Days of Our Lives Update Monday 5/6/13

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 5/6/13


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Daniel arrives at the hospital and greets Maxine. Maxine tells him that Jennifer just called and should be there shortly while Ann is not there yet.

Jennifer prepares to leave home. Someone is watching through the side door. Jennifer stops and looks around then heads out.

Eric goes to the rectory but finds Kristen at his desk. She says she was waiting to talk to him about the wedding as it would mean a lot if he were there. Eric says he'd love to be there for Brady. Kristen comments that it always comes back to Marlena.

Marlena walks through the town square and imagines seeing a picture of her and John in a shop window until she runs into Roman.

Nicole approaches John at the Pub and says she heard about Brady and Kristen getting married. John smashes his glass. Nicole asks if he's okay.

Brady meets with the woman he had done business with outside the town square. She hands him an envelope and exits as EJ approaches and asks Brady about it. Brady wonders why EJ cares what he does. EJ points out that he's marrying his sister. Brady asks if he's coming to the wedding. EJ says he wouldn't miss it and hopes Sami will come too. Brady talks about how they really feel about one another

Eric doesn't want to talk to Kristen about Marlena. Kristen talks about trying to make amends. She asks about her sins but Eric doesn't want to talk about it because he can't be objective. Kristen mentions having her confession heard and wonders if Marlena ever has. Kristen talks about Marlena never apologizing for tearing her world apart. Eric calls it not his business but she argues that it is. Eric talks about not taking sides. Kristen wonders if Roman ever received an apology for Marlena tearing his world apart. She then asks if Sami or Eric ever did either. Eric says he could say Marlena doesn't owe him an apology and never has for anything. Kristen says only a man of God could be so forgiving. Eric doesn't think there's anything to forgive but Kristen talks about Sami walking in on Marlena and John. Kristen talks about Roman being miserable and lonely. Kristen asks Eric if he's okay with his family being destroyed but he refuses to talk to her about it. Kristen thinks she hit a nerve. Eric tells her to go. Kristen talks about Marlena committing adultery. Eric shouts at her that it's enough.

Marlena apologizes to Roman for not watching where she was going. Roman asks what John's done now. Marlena won't discuss it with him. Roman figures that's why she won't take his calls and asks her to breakfast.

Nicole apologizes to John and says she's having a hard time with the wedding too since Brady is her friend. Nicole suggests it won't be too bad and maybe Kristen has changed. John asks her point. Nicole says maybe all that matters is that Brady loves her and adds that it's not like John still loves her. Victor enters the Pub and thinks back to John telling him about his plan. Nicole notes John not saying anything. John asks what she expects. John mentions Brady losing the two women he planned to be with before. John says Brady is not in a healthy place and Kristen's doing what she does best. John says he'll always love Brady and part of Nicole will too so they just want him to be happy. Nicole asks what he's going to do to stop Kristen.

Abe approaches Daniel at the hospital and asks for a favor. He says an old friend has been admitted for tests. Daniel offers to check him out. Abe thanks him. Daniel mentions learning from the best in Lexie as Abe walks on. Daniel turns around as the babysitter brings Parker to say good morning. Daniel hugs him excitedly and talks about having fun with Jennifer.

Jennifer looks for her keys at home and goes back to get her phone. She notices the side doors are open and pulls them shut as she's being watched from outside.

Brady starts to walk away from EJ but he comments on it being touching that he stands up for Sami when they used to be at each other's throats. Brady compares it to EJ never knowing Kristen at all. EJ admits not hearing good things about Kristen but some preconceived notions are wrong. EJ insists that he loves and supports Kristen in everything she does. EJ says they have something in common. Brady decides they should quit while they're ahead and walks away. EJ comments that Stefano will be waiting for Brady at home and they have nothing in common.

John asks Nicole what else he can do since everyone has talked to Brady and he won't change his mind. Nicole compares their stubbornness. John says sometimes there is nothing you can do but accept that life has changed. Roman and Marlena then enter the Pub.

Eric apologizes to Kristen. Kristen likes him better seeing the mad side of him. Eric tells Kristen that he will not be able to attend the wedding as it's more about she and Brady than anyone else. Kristen comments on Eric turning out well considering where he came from. She says Marlena would be proud of him even if deep down he couldn't be proud of her. Kristen says she'll save him a piece of wedding cake as she exits the rectory.

Nicole goes to the back to let John talk. He approaches Roman and Marlena and comments on them arriving together.

Jennifer joins Daniel and Parker at the hospital. Daniel kisses her. Jennifer talks about sleeping through her alarm. They kiss again until Ann arrives and remarks that she wouldn't be able to keep her breakfast down. Maxine tells her that Daniel was looking for her and asks where she's been. Ann declares she was attending to some personal business. Daniel sends Parker with the babysitter and asks Jennifer to lunch. Jennifer says it was a great thing to do when he gave up their dinner for Cameron and Abigail. Daniel is glad she's back at work where she belongs. Daniel goes with the babysitter and Parker. Jennifer walks away. Ann comments to herself that Jennifer doesn't belong there at all. Jennifer goes into her office. Ann follows her in. Jennifer asks what she's doing there. Ann tells her to wait and see.

Nicole rejoins John and greets Roman and Marlena. Nicole then says goodbye and exits the Pub. Roman asks John to give Marlena a break. Marlena doesn't want to do this here and suggests they leave but John says he and Roman need to have a talk. Marlena asks if it will be a talk or a fight. John says they need to settle something once and for all. Roman tells him anytime, anywhere and suggests they take a walk. Roman exits the Pub. Marlena tries to stop John but he follows out. Victor approaches and Marlena says she's afraid they will kill each other. Victor asks what she would do to stop that since every time she opens her mouth, she makes things worse. Victor tells her to leave well enough alone for everyone's sake.

