Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 5/7/13

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 5/7/13


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Brady gives the envelope to Kristen and it's adoption papers. Brady says they can't be turned down and all of her questions would be answered. Kristen can't believe he did this. Brady knows how much she wanted to be a mom and thought it was impossible but he tells her that they can have a child together and all she has to do is say the word.

Ciara sits at the Kiriakis Mansion looking at the photo of Kristen and Sy. She puts it back in her backpack when Hope, Justin, and Adrienne come in. They talk about Gabi's baby. Adrienne then asks Ciara about Bo coming home. Ciara responds that Bo changed his mind and is probably never coming back.

Daniel and Jennifer talk at the hospital about having the afternoon off. Maxine tells Daniel and Jennifer that they can both leave for a few hours.

The person who has snuck into Jennifer's house looks at the photos on the mantle and picks up the one of Jennifer and Daniel.

Sami goes to the mansion and talks with EJ about Stefano's police contact getting the evidence today and she doesn't want Stefano holding something over Will. EJ offers to talk to Will. Sami can't believe Stefano double-crossed them and declares that she won't let Stefano win and get his hands on that evidence.

John meets with a man outside of the town square. John asks if he has it as he prepares to pay him off with an envelope of money.

Brady tells Kristen that he didn't mean to upset her as she starts to cry. Kristen says it's all she ever wanted. Brady encourages her but Kristen stops him and says she can't go on like this as he doesn't deserve it.

Daniel and Jennifer talk about what to do. Jennifer suggests going to her house since they'd have the place to themselves.

The person in Jennifer's house continues looking around at the pictures.

Sami and EJ kiss. EJ asks her to come home early. Sami wants to destroy all the evidence and celebrate. Sami heads upstairs to get her keys. Sami's phone rings from inside her purse so EJ reaches in to get it but finds the gun.

Kristen says Brady is such a good man and doesn't deserve this. Brady is confused. Brady encourages her and insists he wants a child with her. Kristen says Brady really loves her and says she didn't know how much since no one's ever loved her like that before not even John. Brady tells her that he is the right man for her. Kristen repeats that she can't do this anymore since Brady doesn't deserve it. Kristen states that it goes back to John.

Daniel gets ready to go. Jennifer has one errand to run. Daniel suggests going to his place and he will do a couple of things while she finishes her errand and they head to the elevator together.

Hope assures Ciara that Bo doesn't want to be away from her and he loves her. Ciara questions why he is away. Hope says it's work but he is coming home just not as soon as they hoped. Justin takes Ciara to get a snack. Adrienne sits with Hope and apologizes for upsetting Ciara as she thought Bo was on his way home. Hope says something came up. Adrienne asks when he is coming home. Hope doesn't know as Ciara listens in.

Sami returns to the living room and kisses EJ goodbye. EJ stops her and asks if she's forgetting something then asks what she's doing with the gun.

John and the man exchange envelopes and head their separate ways. John opens his envelope and inside is a key.

Brady questions Kristen being upset because of John. Kristen explains that what happened to her then completely broke her and it took her years to recover. Kristen says it left her with holes in her heart. Brady apologizes for bringing up painful memories. Kristen says what he did was so loving. Jennifer enters and asks if she's too early then wonders if everything is okay. Jennifer offers to come back later but they say it's okay. Kristen tells Brady they can talk about it later and hugs him. Brady then exits. Jennifer asks Kristen what's wrong. Kristen blames wedding jitters. Jennifer offers to be a friend. Kristen says she's fine and asks what's going on. Jennifer gives Kristen her necklace as something borrowed and something blue. Jennifer encourages her to have the life she always wanted as Kristen holds back tears.

EJ comments on the things that fall out of Sami's purse lately. Sami questions EJ going through her purse. EJ says her phone ring and asks about the gun. Sami explains that Kate gave it to her yesterday. EJ questions why she's carrying it around. Sami says she was going to leave it in her desk but Nick came back. EJ shouts that she's not having this. Sami tells him not to get mad and shows him that it's not even loaded. Sami says she'll put it back in the office and he can get mad later because she has to go. EJ doesn't want her to do this alone. Sami doesn't want to draw attention and insists she has things under control. EJ tells her to be careful. Sami says she knows what she's doing and kisses him goodbye as she exits.

Hope surprises Ciara with a trip to the zoo. Ciara wants to go now. Hope thanks Justin and Adrienne. Adrienne walks Hope and Ciara out. Justin gets a call from EJ. EJ asks if they should meet. Justin says they shall.

Brady sits at the town square as Daniel approaches and comments on him not looking happy. Daniel asks what's going on. Brady says it's nothing. Daniel sits with him. Brady explains how he did something special for Kristen and expected happy tears but it tore her up. Daniel says he can't blame himself for good intentions. Brady responds that he blames John.

Kristen talks to Jennifer about not wanting to come back to Salem when Stefano first asked her to but then she thought she could make things right which she's been trying to do. Kristen says she's not completely sure now because Brady loves her completely like she's never been loved before. Jennifer calls that a good thing and tells Kristen that she's won.

