Days of Our Lives Update Friday 4/12/13

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 4/12/13


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Daniel and Chloe argue as Chloe says he can't stop her. Daniel questions Chloe taking her son away from a father who loves him and letting him grow up without a father. Daniel asks if it means nothing if Chloe doesn't get what she wants.

Abigail spots Ann at the club. She says Ann could ruin everything for Cameron if she sees him. Abigail explains to Chad that Ann hates Jennifer and wants her job. Abigail wonders what she's doing there. Chad realizes she was at the coffee house when they were talking. Abigail says it will be her fault if Cameron gets fired from the hospital. Abigail stops the bouncer and tells him he has to stop "Apollo" from getting on stage as his life depends on it.

Vargas talks to Nicole at the rectory, telling her about getting his first paycheck. Vargas asks about going out. Nicole suggests he call it a night so Vargas apologizes for bothering her but Nicole then agrees to go out with him for a drink.

Sonny and Will talk at the coffeehouse. Nick enters and says he wants to apologize. Nick apologizes to Sonny for calling him a word that he says he never uses. Sonny says okay. Nick hopes they are good then. Nick asks Will to talk about his family.

Sami and EJ go to the coffeehouse. They stop outside and Sami looks in the window, getting mad that Nick is in Will's face. EJ stops her from barging in.

Chloe tells Daniel that he blew his chance at having a family. Daniel stops her from going to get Parker. Chloe says she's taking him away and there's nothing anyone can do about it.

EJ tells Sami that she will just make matters worse and reminds her to let Nick think he's won. Sami worries about Will but EJ assures her that he can take care of himself.

Nick talks to Will and Sonny about Kate upsetting Gabi and brings up her document. Will compares it to Nick forcing people to sign documents. Nick talks about Gabi being pressured. Nick says it's Gabi's call if Will is in her daughter's life. Nick tells him it's in his best interest to make sure she doesn't change her mind. Nick then exits the coffeehouse and walks past Sami and EJ.

Chloe tells Daniel to get out of her way as he has no legal right to her son. Chloe threatens to call the police. Daniel tells her to go ahead and says he'll get to talk too. Chloe says she feels sorry for him because she's taking her son and he will end up with nothing.

Chad tells Abigail to relax as he's got it. Chad offers to pay off the bouncer to stop Cameron. He takes the money but doesn't say if he's going to do it so Chad follows him. Abigail runs into Caroline and a friend. Abigail asks what she's doing there. Caroline jokes about being there for the same reason she is. Abigail says this could not get any worse and hopes Chad can stop Cameron from getting on stage. The music starts up and the curtains begin to rise.

Sami and EJ sit with Sonny and Will. Sami talks about how she can't believe what Kate did.

Vargas and Nicole sit together at the Pub having drinks. Gabi comes over to take their order. Nicole introduces Gabi to Vargas as Nick enters and sees this happening.

Daniel and Chloe continue to argue. Daniel yells about what she did to Jennifer. Chloe cries asking how Daniel still thinks of Jennifer after what she did to him. Daniel says she had to do it so Nancy would bring Parker back from Brazil. Chloe questions everything being her fault. Chloe brings up Kate trying to kill her years ago when she cheated on Lucas with Daniel and then Vivian leading her to believe that Daniel had an affair. Daniel brings up Chloe's affair with Phillip. Chloe says it meant nothing as she only thought she lost him. Daniel questions why she believed that. Chloe insists it meant nothing and calls Daniel the best thing that ever happened to her. Chloe says she had everything and it was ripped away from her. Daniel says it was her choice to screw up her life and his. Chloe calls it one mistake because she thought he didn't want her anymore. Chloe says she would've done anything to make it up to him but everyone turned on her. Chloe cries about not getting second chances or forgiven. Daniel talks about seeing Parker born only to be told that he was no longer his. Daniel yells at her that none of this could've ever happened if she didn't sleep with Phillip. Chloe tells Daniel that he no longer has to worry about getting through to her anymore and he won't have anything to do with her ever again. She says she will live with it but she knows everything she did was out of love for him and Parker. Chloe says she may have lost Daniel but she still has Parker and won't let anyone turn him against her. Chloe says she's going to take her son now and advises Daniel to step out of her way because she will destroy anyone who comes in between her and her child.

Ann looks up and sees Abigail so she rushes away. Another man begins a stripper routine on stage. Chad runs back out to Abigail and says Cameron is the main attraction so there's no way he's not going on stage. Abigail tells Chad about Caroline being there so if she sees Cameron then everyone in Salem will know what he's doing. Abigail tells Chad she will take care of Ann. Abigail goes and talks to Ann. Ann brings up Jennifer making a scene at the hospital.

Nick joins Gabi so she introduces him to Vargas. Vargas calls it a small world and reveals he met Nick in prison.

Sonny talks about how Victor always wants something in return with favors so he asks EJ if Stefano will be the same. EJ talks about he and Sami being together so Will is family. Sonny asks what happens if they break up again. EJ says they are looking out for Will. Will talks about knowing Stefano. Sonny worries about him playing with fire. Will says his baby will be born in a month so he has no choice and Nick's not backing off. Sami says Gabi is doing whatever Nick wants. Will says he's desperate to be in his daughter's life.

Chloe tells Daniel that she loves him. Daniel says he was in love with her but now loves Jennifer. Daniel says Parker is the only thing they share. Daniel adds that he believes Chloe loves Parker and will do right by him. Chloe says what's right is for Parker's mother and father to be together. Chloe cries that Jennifer left him and asks why they can't work it out. Daniel says he loves Jennifer and that's not going to change so they would be living a lie. Daniel says he won't lie to his son and asks if that's really what Chloe wants for him.

