Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 4/11/13

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 4/11/13


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Sami asks EJ if he's decided to forgive Stefano for everything he did to him. Kristen interrupts and tells EJ that she'd love to hear the answer too.

Abigail goes to the coffeehouse and talks to Chad about looking for Cameron. Chad makes jokes about Cameron stripping. Abigail says he's not answering her calls and she wishes she never found out what he's doing as Ann sits nearby and overhears.

Cameron gives the man another envelope of money outside the town square. Cameron says two more payments and he'll be done with him.

Jennifer tells Laura that she's right about Jack and everything but she can't do this anymore. Jennifer decides she needs to call Daniel and grabs her phone. Jennifer then declares she can't because it will ruin his life if she does.

Chloe talks about knowing what Daniel is going through and brings up Jennifer leaving town. Daniel tells Chloe that maybe now they have a chance to really get to know each other again.

Sami tells Kristen it's a private conversation. Kristen jokes about secrets in the house. Kristen pours a drink. EJ asks her to leave. Kristen points out that EJ has forgiven Sami and says that Stefano looks like Mother Theresa next to Sami.

Chad and Abigail continue talking about Cameron. Abigail says they aren't going out anymore. Abigail complains about Chad laughing at Cameron. Abigail says Cameron is a doctor so no one can find out that he works at that place as Ann continues to listen.

Laura suggests Jennifer go see Daniel. Jennifer says she's done this to Daniel too many times. Laura tries to get through to her but Jennifer says she can't talk about it anymore and wants to be alone.

Chloe and Daniel talk about finding out Parker is his son. Daniel says they haven't had much time alone as he kept his distance because of Jennifer but that's over now. Daniel says he hopes they can be more direct now so they can finally be totally honest with each other.

Chad and Abigail continue talking about Cameron. Ann exits. Abigail thinks she should've just had faith in Cameron and left it alone. Chad says he's done with it. Stefano enters and greets Chad. Chad asks what he's doing there. Stefano says he came to see his son.

EJ asks Kristen about being in the mood to cause trouble. Kristen talks about EJ and Sami and says she finds it hilarious. EJ brings up he and Sami's kids as Sami adds that they've forgiven each other. Kristen mocks Sami's relationship with Rafe. EJ says they don't owe her any explanation as they are not going to dwell on the past and are going to build a future together. Sami insists it had nothing to do with her not wanting to be alone but her realizing she loves EJ and can't live without him. Kristen says if they've forgiven each other then what's the big deal about EJ forgiving Stefano. Sami asks Kristen if she forgives Stefano for what he did to her.

Chloe agrees with Daniel that they should be honest with each other. Daniel talks about Parker and what they had. Chloe admits that she never stopped loving him. Daniel talks about how happy he was when she first got pregnant. Daniel says he wanted to just be friends and he thought Chloe accepted that. Daniel says he knows what Chloe said but also what she truly feels.

Kristen tells Sami that she's living there so that should answer her question. Sami brings up everything Stefano did to her. Kristen says she realized that time heals old wounds. Kristen talks about having Brady and her brothers now so Stefano can't take that away from her. Kristen then decides to leave them to their privacy and exits the room. Sami complains about her and points out that she didn't answer her question about forgiving or trusting Stefano and she doesn't think EJ should either.

Stefano tells Abigail it's good to see her again and she thanks him. Abigail goes to get some coffee so Chad can talk with Stefano. Stefano asks Chad if they are trying to get together again. Chad clarifies that they are just friends and asks what's up. Stefano questions if the coffeehouse makes a profit. Chad says they are doing alright. Stefano brings up Chad having to pay rent. Stefano says EJ and Sami moved in with his grandchildren. Stefano wants to live with his whole family. Stefano encourages Chad to call him father as he wants his son back. Cameron enters the coffeehouse and goes to the counter. Abigail approaches him and says she's so glad to see him. Cameron doesn't answer. Abigail asks if they can please talk.

Jennifer comes back to Laura and says she has no one else to talk to about this and she can't pretend about her feelings. Laura encourages her to talk to her. Jennifer tells her to promise that she can't tell anyone so she agrees. Jennifer says she tries to be a good person but lately a lot of people think she's not good and she's starting to think they are right. Laura questions it. Jennifer explains that she didn't just break up with Daniel but she acted like he disgusts her and said hurtful things in front of everyone.

Chloe tells Daniel she always wanted the best for him. Daniel says he wanted the same but thinks they have different definitions of the best. Daniel says they've been making up their own realities. Chloe says she doesn't know what he's talking about. Daniel tells her that he knows what she did.

EJ thinks there is something to what Kristen said about leading a different life. EJ talks about Kristen not looking back. EJ talks about moving on and says one thing he's sure of is that he loves Sami very much. EJ tells her that he's never been happier and kisses her. Sami asks EJ if he's going to tell her what's really going on with he and Stefano. EJ says he just did and it's that they are moving on.

Chad tells Stefano that pressure doesn't work with him. Chad says he's thinking about moving in. Stefano encourages him and then talks with Cameron.

Ann goes to the hospital and talks with a nurse who asks what she's going to do. Ann thinks back to arguing with Cameron. Ann says she plans to put a certain someone in his place.

