Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 5/1/13

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 5/1/13


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Kate looks into buying a gun and says it feels deadly.

Abigail talks with Daniel and Jennifer at Jennifer's office. She tells Daniel that she knew he was a great guy and then exits. Daniel talks to Jennifer about having plans together all night. Abigail walks through the hospital and runs into Cameron. She says she got his message but didn't know what it was about. Cameron asks if she's free tonight. Abigail says she is and asks if that's all he wanted. Cameron says definitely not and kisses her.

Abe and Eric go to the Pub and sit together, talking about the prison outreach program. Abe asks how Vargas is working out. Eric thinks back to Vargas with Nicole and says it's not exactly what he expected.

Vargas and Nick talk on the phone. Vargas reminds him to triple the money. Nick says he has to let him work and not keep calling. Vargas says he went from one prison to another and is stuck until Nick gets it done. Vargas tells him not to disappoint and hangs up. Nicole walks into the rectory and asks Vargas if she's interrupting.

EJ picks up the money that fell out the envelope that Sami took and says there must be $30,000. EJ wants an explanation. Sami says it's not hers. EJ asks who's it is. Sami admits that it's Nick's and she stole it. Sami explains that she and Sonny were searching and she had seen Nick stash something in his briefcase so she took a look and just took it. EJ wonders how Nick got that much money. Sami calls it an excellent question to think about. EJ asks why she took it. Sami says she doesn't know. Sami apologizes and says she wasn't going to spend it as she just grabbed it impulsively. EJ tells her that Nick is going to go nuts when he realizes his $30,000 is missing.

Nick works on his computer trying to work out the money for Vargas but gets call. He answers thinking it's Vargas but it's Rafe. Nick says he's had a crazy day. Rafe asks him to meet at the coffeehouse. Nick says he's in the middle of things but Rafe says it's about Gabi so Nick agrees to be there in ten minutes.

Kate is told that the gun will fit in her purse as she continues making the purchase.

Jennifer asks Daniel if their plans involve Brady and Kristen's wedding. Daniel tells her it's about them. Jennifer asks if it's about food. Daniel informs her that she will be meeting her favorite chef. Jennifer excitedly hugs him and calls it incredible. Jennifer calls Daniel the best guy ever.

Cameron asks Abigail out to the Pub, apologizing if it's not the most exciting date ever. Abigail says she'd love it and that they are on. Daniel and Jennifer approach and Daniel asks Cameron to consult on a case so they exit together. Jennifer hugs Abigail as she smiles.

Abe asks Eric how Vargas is doing. Eric says he has great hopes for the program and high hopes for Vargas too. Eric talks about it taking a lot of work and time. Abe comments on him keeping it vague. Abe asks how much of Eric's hesitation about Vargas has to do with Nicole.

Vargas tells Nicole that he thought she quit. Nicole says she did but she worked things out with Eric so she's back. Vargas asks if they will just stay out of each other's way. Nicole stops him and thinks they should chat about the call she just walked in on.

Nick meets Rafe at the coffeehouse and says he doesn't have a ton of time. Rafe says he talked to Gabi a little while ago and doesn't like the way she sounded. Nick says they are great but Rafe informs him that she's upset about Nick. Nick asks why he says that. Rafe reminds him that he's a cop so he knows a dodge when he sees one. Nick says Gabi is his world so he's doing everything he can to protect her. Rafe asks what he's protecting her from.

Abe tells Eric that he asked about Nicole because he saw a tense moment between she and Vargas earlier. Eric blames it on them just working close together. Abe says he'll meet Eric later at the rectory.

Vargas asks Nicole what she wants to talk about and what she thinks she heard. Nicole calls him a con and says his act with Eric is transparent. Nicole says she thinks the real Vargas is who she heard on the phone, making demands and threats. Nicole tells Vargas that Eric won't fall for his act either. Nicole threatens to tell Eric. Vargas grabs her and asks what she's going to tell Eric, warning her to think about it.

