Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 4/24/13

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 4/24/13


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Ann promises Cameron is about to hurt the hospital's image. The curtains open and the girls clap and laugh as Ann turns around surprised by what she sees as Daniel appears dressed as a cowboy stripping on stage. The hospital administrator is confused expecting Cameron as Ann watches on in shock.

Vargas and Nicole continue kissing in bed until Nicole says it feels so good and accidentally calls him Eric. Nicole asks why he stopped. Vargas tells her that she called him Eric.

Eric tells Father Matt that he's fine now and just overreacted because of his friendship with Nicole. Matt asks if friendship is all there is between he and Nicole. Eric admits it isn't.

Daniel continues dancing on stage as Caroline, Kristen, and Sami join Jennifer, Abigail, and Maxine in the cheering audience. Ann argues with the administrator that it was supposed to be Cameron. Sami tells Jennifer that it will work surely work as Daniel removes his shirt and tosses it at Ann, who remains upset. A bunch of girls rush up to Ann to get Daniel's shirt and then go back to toss money at him. Ann tries to assure the administrator that Cameron will be up there. He tells her that Daniel is the best surgeon they have. Ann calls it a travesty but Jennifer and Sami argue that it's fun. Kristen introduces herself to the administrator Mr. Burns. He talks about all Stefano has done for the hospital. Caroline jokes with Sami about the DiMeras. He steps aside with Kristen to talk about hospital funding. Ann tells Jennifer that she sees what she's trying to do and it's not going to work. Daniel continues on stage as Jennifer kisses him. Ann argues with Abigail about getting her rich friends to save Cameron. Abigail brings up that she thought they were friends now. Sami, Jennifer, and Maxine sit with Caroline as Caroline reveals to them that she's been making this a regular event. Jennifer thanks them for being there. Sami asks how Cameron ended up here. Jennifer says he's just paying off someone else's debts. Kristen remains talking to Mr. Burns. Sami asks Jennifer about Daniel ending up in trouble. Jennifer says the night is still young and it's going to work. Ann tells Abigail that she can protect Daniel but when Cameron comes out then he can kiss his job goodbye. Brady then appears on stage dressed as a cop making Ann more upset. Kristen watches while laughing as Sami joins her and Kristen explains that Daniel asked Brady for help. Sami brings up everyone loving Lexie. Kristen comments on sisters and asks if EJ is going to get on stage. Sami says it's not his style. Kristen thinks he would've done it for Sami. Sami says EJ is out of town and jokes about calling Eric. Sami talks about not seeing Eric as a priest as the crowd cheers for Brady continuing his routine.

Nicole argues that she didn't call Vargas Eric and they go back to kissing. She stops him and asks if he was joking because she insists she wouldn't have said Eric. Vargas assures her that she called him Eric.

Father Matt asks Eric how far it's gone. Eric tells him that nothing has happened as he and Nicole are friends. Matt points out that he said it wasn't all. Eric says it isn't because his feelings go beyond friendship. Eric declares that he does love Nicole.

Girls from the crowd give money as Brady strips and Kristen puts money on stage so he kisses her and then leaves the stage. Abigail and Jennifer talk about Ann. Ann stops Mr. Burns from leaving. He talks about this is their community and their funding as Daniel was up there along with board members Brady and Kristen. Ann argues that they are just trying to protect Cameron and insists he will be there. Rafe then comes on stage dressed as a construction worker. Sami nervously cheers as Jennifer claps for Rafe. Kristen looks over at Sami as Rafe strips on stage. Abigail jokes with Ann. Mr. Burns wonders why Rafe looks familiar. Abigail informs him that Rafe is a detective on the Salem PD. Maxine goes to get more money to throw on stage as Caroline joins Jennifer. Kristen jokes with Sami about how she used to be married to Rafe.

Father Matt asks if Eric is in love with Nicole. Eric says no but he loves her and thinks that's the right word. Eric brings up their history and knowing each other since they were young and naive. Matt calls her Eric's first love. Eric says it's been so long and they went very different paths but he still cares. Eric talks about Nicole's potential to be happy but she keeps getting in to dead-end relationships that break her heart. Eric says Nicole came to the church wanting a change and he believed her. Matt believed she was sincere as well. Eric says Nicole keeps torpedoing herself and any chance she gets. Eric calls it sad but not something he can't live with until now. Matt asks what was different today. Eric informs him of Nicole and Vargas making inappropriate actions in there. Eric says every judgment she made went out the window and he worries that he will be burned by a horrible mistake.

Vargas suggests no more talking and goes back to kissing her. Nicole says it wouldn't mean anything if she did say Eric. Vargas says it doesn't matter and admits he's not thrilled that she has the hots for Eric. Nicole argues that he doesn't. Vargas wants to go back to not talking but Nicole calls him a buzzkill and gets out of bed.

Maxine rejoins the girls at the stage. Kristen jokes with Sami that she can understand why Rafe would drive EJ crazy. Sami insists that EJ has nothing to worry about. Kristen calls her a good girl and they toast their drinks. Ann stops Mr. Burns from leaving again. Jennifer and Abigail talk about playing this out. Rafe tosses his shirt to the crowd as he finishes his performance. The announcer asks if the ladies are ready for more. Rafe returns to the stage along with Daniel and Brady and lastly Cameron. The four of them begin dancing as Ann tells Mr. Burns that she told him. The girls continue clapping as the guys begin their routine. The guys finish dancing as the girls throw money at them all. Sami and Caroline laugh about it as Caroline says she's done. Sami insists that they did a good thing and helped Cameron. Caroline says Cameron could've asked anyone for help. Sami jokes about knowing someone too stubborn to ask for help. Kristen comes over and asks who their favorite was. Jennifer, Abigail, and Maxine talk about how Cameron shouldn't be blamed now since the other guys were up there. Maxine worries about Mr. Burns still being there. The guys come back on stage. Cameron joins Abigail and she talks about seeing if this is going to work. Cameron says they still have one more move to make.

