Days of Our Lives Update Friday 4/26/13

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 4/26/13


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Nick talks to Kate outside the town square about his new idea for work. Kate loves the idea but mentions she still can't stand the sight of Nick.

Rafe and Gabi talk at the Pub and joke around about Rafe being in pictures on Caroline's Facebook from the strip club. Gabi talks about wanting to meet her baby. Gabi mentions noticing that Kate wasn't in the pictures from the club but that Sami was there without EJ.

EJ and Sami talk at the DiMera Mansion about getting ready to talk to Stefano about Will. Sami wishes the timing was better. EJ assures her that they will help Will.

Will, Sonny, and T go to the coffeehouse. Will gets a call from Sami that he needs to get to the mansion as Stefano is on his way home so today's the day.

Ciara tells Brady that she knows something about his girlfriend. She tells him that Kristen has a lot of money because she gives it away to people.

Kristen tells John to go away and stop. She shoves the jersey against him but John holds on to her and they get close. Kristen tells him to let her go.

Rafe tells Gabi that Sami probably only went to the club to make sure Caroline got home alright. Gabi asks if it didn't bother him that she was there. Rafe asks why would it. Gabi blames herself for Rafe and Sami not being together. Rafe tells her that it just wasn't meant to be. Gabi brings up how happy they were. Gabi thinks if she never got pregnant then they would still be together. Rafe argues that if Sami really wanted to be with him then she wouldn't be marrying EJ.

Sami tells Will that they are going to tell Stefano about their engagement which EJ thinks will put him in a good mood so then Will can stop by and Stefano will want to catch up with him so he can tell him what's going on. Will admits to being nervous. Sami says they have to do whatever it takes to get Nick out of the way.

Nick tells Kate that was harsh. Kate compares it to what Nick is doing to Will. Nick blames Sami and EJ pushing for a paternity test but Kate doesn't believe it. Nick doesn't see what it has to do with his job. Kate calls him an ex-con with a really good job that supports his wife and baby. Kate says if he lost his job, she doesn't think it'd be easy to find another. Nick asks if that's a threat. Kate warns him that if he pushes her too hard or Will then he can look for another job.

Hope tries to get a hold of Bo on the phone but can't get a reception. Brady talks to Ciara about Kristen liking helping people and how she donates to charities. Ciara clarifies that she wasn't talking about that and will show him. Ciara pulls the envelope out of her backpack.

Kristen pulls away from John. John asks if she's okay. She says she's great and tells him to get out.

Gabi is surprised to hear that Sami is marrying EJ and talks about Rafe having a problem with it.

Will tells Sami that he needs to go clean up after being at the lake. Sami asks to talk to Sonny so Will gives him the phone. Will tells T he hopes things will turn around for him as he exits. Sami asks Sonny to tell her exactly where Nick and Gabi's room is at the Kiriakis Mansion and when they are not there. Sonny says he's on it. Sami tells him that Will is lucky to have him. Sonny hangs up as Will returns to get his phone. Sonny asks if everything is okay. Will informs him that Stefano came back today.

Nick tells Kate that they should focus on business and the welfare of Gabi's baby Arianna Grace. Nick thinks he should work from home after the baby is born. Kate doesn't care as long as he keeps coming up with good ideas. Kate makes sure that he didn't tell anyone else in the company about it. Nick says he understands the need for secrecy.

Ciara gives Brady the envelope as Hope returns apologizing for taking so long. Brady says Ciara was just giving him the lowdown on Kristen. Hope reminds Ciara about gossiping which she says she was not doing. Ciara asks why she can't talk to Bo.

John reminds Kristen that she asked him to come so he's not going to leave until he finds out why. She asks what he wants from her. John says he wants nothing but he can explain why he brought her the jersey. Kristen tells him to go for it. John recalls the little league game and how it dawned on him what an incredible woman she was. John says that's when he realized he was falling in love with her and he can't help but wonder if she could be that woman again. John says the jersey is just his way of saying his money's on her as he hands it back to her. Kristen tells him that he lost that bet because the old her is dead after he killed her.