Sami admits that stealing Nick's money doesn't help. EJ says Nick will hold it over her head. Sami suggests sneaking back in his room to put it back but EJ tells her that's too risky. EJ makes a remark about Sami going to the strip club. Sami realizes Kristen told him and says it served a purpose. Sami tries to convince EJ that it was for a noble cause. EJ says he appreciates everyone going to Cameron's rescue and mentions Rafe being a star of the show. EJ asks if that's why she didn't tell him about it.

Nick tells Rafe that it's just an expression he's using to express his feelings for Gabi which he feels he shouldn't have to do anymore. Rafe mentions that Gabi had just seen Will. Rafe feels like Gabi is caught between Will and Nick because Nick is uncomfortable with Will being around his baby. Rafe asks why Nick is worried about Will. Nick questions why Rafe is so protective Will and what Will even is to Rafe. Nick tells Rafe that he doesn't think Will is a good person. Rafe says he's known him a long time so it's not true. Nick questions if a good person takes advantage of a girl while sexually confused, gets her pregnant, and then rushes off for an abortion. Rafe calls it twisting the truth. Nick says he's been defensive. Rafe tells him to get his act together and look after Gabi instead of wasting time and energy trying to get Will out of the picture which is hurting Gabi. Rafe tells him that Gabi comes first and he shouldn't mess this up. Nick says he would never do that and doesn't know how to make him believe that. Nick storms out as Kate enters and tells Rafe that seemed to go awfully well.

Sami comments on EJ working Rafe into the conversation and jokes about him being jealous. Sami says she knows EJ better and knows EJ knows that she only has eyes for him. Sami says her ring proves it. EJ jokes that she'd know if he was jealous and they kiss. Sami mentions that Rafe found out about their engagement that night. EJ asks what he said and how he took it. Sami claims not to have noticed as she was distracted by other things. Sami says she was busy texting EJ to come home to her and then they kiss.

Rafe explains to Kate that he asked Nick some questions and he got defensive. Rafe gets a call from the station and they agree to see each other later. Rafe kisses her goodbye and exits.

EJ and Sami continue kissing. Sami says he makes it so difficult to concentrate on work. EJ says they still have to figure out what to do with the money she stole. EJ talks about how Nick could've gotten it and suggests they wait and see. They kiss again until Sami's phone rings with a call from Kate. Kate asks if she has a few minutes for her to drop by right now. Kate tells her it's not about work but personal.

Daniel tells Cameron he's off and has plans so he's going to get out. They tell each other to have fun. Daniel exits and Maxine alerts Cameron to having a phone call. Cameron answers the call and talks about an increase on his credit line. Cameron says he understands and hangs up. Cameron tells Maxine that he ordered flowers for Abigail but his credit card was declined. Cameron worries about taking her to dinner when he doesn't have enough cash. Maxine says she'd offer a loan but is living paycheck to paycheck. Cameron thanks her. Maxine thinks Abigail would understand but Cameron doesn't want her feeling bad for him so he's just going to make up an excuse and cancel their date.

Abigail and Jennifer get dressed at home. Abigail talks about having butterflies. Jennifer encourages her. Abigail talks about getting anxious and self conscious around Cameron. Jennifer wonders what could be holding her back now. Abigail admits she can't think of a thing.

Vargas says he's not threatening Nicole because he hasn't done anything so he doesn't want to explain himself to Eric because of her. Vargas says he's done nothing wrong but she can't say the same thing. Vargas says Nicole let herself fall for the boss. Nicole pulls away from him. Vargas asks her what Eric will say when he finds out that Nicole called out his name during sex. Eric then enters the rectory and questions what's going on. Nicole says she was just telling Vargas that she's back and figuring out how that's going to work. Vargas promises Eric that he meant his apology and doesn't want to blow his great opportunity. Vargas says he made a bad mistake but will make it up to Eric and Nicole will too. Vargas says they will both be real professional from now on. Nicole agrees and thanks Eric for the chance. Eric says as far as he's concerned, the subject is closed. Vargas heads back to the basement to work. Eric asks Nicole if she's okay. Nicole says she is and that what happened between she and Vargas was a mistake and will never happen again. Nicole then exits.

