Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 5/8/13

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 5/8/13


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Jennifer returns home after being with Daniel. Jennifer's son JJ is revealed to be the one in the house and greets her, asking where she's been. Jennifer is excited and asks him why he's not in school.

Nick meets with Vargas at the coffeehouse. Nick doesn't think they should be seen together or people will start asking questions. Vargas asks about his money. Nick thinks back to searching for the lost money.

Will gives Gabi a toy for the baby. Gabi asks if Will is worried that he won't be around the baby in a year. Will says he's not and that Nick won't keep him from the baby. Gabi asks why he's starting to believe it and what's changed.

Sami catches up with Stefano's contact Bernard outside the Pub. Sami explains who she is and says Stefano sent her to get something from him. He claims not to know what she's talking about but Sami claims she's supposed to take the evidence he got back to the house. Bernard claims to have no idea what she's talking about.

Brady searches the mansion for Kristen and asks EJ where she is but he doesn't know. Brady says he has to find her and asks EJ again.

John joins Kristen in the secret room of the mansion. Kristen asks what he's doing there. John says it's time they finish what they started.

JJ explains to Jennifer that his tests are all done and he came home to surprise her. Jennifer is excited. JJ tells her not to worry then says maybe he should be worried as it's not her usual look. He asks what she's been up to.

EJ mocks Brady looking for Kristen and questions if there's trouble in paradise. Brady assures him the wedding is still on. EJ says he can't wait as he exits while Brady tries to call Kristen.

Kristen tells John that she doesn't want to play. John calls it not a game. Kristen questions how he got in there. John says everyone has a price and shows her the key. Kristen warns him about if Stefano finds out or if security finds him. John tells her that he knows the schedule of the security and they won't be there for a couple of hours. Kristen accuses him of spying on her. Kristen says she wants to be alone and asks him to get out. John asks if that's what she really wants. Kristen says it is and tells John that it's over between them. Kristen declares that she's finally done.

Sami explains that Stefano sent her but Bernard continues to say he doesn't understand. Sami insists on the evidence but he calls her nuts and says he doesn't know Stefano as he only works for the Salem PD and Roman. He says he'd never do anything for criminal scum like Stefano. He walks away. Sami follows after him.

Jennifer questions what JJ means. JJ notes that she looks a little frazzled. She says she has a lot going on. JJ asks if Anne is still bothering her. Jennifer says she has that under control for now. Jennifer says the last time they talked, she isn't sure if she was clear on how important this has become so she wants to tell him but Abigail then enters and greets JJ with a hug.

Vargas asks Nick what's going on with his money. Nick says he's trying to build it up but it's going to take time to find the right opportunities. Vargas wants it to be a priority but has a feeling there's something Nick is not telling him. Nick admits that there is.

Gabi says Will is excited about the baby in a way she hasn't seen before. Will says it's just getting closer and feeling real. Gabi tells him not to worry about being in the baby's life because he will be in it and Nick won't keep him away. Will says he knows that.

Sami chases Bernard through the town square. She catches up to him outside of the square and warns him about Stefano coming after him if he doesn't give her the evidence. He sticks to his story but she reveals that she was there when he talked to Stefano in this same spot. He tells her if that's true then she heard that he was instructed to deliver it directly to Stefano. Sami tells him the plan changed so he decides to call Stefano.

Jennifer goes to change to give Abigail time with JJ. JJ talks about the week Jack died and says a lot has changed since then. Abigail asks why he's home early. He says he finished his exams early but she asks what's really going on.

Gabi talks about her baby's cravings. She says Nick looks out for her and they are happy. Gabi adds that for the most part, everything is great. Will asks about the most part. Gabi says Nick has just been stressed at work and it's no big deal. Gabi goes to get her purse to prepare to leave.

Sami pulls Bernard's phone from him and says Stefano is in a very important meeting and can't be interrupted. He tells her that he knows Stefano didn't send her and warns her about messing with the DiMeras. Sami stops him and says she can make it worth his while.

