Days of Our Lives Update Friday 5/10/13

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 5/10/13


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Stefano is on the phone at home, saying he needs something taken care of and it's urgent.

Nicole imagines kissing Eric. She gets frustrated at the rectory and says it's happening again.

Sami comes home to the DiMera Mansion looking for Stefano but EJ is there to calm her down.

Will and Sonny talk at the coffeehouse. Sonny is glad that Will told Rafe the truth. Kate arrives and shows a gift for the baby. Sonny goes back to work. Kate assumes Will has something to say to her that he didn't want to say in front of Sonny. Will says he has a personal question and asks why she broke up with Rafe.

Hope walks through the town square and runs into Vargas. She asks how he's doing. Vargas says he's doing great and mentions running into Nick.

Nick says life is good. Rafe questions that. Nick asks what he means. Rafe declares he knows exactly who Nick is now and for Gabi, life isn't looking good at all. Rafe talks about Gabi deciding to marry someone she barely knew at all and someone who just got out of prison. Rafe talks about working hard to give him the benefit of the doubt. Nick says he appreciated that. Rafe talks about Nick wanting to protect Gabi and make her happy. Nick says he intends to do those things but Rafe declares that Gabi would be better off leaving him and never looking back. Rafe says Nick convinced Gabi that he wanted to protect her and then got her in to bed and convinced her to lie about the baby. Nick argues that Will didn't want to be the father. Rafe talks about Will wanting in his child's life and says he knows exactly why Nick didn't want Will involved.

Kate doesn't want to talk about why she broke up with Rafe. Will talks about his life being everyone's business and he cares about Kate and Rafe. Kate talks about them being shocked that they were together. Sonny mentions never seeing Kate as happy as when she was with Rafe. Will again asks why she dumped Rafe.

EJ tries to get through to Sami but Sami argues that Stefano only got the evidence to hold over Will. EJ doesn't want Sami threatening Stefano or giving any ideas. EJ reminds her that Stefano is family and says he can take care of him. Sami complains about living in the DiMera Mansion. EJ tries to calm her down but Johnny comes in and yells for them to stop fighting.

Nicole wonders what she's supposed to do to stop her feelings and asks God to help her stop lusting after his priest. Eric then arrives.

Hope asks Vargas about seeing Nick. Vargas comments that he seems to be doing well. Hope calls it a tough adjustment at first. Vargas thanks Hope for her help. Hope says she's just doing her job. Vargas mentions learning his talents working at the church. Hope offers to put him in touch with Nick. Vargas says he'll see him around town. Hope gets a call from the station and tells Vargas to call if he needs anything as she walks away to take the call.

Gabi works at the Pub. Caroline thinks she should be resting but Gabi wants to feel useful. Caroline suggests she go upstairs and rest. Gabi reminds her that she doesn't live upstairs anymore. Caroline talks about keeping things straight. Caroline is thankful for her friends and family. Gabi is grateful for her support and says Nick is too. Caroline wonders where Nick is.

Nick tells Rafe that he knows he loves Gabi and the baby and no one can say any different. Rafe says it's not about Will but about Nick. Rafe recalls Nick's past and becoming obsessed with Melanie. Nick blames pills and tells Rafe that he knows he's not that guy anymore. Rafe gets a call from Hope and says he bets there's a few things she'd like to hear about what kind of man her cousin really is.

Kate questions if Will and Sonny were discussing her. Will says they just want her to be happy. Kate says it's sweet and she wants to be happy too but claims her and Rafe was short lived. Kate says she's happy because of her job, her family, and Will's baby being on the way and being free from Stefano.

Eric helps Nicole pick up her things in the rectory. Eric talks about things moving quickly while Nicole comments on some things never changing at all.

EJ and Sami explain to Johnny that they weren't fighting. Johnny says they were yelling. EJ goes to get Johnny a snack. Sami sits with Johnny and asks him if he's happy living in the mansion. Johnny says sure but he liked it better when they lived with Rafe which EJ overhears.