Kristen calls Stefano from her office and tells him that Eric won't be at the wedding. Stefano doesn't care since there isn't going to be a wedding. Kristen talks about wanting all of Marlena's friends and family to witness her ultimate humiliation. Kristen imagines the look on her face when she finds out she slept with John. Kristen says Eric probably would have been there if she could've controlled her temper when it comes to Marlena. Stefano talks about breaking Brady's heart into a million pieces. Kristen says he'll get over it and hangs up as Brady arrives at the office.

Jennifer questions if Ann is going to do this again. Ann mocks her for quitting and coming back. Ann talks about her PDAs with Daniel and says she will enforce the code of conduct at the hospital. Ann says she's just doing her job. Jennifer talks about Ann being strangely obsessed with her life. Ann says it's her job to tell her how to act. Daniel enters and questions Ann. Jennifer tells him it's fine and then gets a call, saying she'll be right there. Jennifer tells Ann that they are finished and she exits. Daniel then stands up to Ann.

EJ returns home to the DiMera Mansion and knocks over a chess piece. Stefano enters and says he was in the middle of a game. Stefano asks what's on his mind. EJ mentions running into Brady and it being the first time they talked about Kristen and the wedding. EJ comments on Brady being his brother in law and Kristen joining the Kiriakis family. Stefano is not concerned and says it may not even happen. EJ says Stefano made it sound like he thinks it's not going to happen.

Kristen locks the door and offers to start their honeymoon early. She asks Brady what's wrong. Brady says it's nothing but they should talk. Kristen thinks it sounds serious. Brady responds that it is.

Ann and Daniel argue. Daniel threatens to get her unemployed. Daniel mentions talking to Chloe last night so she could talk to Parker and that she told him every shady thing she did against Jennifer. Ann questions why she would when they are friends. Daniel says Chloe is trying to fess up to what she's done to put her life together. Ann says she can leave her out of it. Daniel says Mr. Burns and the hospital board would be happy to hear what she told him. Ann asks if he's going to. Daniel says he won't unless Ann gives him a reason to. Jennifer returns and asks if there's a problem.

Nicole goes to the rectory and sees Eric. She tells him that he needs to know about something that happened earlier with his family. She tells him about seeing John at the Pub and Roman being with Marlena. Eric comments that it sounds like Armageddon. Nicole says Brady and Kristen's wedding is driving everyone crazy and she asks if he's going to the wedding. Eric says he's decided the best thing he can do is pray for them and suggests Nicole do so too.

Victor apologizes to Marlena for being blunt but says she pushed Brady into Kristen's arms and kept him there. Marlena responds that she cares about Brady as much as he does. Victor believes her and that she didn't want this outcome. Victor suggests Marlena try walking away and accept that she's lost John and move on before things get worse.

Roman and John stop in the town square. John says he knows Roman still cares for Marlena and always has. Roman asks what about John. Roman goes over what happened between them in the past and questions if John is just going to throw Marlena away. Roman asks if he has any idea what he's doing to her and if he even cares. John says of course he cares. Roman tells him to stop treating her like it's the end. John says it stops now and tells Roman to look after Marlena and take care of her because she's all his. John then walks away.

Brady tells Kristen their wedding day will be there before they know it and there's a lot to do. Brady wants to start with a gift. He talks about giving up on his future until he met her and she made him believe again. Brady says he loves her more than words can say and she's changed his life so now he wants to change hers.

Jennifer asks what's going on. Ann says they were just talking. Ann then compliments Jennifer and exits to go back to work. Jennifer jokes with Daniel about fighting her battles. Daniel tells her that sometimes two is better than one. Jennifer agrees and they kiss. Ann paces in the lobby and complains about Jennifer to Maxine, saying she's the only one who sees Jennifer for who she is. Ann remarks that someone, somewhere will teach Jennifer the lesson she's got coming.

The person who was watching Jennifer has gotten into her house. They look at the pictures on her mantle and grab the one of she and Daniel.

Eric tells Nicole to say what she has to say. Nicole says John gave her a strange feeling that he wanted to kill someone like he used to do for a living and it scared her. Nicole is afraid something terrible may happen.

Abe runs into John outside the town square. Abe wants to grab a beer and catch up some time. John starts to walk away but says he would love to have a beer sometime but has a lot on his mind. Abe thinks he needs to talk but John says not now. Abe is worried about him but John says he's fine and has everything under control. Abe doesn't believe him. John tells him now is not the time. Abe reminds him that he's his friend. John says he knows and will call him soon. Abe then walks on. John says to himself that Kristen should get ready because he's coming no matter what it costs.

Victor tells Marlena to be prepared because things can always get worse in a tough situation and it will.

Stefano tells EJ that not even he can predict the future. EJ says he can certainly try to change it. Stefano suggests they just live in the present. EJ says he likes the idea.

Kristen asks Brady where this is all coming from. Brady suggests she read it herself and pulls out the envelope he received earlier. Brady gives it to Kristen and it's adoption papers. Brady says they can't be turned down and all of her questions would be answered. Kristen can't believe he did this. Brady knows how much she wanted to be a mom and thought it was impossible but he tells her that they can have a child together and all she has to do is say the word.

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