Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 4/10/13

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 4/10/13


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Daniel remains with Parker as Rafe returns. Daniel steps aside with Rafe and asks if he found anything out. Rafe tells him that he was right to be suspicious as Nancy and Parker were not in New York but Brazil.

Sonny goes to the DiMera Mansion. EJ answers the door and tells him Sami isn't there but Sonny reveals he came to see EJ.

Sami and Will walk out of the town square. Sami thinks they are making progress. Will says she's done a lot for him but being nice to Stefano is above and beyond. Nick walks by. Sami stops him. Nick doesn't want another fight. Sami says she doesn't either and just wanted to thank him.

Kate tells Gabi that she had papers drawn up and asks if she has a paper to sign. Kate says it's just a document stating that Will is going to have time with his daughter. Kate tells her to just sign and everyone will be happy.

Jennifer looks at Daniel's picture on her phone. Jennifer has gone to see her mother Laura who thanks her for coming. Jennifer talks about needing to get out of Salem after what happened.

Chloe tells Nicole that her scenario is ridiculous. Nicole says she knows Chloe used her tricks to cause the breakup and wants her to admit it. Chloe denies having anything to do with it but Nicole calls her a liar.

Daniel questions going to Brazil and asks Rafe if he's sure. Rafe says his contact confirmed it and shows him the proof. Daniel says he was lied to and wonders what's going on.

Nick questions Sami wanting to thank him. Sami says Will told her that they would make sure he gets to see his daughter which is all she ever wanted so she thanks him. Nick says he will stand by whatever Gabi wants and then walks away. Will asks her what that was about. Sami says she wants him to feel in control so he won't see it coming when they come after him.

Gabi wonders if she should have a lawyer look at the document. Kate says it is just saying that Will is going to have his name on the birth certificate to guarantee he can see his daughter. Gabi questions the document. Kate says it's everything she talked about just put in writing. Nick interrupts and asks what's going on.

Daniel wonders what Chloe and Nancy were thinking. Daniel recalls hearing someone speak Portuguese when he was on the phone with Nancy. Daniel can't believe they would take Parker out of the country. Daniel talks about Phillip still being the legal father. Daniel says Chloe didn't break any laws so he can't do anything about it and confronting her will just get him a bunch of lies. Rafe wishes he had something else to tell him but that's it. Daniel thanks him for finding out what really happened and says he will find out why, he just doesn't know where to start.

Nicole says she knows Chloe's tricks and asks what she did. Chloe continues to deny any involvement. Nicole talks about knowing how much Jennifer loves Daniel and asks her again what she did. Chloe calls it sad that Nicole is doing this when they both know she's angry because she's jealous.

Gabi shows Nick the document from Kate. Nick questions it. Kate says there are a few other minor things. Nick says the document also claims that Will gets the baby every other holiday. Kate says she didn't know about it. Nick questions if Sami or Will put Kate up to it.

Laura wants to know what happened with Jennifer. Jennifer informs her about having worse than a fight with Daniel and she feels like her heart is breaking.

Chloe accuses Nicole of being jealous and still in love with Daniel. Chloe says she is going to get back with Daniel while Nicole is left alone. Nicole says it still doesn't change that Chloe broke up Daniel and Jennifer and doesn't care that she's making him miserable. Chloe remarks that Daniel won't be miserable when he has his own family which Nicole can't give him. Nicole calls it a horrible, hurtful thing to say. Nicole asks if she even cares that she sunk so low. Chloe thinks she should go. Nicole asks what she's going to do if it doesn't work since all she's doing is exploiting Parker and that's not how a mother acts. Chloe says Nicole wouldn't know. Chloe says if Nicole wants to stir up trouble, then she can stick around until Daniel gets back so they can discuss her theory. Chloe says Daniel will see that Nicole is still obsessed with him. Nicole tells her to have a nice life and she exits.

Daniel thanks Rafe for his help. Rafe admits he broke a few rules to get it. Rafe encourages him to hang in there. Daniel says he'll do anything for Parker. Daniel goes to Parker and asks how Rio was. Daniel gets a call from Nicole. Nicole says she needs to talk to him. Daniel says it's not the time but Nicole says it can't wait as it's about Chloe.

