Days of Our Lives Update Monday 4/15/13

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 4/15/13


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Stefano talks with Kristen at home. Kristen tells him that danger has been avoided.

Sy talks with another man about having an APB out for him so he needs him to deliver the envelope to Victor.

Brady and Victor talk at the Kiriakis Mansion. Victor mentions checking on Daniel as Brady brings up Kristen.

Kate sits in her office and gets a call from Rafe. Rafe didn't think she would pick up and says they need to work this out but not over the phone. They agree to meet at the town square and hang up. Sami approaches Rafe and says they can't tip toe around this as Rafe needs to get his head straight about Kate.

Nicole goes to the rectory and finds Chloe at her desk. Chloe says she shouldn't be surprised to see her after what she told Daniel about her.

Jennifer goes home looking for Abigail. Jennifer says she came as fast as she could and asks if she's okay. Abigail says she is as Jennifer enters the living room and sees Daniel inside with Parker.

Chloe and Nicole argue as Chloe says she can't believe Nicole picked Jennifer over her as she never saw that coming. Nicole says she didn't but Daniel did. Chloe says Daniel will end up with Jennifer but she was close.

Jennifer tries to leave but Abigail stops her and says it was the only way she could get her there and she needs to listen to Daniel. Abigail asks her to stay so she does. Abigail takes Parker out of the room so they can talk. Jennifer tells Daniel that she has nothing to say. Daniel tells her to listen. Jennifer calls it a mistake and tells him to leave but Daniel tells her that she no longer has to play because he knows everything.

Rafe asks Sami what about Kate. Sami tells him not to play stupid as she knows because Will and Sonny told her. Rafe thinks back to telling them that they're together. Rafe doesn't know why they talked to Sami about it. Sami says Will is worried which makes it her business. Sami says he has to understand who Kate is and what she's trying to do to him.

Victor and Brady argue about Kristen. Brady wants Kristen involved in the art project and says Victor needs to see that she has no hidden agendas.

Sy continues convincing the other guy to deliver the envelope to Victor. He instructs him to call him as soon as it's done so he can be ready for the fireworks.

Brady and Victor continue talking about Kristen. Victor says if it's important to him then that's all he needs to know.

Kristen talks to Stefano about Sy coming to her for money. Stefano offers to take care of him but Kristen says she handled it. Kristen gets a call from Brady. Brady asks if she's free to come give her input on the art project. Kristen agrees to come over and hangs up. Stefano calls him a dumb slob. Kristen tells Stefano not to talk to him like that and says Brady has no clue and neither does John which means her plan for destruction is still on track to happen soon. Kristen exits.

Nicole questions Chloe being close and says it was never going to happen since Daniel loves Jennifer. Chloe says when she came back, she thought she and Nicole would be friends.

Daniel tells Jennifer that he knows what Chloe did by using Parker. Jennifer claims not to know what he's talking about. Daniel reveals finding the passport and it all clicked. Jennifer admits that Chloe forced her because she could and tells Daniel that now that he knows he should leave because of what Chloe can do. Daniel declares it won't happen as he won't lose Parker or Jennifer.

Nicole tells Chloe that she's sorry but thought they were best friends as they don't have a lot of friends. Nicole says a lot has happened since Chloe came back and they get teary-eyed and hug. Chloe says maybe they can get their friendship back one day. They both say they would like that. Nicole wants Chloe to talk to her and asks what happened. Chloe tells her that she will find out soon enough. Nicole asks what she's going to do. Chloe responds that she's going to do what she has to do. Chloe says goodbye and exits.

Rafe tells Sami it's not the time or place for this. Sami agrees but says they have to talk about it because Kate created tension between them. Sami talks about wanting peace and no tension. Sami brings up Kate trying to get Gabi to sign those papers and Rafe realizes that is all she was talking about. Sami asks Rafe what he thought they were talking about. Kate then approaches and Sami asks what's going on.

Brady and Victor continue discussing work. Sy's friend goes to the door to deliver the envelope but Kristen arrives. Kristen takes the envelope from him and heads inside. Henderson goes to get Victor and Brady.

Daniel tells Jennifer that it's over. Jennifer brings up Daniel not being on the birth certificate so Chloe can take Parker. Daniel says it won't happen but Jennifer argues that she already did. Daniel says Chloe crumbled when he confronted her. Daniel says it's done and Chloe is not going to bother them anymore. Jennifer argues that Daniel can't trust her. Daniel tells her to trust what's between them and they get close as Chloe then enters the room. Chloe asks for Parker and says she's only there because she has to be. Chloe mentions hearing Jennifer left town but now she's back. Chloe announces she needs them both to hear the next step and what she has to do now.

