Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 4/25/13

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 4/25/13


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Daniel and Jennifer kiss in bed until she asks him what's wrong. Daniel asks how she would feel if he resigned from the hospital. Jennifer says she would be really surprised. Daniel says he would be too but has to share something with her. Daniel tells her that last night on stage made him feel alive. Jennifer laughs as Daniel jokes that he wants to pursue his dream as a stripper. Jennifer jokes about telling her mom. They joke about it and then kiss. Jennifer brings up having to pick up Parker from Maggie. Daniel tells her he doesn't but has something else important he needs to do.

Vargas checks in with Eric at the rectory and asks if there's anything he needs him to do. Eric tells him he's free to go. Vargas mentions knowing he really messed up with Nicole but asks if he and Eric are cool now.

Nicole looks at Eric's number on her phone and thinks back to him walking in on she and Vargas and later calling Vargas, Eric.

John sits in the coffeehouse and thinks back to giving Kristen the coach jersey years ago and then to giving it to her recently. John wants Kristen to take the bait.

Brady joins Kristen in the living room and they joke about stripping. Brady hugs her and sees the jersey that John gave her. Brady questions it as he hoped it'd be donated to a clothing drive by now since he doesn't like looking at it.

Ciara sits in the town square with the photo of Kristen and Sy. She puts it back in the envelope and in her backpack as Hope joins her and asks about ordering food. Ciara asks if she can ask Hope something about Brady and his girlfriend.

Eric is not sure if he and Vargas are cool. Vargas mentions apologizing. Eric says he still has a job but it may be pushing it to be cool. Vargas says he may not know what it's like being a priest. Eric says he knows what it's like and they can do what they want but this is his office and where he lives. Eric tells Vargas to go on break. Vargas apologizes and exits. Eric sits back down and the phone rings from Nicole. Eric asks what she wants.

Kristen tells Brady that it's not a big deal and she'll get rid of it today. Brady questions why she hasn't already and asks if it has memories for her. Kristen admits it does remind her of a time when she and John were just friends. Kristen talks about how much she's changed since then and how John wasn't bitter and manipulative. Brady agrees that John's been playing mind games lately. Brady adds that John clearly has an ulterior motive in giving her the jersey but wonders what it is.

Jennifer tells Daniel that she wants to go with him. Daniel says they are a team doing things together. Jennifer says she has to go to the hospital about getting her job back by herself. They kiss and then get out of bed.

Nicole tells Eric that she wanted to see when she could pick up her stuff. Eric says he has a meeting in half an hour so he'll be out of her way. Eric says goodbye and hangs up.

Brady tells Kristen about questioning John but he had no answer. Kristen suggests it could be a peace offering but Brady thinks John still has feelings for her. Kristen disagrees and brings up Marlena. Brady says John has moved on but doesn't want her to move on. Kristen says John's in a tough spot then because they are getting married. Kristen and Brady kiss.

Ciara asks Hope what Brady's girlfriend's name is. Hope says it's Kristen and asks why she asked. Ciara informs Hope that she knows something about her.

Nicole goes to the Pub and orders a coffee. She turns around and Vargas enters. Nicole comments on her morning just getting better. Vargas remarks about not being surprised to find her in a bar in the morning. Nicole says she doesn't want any drama. Vargas doesn't want any crazy either so he leaves the Pub. Abe approaches Nicole and asks what's going on because he thought they were friends.

Hope asks Ciara if she's talking about kids at school talking about Kristen and the DiMeras. Hope tells Ciara about gossip and how that could hurt someone. Ciara says she wasn't gossiping and her friends didn't tell her anything. Hope apologizes and asks why she was asking about her then.

Brady and Kristen continue kissing. Kristen tells Brady that she loves him and kisses him again. They joke again about stripping last night. Brady tells her that she was great by cheering, laughing, and having a great time. Brady felt he made an ass of himself but Kristen praises him for helping Cameron. Brady loves that they started by getting along in bed but now they get along completely. They agree that they like it. Brady apologizes if he ruined their morning by talking about the jersey John gave her. Kristen says she has something to do. Brady has errands to run too and offers to give her a ride but Kristen says she's okay so Brady exits. Kristen then calls John. John answers and Kristen tells him to meet her at her office now.

Nicole doesn't want to talk but Abe says if there's a problem with Vargas or the prison outreach then it is his business. Nicole says there's no problem. Abe asks if Vargas did something. Nicole says he didn't and she doesn't want him to get in trouble. Abe apologizes for butting in to her personal life. Nicole asks for Abe's advice on doing the right thing.

Daniel and Jennifer go to the rectory. Eric informs them that Nicole isn't there but will be in 20 minutes. Jennifer has a meeting at the hospital so she tells Daniel to thank Nicole and she exits. Eric comments that they seem happy. Daniel says they are and in large part due to Nicole. Eric asks what exactly she did.

Nicole tells Abe that she thinks about things she's done and what she's put people through like Daniel and Jennifer. Nicole thinks that she never got over her mother dying and how it happened. Nicole says she's not saying she was ever a good person but after losing her mother and two babies, she feels like she's lost her way. Abe compares the feeling to losing Lexie and talks about holding on for Theo's sake but he has his days. Nicole says Abe lost Lexie but didn't go off the rails like she did. Abe brings up her mother being worried in the past about Nicole wanting to control things. Abe says things unfold naturally and he advises her to make good decisions. Abe says it may not happen overnight but he thinks she can do it. Nicole says maybe if they talked yesterday but now she thinks it's too late.