Kate tells Nick that no one puts her up to things and she's just trying to look out for Will's best interests. Gabi doesn't think it's right for her to try and slip something past her as she thought she could trust her. Kate says they can take that part out of the agreement. Gabi questions having to sign a contract and feels Kate doesn't trust her. Kate says she does trust Gabi but not Nick. Rafe enters and asks what she doesn't think Nick will allow.

EJ offers Sonny a drink but he declines. EJ notes that Sonny doesn't like talking to him in this house but he's glad he came. EJ assumes Sonny wants to talk about helping Will. Sonny says EJ talked to him about helping Will but also about squashing Nick. Sonny says he's never detested anyone like he does Nick. EJ says Sonny has a moral dilemma. Sonny doesn't think it's a good idea to enjoy hurting someone. EJ tells Sonny that whatever happens to Nick, he deserves as he gave him fair warning. EJ says Sonny is just trying to help someone he loves. EJ asks how that couldn't be a good thing. Sonny says EJ doesn't know what all of this is doing to Will. Sonny says he came to help because he knows how. Sonny says Gabi and Nick are staying at the Kiriakis Mansion and he can check Nick's room. Sonny adds that he wants to squash Nick like a bug.

Sami and Will sit at the coffeehouse. Sami notes that Will is quiet. Will talks about Sami seeming different since moving into the mansion. Will questions EJ moving Sami into the mansion. Sami says he wants to help Will. Will questions that being EJ's only motive as he thinks something is definitely going on.

Laura asks Jennifer why she would end things with Daniel as she's gotten e-mails from Abigail about how happy Jennifer was with Daniel. Jennifer calls it complicated. Laura wonders why she would break up with him. Jennifer clarifies that she didn't want to. Laura asks why she did. Jennifer responds that she had to.

Daniel goes to the rectory to see Nicole. They talk about having Sister Anabel watch Parker. Nicole brings up his break up with Jennifer and says she's sorry but Daniel doesn't want to talk about that. Daniel asks her about Chloe. Nicole says first she needs to talk about Jennifer. Nicole says she didn't want to believe it but sees now that Daniel and Jennifer belong together as she makes him happy and that's all she ever wanted from him. Daniel says they are over and she can ask Jennifer. Nicole brings up their public breakup and it not being like Jennifer. Daniel calls it a strange, rough day and asks her what she has to say about Chloe.

Will says they are talking about EJ so he doesn't know what he's up to but believes there's something. Sami questions why it suddenly sounds like he's not happy about them being back together. Will says he didn't say that. Sami insists that she and EJ have changed. Will suggests EJ could just be letting her think he's changed. Sami hates when he makes a good point. Will talks about being at the Mansion when Stefano came in and EJ having a weird look on his face so he knows something else is going on.

Kate tells Rafe that they were just talking about Will's relationship with his baby. Kate talks about Nick and Gabi being newlyweds and needing time together alone. Kate says they can go out and leave the baby with Will and Sonny. Nick mocks Kate always thinking of others. Rafe asks if he has a problem with that. Nick says he's 100% fine with all custody decisions that Gabi makes and supports her. Rafe asks what the problem is then. Nick says the problem is that Kate is trying to force Gabi into signing the paper which he shows to Rafe. Kate says it's not important but Rafe disagrees.

Laura guesses Jennifer broke up with Daniel because of Jack. Jennifer goes along with that being it. Jennifer says Daniel could never replace Jack. Laura argues that she doesn't have to kick him out of her life. Laura talks about how Jack wouldn't want this for her. Jennifer decides she can't talk about it. Laura walks away as Jennifer says to herself that she used Jack as an excuse and cries about hurting Daniel.

Nicole tells Daniel about Chloe saying she was never giving up on him. Nicole informs him of her belief that Chloe did something to cause he and Jennifer's breakup.