Jennifer talks about not starting something new after Jack died so she couldn't move on with Daniel. Jennifer compares it to Daniel losing his first wife. Laura says if Jennifer and Daniel love each other and understand their pasts, she asks what the problem is. Jennifer says she's the problem after she did what she did to the man she loves with all of her heart.

Daniel yells at Chloe for having Nancy take Parker to Brazil. Chloe asks where he got that idea. Daniel shows her the proof from the government and yells at her. Chloe claims she can't believe Nancy would do that. Daniel tells her not to put it on her and points out that Nancy brought Parker back the second Jennifer broke up with him. Chloe asks why he's yelling her. Daniel declares that she took his son out of the country and wasn't going to bring him back until she got what she wanted.

Cameron talks to Stefano about Lexie. Stefano is thankful for everyone who gave her comfort. Stefano says Chad can contact him if Cameron needs anything. Stefano then exits. Chad tells Cameron that he and Abigail wanted to talk to him more. Cameron thinks they said what they had to say and exits. Chad tells Abigail to let him go. Abigail wants to follow him. Chad says he's probably working tonight. Abigail cries that her life sucks right now and she wants one thing to go right so she wants Cameron to know that she's not judging him as she exits. Another worker notes that Cameron left without his coffee. Chad asks her to close up tonight and follows Abigail out.

Laura asks Jennifer about breaking up with Daniel in public. Jennifer tells Laura about Parker. Jennifer swears her to secrecy and tells her about how Chloe planned to take Parker away forever.

Chloe tells Daniel that she didn't know anything about what Nancy was doing. Daniel continues yelling. He says they've been up to something ever since Nancy came. Daniel says he couldn't figure out why Jennifer did what she did until he saw the visa and figured it all out. Daniel yells that Jennifer gave him up because of Chloe. Daniel screams at Chloe to stop lying. Chloe blames Nicole and calls her a liar. Daniel questions how she thought it would work since he would track Parker down to the ends of the earth and assert his rights. Chloe then tells Daniel that he doesn't have any rights.

Sami tells EJ that she's not going back to the way things were so if he thinks about aligning with Stefano again then she will take him and the children away from there. EJ tells her it won't happen but asks where it's coming from anyways. Sami says she saw Will earlier and they ran into Nick so she acted nice to him and it frustrated her because Will is no closer to getting his daughter yet. EJ tells her that things are going fine and they have time to ask Stefano to help. Sami says if Stefano helps Will then she'll be grateful to him forever. Sami admits Stefano is great with Johnny and Sydney so he does love his grandchildren. EJ talks about Stefano loving family and comments that it's usually only when it's convenient to him. EJ says Stefano has a tremendous amount on his plate. Sami asks what. Stefano returns home. Kristen approaches and asks where he's been. Stefano talks about going to see Chad about moving in but he's stubborn. Stefano mentions bumping into Cameron and it made him miss Lexie even more. Kristen comments that Cameron seems nice enough. Stefano thinks he seems so much like Lexie.

Cameron goes to the club. Ann follows him and heads into the club.

Jennifer talks to Laura about Daniel needing to be with Parker to give him a chance. Laura can't believe she's questioning whether or not she's a good person. Jennifer says they would never be happy together if Daniel lost Parker. Laura thinks she's being a hero. Jennifer disagrees but says she knows what she has to do next.

Daniel tells Chloe that it's over but she says it isn't. Daniel says the old birth certificate doesn't matter. Chloe tells him the new birth certificate came screwed up and no one is listed as the father. Chloe then shows him the certificate. Chloe says she was upset at first but now glad as Daniel is only Parker's father if she says so. Daniel threatens a paternity test. Chloe says she'll be long gone. Chloe talks about not letting Jennifer turn Parker against her. Chloe threatens that she will take Parker away legally and there's nothing he, Jennifer, or anyone else can do to stop her.

EJ tells Sami that he has no idea just knows Stefano is distracted. Sami suggests EJ should offer to take over more responsibility for the company. Sami decides she will go check on the kids. EJ pulls her back and kisses her. Sami then exits. EJ says to himself that he should take on a bit more responsibility and asks Stefano's picture what he thinks.

Chad follows Abigail to the club and says he didn't want her to be alone. Abigail says she will do all the talking. The bouncer questions Chad coming back. Abigail clarifies that they are there to see Apollo as they head inside. Abigail wants to find Cameron before he starts his act but Chad thinks they are too late. Abigail then spots Ann. She says Ann could ruin everything for Cameron if she sees him.

Laura is glad Jennifer cleared her mind and hugs her. Jennifer talks about leaving the country to find a place closer to her son JJ and seeing if Abigail wants to go with her. Laura assures her that JJ is fine. Jennifer says Daniel's situation has made her miss her son and she wants to spend more time with him. Laura asks about her love for Daniel and wants her to think carefully about it. Jennifer says she has thought about it and knows Chloe will never stop so she can't ever go back to Salem.

Daniel and Chloe argue as Chloe says he can't stop her. Daniel questions Chloe taking her son away from a father who loves him and letting him grow up without a father. Daniel asks if it means nothing if Chloe doesn't get what she wants.

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