Days of Our Lives Update Monday 4/29/13

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 4/29/13


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Stefano stops and asks Sami if she wanted to ask a favor of him for she and Will. Sami explains that she's upset by Nick keeping Will from his daughter but says she would never ask him to do something illegal. Stefano says okay and goes to leave but Sami stops him and says she wouldn't ask outright but if he's offering then that would be different. Stefano tells her to get to the point.

Nick and Gabi go to their room. Nick talks about working with Kate and deleting a file from his computer so no one can steal their ideas. Nick asks Gabi what's wrong. Gabi says she's thinking about what Nick said about never getting along and working things out with Will for the sake of the baby. Nick apologizes if he's upset her but says he will do whatever he can to make things work with Will. Nick assures her that he means it. Nick tells her life will be great for them and hugs her. Gabi says it will be even better when it's the three of them.

Vargas walks through the town square with a man who has given him an envelope, promising that it's all there. The man walks away as Vargas checks inside the envelope filled with money.

Ciara pulls out her school folder and looks at the photo of Kristen and Sy that she kept. Her teacher approaches and asks what it is. Ciara says it was nothing but the teacher says it didn't look like schoolwork and asks to see it.

At their office, Brady and Kristen talk about not worrying about John and then they kiss.

John sits outside the town square with the jersey and thinks back to his last interaction with Kristen.

Sonny goes to the Pub and meets with Lucas. Lucas thanks him and says Sami told him what Sonny is doing for Will and they really appreciate it. Lucas hopes things will work out with Stefano. Sonny doesn't know what Will is going to do if it doesn't.

Will explains to Stefano that Nick knows he shot EJ a long time ago and has used it to blackmail him into giving up his rights to his children. Stefano assumes he wants him to make the evidence disappear. Sami insists that it was her idea. Stefano then states that Sami would be the person that owes him which she agrees with.

John says to himself that now he knows he can stop Kristen from destroying Brady. John puts the jersey in his bag and goes to walk off but Roman approaches and asks what he's doing.

Brady gets a work call from China but doesn't get good reception in the office so he exits to take the call. Kristen then declares that nothing will stop her from getting what she wants. Brady returns to the office and tells her things went well so he's in the mood to celebrate but Kristen says she has meetings this afternoon. Brady convinces her to cancel. Kristen asks if he's worried about John. Brady admits he is because he won't let up. Kristen promises she won't give in to John's games. Brady questions John bringing up the past. Kristen insists that it doesn't matter because she's with Brady and looking towards the future. Brady agrees and hugs her.

John tells Roman that he's not in the mood to go a couple of rounds with him and walks away. Roman follows him.

Ciara complains to the teacher about not getting to play. She tells Ciara that she hasn't been paying attention and was too busy playing with what's in her folder. Ciara calls it her personal stuff and leaves to get picked up.

Sonny finishes a call with Adrienne. He tells Lucas that Maggie just got back home with Nick and Gabi so they are in their room now. Lucas and Sonny worry about Sami doing whatever she has to do.

Gabi invites Nick to go shopping with her. Nick agrees but gets a text message. Gabi asks who it is.

Stefano tells Sami that all she would owe him is gratitude. Stefano notes that Sami is marrying his son and is the mother of his grandchildren so of course he will help. Sami adds that if they don't do something then she would never get to hold her grandchild. Stefano tells Will to consider it done. Will and EJ thank him. Stefano then adds that there is one thing Will must do for him.

Nick tells Gabi that it's the office and he has to take the call. It's Vargas, who tells Nick to meet him now. Nick says he'll be there and hangs up. Nick apologizes to Gabi and tells her that Kate wants him to come meet with marketing people. Gabi understands. Nick kisses her goodbye and exits.

Lucas asks Sonny if he's sure Adrienne is okay with being their mole at the Kiriakis Mansion. Sonny tells him that she and Justin aren't okay with Nick either. Sonny says he'd do anything for Will. Lucas is glad and understands Sonny loves him. Lucas says he's cool with it now. Sonny thanks him. Sonny gets another call from Adrienne and says this could be it.

