Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 4/9/13

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 4/9/13


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Brady finds Sy's mugshot and identifies him. Kristen thinks back to talking with him. Brady assures Hope that it's one of the muggers as he remembers punching his face. Hope asks Kristen if she recognizes him. Brady says she obviously does by the look on her face while Hope talks about getting lucky.

Sy's call is to Victor. Victor asks who it is. Sy says they can get to that when they meet as he has information he will want to have about his grandson Brady and the woman he's with, Kristen DiMera. Victor says he has his attention and wants to hear it.

Rafe and Kate lay in bed together. They talk about not being seen in public. Kate says it's about Stefano. Rafe talks about Stefano not caring.

Nicole talks to Maxine at the hospital as two nurses begin talking about Jennifer and Daniel. Maxine stops the gossip but Nicole wants to know what Jennifer did to Daniel.

Chloe tells Parker that any time someone asks where he went, he is to say New York and not Brazil as she calls it their special secret. Parker says Brazil. Ann walks by and says if Parker keeps saying that then Chloe will be in big trouble.

Daniel picks up Nancy's passport and looks at it, seeing it is to Brazil. Nancy comes in and greets him, asking what he's doing.

Sy tells Victor that he doesn't want to waste his time. Victor asks for the information. Sy says he first has to make sure that he'll be taken care of. Victor agrees to protect him and pay him. Victor asks for the information on Kristen but Maggie walks in.

Kristen claims it's not the mugger and tries to convince Brady but Brady insists. Kristen talks about how even if it was him, he could've left town by now. Hope talks about him being spotted in Salem. Brady insists that he was the mugger who attacked her. Hope adds that he almost killed Brady. Kristen blurts out that he wasn't supposed to.

Daniel asks Nancy about packing. Nancy says she's almost done and looks for her keys.

Hope asks what the muggers were supposed to do. Kristen talks about how they just wanted her money. Roman enters and asks about finding the mugger. Roman asks to talk to Brady in private but Brady says he can talk in front of Kristen. Roman then asks him about screwing John's life up.

Nicole asks Maxine about Jennifer and Daniel but she doesn't tell her so Nicole goes to another nurse Emily to ask what happened. Emily questions who Nicole is so Nicole tells her to forget it and approaches the other nurse to ask. She tells Nicole that Jennifer jumped Daniel right in front of everyone which shocks her.

Parker again says Brazil. Ann asks Parker where he went and he says New York which makes Ann and Chloe happy. Ann and Chloe step aside and talk about Parker thinking he went to New York. Chloe hated sending him so far away but said it was the only way to make sure Jennifer left Daniel for good. They talk about what she did to Daniel. Chloe mentions Jennifer quitting her job which Ann calls the best day of her life. They talk about Daniel hurting and Chloe being there. Chloe says they are finally going to be a family again.

Daniel finds Nancy's keys on the table. Nancy asks how it's going with Parker. Daniel says it's great and he's with Chloe now. They talk about having him back. Nancy talks about being sorry for what Jennifer did to him. Nancy then suggests it's all for the best.

Kate tells Rafe that she's not interested in Stefano at all. Rafe tells her to stop worrying about him as they have enough going on in their lives. Rafe gets out of bed. Kate says she'll be there in a minute and thinks back to talking to Sonny about focusing only on helping Will. Kate then makes a call asking for some legal papers to be drawn up.

Victor tells Maggie to hold on as it could be important. Maggie asks who it is. Sy asks who he's talking to. Victor says it's his wife so Sy hangs up. Maggie asks if it's someone he hired to watch Kristen. Victor says he didn't but someone called with information. Maggie asks if he lost his mind.

Roman and Brady argue about John and Marlena not believing Kristen. Brady assures Kristen has changed. Hope comes back and says hopefully Sy Miller will be in handcuffs today. Kristen wants to go home so Brady walks her out. Hope asks Roman what he said. Roman says he said what he had to say. Roman remarks that Brady thinks that bitch has really changed.

Nicole questions the nurse Carla about Jennifer breaking up with Daniel. Emily joins the conversation and the two nurses inform Nicole of all that Jennifer said and how hurt Daniel was. Nicole says Jennifer would never say that but the nurses tell her that she ended up a bitch inside. Maxine returns and asks what's going on. Nicole blames the nurses for gossiping and walks away.

Daniel talks to Nancy about taking Parker to the park and compares it to Central Park. Daniel stops and asks if she has any pictures of Parker from the trip. Nancy claims she left her phone at home when they went to Central Park. Daniel says maybe she can show him other New York pictures later as he exits. Nancy remarks about getting good at photoshop. Daniel makes a call asking someone to meet him in the town square as it's important.

Kate goes to the Pub and sits with Gabi. Gabi talks about keeping working. They talk about being anxious for the baby to be born. Kate comments that Gabi, Nick, and Will are going to be so excited. Gabi talks about how great Kate has been with giving her gifts and letting Nick work from home so she feels she should tell her something but Kate reveals she already knows Will signed away his custody rights.

Brady and Kristen return home. Brady says he'd love to stay but Victor keeps texting him for input on a project. Brady then suggests Kristen do the art project for Titan with him. Kristen disagrees. Brady reminds her that Victor wanted to give her a chance so he can see the real her now.

Victor talks to Maggie about wanting to find whatever information he was going to get about Kristen. Victor tries to call back but the number is blocked. Maggie says it's good. Victor wonders why she's so upset. Maggie reminds him of Brady's happiness. Maggie mocks the idea of someone wanting money for information. Maggie doesn't think there's anything there. Victor then realizes that Kristen could've set it all up herself. Victor talks about how Kristen could try and get Brady out of his life. Maggie doesn't think she's that devious but Victor says that doesn't begin to describe her.

