Days of Our Lives Update Friday 5/3/13

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 5/3/13


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Rafe meets with Kate and asks what's going on. Kate says he already knows but she's going to tell him anyway that what they've had the last few months is over. Rafe suggests they go back to his place and talk it out but Kate declines. Rafe asks for a reason why. Kate looks down and Rafe realizes it's because of Stefano.

Stefano meets with a man that is an officer outside the town square. Stefano says he needs his help with evidence in the police room and he wants him to make it disappear. Sami listens from behind the corner and is happy to hear it.

Sonny and Will sit together at the coffee house talking about celebrating deleting the evidence. Sonny says tomorrow will be an amazing day. Adrienne enters and asks what's happening tomorrow.

Nick tries to explain to Gabi but Gabi doesn't care and talks about what he did to their room. Gabi says he's been acting weird for days and she's only giving him one chance to explain everything or she's leaving.

EJ begins his meeting and says it may be a surprise but he needs their help with a delicate matter as over the next couple of months, he's planning on bringing down the complete destruction of Stefano. His meeting turns out to be with Justin who laughs at him. Justin questions EJ wanting to destroy Stefano and continues laughing about it.

Stefano gives the officer the number for the case. Stefano says he wants all the evidence that the police have on the case. He responds that he can't do it.

Rafe asks Kate what Stefano did. Kate tells him that it has absolutely nothing to do with Stefano. Kate says they've just been together for awhile and it got a little serious which she didn't want so she's ending it. Rafe doesn't buy it.

Justin continues laughing at EJ. EJ says he's glad he brought him some amusement. Justin then states that he can see EJ is serious. EJ intends to place all of DiMera Enterprises under his control by the middle of summer. Justin reminds him that he's a Kiriakis. EJ believes Justin is the right person to help.

Stefano warns the officer about being on his payroll and saying no to him. He says he would if he could but the case has been closed for years and went into secure lockup. He decides to try and pull a few strings to get inside. Sami continues listening in. He asks if he wants everything in the box destroyed. Stefano then tells him that he wants none of it destroyed.

Gabi first asks Nick what happened in their room. Nick thinks back to searching for the money. Nick tells her that he lost a flashdrive with all of his work on it and that's why he searched the room. Nick claims that's why he was acting weird and took off. Gabi asks why he didn't just tell her. Nick didn't want to put more stress on her. Gabi questions shutting her out. Nick says he wasn't thinking. Nick admits they need to talk about everything and assures her that he loves her. Nick asks her to go out and eat and they'll talk about everything. Nick promises not to hold anything back. Nick says they will make this work because they love each other as he hugs her.

Will and Sonny tell Adrienne that tomorrow is nothing but she keeps asking. Will gets a call and steps out. Adrienne talks with Sonny about distracting NIck while they searched his room. Sonny tells her that things might just work out but he doesn't want to go into detail. Adrienne calls it frustrating and wants to know as soon as he can tell her which he promises to do. Sonny asks about her and Justin's dinner plans. Adrienne says Justin got called into a very mysterious meeting and she hopes everything is okay.

Justin asks EJ why he wouldn't use his own attorney. EJ says they all have ties to Stefano. EJ says no one would point to him with a Kiriakis involved. Justin asks what makes EJ think he would even consider doing it. EJ says whatever Justin thinks of him, he thinks worse of Stefano. EJ tells him to imagine being the Kiriakis that helped take down Stefano DiMera. EJ thinks it's too exciting of an opportunity to turn down.

Stefano's officer asks why he wouldn't destroy the evidence. Stefano tells him it's not his concern and just do as he's told. Stefano orders him to bring the evidence to him. He agrees to do it. Stefano tells him to go so he exits. Stefano then walks on. Sami comes through the gate and wonders what Stefano is up to.

Kate tells Rafe it's the truth and he has to accept it. Rafe goes over it again. Kate says she has certain goals and she can't have their relationship getting in the way. Kate says Rafe is too much of a distraction. Kate calls it too much and says it has to end now. Kate reminds him that they discussed this in the beginning. Kate doesn't want to argue and just tell the truth. Kate says sooner or later, this day would come.

Will rejoins Sonny and Adrienne as she talks about buying baby clothes. Sami enters and greets them. Sonny and Will go to get coffee for Adrienne and Sami. Sami thanks her again for her help. Adrienne says she still doesn't know all the details but she's glad to help Will. Adrienne suggests she and Sami should bury the hatchet. Will and Sonny talk at the counter about them acting civil. Sonny suggests they may bring them together. Sami agrees to try and shakes hands with Adrienne but when they shake hands, Adrienne sees Sami's engagement ring and says she's crawling right back into EJ's bed.

Justin asks why EJ would do this to Stefano since he thought they forgave and forgot. EJ says Stefano can think what he wants but he's not forgiving him for disowning him and never will. Justin says he can't decide tonight. EJ gives him until tomorrow morning. Justin assures that there will be nothing illegal. Justin asks him if he really wants to do this, knowing what Stefano does to enemies. EJ says Stefano is distracted at the moment so he will play his cards right and Stefano won't see it coming. EJ then exits Justin's office.