Rafe questions Kate and can't believe she had the papers drawn up behind his back. Kate suggests they talk about it privately. Nick calls it upsetting for Gabi. Kate apologizes to Gabi. Rafe says he thinks they know what she was trying to do and he steps out with Kate. Nick asks if Gabi is alright. She says she's fine but just kind of hurt as she thought she could trust Kate. Nick says he's the only person Gabi can trust in all of this.

Chloe tells Nancy that Ann talked to someone who saw Jennifer at the airport so she's gone and that's all that matters. Chloe decides it's a good time to go spend time with Daniel and Parker. Nancy reminds her that Daniel asked her twice for alone time with Parker. Nancy asks her not to be so pushy. Nancy says she's so close so she shouldn't blow it now. Chloe tells her not to worry.

Nicole tells Daniel that she can't prove it but could see a smirk underneath her denial. The rectory phone rings so Nicole answers and says she'll do it right now. She tells Daniel that she has to go sign for a package and she'll be right back. Daniel tells her to take her time. Nicole exits. Daniel says he has a lot to think about. Daniel says he needs to figure out what she did to get Jennifer to go along with her. Daniel wonders what she could use. Sister Anabel enters with Parker, saying he wanted his dad. Daniel realizes it and hugs Parker, saying that Chloe used him.

Gabi asks Nick if he's okay with her wanting Will to be part of the baby's life. Nick calls it her decision but asks if she's tired of all of them pushing her. Nick blames Will and Sami sending Kate with those papers. Gabi argues that they didn't do it but Nick insists that they are all trying to con her. Gabi says she's tired. Nick continues telling her that they will try to get Will full custody.

Rafe and Kate walk out of the town square. Rafe is upset and argues with her about the papers. Kate explains that she had them drawn up this morning. Rafe says Gabi has every right to spend every holiday with her kid. Kate complains about Nick wanting to keep Will away from his baby. Rafe says they don't know that for sure. Kate brings up Melanie. Kate says Gabi needs to sign the papers but Rafe says no way.

Will runs into Sonny outside the coffeehouse. Sonny says he just had something to take care of and then admits he went to talk to EJ.

Sami sits with EJ at home. EJ mentions Gabi moving into the Kiriakis Mansion with Nick. Sami says that complicates things and asks how he found out. EJ says Sonny told him and offered to help. Sami questions Sonny coming and if EJ gave him the idea. EJ mentions talking to him earlier. Sami says EJ is good at making people do what he wants and making them think it was their idea. Sami then asks EJ what the real reason that he wanted them to move in to the mansion is.

Nicole returns to the rectory. Daniel says he and Parker were just leaving. Nicole says she knows what she said about Chloe must sound crazy but asks him to think about it. Daniel respond that it's not crazy but the truth. Nicole asks if he believes her. Daniel tells her that he appreciates her looking out for he and Parker. Daniel thanks her. Nicole asks what he's going to do now.

Kate can't believe Rafe is backing Nick and argues that Nick is blackmailing Will. Rafe says no one is trying to keep Will away and blames Sami. Kate asks if it's about Sami dumping Rafe for EJ. Rafe says she's upset and said something she shouldn't have so he ends the conversation and walks away.

Will tells Sonny he'd rather him not get involved in this. Sonny asks how Will would feel if he was in a bad situation. Will warns him that his parents will flip out if they find out he's involved with EJ. Sonny says he won't tell them. Will worries about Sonny getting caught. Sonny says he will tell them why he's doing it which is because he loves him and then they kiss.

EJ tells Sami that they moved in to help Will. Sami says she thought it was a good idea but is now wondering about EJ's reason. Sami asks if EJ wanted to be with his family and Stefano all along. Sami then asks if EJ forgot to tell her that he's forgiven Stefano for everything he did to him.

Jennifer tells Laura that she's right about Jack and everything but she can't do this anymore. Jennifer decides she needs to call Daniel and grabs her phone.

Chloe returns to the apartment calling out to Nancy asking if she talked to Daniel as she called him and he wasn't picking up. Daniel comes out from the back as Chloe says she was looking all over for he and Parker. Daniel makes comments about thinking her son is safe and not knowing where he is. Daniel informs her that he asked Nancy for some time alone. Daniel talks about them needing to have a talk about where they've been and where they go from here.

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