Nicole gets dressed and gives Vargas his shirt. She tells him they are not doing this. Vargas tries to take back what he said about Eric but Nicole tells him to go. Vargas goes to leave but Nicole stops him and asks what he's going to say to Eric about this.

Ann argues with Mr. Burns that public perception is everything. Daniel approaches and tells her that she's right and the public enjoyed it. Ann says it isn't the image they want but Daniel and Cameron tell them about all the money going to a fundraiser. Ann calls it a bribe. Cameron explains that he worked there temporarily to pay off loans and it never interfered with his job at the hospital. Cameron says if it was up to Ann then he'd be fired but it's not so he asks Mr. Burns what he says. He calls it a wonderful event and says the children at the hospital are lucky to have doctors that go the extra mile to raise money. Ann argues about the hospital's reputation. Abigail says she was just trying to take her hate for her and Jennifer out on Cameron. Mr. Burns tells Ann that he will be making personnel changes and tells Jennifer to see him in his office tomorrow as he exits. Ann says they all think they're so smart but this isn't over and she exits. Brady and Kristen mock Ann. Cameron thanks them all. Daniel says it was all Abigail and Jennifer.

Father Matt says Eric is talking about Nicole and her choices as if he could participate and give her answers to her choices but he can't. Matt encourages him to give her advice and guide her but that's all. He says they serve God but don't play God. Eric doesn't think that's what he's trying to do. He tells Eric to look at himself and figure out why he thinks he could do things with Nicole that he couldn't do with anyone else. He tells Eric to think about it as he exits.

Vargas questions Nicole wanting to know what he's going to tell Eric. Vargas says he won't tell him since he likes his spot at the church so he won't tell Eric how she feels about him but if he asks then he will tell how he now feels about her.

Jennifer jokes with Daniel about all the women putting money in his pants. Daniel admits it was weird and doesn't know how Cameron did it but it was for a good cause. Daniel credits Jennifer and Abigail with the idea. Jennifer hopes for a happy ending. Abigail and Cameron sit together and talk about Cameron being surprised by all of this. Abigail blames herself for everything for being nosy. Cameron says they do need to discuss things and takes her backstage. Rafe comes back out and greets Sami. She tells him that he did great. Rafe calls it unexpected. Rafe says he didn't plan on seeing anyone he knew and then she was there so it was a little strange. Sami says Daniel and Jennifer called for support. Kristen comes over and says she can't believe they never met and she tells him how great he did. Kristen introduces herself to Rafe and then notices Sami's ring and says she can't believe EJ proposed as Rafe watches on.

Backstage, Abigail explains that they had to do something since Ann was going to bust him. Abigail talks about feeling really awful and she still does but Cameron kisses her.

Nicole walks through the town square and runs into Father Matt. Nicole assumes he found out she quit and why. Matt admits he did. Nicole thinks it's for the best. Matt asks if that's how she intends to leave it. Nicole asks what else there is. Matt asks if she thinks she at least owes Eric a few words.

Vargas enters the Rectory to see Eric. Vargas says he meant what he said earlier and that he knows he wouldn't be anywhere if not for Eric so he doesn't want to mess this up. Eric says no matter what Nicole may have said, it was a violation. Vargas assures him that it didn't happen and won't happen especially not with her. Vargas tells him that he's done with Nicole and as far as he's concerned, she doesn't exist. Vargas asks for forgiveness.

Cameron tells Abigail that he knows he's stubborn but not a total jerk and what she did tonight was really something. Cameron thanks her. Abigail asks if that was thanking her and she then kisses him.

Daniel jokes with Jennifer about learning that routine. A woman from the audience comes up and asks if Daniel is really done for the night. Jennifer says he is. Daniel gives the woman his cowboy hat and she leaves excited. Jennifer jokes about stopping now. Daniel and Jennifer exit together. Kristen continues talking about Sami's ring. Rafe congratulates her. Brady joins them and Kristen reveals to him that EJ proposed. Brady congratulates her. Brady and Kristen walk away. Sami apologizes to Rafe for Kristen and says everything said about her is true. Sami didn't want Rafe to find out like that. Rafe says it's good if she's happy. Sami says she really is. Rafe says that's great and all he wants for her. Rafe goes to leave but Sami stops him.

Eric kneels down and begins to pray in the Rectory. Nicole enters but stops and leaves before Eric sees her.

Cameron tells Abigail that he owes her an apology. Cameron says he shouldn't have been like he was as she tried to help and if he was honest, then none of this would've happened. Abigail says he wouldn't have gotten to see how many people care about him. Cameron says they care about her and Jennifer but Abigail assures him that they came for him. Cameron says nobody ever did anything like that for him and there's no word for how amazing she is. Cameron mentions having an early shift tomorrow so he should go. Cameron says maybe he can thank her another time as they kiss. Cameron then takes his bag and exits, leaving Abigail with a smile.

Kristen jokes with Brady about wanting a pool in their room. She asks if they should wait for Sami and Rafe but Brady says no as they have business to take care of. Brady and Kristen exit as Sami tells Rafe that she wanted to thank him and appreciates him not trying to talk her out of marrying EJ. Rafe says that's over. Sami asks if he doesn't think it's self-destructive and stupid. Rafe says she already knows it so he didn't have to say a thing. Rafe then walks away. He stops and looks back at Sami and then exits.

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