Hope tells Brady that Ciara doesn't usually have meltdowns and talk to her like that. Brady says he shouldn't have teased her but Hope says she's just upset about Bo. Brady has to go. Hope thanks him and he exits. Hope goes back to Ciara, who wants to call Bo now but Hope says he's on a plane. Ciara asks if he doesn't want to talk to her. Hope explains that phones just don't work on airplanes. Ciara asks if she told on her. Hope tells her that there's nothing to tell and she only told Bo that she misses him and is sad that she isn't here. Hope assures her that Bo will be coming home and hugs her. Ciara worries about talking too much. Hope says she's an honest girl who says what's on her mind and she loves that about her. Hope mentions getting breakfast so Ciara wants to go to the Pub and they walk off together.

Will asks Sonny what Sami wanted from him. Sonny says she just wanted him to do something for her and it's no big deal. Will exits. T asks Sonny what just happened since Will went from being totally happy to uptight after one phone call. T asks what happened.

Nick asks Kate if she was at the strip club last night for the charity performance after he heard Caroline mention it. Kate asks who performed and Nick informs her that it was Brady, Daniel, Cameron, and Rafe. Nick then walks away.

EJ assures Sami. Sami mocks the idea of Stefano being happy about their engagement. EJ insists that he will be thrilled. EJ kisses her as Stefano walks in.

John tells Kristen that the old her was the real deal as they get close with both holding the jersey until Brady walks in and questions what is going on.

EJ and Sami tell Stefano about their engagement and EJ says they are very happy so they hope he is too. Stefano calls it wonderful. Sami is glad to hear him say that. Stefano says EJ finally got what he wants. Sami says she has too and kisses EJ. EJ calls for a toast and pours champagne. Stefano says Sami will be living there with the children as a DiMera. Sami brings up becoming a grandparent since Will's baby is due in a month. Stefano assures her that she will be a lovely grandmother as EJ brings their glasses. Stefano toasts to EJ and the woman he loves that they'll be happy for as long as they live.

Sonny tells T that Will is fine but T says he's known him since they were kids so he knows when something is wrong. Sonny says he just talked to Sami and is stressed about the baby. T assures that Will is going to be a great dad. T then exits. Sonny calls the Kiriakis Mansion and Adrienne answers, joking about not coming by lately. Sonny asks about coming by. Adrienne mentions that everyone else is out so Sonny says he's on his way.

Kate walks through the town square and runs into Rafe. Rafe greets her with a kiss that surprises her. Rafe says he doesn't care who sees them together. Kate apologizes for not calling last night as she had a meeting that went on forever. Kate gathers he found something to do. Rafe knows she knows and calls it a unique experience. Kate asks if Sami was there.

Will goes to the DiMera Mansion. Sami answers the door and tells him things are going well. Will mentions Johnny leaving his soccer ball in the car as his reason to stop by. Sami brings Will into the living room. He greets Stefano and EJ. Will says he just came to drop off the soccer ball and goes to leave but Stefano asks him to stay as they are celebrating. Will looks at the chess table and Stefano reminds him of when he used to teach him. Stefano suggests a rematch. EJ and Sami agree and say that Stefano's never as happy as when he's killing someone at chess.

Brady tells John that he told him to stop playing games. John says Kristen asked him to come but Brady tells him not to blame her. Brady says he told John to stop playing games and he didn't so now he has to answer to him. Brady grabs John but Kristen tells him to stop.

Rafe tells Kate that Sami was there and so was Kristen, Jennifer, and Abigail. Rafe mentions there are plenty of pictures on Caroline's Facebook page. Kate understands it was for charity. Kate pulls out a stack of money and says she'll donate to charity, asking if Rafe can show her his act in private. Rafe thinks they can work things out.

