Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 4/17/13

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 4/17/13


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

EJ drops to one knee and pulls out the ring. EJ tells Sami that he loves her with all of his heart. EJ asks her to be his wife. EJ comments that she looks surprised. Sami talks about thinking it on Valentine's Day. EJ says he's been dropping a few clues and hints. EJ points out that she hasn't said anything and asks if that means no.

Nick goes to the Rectory and finds Vargas. Vargas says he's been hearing what Nick's been doing since he got out of prison and he's in a hell of a mess.

Rafe visits Gabi at the Kiriakis Mansion and they talk about it being a bigger room for her. Gabi says everyone has been nice. Rafe asks what she wants to talk about. Gabi wants to talk about Kate.

Lucas and Kate walk through the town square together. Lucas notes Kate's distracted and asks what's going on with her. Kate thinks back to her breakup with Rafe. Lucas asks if she's upset with the way she left things with Stefano.

Stefano approaches Sy outside of the town square and notes that he looks anxious. Sy apologizes and says he never should've gone to Victor Kiriakis.

Brady and Marlena sit at the coffeehouse and decide to talk about the art project. Brady opens his briefcase and Marlena begins opening the envelope as Hope arrives. They inform Hope about working on the art project as Marlena reaches into the envelope.

Kristen opens the door at the mansion and it's John. Kristen tells him that Sami's not there but John says he came to see her as he brought her something since she told him not to come without a gift and now he has one.

Stefano asks Sy what he means by he went to Victor. Sy apologizes again. Stefano tells him to tell him exactly what he's done.

Hope apologizes for interrupting but says she needs to talk to Brady about the APB on the guy who mugged him. Brady mentions to Marlena that he identified the guy but they haven't found him.

Kristen talks to John about finding out his true colors and that he's not giving her and Brady a chance so she's not interested in him or what he has. John walks on in and says she might change her mind when she sees what he has.

Vargas and Nick argue about what Vargas wants him to do. Nick assures him that he has it under control. Vargas asks what he has for him.

Rafe tells Gabi that Kate won't be a problem for her and the document she wanted her to sign. Rafe insists that Kate didn't mean to hurt her. Gabi complains to Rafe about Kate but Rafe assures her that she gave her word that she's not trying to hurt her. Gabi realizes what's going on and says she didn't want to believe it but now knows it's true. Gabi asks Rafe if he's with Kate.

Lucas asks Kate about Stefano being back in town but she doesn't want to talk about it. Kate brings up Sami and asks Lucas about having Allie live in the DiMera Mansion. Lucas says he gave her hell about it but Sami had an important reason for it so they'll leave it at that. Lucas says he's not okay with it but he won't split the kids up. Lucas says the big problem is that Sami is back with EJ. Lucas calls that insane but says it will only last two seconds. Lucas says he has to deal with it because of the kids but he feels sorry for Rafe because he doesn't think he's been able to get over her. Kate points out that Lucas did. Lucas says that when it comes to Rafe, Sami is the love of his life.

Sami tells EJ that she's not saying no. EJ points out that it's not exactly a yes. Sami says she just hasn't given an answer and there's a reason for that. EJ asks her to explain. Sami tells him that she can't say yes until she's sure that he's not asking her to marry him for all the wrong reasons.

Hope tells Brady and Marlena their lead evaporated. Brady gets a call and then steps aside with Marlena. Brady tells her it was nice talking and he hopes they can do it again soon. Marlena agrees as Brady exits.

John leaves the bag for Kristen. John tells her that the pictures she gave him got him thinking about old memories which made him realize he hasn't wiped his slate clean. John says he decided that Kristen needs to have the bag he brought.

Nick tells Vargas that it could be big but it's risky. Nick adds that he has to research it more and has to be careful as it's not all legit. Nick reminds Vargas that he's still on parole so he needs to be very careful. Nick tells him to give him some time and he'll be in touch. Vargas questions why Nick got himself into this baby mess in the first place.

Rafe denies being with Kate but Gabi calls him the worst liar. Gabi says she knew this was happening after seeing them together. Rafe admits it and apologizes if it upsets her. Gabi calls it Rafe sleeping with Will's Grandmother. Gabi says she deserved to know about his affair.

EJ questions the wrong reasons and sits back down as he says he doesn't understand. Sami apologizes and wishes she wasn't thinking like this. Sami says it seems like everything is always a mess and she appreciates his help but she doesn't want him to feel like she expects to be rescued. EJ calls it nonsense. EJ wants to tell Sami why he wants her to be his wife. EJ says he loves her and calls her extraordinary. EJ says Sami brings a joy to his life that nobody else can and that's why he wants to spend the rest of his life with her and marry her. Sami still questions other reasons. EJ asks if he's that much of a failure at communicating his feelings. Sami says she's always been insecure but sometimes feels justified. Sami says when people say they love her, they don't mean it. Sami says she is just having a hard time believing it and she cries about ruining EJ's big moment. EJ says he would love to reiterate the many reasons why he loves her and he kisses her. EJ says he's felt at peace since they moved in together. EJ tells her he loves her. EJ says he's impatient and just wants her to say yes to his proposal. EJ says he's been waiting for quite a long time and isn't sure how much longer he can wait. Sami then says yes and kisses him. Sami says she loves him and kisses him again.

