Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 4/16/13

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 4/16/13


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Vargas asks Nicole about going out again and then kisses her. Sami walks towards the rectory but her phone rings with a call from Caroline, asking her to come to the Pub now as it's important.

John sits in the coffeehouse looking at the old photo of he and Kristen. John thinks back to his last conversation about it with Kristen. John picks up his phone as Marlena enters.

A man meets with Stefano. Stefano tells him he has someone he needs him to take care of.

Sy argues with his friend about getting the envelope to Victor. He assures Sy that Kristen will get hers.

Brady offers to open the envelope so Victor gives it to him.

Chloe says they need actions so she came to tell them that she made a decision for herself, Daniel, and Parker. Daniel asks what kind of decision. Chloe says she has to go so she's leaving Salem and she needs Daniel to be there for Parker since she can't be. Chloe adds that it breaks her heart to leave him but she knows he's in good hands with the best father ever. Daniel questions what she's saying. Chloe cries that she can't go on this way. Jennifer asks what that means. Chloe says she's ashamed of the person she's become so she needs help and therapy. Chloe says she will turn things around if it's the last thing she does.

Brady gets a call about a deal before he can open the envelope so he steps away and leaves it. Kristen starts to open the envelope instead but she and Victor continue talking.

John and Marlena talk. John asks Marlena for her key to their storage unit.

Sami asks what's wrong. Caroline says she'll explain when she gets there and hangs up. Caroline then tells EJ, who is seated prepared at a table, that Sami is on her way. EJ calls it very good. Sami heads on into the rectory and asks for Eric but he's out of town. Sami introduces herself to Vargas. Vargas exits to go check the boiler. Sami looks at Nicole and comments on her and Vargas. Sami says Vargas is Nicole's type and then mocks her for going after any man.

EJ talks with Caroline at the counter. EJ reveals that he's planning to propose when Sami comes in. EJ asks if she thinks Sami will say yes but Caroline says no.

Daniel asks Chloe when she decided this. Chloe says after they talked last night, she realized how desperate and pathetic her life had become. She cries about using her son as a bargaining chip and how she was willing to do anything because she was so lonely. Chloe apologizes to them both for what she's put them through. Jennifer says she doesn't have to do this but Chloe insists. Chloe says she convinced herself that Parker hated Jennifer because she wanted it to be true. Jennifer understands and says she cares about him. Chloe says she will be going to one of the best treatment facilities in the country and she's doing it for Parker. Chloe says she just needs to find herself again for him. Chloe cries about Daniel loving Parker. Daniel agrees to remind Parker that Chloe loves him. Chloe adds that she'll be doing volunteer work during treatment. Daniel asks how long she will be gone. Chloe says it could be two months or longer. Chloe says the timing couldn't be better for everyone.

EJ thought Caroline understood today is supposed to be special. Caroline says she can't approve of Sami spending a future with him. EJ says he's always loved her. EJ talks about choosing the Pub because he wants Caroline to understand that he won't stand between Sami and her family. Caroline agrees to withhold her opinion. EJ thanks her. Caroline calls it a wedding present if she says yes.

Nicole tells Sami that she has work to do. Sami warns her that she will make her pay if she hurts Eric. Sami then exits.

John tells Marlena that there's a few things that he still needs to get out of storage. Marlena thought he wanted to talk. John wants this to be simple. Marlena gives him her key. John thanks her and exits.

Victor holds the envelope as Kristen's phone rings. Kristen steps out to answer the call from Stefano, who tells her she has to come home now. Victor gets a call from Sy, who tells him that if he knows what's good for him he won't hang up on him. Victor warns him never to speak him that way and tells him not to call him for another hour. Kristen tells Stefano that she will be there as Brady returns to her. Kristen tells him of having to go and kisses him goodbye then exits. Brady returns to Victor and says he's sorry Kristen couldn't stay. Victor calls it a shame.

Daniel asks Chloe about good timing. Chloe says Nancy is already gone and she spoke to her lawyer to petition having Daniel's name put it on the birth certificate. Chloe says that will guarantee she can never take Parker away again. Jennifer asks if Parker knows she's leaving. Chloe says no but she has a flight to catch in a few hours. Chloe says she knows two months can't make up for the two years Daniel missed with Parker but calls it a start. Daniel tells her it takes a lot of courage to do what she's doing and he hopes it all works out for her. Chloe says she'd like to say goodbye to Parker so Jennifer goes to get him. Daniel doesn't know what to say. Chloe wipes her tears as Parker runs in and hugs her.

Vargas returns to Nicole. Nicole explains to Vargas about Gabi being pregnant with Sami's son Will's baby as they were together before Gabi was with Nick and Will being gay now. Vargas is confused but says their business is their business. Nicole talks about Sami being full of herself.

