Days of Our Lives Update Monday 4/22/13

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 4/22/13


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Abe brings Theo to see Cameron at the hospital. Abe asks where Cameron's been since they haven't seen him lately. Cameron thinks back to his stripping and says he's been around.

Chad and Abigail sit outside. Chad thinks they are wasting their time and brings up Cameron being a jerk to them. Abigail talks about if Ann finds out Cameron is a stripper then she could get him fired. Ann walks by so they approach her. Ann is glad to run into them as they agree they need to talk about what happened at the strip club.

Nicole works in the rectory as Vargas comes in and offers lunch. Nicole says she has to finish her work for Eric and Vargas exits.

Brady asks Maggie about coaching little league. Maggie says everybody got a jersey like this. Brady asks if it was a good memory as he's getting mixed signals. Maggie calls it a good day as they were winning and a lot of people were rooting for them but she's conflicted because it was the day that she realized John had very real and deep feelings for Kristen. Brady questions John going through the trouble to dig it up. Maggie thinks she knows why.

John walks out of the town square and looks at the old photo of he and Kristen. He thinks back to giving her the jersey years ago and walks away.

Kristen worries about the envelope having been in Brady's hand. She thinks back to paying off Sy and declares she has to find the photos or it's all over for her.

Ciara picks up the envelope and looks back at Hope who is on the phone with her back turned. Ciara opens the envelope and pulls out the photo of Kristen paying off Sy. Hope returns to the table and asks what she has. Ciara puts it back in the envelope and says it's nothing but some stuff she found and she puts it into her backpack. Hope questions if she's hiding something.

Kristen exits the Kiriakis Mansion and wonders what to do now then pulls out her phone.

Maggie brings up John bringing Brady the gondola plaque as a memory of his mother. Brady calls it a bribe to try and get him on his side. Maggie insists that he is on his side and suggests that John was trying to remind Kristen of a better time. Brady thanks her and she tells him to call if he needs anything as she exits. Brady holds up the jersey and gets a call from Kristen. She asks what's wrong.

Nicole continues working until Vargas returns with lunch. Nicole doesn't want to be tempted but Vargas says she must be starving. Vargas offers to help with her work.

Ann thanks Abigail and Chad for getting her home safely since she doesn't usually drink. She adds that the whole night is a blur. Abigail asks if that's all she wanted to say. Ann says she wants to apologize as well. Ann declares that she realized after Chloe left town that all the horrible things she said about Jennifer and Abigail were all lies. Ann asks for a fresh start. Abigail is not sure why she cares. Ann reveals she's recently been promoted and doesn't want to be involved in any pettiness. Chad and Abigail agree. Ann turns around and rolls her eyes as she walks away. Chad calls it weird but says it sounds like she'll let the thing with Cameron go and maybe Jennifer won't have to worry about her but Abigail is not so sure.

Theo goes with one of the nurses as Abe reminds him that Chad will be picking him up. Cameron has to get his recommendation sent in but Abe asks for a minute. Abe says Theo adores Cameron but he needs stability and can't have people in and out of his life. Cameron assures him that he's not going anywhere. Abe says lately Cameron hasn't been around. Cameron says he has a busy life and tells Abe not to tell him what's important. Abe reminds Cameron that he's the only family on Lexie's side that isn't a DiMera so it means a lot to him that he spends time with Theo. Cameron tells Abe that he can barely breathe right now and doesn't have time for this conversation. Abe tells him to make time and tell him what's really going on.

Brady tells Kristen that he was just preoccupied with a business deal and mentions Maggie bringing her scarf. They talk about not knowing where the art project envelope is. Brady mentions that he was going to show Marlena at the coffeehouse. Kristen wonders if Marlena took it but Brady doesn't think so as he thought he shoved everything back in his briefcase. Kristen offers to check the coffeehouse and hangs up.

Ciara tells Hope that she has a surprise for Bo in her backpack. Hope asks about it but Ciara says she can't reveal her surprise. Hope asks if she won't like the surprise. Ciara doesn't know. Hope says she knows she misses Bo. Ciara mentions sending him a card. Hope reveals she just got off the phone with him and has some awesome news.

Vargas and Nicole finish their work and start eating lunch. Nicole says she thought she'd be working all night. Vargas talks about not wasting a night.

Chad asks if Abigail doesn't believe Ann. Abigail says she was being nice and she's not nice. Abigail hopes it's over. Chad says if she drops the thing with Cameron then they are done worrying about Ann. Chad mentions having to pick up Theo. Abigail offers to go with him as she hasn't seen Theo lately. Chad comments that she might run into Cameron. Abigail claims she hopes not and has to use the printer so they walk on together.

Cameron talks to Abe about working 80 hours. Abe says that's illegal. Cameron says not if he's picked up work somewhere else to pay back student loans. Abe questions doing that. Maxine looks over at them. Cameron insists that he's fine but Abe doesn't think so. Cameron says he's making him feel like a screwup. Abe reminds him that they are family. Cameron responds that they're not. Cameron declares Theo is his family and he'll look after him like Lexie asked. Abe questions when since Theo needs him now and he's nowhere to be found. Cameron shouts that he'll find time for him. Abe mentions Lexie asking him to look after Cameron. Cameron says he doesn't need anyone looking after him as he's always gotten by on his own. Cameron then walks away.

Hope informs Ciara that Bo is on his way home soon. Ciara wants to go tell Caroline. Hope agrees and they exit the coffeehouse. Kristen then enters and asks the waitress if anyone has seen the envelope. She responds that she did see one in the trash. Kristen wants to know where.

Brady paces outside the town square. John joins him, saying he was glad to get a message from him. Brady then questions what kind of sick game he is playing.

Kristen goes digging through the dumpster and says she has to make sure the envelope is there.

