Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 4/30/13

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 4/30/13


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Will goes to EJ's office. EJ asks why he's not with Gabi. Will says she will be at the spa. Will worries about his situation causing problems but EJ assures him that Sami will come through and the evidence will be destroyed.

Sonny and Sami continue searching the room. Sami worries about Maggie coming in. Nick walks down the hallway towards the room, calling out to Gabi that he's back. Adrienne stops Nick and asks him to help with something. He agrees to but wants to go in his room first. She tries to convince him that it needs to be now but Nick continues to his room.

Marlena goes to the coffeehouse and tells John that they should talked to Roman and he said they fought which she didn't think sounded like him. John doesn't say anything so Marlena assumes he won't talk and goes to leave but John stops her and admits that he's glad she's there.

Brady joins Kristen and Ciara. Kristen mentions the envelope Ciara gave her as a present. Ciara says she hopes they both like it. Ciara tells her to open it so Kristen begins to open the envelope but Hope joins them and says she had been looking for Ciara. Hope comments on not knowing Ciara knew Kristen and where she was. Kristen apologizes. Hope wants to talk to Ciara but she says she doesn't want to. Hope mentions talking to the teacher and wants to talk. Ciara complains about getting in trouble for her envelopes. Hope sends Ciara to say goodbye to her friend. Kristen tells her that she wasn't trying to interfere. Hope wants it kept that way and goes to rejoin Ciara. Brady wonders what that was all about. Kristen says she has no idea and tells Brady that Ciara just came up to her and said she got in trouble because of her. Brady recalls Ciara talking about Kristen earlier. Kristen assumes it must have something to do with what she gave them and they talk about seeing what it is.

John gives Marlena her storage key back and says that's why he was glad to see her. Victor sits nearby and watches. Marlena questions John about what happened with Roman but he stops her and doesn't want to talk about it. John tells her to leave him alone. Marlena says she's tired of being treated like this so John tells her to go see Roman. Marlena says maybe she will.

EJ tells Will not to worry due to Sami's expertise. Will doesn't want anyone to get in trouble because of his mess. EJ thinks he's handling the situation very well and respects him taking care of his family. EJ mentions that they are about to be family so he has his back.

Nick opens up a box of his and then goes to his laptop. Nick pulls out the flashdrive and uses it then puts it back. Sonny and Sami hide in the closet. Nick pulls out his briefcase and the envelope of cash that Vargas gave him and puts it inside. Nick goes toward his closet but gest a call. Nick says he does not need this right now. Nick opens the closet but his phone rings again and he exits the room. Sami and Sonny come out of the closet and resume searching for the flashdrive. Sonny leaves the room to distract Nick.

Adrienne moves the box she wanted help with. Nick joins her and Adrienne talks to him to distract him. Nick takes the box and moves it for her. Adrienne tries to continue stalling him.

Kristen opens the envelope from Ciara and it's her card for Bo. They talk about how she must have given them the wrong one. Kristen talks about knowing what it's like to be a little girl missing her dad.

John goes to leave the coffeehouse but Victor stops him. Victor says he's been there long enough and thinks it's time they have a talk for Brady's sake.

Sami opens Nick's briefcase and finds the envelope of cash. She takes it and runs out.

Nick meets with Sonny at the coffeehouse and Sonny asks him what took so long. Nick asks what was so urgent.

Sami goes downstairs and they talk about protecting Sonny in all of this. They talk about liking Sonny and Will together but not each other. Adrienne mentions the baggage that comes with Sami. Sami asks Adrienne to tell Lucas and Allie that she had to go on a work emergency. Sami thanks her for helping Will and says she owes her as she exits.

Sonny talks to Nick about worrying about Will not eating and sleeping. Nick doesn't know what to do. Sonny wants Nick to tell Will that he will be a part of the baby's life. Nick calls it Gabi's call. Sonny points out that Nick has influence over Gabi and wants him to tell Will that he won't try to change Gabi's mind and that he's cool with him. Nick says they've been over this so many times that he has to ask what's really going on.

Ciara searches through her backpack and realizes that she gave Kristen the wrong envelope.

Brady asks Kristen about liking kids. Brady says it was nice to watch her with Ciara. Brady asks if she wanted kids of her own. Kristen says she did but accepted it wasn't for her.

John and Victor go to the Kiriakis Mansion. Victor says he'd been watching him and wants to know what he's up to as he knows he's involved in some kind of plan with Brady and Kristen so he wants to know what it is.

Brady asks Kristen if she wants to talk about it but she says she doesn't and they already talked about not looking back at the past. Kristen says she's marrying him and it will be the biggest day of their lives. They hug and kiss goodbye then head their separate ways. Brady starts to make call. Kristen says she's not going to let him stop her and must move on as she walks away.

Sami joins EJ and Will at the office with all the flashdrives she took and they start checking the flashdrives on their computers. EJ's has a Mad World Fashion Line folder and copies it.

Sonny talks with Nick about his slurs and threats. Nick warns him about how to talk to him. Sonny says Nick is always a jerk no matter how they talk. Nick says he's tried to patch things up and is still wondering why he's here. Nick gets a call and tells Gabi he can meet her at the Spa in a bit but has to go do something at home soon. Nick hangs up and tells Sonny that he doesn't care about Will eating or his grades and only cares about Gabi and their baby. Nick exits. Sonny remarks that it's not his baby and he hopes Sami found that confession.

Hope remains with Ciara at the Pub as Marlena enters. Hope talks to Marlena about Ciara dealing with Bo being gone.