Eric asks Nicole what she means. Nicole says she's still an unorganized mess while Eric is still wonderful. Eric disagrees. Nicole asks about John and Marlena. Eric says he ran into John earlier and he's afraid that he's going to try and blow up the wedding. Eric says he tried to talk sense into John but doesn't think he handled it well. Eric is afraid things will go bad. Nicole apologizes. Eric is glad she told him and says he's just glad she's there period. Nicole responds that she is too.

Kate hopes Will hasn't discussed anything with Lucas. Will says he wouldn't say anything to anyone but adds that Lucas also commented on how happy Kate seemed. Will says Rafe seemed happy too and comments that he barely saw Rafe smile since Sami.

Sami encourages Johnny about the big house and that Rafe still loves him. She asks him about EJ. Johnny says he loves EJ and he's the best. Sami tells him this is EJ's house but Johnny says it's Stefano's. Johnny wants to move back to Rafe's with EJ. Sami laughs at the idea as EJ returns to them.

Hope asks Rafe to meet her at the station on a case. Rafe prepares to leave but Nick stops him and asks him not to talk to Gabi until he hears his side of the story. Nick talks about not wanting to upset Gabi. Rafe doesn't want the truth kept from Gabi as to what kind of man Nick really is. Rafe says she deserves to know so he's going to tell her today as soon as he sees her. Rafe then walks away.

Kate thanks Will for his concern. Will says he knows she doesn't want to talk about it but mentions that she gave them great advice. Sonny points out how happy they are. Will wants to return the favor. Kate calls them the happiest couple in Salem. Kate hugs them goodbye and exits the coffeehouse. She stops outside and looks at Rafe's number on her phone but says no and walks away.

Rafe meets with Hope in her office at the station. Hope seems distracted so Rafe asks if everything is okay. Hope says she's late picking Ciara up. Rafe tells her to go on but Hope says she's late so Ciara is furious at her and would rather stay at her friend's house then come home with her. Rafe tries to encourage her. Hope says she doesn't blame Ciara because she's not doing great at being mom and dad. Rafe calls it an impossible job. Rafe tells Hope to lower her standards a little bit and adds that he's sure she's doing great. Rafe adds that it will get better when Bo comes back. Hope brings up Rafe becoming an uncle and calls that exciting. She asks if Gabi is okay. Rafe says health-wise everything is fine. Hope asks what is wrong.

Gabi sits with Caroline at the counter. Gabi gets a call from Nick. Nick says he got hung up at work but is on his way. Nick says he'll be there soon as they hang up. Nick then gets a call from Vargas. Nick asks what he wants. Vargas mentions having a nice talk with Hope. Vargas says she might want them to be pals. Nick asks if that's why he called. Vargas says he wants to keep him in the loop and asks if he's doing his job. Nick shouts that he's on it and hangs up.

Nicole tells Eric that she's glad she's there and not on the streets or dead. Nicole doesn't know what she would've done if Eric didn't come back to town when he did. Eric says she helped him too. Eric talks about Nicole listening to him and not judging. Nicole brings up Brady feeling judged. Nicole understands not thinking straight when in love. Nicole offers to help sort out the mess with Eric's family. He thanks her and appreciates it. Eric mentions her job being temporary so he'll be sad to see her go but Nicole tells him that she's not going anywhere.

Nick goes to the coffeehouse and confronts Will and Sonny. Nick questions what Will told Rafe. Sonny doesn't want a scene. Will tells Nick that he didn't tell Rafe anything as he figured it out on his own and that Gabi will too. Nick asks what he's talking about. Will calls him a homophobic jerk.

Rafe tells Hope nothing is wrong and he's just being an overprotective brother. Bernard enters the office and mentions a package coming in for Rafe. Rafe tells Hope it's the new FBI jacket for Johnny.

EJ surprises Johnny with a fruit dessert and jokes about making it. Johnny likes it. Sami kisses EJ and tells him he's the best. Sami suggests he eat it in the kitchen. Sami takes Johnny to the kitchen. EJ gets a call from Rafe and asks what he can do for him. Rafe tells EJ that Johnny's FBI jacket was just delivered. EJ says Johnny just went to bed but EJ will meet him at the Pub in twenty minutes. EJ texts Sami that he had to run out on an errand and tells her not to talk to Stefano. EJ then exits the mansion. EJ makes a call that he has a job for someone now.