Adrienne apologizes to Sami as it didn't come out as she meant. Sami says she doesn't have to hide her feelings because she doesn't care how anyone feels as they are in love. Adrienne hopes third time is the charm. Sonny and Will bring their coffee and Adrienne asks Sonny about not telling her that Sami and EJ were engaged. Sami tells him not to worry and steps aside with Will. Sonny asks Adrienne to try and be nice. Sami tells Will that what she overheard from Stefano. Sami says they can relax and forget about it once Stefano gets it done. Will asks if she really thinks that will happen.

Adrienne calls Justin. She asks if he still wants to go out to eat. Justin says they can just go back home and eat. Adrienne tells him not to be too late. Justin hangs up and continues looking over EJ's papers. Justin declares that EJ just might pull it off.

Nick and Gabi go to the town square. Nick steps aside and calls Sami. Nick tells her that he really needs what she stole from him. Sami reminds him to stay away and says she won't show him sympathy after what he did to Will. Sami hangs up and pulls out the envelope. Sami wonders what Nick's doing with all that money.

Rafe tells Kate that he knows everything ends eventually but he didn't set a time limit on them. Kate says they both knew that this would end. Rafe questions that. Kate says it's better to end this way rather than broken hearted. Rafe says he's never ended a relationship this way. Kate doesn't want him to think she's cold. Rafe says he doesn't and he thinks he gets it. Rafe asks if they can be friends. Kate says she didn't think they were before but now they are so she accepts his handshake. Rafe kisses her hand and then exits. Kate is left with tears and says damn you Stefano.

Rafe goes to the coffeehouse and greets Will. Will asks if he's there to talk about what Kate did with the legal papers and Gabi. Rafe says he's not and it's done. Rafe informs Will that he and Kate ended things tonight. Rafe sits with Will and asks him what happened with he and Nick.

Nick sits with Gabi at the town square to eat. Nick tells her that no matter what happens, he will always cherish every moment they had together. Gabi asks why he's talking like that.

Adrienne joins Justin at home. Justin apologizes for ruining their plans. She tells him it's okay. She notes that he's distracted and asks if his mind is still on that mysterious meeting. Justin says he can't talk about it and kisses her.

EJ returns home and toasts Stefano's picture to the past all Stefano's and the future all his. Sami enters and asks where Stefano is. EJ offers her a drink but Sami says she just wants him and kisses him.

Gabi wants Nick to tell her what's wrong and why he'd say that. Nick laughs it off and says he was just trying to be poetic in telling her how special she is but it came out weird. Nick assures her that nothing is wrong. Nick says he's really glad they talked and he can see things clearer now and what's important which is her and them.

Will tells Rafe that it's a touchy subject. Sonny brings Rafe a coffee and asks if something is wrong. Rafe says he's just asking about Nick and trying to find out what happened. Will doesn't want Sonny involved. Rafe says he's just looking out for Gabi. Rafe says he tried talking to Nick and he brought up Will. Rafe explains that Nick got really tense when he brought up Will and asks if there's a major problem between them. Rafe asks what it is. Will says he can't get into it right now. Rafe pays for his coffee and goes to leave but he stops and asks Will if he signed away his rights because of Sami or something else. Will doesn't answer so Rafe says he got his answer and then exits.

Stefano returns home and gets a call from Kate. Kate says she's not sure what he thought he knew, but whatever it was is over. Stefano laughs and asks what makes her think he even cared. Kate says goodbye and hangs up.

Sami and EJ kiss in bed. EJ notes her being very enthusiastic this evening. Sami says she's just incredibly turned on by him. They continue kissing until Sami tells him that she saw Stefano talking to his cop tonight. EJ questions her eavesdropping again and tells her to continue. Sami explains what she heard about Stefano wanting the evidence brought to him but not destroyed. Sami thinks he wants power over them so he can use it against them whenever he wants. EJ states that the only person Stefano looks out for is himself.

Rafe walks through the town square and looks at cosmetics in the window. He thinks back to his first night in bed with Kate and then walks on.

Kate remains outside the Pub and thinks back to being in bed with Rafe. Kate says she's sorry but they sure were good together and then walks away.

Will and Sonny close up at the coffee shop. Sonny tells Will to feel better since Nick no longer has the confession. Will doesn't want to celebrate too early. Will imagines them having a normal life together. Sonny jokes about Will's baby being just like Sami. Sonny says he hasn't heard him laugh like that in a long time ever since Nick's stunt. Will suggests maybe he is celebrating a little then. Sonny tells him that he deserves it. Will tells him they deserve it as they kiss and hug.

Gabi and Nick return home to their room. Nick says he'll get everything in the room cleaned up. Gabi offers to help but Nick says he's got it handled. Gabi goes to change clothes. Nick checks his phone and sees a text from Vargas that he hopes he's taking care of his money.

Adrienne asks Justin about his meeting and asks if it's something he's excited about. Justin says he isn't sure.

Sami tells EJ that she doesn't like the idea of Stefano holding something over Will. EJ tells her not to let Will know and he will take care of Stefano. Sami and EJ then continue kissing in bed.

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