Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 4/23/13

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 4/23/13


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Brady and Kristen kiss at the Pub. Ciara sits at the table behind them and looks at them then looks down at the photo of Kristen with Sy. Ciara gets up with it.

Daniel sits with Parker and a babysitter at the town square. Daniel talks about things working out as Jennifer joins them and Daniel introduces her as a big part of Parker's life.

Abigail goes to Maxine at the hospital front desk. Maxine tells her about Ann calling in about a personal issue at the hospital. They worry about Ann having it in for Cameron. Maxine asks Abigail if something is going on that could get him in trouble.

Vargas and Nicole continue kissing in the rectory. Vargas asks her about doing this there. Nicole tells him yes unless he wants to go back to her room at the convent. They kiss onto her desk until Eric walks in.

Kristen talks to Brady about not letting anyone interfere with them. They kiss as Brady suggests leaving so they exit the Pub together. Ciara watches and looks back at the photo.

The babysitter agrees to start tomorrow and exits. Daniel and Jennifer talk as Jennifer says she approves and everything feels right. Jennifer opens an envelope and surprises Parker with a toy train. Jennifer says they are right where they belong as she and Daniel kiss.

Chad sits in the coffeehouse with Theo. Cameron enters and joins them and plays a game with Theo on his phone.

Abigail explains to Maxine about Cameron getting a second job to help his mom but doesn't say any more. She worries if Ann could really get Cameron fired. Maxine says they are about to find out as they look over at Ann talking to a hospital administrator. Maxine comments that they will miss Cameron at the hospital but Abigail insists that he's not going anywhere.

Vargas tells Eric that they didn't expect him back so early.

Brady and Kristen go to their room kissing and they talk about making love.

Abigail listens in from behind a door on Ann's conversation with the hospital administrator. They are talking about his assistant Claudia. Ann says there is someone on staff that is putting the hospital's image at risk. He asks Ann who she wants him to fire.

Theo and Cameron continue playing a game on his phone.

Daniel and Jennifer return to Jennifer's with Parker. Daniel talks to Parker about how lucky he is. Jennifer talks about Parker having a place to play at her house. Jennifer goes to answer the door as Maggie arrives. Maggie informs her that Daniel told her what Chloe did to them. Daniel joins them. Maggie says Daniel doesn't have to defend her as it's between her and Jennifer.

Vargas tries to explain to Eric but he asks for a moment alone with Nicole. Nicole calls Eric a coward and a hypocrite if he's giving Vargas a free pass to leave. Eric says it's about her and questions what's going on here.

Daniel takes Parker to go get cookies. Maggie says she won't try to make excuses as she was wrong. Jennifer understands that she came down hard because she hurt her son. Jennifer says she had to make Daniel believe she was a heartless witch and let everyone else believe it too. Maggie calls her convincing. Jennifer says she would've too and that she didn't want to be the reason Daniel lost his son. Maggie says that will always be on Chloe and talks about not knowing what she was up to. Jennifer says she would've let Maggie hate her forever and left town permanently since she felt like she had no choice. Maggie says Jennifer was so selfless. Jennifer looks at a photo of Jack and she says she will always regret using Jack's memory to deceive Daniel. Maggie encourages her that Jack would understand. Jennifer talks about how Jack would've come up with some crazy scheme to outdo Chloe. Jennifer asks Maggie if she thinks Jack would feel disappointed or like she betrayed him. Maggie assures her that how she loved him when he was there is all that matters. Maggie hugs her and tells her that she deserves to be happy and loved so she's glad she and Daniel have found each other again. Jennifer promises to be good to him and they hug as Daniel comes back in with Parker.

Ann tells the administrator about Cameron being a stripper and worries about what a photo of it could do to the hospital's image. He argues that nothing has happened yet. Maxine joins Abigail in listening in. He mentions not having proof. Ann suggests he join her in Chicago to catch Cameron in the act tonight. Abigail and Maxine rush away.

Nicole tells Eric that he already knows what's going on. Eric questions Nicole having another side to her since she should know better. Nicole argues about giving Vargas a chance. Nicole blames Eric for pushing her towards Vargas. Eric is upset about her hooking up with Vargas in his office. Nicole threatens to slap him and tells him not to talk to her that way. Eric says she crossed the line. Nicole calls it Eric's line and complains about not living her life. Nicole says she was just being human. Eric calls this a violation of the rules and says he trusted her when everyone told him it was a mistake and now he sees they were right.

Jennifer tells Daniel that she and Maggie are good as they straightened everything out and she understands as Maggie was just protective of him. Jennifer worries about being late to try and get her job back at the hospital. Daniel offers to go with her since she quit because of him but she insists on wanting to do it alone. They kiss and Jennifer then exits.

