has to go take care of something and walks away. Will thinks they need to have a talk with him and they follow.

Hope and Abe meet in the alley to check the scene. Abe wonders if Rafe was a random victim or if he was marked for this.

Sami asks EJ what he means by Nick not being a problem and asks what he's done. EJ tells her to trust him and says he's just looking out for what's best for both of them. Sami says she loves him but they can't keep living in the mansion. EJ tells her that they are not doing anything impulsive as they don't want Stefano thinking helping them was a bad thing. EJ suggests Sami apologize to Stefano. Sami doesn't think he would ever believe her. EJ says it would just give Stefano a small sense of victory. Sami says she hates it. Sami tells EJ that she loves him but hates all of the mansion and then they kiss. EJ asks her to go make nice with Stefano. Stefano returns to the room and says it looks like he got in the way of another night of passion. Sami tells Stefano she's glad he's there as she wanted to say something to him. Sami tells Stefano that she's sorry as she was just being overprotective of Will. Stefano accepts the apology and says he loves his family too. Kate bursts in and questions how Stefano could do this.

JJ insists to Abigail that he's serious. Abigail doesn't believe that's why he got kicked out and wants an explanation. Abigail gets a call from Cameron. Cameron says he has to cancel as they just got an emergency assignment. Abigail understands and Cameron agrees to call her later. Abigail tells JJ that Cameron is free to work so she's going to bug JJ until she gets the truth.

Cameron looks in the door but walks away when he sees Gabi at Rafe's bedside. Gabi cries about how lucky she is to have him as a brother. Gabi gives him the medal he gave her to watch over her when he left home.

Abe talks about how this could be a revenge against police or a mugging but Hope points out the severity of the injuries. Hope tells Abe that somebody wanted Rafe dead.

Will and Sonny join Nick in the waiting room. Will notes that Nick doesn't seem very upset about what happened and asks why. Nick insists that he is upset and questions if he's not crying enough for him. Will suggests he not be texting while his wife is crying her eyes out. Nick says he's had it with Will and Sonny. Will asks if he's going to start gay bashing and show everyone who he really is.

Abigail tells JJ that she won't rat him out. JJ sticks to his story. Abigail tells him to forget it then but some day she will expect the whole truth. JJ comments on a guy checking her out. Abigail turns around and sees two guys standing there. Abigail says she's seen them around but doesn't know them and they are not the type to hang around with. Abigail gets a call and tells JJ to go home as she steps away. JJ walks on.

Nick questions Will being on him like this. Will says Nick was a mess when he arrived at the Pub like he had been in a fight. Nick says he was running and questions if he thinks he beat up Rafe. Sonny brings up how Nick reacted when Rafe found out the truth and they talk about Nick being late to the Pub. Nick says he didn't go after Rafe. Will asks what he was doing then. Will threatens to go tell Hope unless Nick tells him exactly where he was.

Abe leaves the scene to go call Roman. Another officer brings the FBI jacket to Hope and says he found it near the body. Hope realizes it was for Johnny.

Stefano questions Kate coming in screaming. Kate questions if he had to do something this evil.

Gabi prays at Rafe's bedside until the medal drops from Rafe's hand and he flatlines.

Kate accuses Stefano of having one of his thugs beat up Rafe. Sami asks if Rafe has been hurt. Kate says he has and she can thank Stefano for it.

Gabi calls for help as Cameron and Kayla rush into the room.

Sami questions why Stefano would have Rafe attacked. Kate reveals that it's because he found out they were lovers which looks to surprise Stefano.

Cameron tries using the defibrillator on Rafe as Gabi cries watching through the window.

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