Rafe claims to Sami that he called Kate for those papers. Sami tells Kate to tell him that she had nothing to do with her scheme. Sami doesn't want to be caught in the middle. Kate goes along and tells Rafe that Sami had nothing to do with it. Kate says she wanted to help Will so Sami was the last person she would turn to. Sami tries to convince Rafe that she had nothing to do with it. Rafe tells her not to worry about it. Sami mentions that Kate owes Rafe an apology as she walks away. Kate then tells Rafe that Sami is right and she hates when that happens. Kate tells Rafe that she is sorry.

Vargas enters the rectory and greets Nicole. Nicole mentions a strange visit with an old friend. Nicole thanks him for noticing. Vargas offers to help her work.

Kristen starts to open the envelope as Brady and Victor join her in the living room. Kristen gives the envelope to Brady. They sit down to talk. Victor brings up Brady identifying the mugger and being hopeful. Brady calls it not a priority but Victor wants it to be. Brady agrees to go call for an update and steps out. Kristen notes Victor being protective. Victor says he wants justice and she says the same. Victor thinks Kristen has something to say to him and tells her to get on with it. Kristen calls it a wrong assumption. Victor says he loves Brady and won't stand by to see him get hurt. They argue over hurting Brady. Victor says he will do what he can to get John and Marlena to reconsider things. Kristen talks about them being allies in the past. Kristen claims she would never get in the way of Brady and Victor's relationship. Victor says he's giving her a chance. Kristen promises that he will find out that she only has Brady's best interests at heart.

Nicole and Vargas finish working and she thanks him. Vargas brings up last night being nice. Vargas says he doesn't want it to be weird but he had a great time and calls it different. Vargas tells her she's fun to be with and calls her smart and funny. Vargas talks about guys being jealous of someone like him. Vargas says it was worth it and he owes her. Vargas says someone like him and someone like her just doesn't happen.

Rafe and Kate walk out of the town square. Kate says she didn't mean to upset Rafe, Gabi, or anyone. Rafe asks what she meant. Kate says she wanted to protect Will's rights and make sure Gabi's wishes were honored. Rafe questions what she's sorry for and if she thinks she did the right thing. Kate says she made a mistake going to Gabi. Rafe questions hiding it from him. Kate talks about having the papers drawn up but Rafe doesn't believe her.

Chloe assumes Daniel doesn't trust her and says she expected it as there have been a lot of lies and misinterpretations so he would be suspicious. Daniel states that she won't come between them. Chloe says she knows that. Chloe says her world collapsed a few hours ago and she nearly took Daniel down with her. Chloe says it's pretty obvious what Daniel wants so it's time for her to be honest with what she wants. Chloe declares that she wants to apologize.

Sy makes a call trying to find out if the package was delivered to Victor.

Victor and Kristen both say they have a good eye. Kristen asks if he has something to say. Victor says he will be there no matter what she puts in his path. Brady returns and says there's no sign of finding the mugger. Victor gets a call from Sy and steps aside. Sy tells him he needs to see what he had.

Kate questions Rafe calling her a liar. Rafe brings up her history of lies. Kate calls it a lousy thing to say. Rafe brings up how they decided to call it quits but then ended up in bed together and questions what Kate was doing then. Rafe asks if it was all part of her plan to get to Gabi.

Chloe says their looks are the worst part but she just wanted to say she's sorry. Chloe apologizes for taking advantage of Daniel's good nature, for blowing through his relationship, and for using her own son. Chloe says she wasn't like this before she came back. Chloe says she was willing to do anything for Parker. Chloe says somehow Parker's parents had to be together and she was willing to cross any line but it was wrong. Chloe says she's not healthy when it comes to this. Jennifer says she's heard her be sincere before and that this is what she would be saying if she was trying to pull something.

Kate mocks Rafe's accusations. Kate shouts about her feelings and says she'll save them both a lot of trouble as she walks away.

Vargas asks Nicole about going out again and then kisses her.

Sami walks towards the rectory while looking at her phone.

Chloe says her words probably don't mean much. Daniel says if she means it then it will make things better. Chloe says they need actions so she came to tell them that she made a decision for herself, Daniel, and Parker.

Victor tells Sy that it's a bad time and he's busy as he then hangs up on him. Victor sits back down with Kristen and Brady. Victor picks up the envelope that was delivered.

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