Maxine approaches Abe at the hospital and asks how he is. Abe says he's well but a little worried about Cameron. Maxine comments on him acting like a jackass now but says he's been outstanding and may be working too hard. Maxine comments on people thinking Cameron's only there because of Lexie and he's determined to prove himself. Maxine calls Abe a good brother in law and says she thinks Cameron will be just fine.

Chad stops Abigail in the town square and says even though this thing with Cameron is a mess, he's kind of glad it happened because it's been cool to hang out and spend time with her and make her realize he's not a total jerk. Abigail agrees that she's seeing the less obnoxious side of him. Chad jokes about it being faint praise. Abigail admits that Chad has been very helpful and nice. Chad wishes he had been more sensitive about the whole virgin thing as he was surprised and didn't think it was possible. Abigail ends the conversation there. Chad doesn't want to say the wrong thing. Chad apologizes and says he tends to get awkward around her and running his mouth instead of shutting up. Chad asks if she had a little bit of a good time trying to help Cameron in spite of everything. Abigail mocks the idea but Chad tells her that they had a couple of good laughs. Abigail says they will be a distant memory if Cameron gets fired so they should get to the hospital.

The waitress comes out and informs Kristen that the garbage truck already came today. Kristen questions telling her now. Kristen assumes this means the envelope is destroyed and gone forever. She climbs out and walks away.

Nicole and Vargas eat lunch together. Nicole talks about how it must be weird to go out and not know anyone. Vargas says everyone knows he's an ex-con but he's comfortable with who he is. Vargas talks about starting out at St. Luke's. Nicole says he'll be out of there in no time but Vargas is in no hurry to leave.

Chad and Abigail go to the hospital. Chad goes to get Theo as Abigail spots Cameron. Abigail goes to him and apologizes for last night. Abigail worries about putting his job on the line. Cameron tells her not to worry about it as it's all his fault for not sharing every aspect of his life with her. Abigail tells him that she is still worried about him but Cameron tells her not to be and to put him out of her mind forever. Cameron walks away as Maxine watches on.

Maggie goes to the coffeehouse and runs into Kristen. Maggie says she was hoping to run into her. Kristen calls that a first and thanks her for bringing the scarf. Maggie admits to having an ulterior motive and tells her it was nice of her to help Brady with the art project but Victor wanted it to bond with Brady. Kristen says she took herself out of the project for that reason. Maggie notes her sounding sincere. Maggie brings up coaching the Salem Moose together and how she was happy when she and John found each other. Maggie says seeing the old jersey brought back memories but she was just wondering why John went through so much trouble to find it and give it to her. Kristen calls it weird. Kristen asks what Brady said about it.

Brady brings up the jersey and questions if John is jealous of him and if it's come to him playing mind games. Brady tells John to stop the whole thing as Kristen is marrying him. Brady tells John to deal with it.

Chad asks Abigail if she's sure she doesn't want to go golfing with he and Theo. Abigail says she has to study but will another time. Chad and Theo exit together. Ann walks by and greets Abigail passing by. Abigail goes to Maxine and asks how well she knows Ann. Maxine says she unfortunately knows her well enough. Abigail asks if she trusts her. Maxine jokes about it and wonders why she's worrying about her. Abigail admits to Maxine that she's worried about Ann trying to get Cameron fired. Maxine mentions overhearing Cameron telling Abe that he got a second job. Abigail insists that Cameron hasn't done anything wrong. They talk about Maxine knowing everything at the hospital. Abigail asks Maxine to let her know if Ann starts to cause any trouble. Maxine agrees as Abigail goes to use the printer.

Maggie tells Kristen that Brady didn't say much but wanted to know why John brought it. Maggie tells her what she told Brady including that it was the day she realized John was in love with her. Kristen questions her telling Brady that and rushes out.

John doesn't want to make things worse but Brady tells him it's too late. John asks him to listen but Brady doesn't want to. Brady accuses John of still having feelings for Kristen. Brady calls it unbelievable as he gets a call from Kristen. Brady mentions having a conversation with John. Kristen tells him to let it go and not let John get to him. Brady says he was just leaving and they agree to see each other at home. John offers to go get coffee but Brady declines and warns him to stay away from him and the woman he loves. Brady walks away as John comments that he doesn't think he can do that.

Vargas and Nicole have dessert. Vargas eats cream off Nicole's finger and then they kiss.

Abigail daydreams of Cameron coming to her and apologizing for being a jerk and then kissing her. Abigail snaps out of it and says that's never going to happen.

Maggie approaches John in the town square. They talk about being concerned for Brady. Maggie says they've been friends for a very long time and brings up the jersey. Maggie wants John to talk to her and asks what exactly he's trying to do.

Ciara and Hope sit at the Pub together and talking about making Caroline's year with the news of Bo's return. Hope gets a call and steps away to answer it. Ciara pulls the envelope out of her backpack and looks at the photo again.

Brady and Kristen meet outside the Pub with a hug and a kiss. Kristen assures him that the past doesn't matter and the only man she has feelings for is him and they kiss.

Ciara remains inside staring at the photo of Kristen.

Vargas kisses Nicole onto the desk at the rectory.

Ann talks to another worker about needing to speak with someone regarding a personal matter with an employee at the hospital. She agrees to get Ann's message in. Maxine watches her go by and then calls Abigail and says she thinks they may have a problem.

John tells Maggie that it's not her concern. Maggie says Brady is upset and she's worried that this will affect his sobriety. John doesn't want to discuss it with her and says he'll see her around and then walks away.

Brady and Kristen go in to the Pub. Brady says he's feeling better. Kristen encourages him not to let John get to him. Brady says nothing can get between them as he kisses her. Ciara sits at the table behind them and looks at them then looks down at the photo of Kristen with Sy.

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