Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 5/9/13

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 5/9/13


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Kristen tells John that complicated is better than hatred. Kristen goes to the door to tell John to leave but he stops her at the door. Brady then arrives knocking on the door, asking if Kristen is in there.

Eric prays for his family to have peace. Marlena enters the rectory and asks what he wanted to see her about.

Abigail joins Cameron at the coffeehouse. She tells him about JJ being back. Cameron says Jennifer must be thrilled. Abigail says yes and no.

JJ answers the door to see Daniel. Daniel notes he looks a lot like his pictures. JJ informs him that he knows who he is. They shake hands and introduce themselves. JJ says he's heard a lot about Daniel from Jennifer and Abigail. Daniel asks if Jennifer is home. JJ says she is but is on the phone. JJ invites him in and tells him to make himself at home then adds that he guesses he already has.

Sami returns to the spot outside of the town square and practices coming up with a story for Stefano but she gets grabbed from behind by Nick. Nick says she's left him no choice and now she's coming with him.

Brady calls out to Kristen and she says she's there. Brady tries to go inside but the door is locked. Brady asks why it's locked and what's going on.

Rafe enters the Pub and meets with Will. Rafe says he thinks it's about time Will levels with him. Will asks what he means. Rafe says Nick is his brother in law now and he'd like to believe he's a stand up guy that will look out for Gabi and the baby but something doesn't feel right. Rafe then asks Will for the real reason that Nick doesn't want him to be part of the baby's life.

Nick drags Sami to an alley and tells her that she's going to give him his money now.

Eric tells Marlena that he was just wondering how things were going with John and if there was anything she wanted to talk about. Marlena realizes Nicole told him what happened at the Pub. Eric says they were just worried. Marlena admits she's worried too. Marlena says she was naturally devastated when John left her but she always thought they'd find their way back together. Marlena says for the first time, she doesn't know that they will get back together. Marlena is afraid their marriage may be over now.

Brady continues trying to enter the cellar. She opens the door and says she accidentally locked it. Brady tells her that he was looking all over for her. Kristen says she was looking through wedding things and didn't want him to see. Brady says he was just worried about her. Kristen talks about being emotional about his gift and offers to go talk upstairs. Brady agrees and they kiss. Brady starts to walk away but hears a noise from inside and asks what it was as John hides behind the door.

Cameron asks about JJ being home. Abigail says Jennifer is thrilled but it's a little weird that he just showed up before exams are done. Cameron wonders if he's in some type of trouble. Abigail hopes not. Cameron informs her that he got a new second job as a custodian. Abigail asks about paying off his loans with minimum wage. Cameron says he'll figure it out. Abigail blames herself for him losing his stripping job. Cameron tells her that he would rather be mopping floors and says he couldn't have kept the stripping job anyways. Cameron says he and Abigail are together now. Abigail says that after all that's happened, she wants them to be together so she can really show him how much she cares about him in every way.

Daniel offers to give JJ time to catch up with Jennifer and come back later but JJ asks him to stay and have a seat. Jennifer comes in. Daniel tells her that he just met JJ. JJ decides he's hungry and goes to make a sandwich. Daniel and Jennifer talk about not knowing JJ would be home so soon.

Eric asks Marlena what changed. Marlena says nothing has and that's the problem. She tells him that if John wants the marriage to work then he has to talk to her. Eric is worried about her and wishes he could do something. Marlena tells him that nobody can. Eric is not sure that's true and suggests they go for a walk to see if there's something they can come up with.

Kristen blames the noise on rats in the walls and stops Brady from coming in. They agree to meet upstairs and Brady exits. John asks Kristen about the wonderful gift Brady did for her. Kristen reveals that Brady wants to give her a baby and has arranged for them to adopt a child as soon as possible. John asks if that's what she wants. Kristen tells him that he knows his way out as she exits. John looks at her old necklace from one of the boxes and thinks back to their conversation about it. John puts it in his pocket and exits the room.

Sami asks Nick what he wants. Nick tells him that she knows and doesn't want to mess with the guy who went to prison for murder. Nick assumes it's on her now and tries to grab it from her but she knees him. Sami pulls out the gun and tells Nick that she's not afraid of him but he should be. Sami threatens to blow him away if he takes one step towards her.

Cameron says Abigail wanted to wait until marriage and he respects that. Abigail clarifies that she wanted to wait until she found the right guy and is pretty sure she has. Cameron doesn't want to pressure her and is happy to wait. Abigail assures him that she's ready. Cameron thinks they will both know when the time is right.

Daniel and Jennifer talk about needing to catch up with JJ. Daniel leaves to let her talk. Jennifer calls JJ back into the room and says he lied to her.

Kristen joins Brady in the living room. Brady reveals he knows she lied about what was really going on downstairs and he knows about his dad.

Will tells Rafe that he already knows why Nick wanted him out because of Sami. Rafe says there's something else going on. Will says he's just trying to protect Gabi from more stress. Rafe asks about the stress and if there's some secret about Nick. Rafe says it's not just about Gabi as she's going to be raising their baby with him. Rafe says he knows Will did not want to give up his parental rights and asks why Nick forced him to give it up.

Sami tells Nick that he claims to be so smart but he made a huge mistake tonight. Sami reminds him that she's engaged to EJ and he won't let him get away with attacking her. Nick says he just wants his money back. Sami dares him to file a police report but guesses the money is dirty and could send him back to prison. Sami threatens to leave a message with Roman. Nick tells her that she's going to do exactly what he says. Sami reminds him that she's the one with a gun. Nick warns her that she won't do anything because he has something more dangerous and raises his phone to play the recording of Will's confession to shooting EJ.