Hope and Ciara go to Hope's office. Hope says it will only take ten minutes and then they are off to the zoo. Hope sees Sami outside and asks what she's doing there. Sami claims she was waiting for Roman but Hope says he's not coming in so she wasted a trip. Sami says it's not a waste as she's thrilled to spend time with them. Sami asks what's up with Ciara but she shakes her head.

Stefano's contact searches the police evidence room.

EJ and Justin meet. Justin asks about meeting so far away. EJ points out that they haven't done business like this before. EJ asks about his proposal. Justin says he looked it over and has questions. EJ tells him to ask and he'll give him half an hour to think about whether he's going to help bring down the end of Stefano.

Kristen tells Jennifer that Brady loving her has nothing to do with the past. Jennifer asks what she's afraid of. Kristen doesn't want to hurt him. Jennifer asks how it would hurt him to get married. Jennifer asks if it has something to do with John. Jennifer tells her that she can't worry about hurting Brady's relationship with John and Marlena. Kristen complains that she's not a good person like Jennifer and Brady. Jennifer tells her not to beat herself up for how she used to be because she's changed. Jennifer credits Brady's love for helping Kristen change. Kristen hugs her and thanks her for being her friend. Jennifer tells her to call later and they can talk about wedding plans. Kristen thanks her as Jennifer exits. Kristen looks at the necklace and then exits as well.

Daniel and Jennifer meet at his place and kiss into bed.

EJ asks Justin if he has any more questions. Justin says no. EJ says he has a few. EJ asks what the flaws are as he needs to know. Justin says he couldn't find any. Justin calls it impressive and says EJ has a real shot of taking over Stefano's empire. EJ says he won't miss. Justin tells him that Stefano would no longer have any cover for his extra business and asks what will happen to those. EJ tells him he doesn't want to know. Justin tells EJ that Stefano will be left with absolutely nothing if EJ executes this plan. Justin asks if he's prepared for the consequences. Justin says Stefano's company is his whole identity so if EJ takes it away then it will destroy him personally. EJ says he's aware of the consequences and doesn't care.

Hope asks Sami to watch Ciara for a moment as she has to go file some papers. Hope gives her five minutes. Ciara counts and says she'll be gone an hour. Hope hurries out as Sami sits with Ciara. Sami asks why Ciara is giving Hope a hard time and if she messed up. Ciara says constantly. Sami thinks something else happened and asks what it is. Ciara says she got in trouble at school. Sami relates and asks why. Ciara says her dad lied about coming home because he isn't. Sami says she misses Bo too but is sure he didn't mean to lie. Ciara says she doesn't know that. Sami assures her that he was planning to come home but something happened. Sami overhears Stefano's contact leaving and says she has to go. Sami encourages Ciara about Bo and then rushes out.

Kristen returns home to the DiMera Mansion. Stefano asks her what's the matter. Kristen says Brady just gave her the most incredible wedding gift by arranging for an adoption which is what she's wanted most in life. Stefano tells her to get it together as she could've had a baby years ago. Kristen says she thought about adoption but it never seemed right until now. Stefano questions Kristen wanting a baby with Brady. Kristen says she knows it's crazy and not part of the plan but calls him such a good man. Stefano reminds her that she said Brady is collateral damager. Kristen says her feelings are kind of unexpected. Stefano questions her being in love with Brady.

An officer enters Hope's office and asks Ciara where Hope is. Ciara explains that they are supposed to be going to the zoo. He leaves an envelope and tells Ciara to make sure Hope sees it as it's really important. The envelope is urgent about the prison release program.

Daniel and Jennifer lay in bed eating ice cream. Daniel talks about how it may be overwhelming having Parker around but assures her there is room for them and they kiss.

Ciara looks at the envelope left for Hope. Ciara calls it more work for Hope and complains that she'll never get to see the pandas at the zoo. Ciara hides the envelope behind a picture on the shelf. Hope returns and asks where Sami is. Ciara says she left. Hope shuts down the computer and says she's officially off duty and they exit to head to the zoo leaving the urgent envelope behind.

Brady sits in the town square and imagines John confronting him about wanting Kristen. Brady gets up and storms off.

Stefano asks Kristen if she's not going to destroy John and Marlena. Kristen says she didn't say that and asks for the key to the secret room where everything from her almost wedding to John was stored. Kristen then goes to see the room.

Daniel brings Jennifer home and says their day was delightful. They agree they should do it again some time. Jennifer reminds him that Maxine is waiting for him at work. Daniel kisses her goodbye and hurries off. Jennifer's son JJ is revealed to be the one in the house and greets her, asking where she's been.

EJ laughs at the idea of Stefano being ruined. Justin notes that EJ never calls him father when talking about this. EJ asks Justin if he wants the job or not. Justin tells him that he's in and they toast their glasses.

Sami catches up with Stefano's contact Bernard outside the Pub. Sami explains who she is and says Stefano sent her to get something from him. He claims not to know what she's talking about but Sami claims she's supposed to take the evidence he got back to the house.

Brady goes to the mansion and asks Stefano where Kristen is.

Kristen enters the secret room of the mansion and thinks back to locking Marlena in there years ago. She looks through boxes and finds her wedding dress. John then enters, surprising Kristen.

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