Brady talks to Victor about the business deal he was on the phone about hitting a snag. Victor decides he'll make a call about it and they put the art project on hold without opening the envelope.

Kristen returns home to the mansion and Stefano tells her that they have a problem because Sy is still in town and making trouble.

Sami goes to the Pub and asks Caroline what's going on. Caroline says she's leaving. Sami reminds her of her call asking her to come. Sami asks what's going on or wrong. Caroline tells her nothing as Kayla is picking her up to go shopping. Sami mentions it being important. Caroline tells her it's important for Sami not her. Caroline then exits leaving Sami confused. Sami turns around to see EJ with a rose. EJ invites her to lunch. EJ talks about renting out the Pub as they sit together. EJ says they could've done this in Paris or Rome but wanted to do it in a place that was special to them. Sami asks do what.

Sy sits alone and decides he needs to get some real food so he exits.

Kristen asks Stefano how he knows Sy is still there. Stefano asks if she really needs to ask. Kristen asks where he is. Stefano says he will take care of it. Kristen remarks that she botched it and then thanks him. Stefano assures her that he will take care of everything as that's what family is for.

Brady goes to the coffeehouse and sees Marlena seated alone. Brady approaches and asks if she's alright. She claims to be fine but has to go. Brady asks if she just wants to get away from him. Brady admits he almost turned around and walked out himself. Marlena doesn't blame him for being angry at her. Brady says he and Kristen will be happy no matter what she does but she and John shouldn't pay. Brady apologizes if he made it sound like he never wants to talk to her again. Marlena asks if he wants to talk to her. Brady says maybe if they stick to neutral subjects but Marlena doesn't think they have any. Brady raises his briefcase and says maybe not.

Chloe tells Parker that she's going on a trip to do some exciting things. Chloe wishes she could take him with her because she loves him but she can't this time. Chloe tells him not to be sad because he gets to stay with Daniel. Chloe says she will hurry back to be with him. Chloe hands Parker over to Daniel. Chloe says she has a flight to catch and will call soon. Daniel promises to take care of Parker. Chloe says goodbye and exits as she starts crying.

Nicole tells Vargas that she had a really good time at the Pub last night. Vargas asks if they shouldn't mix work and pleasure. Nicole doesn't want to lead him on. Vargas says she didn't and he has no regrets. Vargas then exits.

Sami and EJ toast with wine. Sami comments on the meal being an interesting combination but perfect.

Ann catches up with Chloe in the town square and asks what's going on. Chloe informs her that she's going away and it's over. Ann asks what she means and asks about Daniel and Jennifer. Chloe says they are together forever. Ann worries about Jennifer wanting her job back and wonders why Chloe is giving up when she was so close to getting what she wanted. Chloe tells her that it's not what she wants anymore.

Abigail takes Parker to get cupcakes in the kitchen. Daniel turns to Jennifer and thanks her. Jennifer says it's gonna be okay and she can't wrap her mind around this really happening. Daniel tells her to believe it as he had the same reaction when Chloe started talking. Daniel knows Chloe wants to better herself. Daniel tells Jennifer to hang in there as they are going to get through it even if it's hard. Daniel can't believe Jennifer did what she did for them as he would've lost Parker. Jennifer assures him that she never wanted to hurt him that way. Daniel jokes about making it up to him and they kiss.

Chloe tells Ann that Parker is staying with Daniel. Ann questions letting Jennifer win. Chloe says Parker is the only one that needs to win and the war is over. Ann mutters that it may be for her. Ann says goodbye and good luck as they hug.

Daniel and Jennifer continue kissing. Jennifer says the last thing she wants is to confuse Parker but Daniel assures her that he will be okay. Abigail and Parker return with cupcakes and the four of them play around with the cupcakes.

Chloe waves goodbye to Ann and exits the town square.

Sami brings up that EJ never answered what they were doing here. EJ asks if he needs an excuse to have lunch with the mother of his children. Sami responds that they have lunch together a lot without doing all this. Sami comments that it feels like they are celebrating something. EJ tells her that they are celebrating them. EJ says he was going to wait but he's never been a very patient man. EJ drops to one knee and pulls out the ring. EJ tells Sami that he loves her with all of his heart. EJ asks her to be his wife.

Kristen paces at the DiMera Mansion until she gets a text on her phone.

Sy walks out of the town square and runs into Stefano's guard. Stefano then approaches.

Kristen looks at her phone until the doorbell rings. Kristen calls out for Harold but it rings again so she decides to answer it herself and it's John. Kristen tells him that Sami's not there but John says he came to see her as he brought her something.

Brady sits with Marlena and talks about getting knowledgeable opinions from people he trusts on the art project. Brady says Marlena has a great eye for detail and it could be a neutral subject since there couldn't be anything controversial about a bunch of pictures. Brady opens up his briefcase and pulls out the envelope.

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