Marlena sits with Hope and tells her about seeing John and thought they would talk but he just wanted storage keys. Marlena says it was like talking to a stranger. Hope encourages her to keep fighting and not give up. Marlena says she's fought and is exhausted. Marlena says nothing will help unless she can expose Kristen to Brady. Hope asks if there is a way to do that. Marlena says maybe but it will be in Hope's hand.

Kristen tells John that she'll probably throw away whatever remnant from her past that John left her. John suggests she may reconsider when she sees it. John exits as Kristen calls out to him that she's moving ahead with Brady. Kristen shuts the door and goes back to the bag and looks inside. Kristen pulls out the Salem Moose Coach shirt that John gave to her years ago and thinks back to that time. Kristen calls it a long time ago.

Rafe tells Gabi that he didn't tell her because he didn't want to upset her. Rafe doesn't want to talk to her about his feelings. Gabi questions if Kate tells Rafe what to do. Rafe says no one does. Gabi wants to know how much influence Kate has on him. Rafe tells her none and says he broke up with her because he thought she was using him to get to Gabi.

Nick tells Vargas that it's not complicated as he met Gabi and fell in love. Vargas calls it a lot to swallow to raise another man's baby. Vargas says he only cares about being with Gabi and raising the baby. Vargas calls Nick desperate to make the family thing happen. Nick says his prison time is behind him. Vargas talks about things getting screwed up and says it was good chatting with him as he exits.

EJ and Sami continue kissing. EJ calls it the perfect place to propose and they walk out of the Pub together. Lucas walks by and notes that they look happy so he asks what's going on.

Gabi questions if Rafe broke up with Kate because of her. Rafe says he didn't mean it that way but says it's better that it's over. Gabi feels he's just saying that. Rafe tells Gabi that he loves her and her baby and that's all he cares about. Gabi says Rafe has been amazing. Rafe suggests Nick shouldn't know about he and Kate. Gabi agrees not to say anything. Gabi asks if there's any chance they get back together. Rafe doesn't think so. Gabi wants Rafe to be happy and says if Kate made him happy then she's grateful to her. Gabi hugs Rafe.

Sami tells Lucas that she and EJ were just having lunch privately. Lucas spots the ring on Sami's finger and questions their proposal. Lucas mocks EJ and brings up how many times they've gotten married to different people. Sami asks him to stop. Lucas congratulates them on their next fifteen minutes of matrimony. Sami asks him not to tell anyone. Lucas agrees, saying it's not the kind of news that people want to hear anyway as he walks on. EJ hugs Sami.

Hope tells Marlena about having an APB out on the man who mugged Brady. Marlena talks about the mugging all seeming so random. Marlena thinks Kristen was somehow involved. Marlena says finding the mugger may lead to him telling that Kristen was behind it. Hope talks about needing to find the mugger.

Kristen says John gave her such a wonderful gift and she's going to cherish and use it at the same time.

Gabi and Nick look at baby clothes in their room. Nick tells her he wants to make sure that nothing ever gets in the way of their family. Gabi tells him that nothing will. Nick says they have to fight to keep it that way and not let their guard down ever. Gabi asks what he's talking about as he's scaring her. She asks if something happened.

Rafe approaches Kate in the town square and asks for a truce with a white rose.

EJ and Sami kiss in bed. EJ tells her he loves her and how much it means to him. Sami can't wait to marry him and they continue kissing. Sami praises EJ and calls him a good father. They're glad to be a family. Sami repeats that she loves him as they kiss.

Kristen holds her phone as Stefano walks in. Kristen asks if he took care of Sy. Stefano responds that he did but it was not clean. Stefano informs her that those pictures were sent directly to Victor disguised as an art thing. Kristen recalls getting the envelope. Kristen begins to worry and says this can't be happening. Stefano says he's sure she can take care of it. Stefano gets a message on his phone and says he has to go. Stefano exits as Kristen says Brady can't see those photos and this can't end this way.

Brady walks through the town square talking on the phone. Brady mentions looking at a report in his briefcase as he hangs up. Brady sits down and opens his briefcase. He picks up the art project envelope and begins to open it.

Nick apologizes to Gabi for scaring her. Gabi asks why he's talking about being on guard. Nick says Gabi changed his whole life and made it perfect so he's afraid they could lose it. Gabi assures him that they won't. Nick says he knows and in a little more than a month the baby will be born. They say they can't wait and then kiss.

Sami and EJ lay in bed. Sami brings up the day they met and they laugh together and then kiss.

Kate calls the flower the white flag of surrender. Rafe sits with her and says he felt bad for what he said and apologizes for hurting her feelings. Kate says feelings can only be hurt by those you care about. Rafe hopes they can not walk away. Kate wants to try.

Ciara joins Hope as Marlena exits the coffeehouse. Ciara tells Hope that she misses her dad. Hope hugs her and says she does too.

John walks through the town square and sits down. Marlena walks by behind him, stops to look, and then heads the other way. John says to himself that it better work as it has to.

Kristen worries about doing damage control if Brady and Victor are looking at the photos now. Kristen grabs her bag and decides to leave. She opens the door and is startled to see Brady standing in the doorway.

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