Sami tells EJ that Kate's on her way to the office. EJ offers to stay but Sami says she can handle it. They kiss and Sami thanks him for not lecturing her too much about the money and the strip club. EJ kisses her goodbye and jokes with her as he exits.

Jennifer calls Daniel. Daniel says he knows he's late but forgot something at work. Jennifer can't wait to see him and says Parker is settled in with the babysitter. Jennifer tells Daniel how nervous Abigail was. She thinks Abigail really likes Cameron as she was flustered. Daniel hangs up and says he will see her soon. Maxine stops Daniel and thinks there's some things he should know.

Sami realizes the envelope of money is still on her desk and picks it up as Kate enters.

Cameron goes to the Horton house and practices coming up with his excuse outside the door of not feeling well and realizes he should've just called. He knocks on the door and Abigail answers. She says she's ready and goes to get her bag. Cameron starts to speak but Jennifer walks in and then Daniel arrives. Daniel reveals that Jennifer has a surprise for Cameron and Abigail so they might want to cancel their reservations. Jennifer says she will let Daniel tell the surprise. Daniel tells them about Chef Mark having a restaurant opening in town and surprises Cameron and Abigail with the tickets to the restaurant. Abigail asks Jennifer about the Chef being her favorite but giving her the tickets. Abigail and Cameron thank them and then they exit together. Jennifer asks Daniel for the story behind that incredible generosity.

Abe joins Eric in the rectory. Abe talks about how Vargas could be a success story as Nicole listens in from the doorway. Abe says the success of the project hinges on Vargas.

Rafe walks through the town square finishing a phone call and then runs into EJ. EJ is glad he ran into him as he wanted to apologize as he didn't hear about his event until it was too late. Rafe comments on it being right up EJ's alley. EJ mentions all the facebook posts. EJ jokes with Rafe about missing his calling. Rafe laughs about it being an ego boost and says no one was cheering louder than Sami.

Sami asks Kate why she wanted to see her so urgently. Kate says it wasn't urgent and she just wanted to congratulate her on her engagement. Kate questions no overstated diamond on the ring. Sami calls it insincere but Kate insists. Sami thinks she's only happy because she'll be away from her sons. Kate doesn't think Lucas would be in any rush to be her husband. Sami says she doesn't need to hear her reasons why she thinks her marriage will end. Kate sarcastically wonders why anyone would think her marriage to EJ would end in disaster. Kate brings up EJ kidnapping their daughter and Sami trying to murder him. Sami brings up Kate's marriage to Stefano imploding. Sami comments on Kate not having anyone in her life which Kate questions why she would think that.

Daniel brings in pizza for Parker. Jennifer takes a slice. Daniel jokes about taking pizza after giving away their gourmet dinner. Jennifer calls it the most amazing and generous thing that he did for Abigail and Cameron and she loves him for it. They kiss and sit down to watch a movie.

Cameron and Abigail sit at the restaurant as the chef tells them about the menu and goes to get the server. Abigail suggests coming up with a special dessert after they're done.

Abe tells Eric he'll see him soon and exits. Nicole comes around the corner and enters the rectory. Eric asks her to get Vargas for him because he needs him. Nicole responds that Eric doesn't need Vargas for anything. Eric asks what she's talking about. Nicole tells him that he can't trust Vargas as he's not who he thinks.

EJ tells Rafe that he knows what the guys did was for Cameron so he thanks him. Rafe says whatever and asks what he wants to talk about. EJ wants to talk about Sami.

Sami thinks Kate would put out a press release if she was with someone and would hold it over Stefano. Sami thinks she only came because she's bored and asks if there's anything else or they're through. Kate says they will be through after Sami opens her engagement gift and Kate gives her the bag.

Nick talks on the phone from home about making an investment. Nick says he will be there at the end of the day with the rest of the money and hangs up. Nick opens his briefcase and wonders where the money is.

Kate pulls a gift box out of the bag and hands it to Sami to open. Sami doesn't want anything from her. Kate insists so Sami takes it and opens the box, where the gun is inside. Kate comments that she hopes she likes the color.

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