Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 4/18/13

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 4/18/13


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Kristen worries about doing damage control if Brady and Victor are looking at the photos now. Kristen grabs her bag and decides to leave. She opens the door and is startled to see Brady standing in the doorway looking upset.

Sonny, Will, Chad, T, and Brian go into the Pub after a game of basketball. Brian and Will head to the counter. Chad sees Cameron outside and goes to talk to him. T comments to Sonny how much fun Will was having. Sonny says that's the guy he fell in love with. At the counter, Brian asks Will when his baby is due. Will says soon. Brian assumes Sonny won't be too thrilled with that. Will tells Brian that he put up with a lot of his crap but that's his limit.

Abigail goes to the coffeehouse and runs into Hope. Abigail says she was looking for someone and hurries back out.

Chad approaches Cameron outside the Pub and asks if he came there instead of the coffeehouse so he wouldn't have to see him. Chad tries to tell Cameron about Caroline being at the club but Caroline approaches and says she recognizes Cameron.

Maggie talks with Victor at home. Victor talks about working with Brady in what he thought would be one on one time but now he thinks Brady probably picked everything himself.

Kristen promises Brady that she can explain everything.

T comments to Sonny that Will has been quiet lately and asks if he's freaked out about something. Sonny says he's just dealing with a lot lately. Sonny is glad they got Will out to stay active. T says that's what friends are for even though he wasn't a good one before. Brian questions Will's attitude and says he thought they were friends. Will brings up Brian trying to make him think he slept with Sonny before. Brian says Will jumped to that conclusion. Will brings up Brian hanging out with Sonny all the time. Will tells Brian that Sonny is his so if he wants to take a shot and try his luck then he can go ahead.

Brady enters the mansion asking where his Ferrari is. Kristen informs him that Stefano towed it to the back because it was in his spot. Kristen is surprised that that's what he was upset about. Brady asks if there was something else.

Hope remains at the coffeehouse with Ciara as the art project envelope lays at their feet. John enters and Hope says she needs to talk to him about Marlena.

Kristen tells Brady that he just seemed over the top. Brady thinks there is something else since Kristen said she could explain so he wants to know what she was talking about.

Chad tells Caroline that she probably recognizes Cameron from the hospital. Caroline recalls Cameron helping out at the Pub before. Caroline heads into the Pub to get him some coffee. Chad then tells Cameron that Caroline was at the club last night which shocks him. Chad suggests she probably won't remember it but they need to talk about Abigail. Cameron refuses to talk about Abigail. Chad agrees and suggests they can come find him later. Cameron says he'll be busy so Chad heads back into the Pub as Caroline brings him his coffee. Caroline then tells Cameron that she enjoyed his act so much at the club. She adds that his act is smoking hot.

Maggie is sorry that Kristen spoiled Victor's time with Brady. Victor says Kristen made him sick but they didn't get in a fight. Victor brings up John and Marlena no longer being in Brady's life. Victor talks about Kristen still hoping he buys her act. Victor wishes Sy would call back so he could use something against her. Maggie doesn't want to go through that again.

Hope says to John that they are friends and always been honest with each other. John doesn't want to discuss it but Hope feels John has been treating Marlena horribly. Hope says everyone makes mistakes and asks John if he's really going to throw away his marriage because of Brady and Kristen. John doesn't think it's that simple. Hope tells John that he and Marlena need to get back together as a united front or else he will lose Brady forever.

Kristen tells Brady that it's nothing as she just thought maybe he ran into John on his way back. She talks about John coming by until she told him he had to go. Kristen informs Brady that John came to bring her something to remind her of their past. Kristen shows Brady the shirt that John brought her.

Abigail walks through the town square then stops and wonders what she's doing since she doesn't know what she'd even say to Cameron. Abigail pulls out her phone and decides to text Chad.

Caroline tells Cameron not to worry as she will keep his secret. She tells him to have a good day and heads back into the Pub as Cameron walks away. Chad watches from inside the Pub until getting his text from Abigail. Chad tells the guys that he has to go since something came up. He says it was a good game and he'll see them soon. Sonny says they will be there a while if he wants to come back as Chad exits. Will and T go to get fries. Brian sits with Sonny and says Will seems to think he's always flirting with Sonny and asks what he thinks. T and Will sit at the counter and talk about the basketball game. T says they did all the work and were in the zone. T hopes it doesn't change when the baby is born. T asks if Will is freaked out about having a baby because thinking about it freaks him out.

Victor tells Maggie that Sy could have had some useful information. Maggie thinks it's more likely that Sy is just trying to get his money and points out that Kristen could have been behind it. Victor says his gut is telling him differently now. The phone then rings once which Maggie calls it a false alarm. Victor wonders why Sy stopped calling. Henderson brings the phone in with a call from Daniel for Maggie so she steps out to take it. Victor says to himself that one day Kristen will slip up and fall and he hopes it's not near Brady.

Brady calls the shirt random and silly. Brady guesses he's trying to bribe them with presents. Brady worries about his car and goes to check on it. Kristen goes into Brady's briefcase and starts looking for the envelope but can't find it.