Sonny goes to the Kiriakis Mansion and says he's sorry for not coming by as Will's been going through a lot but he's learning to deal with it. Adrienne doesn't understand how Will could give up his rights and why Nick and Gabi haven't said a word about it. Sonny asks how them living there is working out.

Hope talks to Gabi and Nick at the Pub about Ciara missing Bo. Nick and Gabi say they are looking forward to being parents. Hope assures them that if they need alone time, they can trust their baby with Will and Sonny. Nick questions if that's an ideal life for a little girl. Hope and Gabi ask what he means.

Stefano and Will play chess. Stefano teaches him and mentions that Will can one day teach his daughter. Stefano asks what's wrong. EJ steps in and mentions Will having a problem. EJ asks if he can tell him which Will agrees to. EJ reveals that Will signed away his rights as a father. Stefano questions why. Sami explains that he didn't have a choice as he was being blackmailed by Nick. Stefano says Nick has a record. EJ explains that he found out about Will shooting him. EJ says the problem is that the evidence is still in the police department and Nick knows it. Stefano calls it unfortunate and goes back to the chess game.

Kristen asks Brady not to do this and get hurt again. Kristen gets Brady to calm down and tells him that she did ask John to come so he could take the jersey back as it won't accomplish anything. John takes the jersey and exits. Brady tells her that John's not going to stop. Kristen encourages him not to let John get to him. Brady questions why she didn't just throw the jersey in the garbage. Kristen admits she should've. Brady says he saw the look on John's face when he walked in and it's creeping him out. Brady says John is not over her and asks how she feels about it. Kristen asks what kind of question that is. Brady says she obsessed over him for years and now that's all changed. Brady asks if this is bringing back those feelings because if it does then they are finished.

Adrienne tells Sonny that there isn't much to tell as Nick and Gabi don't do much. Sonny asks about their life as he wants to know what kind of life Will's baby is going to have. Adrienne says Nick seems very devoted to the baby and Nick asking to work from home. She mentions them being in the room that Sonny used to have. Adrienne asks why he's asking all these specific questions about them.

Nick explains that he thinks the baby will be confused until she's older. Hope disagrees in this day and age to have birth parents and stepparents. Hope says they can answer questions as time goes on. Hope says the three of them will have things worked out because the worst thing for a child is when the parents are fighting. Hope tells them to think about it and then goes to get Ciara. Gabi tells Nick that she agrees with Hope.

Sami steps aside with EJ and talks loudly about getting rid of the evidence. EJ mentions how nothing could be proved and they could nullify the agreement. Sami talks about how they can't do anything about it. Sami mentions how easy it was to get into the evidence room. Sami looks back at Stefano and apologizes if she's making it hard for them to concentrate. Sami says she can't stop thinking about her son being kept from his child. Stefano shouts that he's got it and then wins the game of chess.

Rafe and Kate lay in bed after making love and talk about how good it was. Kate it upset with herself for mentioning Sami earlier. Rafe tells her not to worry about it. Kate doesn't want to sound insecure and then they kiss.

Sonny tells Adrienne that he's not pumping her for information but she says she knows he is and asks if he's doing something for Will. Sonny promises to be careful. Adrienne hugs him and asks what he needs to know.

Nick tells Gabi that he loves and respects Hope and talks about Sonny's parents being friends with Bo and Hope. Nick says Hope thinks everything will work out for the people she cares about but he's not like that. Nick says this whole idea of everyone getting along in their blended family is not going to happen.

Stefano tells Will that he looks forward to their next game. Stefano says he has to make a call to Singapore. Stefano stops and asks Sami if she wanted to ask a favor of him for she and Will.

Ciara pulls out her school folder and looks at the photo of Kristen and Sy that she kept.

Brady asks Kristen for the truth. She turns to him and kisses him.

John sits outside the town square with the jersey.

Kristen and Brady continue kissing and they lock the door and begin to undress as they kiss onto the couch.

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