Nicole complains about what Eric expected of her. Eric shouts at her that this is a church but Nicole argues that it's a rectory. Eric calls it church property and that it's his office and all the people that could've walked in. Eric admits he's worried about what could've happened to their fundraisers if someone from the church walked in on the secretary about to have sex with an ex con. Nicole yells at him and goes to leave but Eric stops her and says they aren't done. Nicole responds tearfully that she quits and isn't coming back as she storms out.

Cameron talks to Theo about having a few more busy weeks and then spending more time. Abe enters as Cameron tells Theo that he will see him soon. Cameron apologizes to Abe about before. Abe tells him it's no problem since he made Theo's day. Cameron calls him the highlight of his day. Chad thanks Cameron for stopping by. Cameron tells him that he just needs a few more weeks to dig himself out. Chad says he has no need to explain and apologizes for going to the club. Cameron can't wait until he's only a doctor full time and then exits the coffeehouse.

Abigail talks to Maxine about Cameron never wanting anyone to see him at the club. She blames herself for anyone knowing about it. Abigail says she has to find a way to stop Ann from taking the administrator to the club since Cameron is a good doctor and needs the job so she has to make it happen.

Brady and Kristen lay in bed after making love. Brady gets up and surprises her with a gift of earrings. Kristen says he can't keep showering her with presents but he insists. They lay together as Kristen calls him a good man. Brady compares it to John's gift. Kristen tells him he has nothing to worry about. Brady agrees to looking towards the past. Kristen calls it all ancient history that's completely forgotten. Brady says they are going to make it. Kristen wants him to promise her no more presents as she worries that it's too much but Brady refuses and kisses her. Brady calls her his perfect wife to be. Kristen comments that they all have to do what they have to do.

Nicole lays in bed upset and gets up and says screw it as she's not trying to become a saint. She calls Vargas who was also laying in bed. Vargas answers and asks if she's okay. She claims to be never better. Vargas notes Eric being ticked. Nicole says that's Eric's problem and not theirs. Nicole then invites Vargas to come over.

Abigail tries calling Cameron but gets his voicemail. Abigail wonders why it's such a big deal and what's in the hospital's rules. Maxine says there can't be anyone hurting the hospital's image and she thinks a doctor stripping crosses that line. Jennifer arrives and Abigail asks for her help.

Maggie sits with Daniel and suggests he bring Parker over to her so Daniel and Jennifer can have some time alone. Maggie talks about them catching up.

Eric angrily goes digging through his desk as Father Matt arrives asking what's the matter.

Vargas goes to Nicole's room. Vargas suggests taking a minute to do the right thing.

Abe thanks Chad for picking up Theo and getting Cameron to stop by. Chad says Cameron wants to be around. Abe says something is in the way and offers to be there for him. Chad says Cameron isn't big on asking for help but he will pass it along. Abe exits with Theo.

Jennifer, Abigail, and Maxine come up with a plan. Abigail wants to try and warn Cameron again. Jennifer says they can make this work. Maxine wants in but they worry about her losing her job. Maxine insists that she is in to help Cameron.

Cameron arrives at the strip club and talks with the bouncer. He talks to Cameron about another club opening up but Cameron talks about wanting to be done soon. Abigail calls and the bouncer answers. She asks for Apollo but he tells her to come to the club tonight with money. Abigail argues that she really needs to talk to him but he hangs up and tells Cameron that it was like the fifth woman to call for him today. Cameron assures him that he wants to give this up.

Brady and Kristen remain in bed until Brady gets a phone call. Brady answers and Kristen asks what's wrong.

Eric sits with Father Matt and says he gave in to anger tonight. Eric says it wasn't anger but wrath as he was enraged. Matt asks why. Eric reveals that he walked in on Nicole with Vargas in his office in a compromising position and he lost it. Eric says he was furious and doesn't even remember what he said as he was so mad. Eric adds that he tore into Nicole and judged her. Eric insists that he doesn't hate Nicole. Father Matt suggests he has to say whatever his problem is out loud.

Vargas admits to Nicole that he wants her but he doesn't want to screw up his job at the church. Nicole informs him that she quit tonight and it's none of Eric's business that they are together. Nicole tries to convince Vargas. Vargas doesn't want to aggravate Eric. Nicole asks who runs his life and asks if he's tired of being told what to do. They kiss onto the bed.

Ann and the hospital administrator go to the strip club. He notes being the only man in the crowd. She tells him how vulgar and distasteful the show is. Jennifer, Abigail, and Maxine arrive and talk to Ann as if they all come together regularly. The waiter brings Ann shots and calls it her regular. Ann calls it a joke and says they only came to warn Cameron. She notes the show being about to start with the intro music. He questions her knowing that so she must be a regular. The curtains open and the girls clap and laugh as Ann turns around surprised by what she sees.

Eric tells Father Matt that he's fine now and just overreacted because of his friendship with Nicole. Matt asks if friendship is all there is between he and Nicole.

Vargas and Nicole continue kissing in bed until Nicole says it feels so good and accidentally calls him Eric.

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