Sonny tells Brian that he and Will love and trust each other. Brian says that wasn't always the case. Sonny says that was because of mixed signals. Sonny says he's cut Brian some slack with his flirting but tells him to stop because he is with Will so if he wants to be friends then he has to let go. Brian tells him it's clear. Will tells T at the counter that he's excited rather than freaked out. Will says it's hard to understand until you have a baby but calls it a miracle.

Chad joins Abigail in the town square. She says they have to do something right now. Chad says he just saw Cameron and he's fine despite not wanting to talk to him. Abigail worries that Cameron could lose his job because of her. She complains about not trusting that Cameron wasn't doing anything illegal.

Brady tells Kristen that Victor no longer wanted to be involved and shows her some of the pictures from the art project. Brady realizes there's only 9 envelopes instead of 10 and he knows the missing one is one he was about to open but doesn't know where it is. Kristen offers to go check Victor's and claims she left her scarf there so Brady sends her to go check.

Sonny, Will, T, and Brian talk about wanting to go to a Maroon 5 concert. Brian suggests getting a date and joining Will and Sonny. T offers to set Brian up with his girlfriend's brother. Brian has to go and T asks for a ride so they exit the Pub. Will jokes with Sonny that Brian won't like Audrey's brother. Sonny is glad to see Will happy. Will says he's this happy because he's with Sonny and kisses him. Caroline walks by and sees them.

Chad tells Abigail to stop pacing because she's stressing him out. Chad insists that Ann was drunk and won't know Cameron was there. Abigail continues to worry that Ann could be firing Cameron right now.

Ann stops Cameron at the hospital and tells him that they need to discuss a resignation.

Kristen goes to the Kiriakis Mansion and Henderson lets her in. Victor comes in and tells Kristen that she's wasting her time. Victor tells her that Brady has what she's looking for as Maggie dropped it off at the DiMera Mansion. Kristen isn't sure what he's talking about. Victor tells her it was her scarf and wonders what she was talking about. Kristen says she was talking about the art proposals. Victor says Brady stuffed them in his briefcase when he left and that's all he has to offer. Kristen stops him from leaving and says she was hoping they could put their differences aside and start a new relationship to build on. Kristen claims that's still her hope.

Maggie goes to see Brady at the DiMera Mansion. Maggie says she came to drop off Kristen's scarf and gives it to Brady. She asks him how the mansion is working out. Maggie talks about Brady and Victor inching forward. Brady says it all depends on how Victor treats Kristen. Brady insists that she's not the woman she used to be. Maggie spots the shirt that John brought for Kristen and says she's certainly not the woman who wore that.

Caroline looks on as Will and Sonny kiss. Sonny tells Will that his daughter will have an amazing life and they will make sure of it. Will thanks Sonny for thinking everything through. Sonny tells him that he wants him in his life and wants him to be happy as they kiss. Caroline interrupts them and declares there will be no public displays of affection in the Pub.

Brady asks Maggie if she recognizes the shirt John gave to Kristen. Maggie talks about coaching little league with John and Kristen. Maggie comments that some things you just never forget.

Hope asks John what he's going to do to get Kristen out of Brady's life. Hoping he has a plan, she asks what he's going to do. John thinks back to giving Kristen his gift. John tells Hope there may be nothing he can do. Hope doesn't believe that John ever gives up. John suggests the old John is gone and then exits.

Kristen tells Victor that they used to get along once. Victor calls it a long time ago. Kristen asks him to keep an open mind. Kristen asks for a glass of water so Victor goes to get her one. Kristen takes the time to search the living room for the art project envelope with the photos inside. Henderson enters and asks if she's looking for something in particular. Kristen responds that she is and it's really important that she finds it.

The art project envelope remains underneath Ciara's backpack at the coffeehouse.

Will apologizes to Caroline. Caroline then reveals she's kidding and jokes about it. They invite her to sit with them. Caroline tells them how nice it is to see them both so happy. Caroline says she's been around a long time and things change. She's glad that people can be who they are wherever they are. Caroline walks away as Sonny calls her a great lady that Will is lucky to have.

Abigail talks to Chad about the strip club never giving out performer's real names so they can tell Ann that Cameron was bartending. Chad suggests it could work and would be better than Cameron getting fired.

Ann asks Cameron to give a letter of recommendation to a nurse that is moving. Cameron agrees to. Ann gives him a form and thanks him for not holding what she said to Abigail before against her. Ann apologizes and tells him to have a great day then walks away.

Brady asks Maggie about coaching little league. Maggie says everybody got a jersey like this. Brady asks if it was a good memory as he's getting mixed signals. Maggie calls it a good day as they were winning and a lot of people were rooting for them but she's conflicted because it was the day that she realized John had very real and deep feelings for Kristen.

John walks out of the town square with a coffee. He paces and pulls out the old photo of he and Kristen.

Kristen tells Henderson that she thinks Brady dropped an envelope so she wants to find it. Henderson reveals that he remembers Brady putting all the envelopes into his briefcase. Kristen thinks back to earlier as there were only 9 envelopes instead of 10. Kristen worries that it was in his hand and wonders who has it now.

Ciara picks up the envelope and looks back at Hope who is on the phone with her back turned. Ciara opens the envelope and pulls out the photo of Kristen paying off Sy.

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