Ciara tells Hope that she has something but Hope gets a call from Bo. Hope tells him how excited they are to see him but steps aside when Bo informs her that he's not coming. Hope tells him that he promised and they planned all his favorites but Hope loses the call. Ciara asks what Bo said and why Hope looked that way. Hope tells her that she has some bad news.

John meets with Kristen in her office. She says he's been causing her a lot of trouble lately. John questions in what way. Kristen says he knows exactly what way and tells him that it ends today.

Daniel explains to Eric how Nicole tried to get Chloe to back off and warned her about her. Daniel says he and Jennifer are back together and he didn't lose Parker in part thanks to Nicole. Eric assumes she must have felt she had to do something to make up for what she did. Daniel says it may partly be but he just wants to thank her. Daniel thanks Eric for looking out for Nicole as well because she needs it and deserves it.

Jennifer talks to Mr. Burns at the hospital and explains why she quit her job but made a huge mistake and she wants to come back. He reminds her how public her mistake was. Jennifer apologizes for screwing up. He tells her that she doesn't screw up often and no one's come close to doing her job and other people agree. Jennifer didn't want Daniel's influence to affect his decision but he tells her that he got letters from the other staff. He welcomes her back to the hospital and then goes back to work. Maxine joins Jennifer and talks to her about being back at the hospital.

Nicole goes to the rectory to get her things but finds Eric still there.

Kristen tells John that she wants him to take his gift back. John argues against it and says she would've just shredded it rather than going across town to give it back to him in person. John talks about people moving on but keeping the past alive. John says she's still obsessed with the past. John says Kristen could've thrown the jersey away but instead demanded they talk about it face to face. Kristen says it's because she had things to say to him and tried to be his friend but it won't work. Kristen says John won't stop trying to ruin her relationship with Brady.

Ciara gets mad and slams her backpack down, complaining that Hope lied to her about having a family dinner. Hope tries to calm her down and they struggle over her backpack until Brady arrives and holds Ciara back, asking what's going on. Ciara cries that she wants her dad. Brady tells her it will be okay while the envelope sticks out of her backpack.

Maxine argues with Ann about Jennifer being back at the hospital. Jennifer tries to calm Maxine and says Chloe apologized for what she did. Maxine warns Ann that she'll be watching and walks away. Jennifer says now that Chloe is out of town, maybe she and Ann can start over but Ann disagrees and doesn't like Jennifer getting her job back after how she quit. Jennifer says she quit because of what Ann and Chloe did. Ann mocks Jennifer using her last name. Jennifer says Ann was stupid enough to get involved with Chloe while she was an emotional wreck and brings up Ann trying to get Cameron fired. Ann calls Cameron immoral. Jennifer wants to start out on the right foot. She tells Ann to go to her office and get her stuff out in the next ten minutes and then stay out of her way so she can keep her job of answering to her.

Nicole begins packing and mentions thinking Eric had a meeting. Eric says he changed it because he felt he needed to speak to her. Eric states that he doesn't think she should quit. Nicole asks if there's a reason for his change of heart. Eric brings up Nicole and Vargas being over. Eric adds that Daniel and Jennifer came by. Nicole is confused since they are not her biggest fans. Eric says they both wanted to thank her for warning Daniel about Chloe and that Daniel has Parker and Jennifer because of her. Nicole thinks it's overstating things. Eric understands she was trying to help and do the right thing. Nicole says she likes to mix things up. Eric brings up her record and says it's easy to forget that she is a good person. Eric jokes that his office would fall apart if she left so he wants her to stay. Nicole admits that she wants to stay but asks Eric if he's sure that's what he really wants.

Hope explains to Brady that they were really looking forward to tonight and were caught by surprise. Ciara calls it unfair that other kids' parents don't go away all the time. Hope says she has a point since they've left her for long periods of time. Hope asks Brady to watch Ciara as she goes to try and call Bo again. Brady tells Ciara that they have something in common because his dad was gone a lot when he was her age. Ciara hates it. Brady says his dad hated it and knows Ciara's dad does too. Brady says there will be some reason that Bo couldn't come back because nothing would stop him otherwise. Ciara asks Brady if he sees his dad now.

John tells Kristen that he wouldn't have given her the jersey if he knew she'd get so upset but she thinks he wanted to upset her. Kristen brings up Brady being very angry too. John calls them a volatile couple. John says the jersey caused a stir so one can imagine what would happen if he gave her the whole thing. Kristen tells him to go but John says she summoned him so now they are going to talk and put all of their cards on the table.

Daniel plays with Parker at the Kiriakis Mansion until Jennifer comes in and announces she got her job. Daniel tells her that Maxine already broke the news and lights her a candle on a cupcake to celebrate. Parker gives Jennifer a congratulations drawing he made her. Jennifer mentions not making a wish because she already has everything she wants and she lets Parker blow out the candle.

Eric tells Nicole that he wants her to stay. They joke around and then Eric adds that they've been friends for a very long time so he hopes they can stay that way. Nicole agrees that she wants to be friends forever which Eric likes and they shake hands on it.

Hope continues trying to get a cell phone reception as Ciara asks Brady if he still sees his dad. Brady says he saw him last night. Ciara asks if they have dinner together and talks about their plans for Bo. Brady gets a call. Ciara jokes that maybe it's Kristen but it's a work call. Ciara then tells Brady that she knows something about his girlfriend. Brady asks what that would be.

Kristen tells John that her cards are on the table and she wants him to leave her and Brady alone. She wants him to take the jersey, leave, and for it to stop. She pushes the jersey against him and John holds onto her as they get close.

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