Eric asks Nicole what she means by not going anywhere since it's not a career. Nicole says no one else will hire her and she's quit and got into fights with him but isn't leaving. Nicole says she isn't leaving soon or ever. Eric says she doesn't have to make any commitment. Nicole jokes about it. Vargas enters and says he hopes he's not interrupting. Vargas mentions getting to work on stripping the floors. Eric says he can wait until tomorrow since it's late but Vargas insists on starting tonight so Eric tells him to go for it. Eric then exits on work. Nicole tells Vargas not to say anything. Vargas asks Nicole if she really thinks Eric doesn't know she's in lust with him. Nicole calls Vargas a con and asks what he's up to.

Nick tells Will it was a mistake and he said something he wished he hadn't. Nick says he apologized for it. Sonny says it's what Nick has done and who he is by blackmailing Will. Sonny says Nick did it because Will is gay and calls him a homophobe. Nick hopes he hasn't said this to Rafe because now he has to go stop him before he talks to Gabi.

Hope tells Rafe that Johnny is lucky to have him in his life. Rafe says everything is going to change when Sami marries EJ. Hope notes it won't change how much Johnny loves Rafe. Rafe says he can't help but think Sami and EJ deserve each other. Hope admits Sami is no saint but says no one deserves a DiMera. Rafe agrees and says he'll get going. Hope thanks him for coming in. Rafe then exits her office. Rafe pulls out his phone and calls Gabi. Rafe asks if everything is okay. Gabi says it's great. Rafe mentions bringing her a midnight snack at the Pub. Gabi asks for a muffin from the bakery. Rafe agrees and tells Gabi he would do anything for her. Rafe adds that he'll always be there for her no matter what.

Will tells Sonny that he feels bad for Nick because he tried so hard to turn his life around after prison. Sonny points out that Nick killed someone. Will says he could've gone to prison but got lucky. Will adds that he really feels bad for Gabi because she's in love with Nick and will be crushed. Sonny says they will be there for her and he knows he hasn't always been easy on her but Will cares about her and they care about the baby. Will tells Sonny that he loves him. Sonny feels the same. Will comments on how lucky he is and hopes Gabi gets this lucky some day. Sonny asks if he doesn't think she'll stay with Nick. Will says they will find out soon enough.

Kate goes to the Pub and greets Gabi. She asks how Gabi is feeling. Gabi says she's great, just anxious for baby Arianna. Kate gives Gabi her gift of baby shoes. Gabi thanks Kate and tells her that she's always welcome to visit and she doesn't want it to be awkward between her and Rafe. Gabi says she's sorry things didn't work out. Kate thanks her and says they are all adults so they'll be fine. EJ enters and says he's so happy he ran into Kate to thank her for her gift to Sami.

Sami returns to the living room where Stefano is seated at the chess table. Sami greets him. Stefano asks her about playing chess. Sami sits down and suggests he teach her.

Vargas tells Nicole that he's not up to anything. Eric returns as Vargas exits. Nicole tells him that he wasn't interrupting. Nicole tells Eric not to be late for his meeting. They say goodnight as Eric exits.

Gabi gets a call from Nick and asks where he is. Nick says he's on his way and asks if she still wants to meet there. Gabi says yes and mentions Rafe meeting her. They hang up. Nick says everything will be terrific as long as Rafe doesn't get to Gabi first. Nick gets another call and says he has the cash and it will be there soon and on time.

EJ tells Kate that she outdid herself. Kate says she has always believed in people getting gifts they appreciate and could use. Kate mentions Sami being good with firearms and putting the gun to good use.

Sami tells Stefano that she knows a little about chess and calls the king Stefano and wonders which piece she, EJ, Kristen, and Chad are. Sami then says what she really wants to know is which one is Will.

Will tells Sonny he can't believe how stupid he was to be so afraid of telling Sonny about the baby and thinking he'd leave him. Sonny says they had just gotten together and Will must not have understood how much he loved him but he does now and they kiss.

Rafe walks around the corner of the alley and then gets knocked out from behind with a pipe.

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