Kristen returns home to the mansion and talks with Stefano.

John tells Victor to think what he wants and he'll see him later. Victor suggests he'll pick Brady's brain then and John stops, saying he doesn't think that's a great idea. Victor thinks John just doesn't want him to listen to Brady about Kristen. Victor suggests making him an ally. Victor mentions seeing him with Marlena and knows nothing can stop him from whatever he's going to do. Victor asks if he has to do it alone. John tells Victor to swear that it will stay between them.

Sonny goes to the office and joins Will, EJ, and Sami. They continue searching the flashdrives. Will comes up with the recording and they celebrate. Sonny says they aren't in the clear yet as he has to get the flashdrives back to Nick's room since he was going to see Gabi and then going home. EJ comments that it wouldn't be easy. Will thanks Sonny and kisses him as Sonny then hurries out. Will says he can't express how thankful he is to Sami and EJ. Will talks about it hanging over his head for so long. Will wants to go take a walk to clear his head and throw the one flashdrive in the river. Sami says she loves Sonny for helping. Will thanks her and exits. Sami hugs EJ and thanks him. EJ says it worked out perfectly. EJ talks about Will being home free now and then Sami kisses him.

Sonny returns home. Adrienne tells him that Nick isn't home yet and Lucas and Allie just left. Sonny asks her to stall Nick if he comes just a little longer as he goes to put everything back. Sonny rushes up the stairs and into Nick's room. Sonny puts the flashdrives back into the box and then gets a text from Adrienne that Nick is coming so he runs out.

Brady enters the Pub where Marlena talks with Ciara. Marlena asks her about Kristen. Ciara says she can tell Marlena doesn't like Kristen but she does since she listens to her and is always nice. Brady overhears and then quickly exits the Pub. Hope offers dessert. Ciara thinks they just want to talk about her and walks away. Hope mentions Kristen not being Marlena's favorite subject. Outside the Pub, Brady makes a call to set up a meeting today.

Kristen tells Stefano that she has no regrets and it's almost over so she'll be free. Stefano comments that she doesn't seem like she wants to be free from Brady. Kristen says it's an easy performance for her. She says there is some affection there as she does care about Brady but not as much as she hates John. Kristen says once she gets her revenge then she can move on with her life. Kristen insists that it will work.

Victor agrees to keep whatever John tells him confidential because he knows whatever he has planned is in Brady's best interests. John informs Victor that he's finally figured out how to get Brady away from Kristen.

Kristen joins Stefano's chess game and gets check mate.

Nick enters the mansion and Adrienne tries to stop him but he continues on upstairs. Sonny sneaks out of Nick's room and into another room as Nick enters his room. Sonny sneaks back out and down the stairs.

EJ and Sami continue kissing onto the desk at the office. EJ stops. Sami asks what's wrong. EJ tells her that she has a little explaining to do as the envelope of cash that she stole from Nick had spilled out.

Vargas sits with his computer and says he just has to triple Vargas's money and he will be off his back.

Victor questions Kristen still wanting John and calls it repulsive. Victor doesn't think Brady will believe him. John says what he's come up with is far more convincing than words. John calls it sick and twisted but the only way.

Kristen tells Stefano that she knows he's thinking what she's doing is sick and twisted but assures him that she's thought it through and it's the only way.

Sonny joins Will at the coffeehouse and tells him that he got the flashdrives back in the room and Nick doesn't know what is missing. Will informs him that he threw the flashdrive with his confession into the river. Will talks about the last few weeks being all about him and his problems and he worries that they kind of lost each other for a minute. Sonny tells him that he won't let that happen and kisses him then they agree to leave together.

Kristen explains to Stefano that on their wedding day, Brady will find her in bed with John. Stefano sarcastically thanks her for sharing again. Kristen says John thinks she's staying with Brady forever and that keeping him away from John is her revenge. Kristen says she will give into temptation and make love with John again after all these years and then John will think that will ruin her plan and destroy her but he's wrong. Kristen declares that John will be destroyed and decimated as will Marlena.

Marlena tells Hope that things with John just keep getting worse. Hope says she knew it'd take time for John to forgive her. Marlena thinks it's more than that as they don't even talk anymore and John is pushing her away. Marlena says John is shutting her down for good. Hope says she's sorry. Marlena adds that John doesn't think they can ever get back together so she's beginning to feel the same way.

John tells Victor that the only way for Brady to see what a cold hearted bitch Kristen is, is by seducing her and sleeping with her before their wedding.

Brady meets with someone outside the town square and thanks them for meeting with him as it's important.

Victor asks if John couldn't do something less drastic like killing or kissing her. John says it's the only way. John says if Brady sees them making love then it will finally destroy anything he's ever felt for Kristen.

The woman that met with Brady tells him it won't be easy. Brady doesn't care and tells her to make it happen.

Stefano questions Kristen if it really has to go that far.

Victor reminds John that he will lose Marlena and Brady.

Stefano reminds Kristen that she will lose Brady forever which she says she knows.

Victor asks John if he's okay with losing his only son. John says Brady will never forgive Kristen and it will be over forever which is all that matters.

Stefano tells Kristen that Brady will never forgive her. Kristen says she knows and it's sad as she never wanted to break his heart but calls it collateral damage. Kristen says once it's done, she will have accomplished everything she came back to Salem to do.

John tells Victor that he knows he may lose Marlena but he may already have lost her. John adds that he has to save Brady.

Kristen declares that she will do what must be done.

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