Stefano tells Will that he wants him to work on his chess game and he's looking forward to their next game. Will thanks him and Stefano exits. Will can't believe Stefano is going to do it. EJ says that's part one under control. Sami says next they have to make sure to destroy the recording of Will's confession.

Nick joins Vargas outside the town square. Nick reminds Vargas that he has a life. Vargas asks him to tell him why he has a life.

Sami and Lucas talk on the phone about Nick not being home. Sami instructs Lucas to take Allie to the Kiriakis Mansion and meet her there. Sami hangs up and tells Will to get Gabi out of the mansion. Sami kisses EJ goodbye and exits with Will. EJ sits down and goes over Stefano having a search and destroy mission, his wedding, Kristen's wedding and Cecily in Italy to keep him busy which EJ calls excellent.

Roman follows John to the coffeehouse and accuses him of treating Marlena like crap. John doesn't want to talk about it. Roman questions why it's Marlena's fault that Brady and Kristen are together. John blames Marlena for not telling him about the affair before it was too late to break them up. Roman warns John to treat Marlena right. John questions if Roman's going to make a move on her if he doesn't.

Kristen and Brady sit at the town square and talk about their wedding. Kristen says Chad and EJ will be there along with Jennifer and Daniel. Brady says Victor and Maggie are coming, Eric is going to try, and Sami will be there with EJ. Kristen asks if he's sad about John and Marlena. Brady says he doesn't want anyone there that's not on their side. Brady says it will just be them for the rest of their lives. Brady kisses her and then goes to get them coffee. Kristen remains on the bench where she is being watched.

Gabi lays in bed until getting a phone call from Will. Will asks her to meet him at the Pub for a few minutes as it's kind of important. Gabi asks if he's okay. Will says he's fine and it's not bad. Gabi mentions Nick getting called into a meeting so she can meet him. Will says he'll see her in a few and hangs up. Will calls Sami and informs her that Gabi is heading to the Pub.

Nick tells Vargas that he knows he only has his life because of him. Vargas questions if he'd be living in a mansion with a wife if not for him taking care of Nick. Vargas says the help that he gave Nick doesn't come free and he thought Nick understood that. Nick says he still does. Vargas tells him that's more like it.

Sami and Lucas bring Allie to the Kiriakis Mansion. Allie joins Maggie as Sami talks about how excited she was to come. Sami mentions Allie having a question to ask as she wants to see her garden for a project about flowers. Maggie asks what kind of project it is but Sami turns the question to Lucas.

EJ finishes a call about transferring funds to an account.

Ciara approaches Kristen in the town square. Ciara introduces herself. Kristen asks if she's there with Hope. Ciara explains that she's with her friend Rachel and her mom and she asked for permission to talk to Kristen. Kristen jokes with her. Ciara mentions everyone knowing she's marrying Brady. Kristen offers to take her back to her friend but Ciara says no. Ciara then tells her that she got in trouble with her teacher because of Kristen.

John talks to Roman about not making a move on another man's wife. Roman calls him a hypocrite and says he's making baseless accusations. John accuses Roman of never getting over Marlena. Roman admits he'll never forget what they had and questions if John's forgotten. Roman then exits. John sits back down as Brady enters. Brady sees John and decides he doesn't need coffee that bad. Brady goes to leave but stops and goes back to confront John. Brady asks him what he's trying to do.

Gabi meets with Will at the Pub. Will asks how she's doing. Gabi talks about finally believing there's a little person inside of her. Will calls it incredible. Gabi talks about Nick feeling the baby kick but apologizes for telling him stuff like that. Will talks about feeling the kick making everything so real and different. Will says it made him realize they made a person and he kind of wished it was happening with him. Gabi tells him that she's really happen. Will notes that she's glowing. Will tells her that if she or the baby ever need or want anything, she knows where to find him as he'll be there no matter what. Gabi says when he asked to see her, she thought he was going to pressure her about giving him access to the baby.

Nick asks Vargas what he wants for him. Vargas sits with Nick and says in prison, all they have is their word. Vargas says he was a man of his word when he took care of him and now it's his turn. Vargas hands Nick the envelope full of $100 which is a total of $30,000. Vargas informs Nick that he wants to triple that money.