Daniel meets with Maggie at the hospital. Maggie has a favor and says she's worried about Brady slipping due to the stress of his relationship with Kristen around his family. Daniel suggests Maggie talk to him but she says Brady knows she doesn't approve of having a couple of drinks with Kristen. She asks Daniel to check on him since he's got involved with Kristen. Daniel responds that he doesn't think Kristen is the problem.

Kristen questions John being there. John says she can't just say it's over due to their history. John says he knows what she wants. Kristen says she wants to be free from the past and what she's lost in her life. John questions if that's why she came down to this room. Kristen says Brady is so wonderful and loving and deserves only the best. Kristen says what's happening between she and John is not fair to Brady so she wants to end it and make things clean. She looks through the box further. Kristen adds that she wants what she's been dreaming about for years. She wants her happy ending.

JJ tells Abigail that nothing is going on. She doesn't buy it. He tells her that he just got home and is jet lagged so he wants one day from it. Abigail agrees. JJ then brings up Cameron. Abigail is excited for JJ to meet him. JJ tells her that she deserves a good guy. Abigail says they and Jennifer all deserve happiness. She tells him that things are getting better and Jennifer is really happy with Daniel.

Nick complains to Vargas about having to deal with Kate and be with Gabi and the baby. Nick asks to give him some time. Vargas agrees but says not too long as he's not patient and hates excuses. Gabi arrives and greets Nick, asking if everything is okay.

EJ sits at the Pub alone. Will enters and joins him, asking for news. EJ says there's none yet. Will thought Stefano's guy was getting the evidence. EJ says he's meeting Sami here so they will find out more when she gets there. EJ tells Will to relax as they will make sure it turns out alright. EJ says Sami told him he's worried. Will admits he is worried because Sami is handling it. Will adds that he feels better now that EJ is involved. EJ says it's good to let Sami take care of it for him because it lets her know that he trusts her. Will compares it to EJ and Stefano. EJ disagrees but Will notes that there are similarities between Sami and Stefano as he never thought he could trust them but they are both coming through for him.

Sami offers Bernard the $30,000 that she stole from Nick for the evidence. He tells her that he'd be dead before he could spend it and he refuses to double-cross Stefano. She tries to grab the bag from him and they struggle over it. She jumps on him but he gets her off and is able to run away. Sami picks up the envelope of money that she had dropped in the struggle.

Brady wonders where Kristen is. Daniel arrives and asks for a minute. Brady says it's a bad time but Daniel tells him to make time because it's important.

John asks Kristen what her happy ending looks like. Kristen asks if he recognizes the things in the room. John asks if he should. Kristen says they are from his wedding. She shows him the veil and the candle. She says it's all been gathering dust for he last 15 years. She looks at a necklace that she was supposed to wear but never did. John asks about her wedding to Tony. Kristen says that wasn't a real marriage and she was saving it. John asks if she's going to wear it when she marries Brady. Kristen says no and shows him the necklace that Jennifer gave her to symbolize new beginnings. Kristen says it reminded her of everything down here and everything she missed. Kristen suggests maybe the past hasn't let go of her and maybe it never will.

Abigail tells JJ that Daniel is a really good guy and he'll like him. JJ asks her to show him around town. Jennifer comes back in and asks for a minute alone with JJ.

Vargas tells Nick and Gabi to have a good afternoon and then exits. Gabi notes that Vargas is creepy and she doesn't like Nick talking to him. Nick tells her that he's just trying to get settled on the outside and it's hard for a lot of guys. Nick notes that it's a small town so he's going to see him around. Gabi asks him to try and stay away from him. Nick says he will do what he can.

Will asks EJ about the first time he saw Johnny. EJ says he does and talks about the effort to keep him from him when he was born. EJ talks about holding him for the first time and becoming a dad. Will asks if he was scared at all. EJ says he was enthralled but then terrified as he didn't know how to be a good father. Will tells him that he became a great dad. EJ encourages Will and says he's been a great brother to his kids so he'll be a great father. EJ notes that Sami will do anything for Will. Will hopes he's not too much like her. Sami arrives and joins them. Will asks if it's done yet and if the evidence is destroyed.