Nicole goes to the rectory and talks to herself about how Jennifer would never do that to Daniel but says it's not her business and then asks God if it is.

Daniel returns to Parker and Chloe. Chloe suggests going out to eat together but Daniel wants alone time with Parker so Chloe agrees to get back to packing. Chloe tells Daniel that she's there if he needs anything as she walks away. Daniel asks Parker if he had a good time in New York. Rafe walks by and greets Parker. Daniel steps away with Rafe and thanks him for coming. Rafe asks what's up. Daniel says that's what he needs to find out.

Kristen talks to Brady about sitting back if Victor won't want her in Titan business but Brady continues to insist. Brady asks her to take a chance for him so she agrees. Brady asks her what's wrong as he feels she hasn't been herself since the station. Kristen blames it on Roman never forgiving her. Brady says it's in the past. They talk about things being different now and say they love each other as they kiss.

Maggie tells Victor that she has to run some errands. Victor tells her to send his best to Daniel. Maggie says she's not going to see him as she doesn't want to hover and he needs alone time. Victor says Daniel will call if he needs her. Maggie kisses him goodbye and tells him to stay out of trouble. Maggie exits. Victor gets a call back from Sy, who suggests they pick up where they left off.

Daniel tells Rafe what happened with he and Jennifer. Rafe is sorry to hear as he thought they were the perfect couple. Daniel says it's not the time. Rafe asks why he called. Daniel tells him about Nancy claiming to have taken Parker to New York but today he spotted her passport on the table. Daniel questions why she'd need a passport to travel to New York. Rafe says a lot of people use it for ID. Daniel adds there was a visa inside and no pictures from New York. Daniel states that something is wrong.

Chloe returns to the apartment. Nancy asks where Daniel and Parker are. Chloe says Daniel wanted more alone time with Parker. Nancy says she's all packed. Nancy tells Chloe about what happened earlier and how nervous she was that her passport was out. Nicole arrives and says she wants to talk to Chloe alone. Chloe says she's not in the mood. Nicole tells her to get in the mood or she will pay a heavy price.

Gabi tells Kate that they just wanted to make sure Sami was not involved at all and that's why Nick had Will sign the papers. Gabi says Nick wanted to make sure Sami stayed away from them. Gabi assures her that she would never keep Will from his daughter. Kate thanks her and is relieved to hear that. Kate still wonders if Nick is really on board. Gabi says Nick knows Will is going to be a part of the baby's life. Kate then asks who's name will be the father on the birth certificate.

Brady talks to Kristen about how they ended up together after the mugging so he's glad it happened and he kisses her goodbye. Brady exits. Kristen remarks to herself that Sy better not still be in town.

Victor tells Sy that he thought about it but doesn't want to get down in the mud so he tells him not to call again. Sy guarantees that he'll be happy if he looks at what he has. Victor tells him to e-mail it to him. Sy doesn't want to leave a trace but Victor says those are his terms and since he found his number he can find his e-mail. Victor hangs up. Sy doesn't want to send an e-mail and wonders now what.

Hope enters the coffeehouse and greets Maggie. Maggie starts to leave but Hope asks if she has a second to talk about Jennifer. Maggie doesn't want to hear it. Maggie complains about what Jennifer did to Daniel. Maggie says she's not the person she thought she was. Hope knows it seems that way but believes they don't know the whole story. Hope tells her that something is missing here.

Daniel talks about Rafe reaching out to an old FBI buddy to help him out before. Daniel wants to verify where Nancy flew with Parker. Rafe agrees to see what he can do. Rafe assures Daniel that he doesn't sound paranoid. Rafe adds that he owes him for keeping he and Kate a secret. Daniel thanks him and Rafe agrees to let him know as soon as he finds anything out. Rafe tells him to spend some time with Parker as Rafe walks away. Daniel sits back down with Parker.

Chloe asks Nancy to wait in the bedroom while she talks to Nicole. Chloe asks what Nicole wants. Nicole says she heard Jennifer cut Daniel to shreds and now it's over for good and was very ugly and public. Chloe calls it pretty shocking that her inner bitch finally came out. Nicole says she thought of Chloe immediately when she heard about it. Nicole says she's trying to piece things together and brings up overhearing Chloe telling someone to do what had to be done and how she admitted to wanting Daniel back and now Jennifer breaks up with him. Chloe is tired of her insinuations and says they are done so she should go but Nicole refuses to leave.

Kate asks Gabi about the birth certificate. Gabi says if Will wants his name on it then she won't fight him on it. Kate says she's been so sweet but she wonders about Nick being a wildcard. Kate says they never know from day to day what Nick is going to do so she had these papers drawn up and asks if Gabi has a pen.

Brady goes to the Kiriakis Mansion. Victor tells him about what Jennifer did to Daniel. Brady can't believe it and says there's no way since Jennifer's not that type of person. Victor feels for Daniel and talks about how miserable Maggie has been. Victor wishes they could do something but there's nothing so he wants to focus on the art project for Titan.

Kristen calls Sy. She congratulates him and informs him that the police just put an APB out for him since Brady identified his mugshot. Sy tells her not to worry as he won't be bothering anymore. Sy puts the photos in an envelope marked Titan Art Proposal.

Chloe tells Nicole that her scenario is ridiculous. Nicole says she knows Chloe used her tricks to cause the breakup and wants her to admit it.

Daniel remains with Parker as Rafe returns. Daniel steps aside with Rafe and asks if he found anything out. Rafe tells him that he was right to be suspicious as Nancy and Parker were not in New York but Brazil.

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