The bouncer tells Abigail that Cameron is up next. She asks to get backstage but is not allowed. Abigail tells Chad they have to get Cameron out of this mess. She says she has a great plan and gives money to the stripper on stage. She tries to jump on stage and run backstage but the stripper grabs her and dances with her. Chad approaches Ann and offers to buy her a drink. They drink a shot together as Ann is getting drunk. Ann asks if she knows Abigail but Chad claims to never have seen before in his life. Cameron continues preparing backstage.

Gabi asks Nick about Vargas. Nicole says Vargas just got in Salem. Nick claims to be surprised. Nicole tells them about the prison outreach program. Gabi goes back to work. Vargas calls Nick a real inspiration with a beautiful wife and a baby on the way as he shakes his hand.

EJ and Sami talk about needing information for leverage on Nick. EJ recalls having a stillborn baby last year and he won't let anyone he cares about have to feel similar pain. EJ says he cares about Will and he and Sami are not splitting up anytime soon. EJ hopes to make Sami an honest woman soon which Will laughs at. Sami asks if it makes Sonny feel better. Sonny still wants to do something to help. Sami brings up him wanting to look through Nick and Gabi's room at the Kiriakis Mansion. Sami says they will consider it but encourages Sonny to just keep loving Will. Sami says they need to focus on not letting Nick find out how angry they all are as it will work out best if he doesn't see it coming.

Daniel asks Chloe if she understands what he's saying. Chloe talks about Parker and how he has Daniel's eyes. Daniel tells her that Parker will always need his mom. Chloe says Parker would forgive her if she took him away but says she won't rob him of Daniel's love just because she can't have it too.

The stripper continues dancing with Abigail on stage as Caroline and the crowd of women cheer while Chad keeps Ann drunk. Abigail gets away and runs backstage to stop Cameron. Cameron tells her that she can't be there and that's his cue. Cameron drags Abigail out on stage with him. Caroline notes that Cameron looks familiar and she thinks she's seen him before. Abigail goes back to Chad as Ann has now passed out and Abigail calls him a genius.

Nicole asks Vargas about knowing Nick. Vargas claims he didn't really know him but just saw him as a scared kid in the yard. Nicole says it must have been awful in there. Vargas talks about being glad to be out. Gabi and Nick talk at the counter. Gabi asks Nick about Vargas. Nick claims he didn't really know him. Gabi recalls seeing him with Hope and Eric so he must be okay. Gabi goes and brings their check. Vargas goes to pay at the bar. Nicole apologizes to Gabi for not being in touch and asks how she's doing. Gabi says she's fine. At the bar, Vargas tells Nick to decide how he's going to make his money grow. Nick warns him to stay away from Gabi. Vargas tells him to do what he promised and they'll be fine.

Chloe tells Daniel that she knows it would be a huge mistake for her to run away with Parker and she knows it was wrong to try and use him to get Daniel back. Chloe wonders what is wrong with her. She says she wanted Daniel so bad that she stopped being a good mother. Chloe cries that she was a good mother. Daniel encourages that she will be again. Chloe says she will because now she knows what she really wants.

EJ and Sami return home to the mansion. Sami asks EJ about saying he wants to make her an honest woman and says it'd be a tough job. Sami admits to being surprised. EJ wonders why since it's no secret he sees marriage in their future. EJ assures her that he's doing this because he loves her and wants to spend the rest of his life with her as they kiss.

Vargas and Nicole return to the rectory. He thanks her for having dinner with him. She says she had a nice time. Vargas surprises her with a dessert he picked up at the bar for her. Nicole drops the box and they both pick it up. Nicole thanks him and he then exits leaving Nicole with a smile.

Chad wonders what to do with Ann as she's totally wasted. Cameron joins them and asks what's wrong with her. Chad tells him that Ann didn't see him up there thanks to them. Cameron asks why she was there. Abigail explains that she overheard them at the coffeehouse. Cameron questions them talking about him there. Chad and Cameron help Ann up. Chad takes Ann out of the club as she's out of it. Abigail says goodnight to Cameron but he stops her and says they still need to talk.

Daniel asks Chloe what she's going to do now. Chloe says her life is going to be about what's best for Parker and right now she's in no shape to try and figure that out. Daniel states that Parker is not leaving now and he's not letting him out of his sight. Chloe says she deserves that. Chloe says they can talk about it in the morning. Daniel adds that he will be calling Justin about establishing paternity. Daniel asks if she wants to go kiss Parker goodnight but Chloe doesn't think she can bear to see him right now after everything that happened. Chloe holds back tears as she then exits the apartment.

Will types on his computer at the coffeehouse. Sonny pours him some more coffee and they hold hands.

Sami and EJ lay in bed kissing.

Nicole works on the computer at the rectory. She stops and opens up her dessert to eat it.

Vargas turns out the light in his room and lays in bed with a smile.

Nick and Gabi close up at the Pub and kiss.

Cameron tries to talk to Abigail. She tells him to shut up as they saved him tonight so he shouldn't complain. She says they helped him while he lied. Cameron claims he didn't but Abigail says he didn't trust her enough to tell her what was going on. Abigail tells Cameron that this one is on him and storms out.

Daniel sits with Parker. Daniel says he's going to make a phone call as he has a lot to say to Jennifer. Daniel makes the call but it goes straight to voicemail. Daniel says there are some things not to be said in a message. Daniel tries the call again.

Chloe sits in the town square crying as she looks at pictures of Parker on her phone. She goes to a picture of her, Parker, and Daniel. She almost deletes it but decides not to. Chloe declares she knows what she needs to do now.

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