Brady asks Daniel what's going on. Daniel says he's concerned and he's not the only one. Brady says he's fine. Daniel says he was worried when he saw him at the square earlier but now he asks about the stress. Brady questions if this is Maggie coming down on him for an intervention. Brady assures that he's not using drugs. Daniel questions Brady walking around all day mad. Brady tells Daniel that John is running around town trying to break up he and Kristen. Brady shouts that if John tries it again then he's going to pay.

John tells Kristen that he knows what she means as it kind of sneaks up after finding something from the past. Kristen brings up this room being where she kept Marlena prisoner. Kristen asks John if he really thinks the old jersey would wipe things away. John says that's not the way it is.

JJ asks Jennifer if something is wrong. She reveals she e-mailed his school about sending him home early. He claims that he told them he wanted to surprise her. Jennifer asks if there's something else he wants to tell her.

Sami tells Will that there's no need to worry as Stefano gets what he wants. She assures him it will be destroyed soon. Will talks about waiting on ripping up the agreement with Nick. Sami agrees not to rush. Will talks about not wanting to stress Nick out which would freak Gabi out. Will mentions that Gabi said Nick is stressed at work but he feels something else is going on.

Gabi asks Nick if he's ready to go shopping but he says he has to keep working so she has to go without him. Gabi mentions Will bringing a gift for the baby and he's really looking forward to being a dad. Nick says good for him. Gabi hopes he means that and agrees to text him from shopping. She kisses him goodbye and exits.

Sami sends Will to greet Caroline in the back of the Pub. EJ asks Sami what happened. Sami tells him that Bernard wouldn't hand over the evidence and she tried everything. Sami says she couldn't be subtle. EJ asks what exactly she did. Sami reveals she offered him Nick's $30,000 but he didn't take it. Sami says she stopped him from calling Stefano to buy them some time. EJ reminds her that he's reporting to Stefano so he may tell her what happened. Sami claims she will come up with a story. EJ gets a call. Sami says she's going to run an errand. EJ tells her to try and not get in any trouble. Sami kisses him and rushes out of the Pub. EJ answers his call.

Brady asks Harold if he's seen Kristen. He reveals that she asked for the key to the wine cellar because some items from her previous wedding were down there. Daniel says the mansion creeps him out so he's leaving. Daniel tells him to go find Kristen and reminds him that he's on his side. Brady says he knows he is but wishes everyone else was too as Daniel exits.

John says Kristen has made him look closer at his actions from back then. John admits he wasn't innocent and he should've been honest with her and himself about his feelings for Marlena. John says he tried so hard to convince himself that he was over Marlena back then and it wasn't fair to Kristen. John adds that at the time he wanted it to be true. Kristen says Marlena is the love of his life, always has been and always will be. John tells her that things change and feelings change. Kristen assumes he must hate her more than ever since she's with Brady. John tells her that he doesn't hate her. John declares that his feelings for her are complicated.

JJ tells Jennifer that there's nothing else to tell. Her phone rings and she goes upstairs to take it. JJ agrees to wait for her but the doorbell rings. He answers the door to see Daniel. Daniel notes he looks a lot like his pictures. JJ informs him that he knows who he is.

EJ finishes his call with Justin about Stefano. EJ says they are on schedule and will be in touch as he exits the Pub. Will comes out from the back of the Pub on the phone with Rafe. Will says he has some time and invites him to meet at the Pub. Will sees Sami and EJ are gone and wonders where everyone went.

Sami returns to the spot outside of the town square and practices coming up with a story for Stefano but she gets grabbed from behind.

Kristen tells John that complicated is better than hatred. Kristen goes to the door to tell John to leave but he stops her from opening the door. Brady then arrives knocking on the door, asking if Kristen is in there.

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