Lucas and Sami talk to Maggie about Allie's flower project. Maggie agrees to show her the garden. Sami mentions that Lucas will join them. Maggie exits with Allie. Sami and Lucas talk about helping Will. Sami tells him to make sure they stay outside and to text her if they start coming in. Lucas agrees and exits as Sami goes to rush upstairs but Sonny arrives. Sami asks what he's doing there. Sonny says he knows the house and there's 17 bedrooms. Sami didn't want him involved and worries about Adrienne but Sonny assures her and they rush upstairs together.

EJ continues talking on the phone about being on the verge of making something happen. Roman enters and questions what he's about to make happen.

Kristen questions Ciara getting in trouble because of her. Kristen sits with her and says she'll write a letter to her teacher that it was all her fault and Ciara did nothing wrong. Kristen tells Ciara to tell her what happened and she'll write the letter. Ciara cries that she misses her dad and wants him to come home. Kristen tells her to tell her teacher that and she would understand.

Brady asks John about wanting to remind Kristen of the good times. John admits he wanted to remind her of who she used to be to help Brady down the line but she said the old her is dead. Brady mentions the things Kristen did back then. John suggests he talk to her about it. Brady asks about John falling out of love with Kristen and in love with Marlena. John tells him there was more to it than that. John says he blames himself for not realizing just how broken Kristen was after losing their child. John then decides he's not comfortable talking to him about it under these circumstances. Brady understands but asks him to be honest. John says the miscarriage left Kristen unable to have more children and that was devastating because she felt a child would be the one thing that could fix everything wrong between them and she felt she lost everything. John adds that after that she was never the same. Brady thanks him and exits.

Ciara tells Kristen that Bo is not coming home and she thinks it's because she gets in so much trouble. Kristen assures her that it's wrong and that Bo loves her and wants to be with her more than anything. Brady walks by and sees them together. Kristen calls her sweet. Ciara talks about her brother who died never getting in trouble. She mentions Hope still crying over him. Kristen talks about having a similar sister. Brady watches on as Kristen talks about missing her sister all the time and loving her. Kristen says she knew how hard it was to always get in trouble. Ciara asks Kristen if she wants to see what she got in trouble for. Ciara pulls out the envelope she made special for it and says she was going to give it to Brady as a present. Kristen asks what she's talking about. Ciara says it's a picture.

Vargas tells Nick that he's got the connections to do what he tells him to do or else he'll be in trouble.

EJ questions how Roman got in. Roman says the butler let him in and asks what EJ was on the phone about. EJ calls it business. Roman questions EJ and Sami not telling him about their engagement and says everything EJ does is his business. EJ assumed Sami would tell him. Roman thinks he knows Sami didn't tell him because she knows it's a stupid idea. Roman tells him to tell Sami that he came by and would like to talk to her soon. Roman then exits.

Sami and Sonny search Nick and Gabi's room. Sonny finds Nick's laptop and they begin searching for the file. They find a file called "BD" and it is the recording of Will's confession. Sonny deletes it. Sami assumes Nick must have kept it somewhere else too. They decide to search the room for a flashdrive.

Nick tells Vargas that he will do his best. Vargas tells him to make it happen quick with whatever he's got to do and then they head their separate ways.

Gabi tells Will that he doesn't have to worry. Will says he's not. Gabi knows it's on his mind. Gabi says the baby gets more real for her every day and is sure it's the same for him. Will doesn't want to stress her out. Gabi says that everyone says she's so in love with Nick and that she'll do whatever he says. Gabi says she and Nick are in love but she's made it clear that she won't be happy unless Will is involved with the baby's life. Gabi gives her word that he won't have to worry about that.

Sonny and Sami continue searching. Sami worries about Maggie coming in. Nick walks down the hallway towards the room, calling out to Gabi that he's back.

Brady joins Kristen and Ciara. Kristen mentions the envelope Ciara gave her as a present. Ciara tells Kristen to open it so she does.

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