Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 5/2/13

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 5/2/13


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Kate insists Sami open her gift. Sami takes it and opens the box, where the gun is inside. Kate comments that she hopes she likes the color.

Cameron and Abigail sit at the restaurant as the chef tells them about the menu and goes to get the server. Abigail suggests coming up with a special dessert after they're done.

Brady talks on the phone to the woman he met with, saying he's counting on her to get this done. Brady hangs up and gets a call from Daniel. Brady wanted to confirm he and Jennifer would stand up for them at the wedding. Brady says he appreciates it as everything's going well and he has one more invitation to hand out in person.

Eric asks Nicole what she means by Vargas not being who he thinks. Nicole thinks back to walking in on Vargas on the phone.

Gabi goes to the Kiriakis Mansion looking for Nick. Maggie tells her that he's up in their room.

Nick frantically searches his briefcase for the $30,000. He dumps it all out wondering where the money is.

Sami asks Kate what the gun is and if she's insane. Kate calls it the perfect gift for someone marrying into the DiMera family.

Rafe tells EJ that he comes off insecure and says he already gave her the ring but is freaking out at the mention of he and Sami talking. EJ laughs it off that Rafe is misinterpreting things. Rafe tells EJ that he's done and he's out. Rafe assures EJ that he wants nothing to do with Sami.

Nicole tries to explain to Eric. She suggests he could be taken advantage of in the prison outreach program. Eric asks what happened to make her think that. Nicole thinks back to Vargas threaten to tell Eric about Nicole calling out his name during sex. Eric asks if there's something he should know about Vargas.

Sami tells Kate that she knows what she's doing and calls it pathetic. Kate says she just offered a gift. Sami questions what happened to her. Sami tells her that she and EJ love each other. Kate tells her to just accept the weapon and use it to protect her grandchildren in the mansion. Kate reminds her of everyone that could be in and out of the mansion. Kate warns Sami that a woman needs to always protect herself but Sami insists that she doesn't need protection.

Nick continues searching his room for the money. He looks under the bed and through all of the drawers. Nick declares that someone was there and stole it and now they're going to pay.

Nicole tells Eric that she shouldn't have said anything as it was just a feeling. She calls it not important then decides she doesn't care since she already humiliated herself so she's just going to say it but Brady walks in. Brady asks for a moment with Eric. Eric asks him to let Nicole tell him something but she calls it not important and no big deal.

Cameron and Abigail recall a day they worked at the Pub together. Cameron talks about working at a restaurant in college. Cameron mentions how bills never stop coming. Cameron gets a call. Cameron says no can do tonight. Abigail thinks back to Cameron at the strip club and asks if it was the club asking him to come in tonight.

Maggie shows Gabi pictures of Allie in the garden. Nick comes down and joins them. Gabi says she just got home from the Pub. Maggie shows Nick the pictures. Nick quickly notes that Lucas was there. Nick asks why Sami isn't in any of the pictures. Maggie explains that she stayed inside and then went to work. Nick says he has something important to do and quickly exits.

Kate says Sami will thank her for the gift someday as she's never wrong with these things. Kate says every day in the DiMera Mansion she wished she had a gun. Sami tells her that EJ is not Stefano. Kate insists that things tend to go wrong in that house. Kate wonders how long it will take. Sami wants Kate to take the gun back but Kate calls it a gift. Kate tells her to try not to shoot her future husband again as she exits the office.

EJ is not sure about Rafe being done with Sami. EJ understands that they will always have some connection. Rafe starts to leave but EJ stops and asks him when Johnny will get his FBI jacket since he asks about it every day. Rafe asks him to keep the kids out of this. EJ says he can't as the kids love and admire Rafe. EJ asks him not to punish the kids to get back at Sami. Rafe says he would never do that. EJ says Rafe is going to be around his family so he warns him not to make him out to be a bad guy to his son. Rafe responds that Johnny can see that himself.

Cameron tells Abigail that the club will find someone else and it's no big deal so they can forget about it. Cameron thinks the phone call spoiled things but Abigail says it's fine. Cameron feels like she went distant after they were doing great. Cameron wonders why the call changed everything. Abigail is embarrassed to say but Cameron insists. Abigail says she's out right now with a guy who has women pawing after him and putting money in his pants. Abigail gets that it's his job. Cameron says she's right but he's with her. Cameron then calls the club back and informs them that he is done and is out of dancing for good.

Nicole tells Eric to go ahead and talk to Brady. Eric has to perform a confession first so they agree to meet at the Pub in an hour. Eric exits. Nicole stops Brady and congratulates him on his engagement. Brady thinks she'd rather warn him because of how she feels about Kristen. Nicole says Kristen gave her a break so she won't badmouth her. Nicole says Brady went with his heart so he's happy for them. Nicole congratulates him. Brady asks what she wants since he knows her well. Nicole calls it personal and shuts the door. Nicole asks if he knows Vargas. Brady says he's met him a couple of times. Nicole wants Brady to check him out privately without anyone knowing.

EJ tells Rafe that Johnny knows that he loves him. Rafe says EJ loves all of his possessions. EJ says he and Rafe don't give a damn about each other. Rafe says that's the first honest thing he's said. EJ wonders why he won't admit his disappointment that he and Sami are engaged. Rafe says they both deserve what they're going to get while he's moved on. Rafe says they can get married tonight for all he cares. EJ wants it more romantic and says he'll pass on Rafe's good wishes to Sami. EJ reminds him about the FBI jacket. Rafe says he'll be in touch and walks away.

Sami talks on the phone that she's finishing up and puts the gun in the drawer. Sami tells the babysitter to put the kids to bed and hangs up. She stuffs the envelope of money into her purse and starts finishing up but Nick arrives and says surprise.