Jennifer reveals she heard from the school that JJ was expelled for selling drugs. JJ says it was his roommate but it was found in their room so he got punished as well.

John stands in the town square with the necklace. Marlena and Eric walk through the town square until seeing John. Marlena stops and tells Eric that she appreciates his support but she can't do this right now and walks away. Eric then walks on and confronts John, asking what his problem is.

Kristen asks what about John. Brady says he knows the wedding stuff in the cellar was from when she was supposed to marry John. Kristen talks about it being in the past. Brady thinks the adoption brought back some memories. Kristen assures him that she wants to be a mom but wants to be his wife now. Brady asks her if looking through the wedding stuff brought back feelings for John. Kristen admits that it did.

Nick dares Sami to shoot him, saying he has dozens of copies of the confession and not just the flash drive that she stole.

Daniel talks with Abigail and Cameron at the coffeehouse about JJ being back.

Jennifer talks to JJ about accepting consequences for his actions. She talks about getting expelled and how it could affect his entire future. JJ talks about how good it feels to know she understands. Jennifer says she loves him and hugs him.

Rafe continues asking Will for the truth so he admits that Nick didn't want he and Sonny in the baby's life because they are gay.

John asks Eric what his problem is. Eric questions how he could treat Marlena like this. John says it's between them. Eric mentions Nicole being worried about what John might do at the wedding and he's afraid she's right. Eric tells John to restrain himself from doing something that everyone will regret and it wouldn't be the first time.

Rafe asks Will how he knows. Will says Nick basically told him that he didn't want them in the baby's life because they're faggots. Rafe can't believe it. Will says Nick wasn't always like that so something must have happened to him in prison. Rafe asks about Gabi knowing about it. Marlena enters and greets them. Rafe says he's going to get going and tells Will not to worry as he will be in touch. Rafe exits. Marlena asks if everything is alright but Will is not sure.

Nick presses up against Sami's gun and tells her to go ahead and shoot him. Nick says she and Will can share a prison cell because he's made sure everyone will hear the confession if anything happens to him. Sami accuses him of bluffing but Nick tells her to do it. Nick wants his money. Sami gives him the money back and orders him to keep the recording under lock and key. Nick says he will as long as everyone keeps their part of the bargain. Nick warns Sami to keep her mouth shut about the money or else he will destroy Will. Sami says she understands and Nick walks out of the alley. Sami remarks that Nick is lucky the gun wasn't loaded.

Jennifer and JJ sit and talk until Cameron and Abigail come in. Jennifer goes to make a phone call to let them visit. Abigail introduces JJ and Cameron. Cameron gets a call from a patient at the hospital and steps out to take it. Abigail asks JJ about his talk with Jennifer. He says it went fine. Abigail doesn't think he'd come home early from school unless something happened. JJ says she's right but they talked and everything is cool now.

Marlena asks Will if he wants to talk about it. Will says he doesn't but asks about her seeming down lately. Marlena says she's okay but Will doesn't believe her. Marlena thanks him for caring but doesn't want to talk about it either. Will understands but asks if it's about John. Will tells her that John is making a huge mistake and hugs her.

Eric tells John it took him a long time to forgive him for breaking up his parents marriage but in the end, he knew he loved Marlena so he will always think of he and Brady as family but he doesn't think Sami will feel the same. John says he regrets hurting his family. Eric asks him not to hurt his family again and stop whatever he's going to do to pull Brady away from Kristen. John tells him he doesn't know what he's talking about. Eric tells him to leave it in God's hand.

Kristen tells Brady the feelings going through things made it clear that her old feelings for John would never come back. She assures Brady that she's over John for sure. Kristen says it helped her let go and say goodbye to John forever so she knows for sure that she's on the right path and she's this close to getting everything she wanted. Kristen feels she has closure and says even if life doesn't give what you want, in the long run it's for the best.

Jennifer talks to Daniel on the phone. She apologizes for all the craziness but says she talked to JJ and thinks things will be just fine.

JJ asks about Jennifer having to step out to make a phone call. Abigail tells him that it's probably just Daniel and she heard they met tonight. Abigail asks JJ what he thinks of Daniel. Cameron calls Abigail into the other room so she goes to join him. JJ looks at a photo of Jennifer and Daniel.

Marlena tells Will that Gabi must be getting ready to deliver any day now. Will says it should be any time now. Will admits he's nervous but also excited. Marlena is glad he decided to be a part of the baby's life and says it's so good for them. Will assures her that nothing will stop him from being the best father he can be.

Nick talks on the phone outside of the town square about finalizing a deal and making a cash deposit. He hangs up. Rafe approaches and notes he's looking pretty pleased with himself. Nick says life is good. Rafe questions that. Nick asks what he means. Rafe declares he knows exactly who Nick is now and for Gabi, life isn't looking good at all.

Sami talks on the phone leaving a message for EJ wondering why he isn't picking up and says she wants to give Stefano a piece of her mind.

Brady and Kristen talk about wedding plans. Brady goes to get her a glass of wine. Brady mentions that all he cares about with the wedding is marrying her. Brady exits the room. Kristen says to herself that it won't be long now.

Eric tells John that if he has any respect for him, Marlena, or their family, he hopes he takes his advice. Eric walks away. John pulls out Kristen's old necklace and says sorry God but he's not going to watch Kristen destroy Brady. John declares that he's going to stop her.

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