Abigail tries to convince Cameron to call the club back as he needs the money and can't quit. Cameron says he'll make money another way and will be fine. Cameron says he was a jerk about her feelings not long ago and now how she feels is all he cares about.

Kate walks out of the town square and runs into Stefano, who notes that she is alone.

Rafe goes to the Kiriakis Mansion to see Gabi. Rafe mentions seeing Nick today. Gabi asks if that's why he came and doesn't want to start. Rafe says he just wants to make sure she's being taken care of. Gabi says she's fine thanks to Nick. Rafe recalls Nick upsetting her before. Gabi says that he's been nothing but wonderful to her. Rafe wonders where Nick is.

Nick asks Sami where it is and says she knows what he's talking about. Sami claims not to know what he's talking about and that she has to go. Nick mentions her being at the Kiriakis Mansion today. Nick accuses her of going into his room. She denies it but Nick says he will talk to Sonny for making the lame excuse to get him out. Sami wants him to leave and starts opening up her drawer. Nick refuses to leave until she gives it back.

Vargas listens through the door as Nicole talks to Brady about Eric being too trusting and Vargas being too cynical. Brady says he's all about protecting Eric so he will see what he can do. Brady tells her that they will talk and exits the rectory. Vargas then walks in.

Cameron and Abigail make sundaes for their dessert and thank the chef. They taste it and love it. Cameron calls it the perfect ending to the perfect meal. The chef mentions Abigail is someone Cameron will want to hold on to.

Nicole knows Vargas heard her ask Brady to check him out and worries about what he might do. Vargas says there's no reason to turn on him. Nicole says she knows she hurt him. Vargas says he isn't doing anything wrong and won't hurt Eric. Nicole tells him to do his hypocrite act on someone else. Vargas stops her from leaving and tells her she's going to call Brady and tell him no investigation or else Eric will hear all of her secrets.

Eric and Brady talk at the Pub. Brady talks about not thinking about asking Eric to perform their wedding due to conflicts. Brady would like to have Eric there for the wedding just to be there and asks how he feels about it.

Kate asks Stefano about Cecily. Stefano says she will be flying in soon. Stefano asks about Kate's man. Kate asks what makes him think she has a man in her life. Stefano says she can't keep something like that from him. Stefano remarks that she's always behind the curve and walks away.

Gabi tells Rafe that Nick had some errands to run. She thinks Rafe put a lot of pressure on him. Rafe thinks he does it himself and to her. Gabi talks about Nick working and not sleeping well. Rafe thinks the pressure will get worse. Rafe brings up seeing Nick tense up when he brought up Will earlier and says that's not good. Gabi knows things between Nick and Will are not very good but believes things will get better after the baby is born. Rafe suggests maybe Nick is not giving her the whole story. Maggie comes back in with tea for them. Gabi tells Maggie that she was just telling Rafe how wonderful it's going to be when the baby is born.

Sami suggests Nick calm down but Nick grabs her purse and demands she give it to him. They struggle over the purse until EJ runs in and pulls Nick off. Nick questions what he's going to do as EJ threatens him.

Cameron brings Abigail home and they kiss outside. Abigail invites him in but Cameron says he has to get to the hospital early. Cameron talks about his great night and kisses her goodnight then walks away.

Eric admits he's a bit surprised since there could be complications if he attended the wedding. Eric agrees to think about it. Eric says he hasn't forgotten how Kristen was kind to Nicole and Brady opened up to him. Eric admits there would be value in being there. Brady agrees to put him down as a maybe. Brady thinks they've improved from where they were a month ago and toast their coffees. Eric goes to greet Caroline in the kitchen. Brady gets a call from Nicole. Nicole says she changed her mind about Brady checking up on Vargas. Brady asks why she changed. Nicole talks about being protective of Eric and claims they should just trust him. Brady says they're good and hangs up. Nicole asks Vargas if he's satisfied. Vargas says he is for now but if Eric or anyone starts asking questions then he'll know who the rat was and he will have a story to tell. Vargas mocks her calling out Eric's name during sex. Nicole stops him from leaving.

Gabi goes to her and Nick's room and finds everything turned over and the bed messed up from Nick's frantic search.

EJ keeps hold of Nick as Nick begs Sami to give it to him. EJ shoves Nick towards the door and he storms out. EJ hugs Sami as she cries that she's so glad he's there as she was scared. Sami wants to go home and see the kids and shake it off. Sami says Nick scared her but she kept denying it. EJ assures her that Nick doesn't know anything for sure and is just desperate. EJ reminds her that the Nick situation is almost over. EJ mentions having a meeting and offers to call security but Sami says she doesn't need it since Nick will have been scared off so she just wants to go home. EJ asks if she's sure she's okay. Sami says she is thanks to him and kisses him. EJ asks her not to get into any more trouble and exits the office. Sami puts the money envelope back in her purse and then pulls out the gun.

Eric rejoins Brady and asks if it was Kristen on the phone but Brady informs him it was Nicole. Brady says not long ago he was really worried about Nicole straightening her life out but she's doing well since going to the church. Brady says Eric has had quite an effect on her.

Nicole reminds Vargas that his happiness is over if he does anything to Eric. Nicole threatens to take him down and says she'll be watching him. Vargas says they will just be watching each other then as he exits.

Nick returns home and finds Gabi cleaning things in their room. Gabi is putting clothes in a suitcase. Gabi tells him to tell her what's going on or else she's leaving.

Rafe meets with Kate and asks what's going on. Kate says he already knows but she's going to tell him anyway that what they've had the last few months is over.

Stefano walks through the town square and a man follows him out. Sami walks by and follows them.

EJ begins his meeting and says it may be a surprise but he needs their help with a delicate matter as over the next couple of months, he's planning on bringing down the end and complete destruction of Stefano.

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